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    ...tables each with 2/3 records. the code for the 13 queries is required aswell as the output of each query. Write Oracle SQL*Plus queries and run them for the cases given in the attatchment. Give meaningful names to columns in the output/result table of each query. You are required to submit the queries and their result/output tables on a word document

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    Using SQL, Calculate the average salary for exempt employees and the average salary for non-exempt employees. Please use the database below to accomplish this task. ## Deliverables 1) Complete and fully-functional working program(s) in executable form as well as complete source code of all work done. 2) Deliverables must be in ready-to-run condition, as follows (depending on the nature...

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    Using SQL: [url removed, login to view] employees by salary within job titles that are grouped into exempt and non-exempt. [url removed, login to view] use UNION to create a third table of employee names, job titles and salary. Please use the database that I have attached to accomplish the above tasks. ## Deliverables 1) Complete and fully-functional working program(s) in executa...

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    Using SQL, add 10 more employees to the example database using SQL. First, group employees by Job code. Then, group employees by salary. Then, group employees by salary within their job code. Please use the example database provided in the attachment. ## Deliverables 1) Complete and fully-functional working program(s) in executable form as well as complete source code of all work ...

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    Create a Microsoft Access database that has two tables. One table is employee information and contains the employee's social security number, Last Name,First Name, address, telephone number, email address, Job title code, hire date and salary. The second table is job title information and contains job title code, job title, exempt or non-exempt status, minimum salary and maximum salary...

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    I have a fairly simple access database with several tables of information from different sources for water utilities in California. I am having trouble designing queries to perform the calculations and filters that I need, but I'm fairly sure someone with more experience could create them quite quickly. An example of the probems I'm having are:

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    I have some .asp pages on my web site that need the Java script modified to be able to disable the whole keyboard or (Prnt ScrnSYS) Key to disable Copy Print That is all.. Just need the code.. For all Browsers.. ## Deliverables 1. I Need The Java Script CODE for Disabling a Keybord and The (Prnt Scrn SysRq) Key when the .asp page comes up in the a new window browser. The user still ...

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    I need a...the ClickBank marketplace and parse the html results to a MySql database. Fields should include category, sub-category, title, description and url. I'd also like some sample queries that output the data using PHP in a way that immulates the same directory structure as the ClickBank Marketplace. I will pay for this project through Paypal.

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    I will provide you with a Access DB and the following information must be extrated or completed via SQL. This must be done in the most simple form without any bells or whistles. Just simply provide the bare bones of what is required. The following is what is required from the DB: Using SQL, add 10 more employees to the employee table. Make sure foreign keys are correct in the Employee table. Write...

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    #1) a. Draw an entity relationship diagram which illustrates the data model for this invoice. Be sure that you illustrate the entities involved, show whether weak or strong entities are involved, show any attributes and the relationship between the entities. Explain the relationship in plain English. (15 Points) b. Explain how such invoices might be physically stored in relational database tabl...

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    Basically I want to allow my users to enter a question in plain English. The question would then be translated into a SQL statement. I will handle submitting the statement. example input: Display all customers whose last name starts with J output: Select * from Customers where LastName...etc The users will be able to provide the actual column names via dropdown selection. The rest ...

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    ...need someone to help me run some simple SQL queries on it. ## Deliverables 1)Create a query called Billing to allow San Diego to list the Lease and Boat information for each customer. The query should provide the information listed below (NOTE: Please see attached zip file for pictures of finished queries). 2)For all Equipment list the LeaseID, LeaseDate

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    We have a MySQL database defined. Based on that database, we allready created all the needed HTML-Pages. We just need the PHP-Queries to be integrated into the HTML-Pages which reads data out of the database and present it like described on the HTML-Pages. PLUS,we created HTML-Pages to Maintain the database (Maintain the different Records of the databse)

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    We need to develop a location-aware application using wireless technology and PDAs. The end product would be a prototype that would enable users who own PDAs and who are within various hotspots in Singapore to obtain information and comunicate The application would allow users to log on and sleect the kind of information such as market information, product information they wish to receive. #Some e...

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    This is a very simple project consisting of two parts. Part A You would need to make some simple SQL queries for the given question. Part B You need to make a semantic Object Model on the given case. You need to use table designer software for creating semantic object model. Details are give in the project file. ## Deliverables 1) Should meet the

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    ...contains a table imported from Peachtree accounting software called "October Sales". There are also two additional tables listed as "invoice" and "invoice detail". I need queries written to take the Peachtree october sales and break it down into header and detail files to import into the other two tables. The import table has multiple records for one

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    Convert 4 crosstab queries from MSAccess to sqlserver stored procedure In the query MRE1, the condition: ... Where Hid = 4 Or Hid = 6 Or Hid = 14032 is only an example and needs to be passed as a parameter. It could be for example Where HId in (4, 6, 14032) and the chain (4, 6, 14032) could be passed as a parameter When calling the sp, there is a variable

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    I have a web-based (ASP) assessment system. This system can store questions to the database, and add new questions to it. It can also construct new test that contains questions from the databank, and administer it to students that are assigned to the test. The system also does the scoring of the test by each user. What I want is another menu called Report, which is where I have reports on each tes...

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    ...schema diagram for the database shown on the following page. c. Populate the tables with the data shown on the following page and some of your own. d. Perform the following queries: 1. Retrieve, in alphabetic order, the name and address of all employees who work for "Research" department. 2. List the names of all employees who have a dependent with the

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    ASSIGNMENT #2 1. Code a Java class suser that contains a main method that will test the s class. Do not place suser within the s_p package. Have suser test s class by: a. creating s records: S1, Jones, 10, Boston S2, Smith, 20, Paris b. using the printall method to print all the s records. c. using the select method to print the S2 record. d. changing the name of Smith to Solomon. e. using the sel...

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