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    I need a firmware developer for nRF51822 BLE IC. If you have experience in Nordic semiconductor device, please inbox me for details discussions. I need experienced freelancer. So be sure, when you are applying on this post. Also, freelancer needs to knowledge on Android app development, because this device will connect with the android app.

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    I think that the freelancer who already worked with Zephyr RTOS and sensor LSM303AGR should do the job within few days what we need are the drivers and the framework so we can start with programming of the application the nudget I have depends on t...can start with programming of the application the nudget I have depends on the freelancer and his experiences the freelancer who never worked with that sensor and RTOS will need a lot of time while the one with advanced knowledge can copy paste his drivers with minor adjustments maybe We need a developer or development team who has advanced experience with Zephyr RTOS on Nordic or similar semiconductor and STM sensor LSM303AGR. We need to implement the Zephyr driver for sensor LSM303AGR, according to the attached requirements specifica...

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    deadline is 2 months. I'm looking for a tech writer to create a datasheet for a chip. The freelancer needs too be familiar with writing data sheets. Write an electrical datasheet for our device, usable by Systems Hardware design engineers. Task is technical writing, and working with engineers to determine content

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    I’m looking for someone who has experience in designing and manufacturing of semiconductors. Also link to the raw material suppliers.

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    There are three problems related to CMOS and semiconductors.

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    We are looking for a senior firmware developer who can consult us on various aspects of development for BLE application using the NRF52 and other Nordic Semiconductor System-on-Chips (SoCs). The first job on hand (this request) is low power optimization of an existing application, this would require good co-ordination with our developers (remote teams), firmware review, bug fixes, and adaptations to reach the desired power consumption levels. Expert knowledge of low-power schematic design, firmware development and integration is a must. We are looking for individuals and NOT companies (any time zone is okay, but we prefer Central Europe).

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    My client is looking for a Valuation on a patent based on a semiconductor device for microscopes. There will be patent search, and infringement search required. The client will provide market research data about the Technology.

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    ...selection for sales, customers, suppliers, and other departments to assist in the decision of buying, selling, and providing quality technical assistance to ensure effective customer service. High school degree or equivalent; 2 year related technical degree in electronic engineering or technology is preferred. Exhibits understanding of technical specifications to assist in the selection of semiconductor, electromechanical and optoelectronic components. Exhibits proficiency in the use of block diagrams, schematics, test equipment, and test procedures to analyze and troubleshoot printed circuit board assemblies and sub-assemblies. Ability to understand verbal and written communication of electronic applications and components. Ability to effectively present information...

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    ...only held for Star models. The iPhone 14 and 14 Or more utilize a similar rendition of the A15 Bionic chip tracked down in last year's iPhone 13 Genius. The A16 chip is more productive and utilizes 20% less power than the A15 chip. The A16 chip highlights 16 billion semiconductors on a 4-nanometer process versus 15 billion semiconductors on the A15's 5-nanometer. Aside from the additional semiconductor count the new assembling process, the leap in computational power probably won't be as critical from the 13 Expert to the 14 Genius as it was from the 12 Star to 13 Ace. It's additionally unsure the amount of Smash the iPhone 14 Expert will possess as Apple generally doesn't share the amount Slam is in the iPhone. The GPU considers a move up to be well, w...

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    ...Management). I am a Shipyard Engineer who wants to switch careers in the Semiconductor industry. I have my resume attached, I need help to create a cover letter with the following key details to allow me for the Job Application. 1. An introduction 2. My transferable skills 3. Why I'm switching careers 4. The expression of interest/excitement in the company 5. A closing paragraph I have drafted my own cover letter but I need advice on what is best for a good cover letter feel free to edit, please see below my draft: I have a deep understanding of the rich work content and sustainable development prospects of semiconductors. Certainly is an area of ​​great interest to me. So I decided to devote myself to the semiconductor industry as my lifelong career field. I h...

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    Development on detector and sensor technology in the field of safety & security. Need an experienced developer with possible background in hardware development, design and engineering as well. It is development on existing custom hardware and on Nordic Semiconductor modules for cellular(NB-IoT and LTE- M) and Bluetooth 5 communications and on Nordic Semiconductor modules for cellular and Bluetooth communcations. It would help that they have hardware design and engineering experience on Nordic. That's all I can share for now before signing the NDA. Expected timeframe: 4 months

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    Need to inatall USB WiFi dongle on Ubuntu 20.04 laptop via Terminal. On Terminal it listed as Realtek Semiconductor Corp. Budget £10 , please don't bid with higher price. Link to usb dongle below. Thank You

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    Research the recent Chips Act by United States Congress. - Find out where to apply for government funding - make a list of requirements - research how others will apply. - Determine how a research company can apply References: No auto bids No upsell after bid Looking for someone to work with longer term. this is a trial project. Project budget range: $10-50 only. Will not accept any higher. You can finish all this work in less than 3 hours.

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    Research the recent Chips Act by United States Congress. - Find out where to apply for government funding - make a list of requirements - research how others will apply. - Determine how G Labs can apply - Make a template proposal for G Labs, - G Labs Box References: https://www....apply for government funding - make a list of requirements - research how others will apply. - Determine how G Labs can apply - Make a template proposal for G Labs, - G Labs Box References:

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    i need a simulation for the ZnO TFT by deriving the tonyplot for Id vs Vg graph and Id vs Vd graph as well. I have the coding but it has it's mistakes and you have to correct the mistakes in it so the simulation could happen.

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    Greetings, I'm looking for an individual to construct C++ to run on an Arduino Nano to control two digital attenuators (Peregrine Semiconductor PE43703) in parallel. The dBm level of the input signal via SMA is identical and I would like the output to be identical post attenuation. -Use a rotary encoder (Bourns PEC11) to .25 dB step incrementally from 0-31.5 dB. In addition, this encoder has a push pull option that I would like to utilize as a lock so the level of attenuation is not accidentally changed. -The code needs to output to a small OLED display (brand / model open to your suggestion) the active level of attenuation. Currently, there is code that I have found that will do something close what I am requesting so I know it is possible.

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    I need to simulate a project involving a thin film transistor using Zinc oxide as semiconductor material with varying channel length of source and drain electrode and Aluminium oxide as dieletric layer. This simulation should be done using TCAD atlas silvaco. I have the file here. I couldn't derive the ID vs VG waveform with larger current. It would be great if u helped me to simulate this project. I need this project by Friday this week (8 July 2022)

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    We are looking for someone who is skilled in connecting Nordics Semiconductor nRF51 chips with Unity. The chip is required to manage a game made in Unity and read only the data of the accelerometer. Currently, our biggest problem is getting UUID characteristics and UUID service. We are looking for someone who will know how to connect this.

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    Looking for someone to create 2 animations for a homepage on a semiconductor website. These animations are to be for a satellite dish and 5G backhaul masts. We have a deadline of 17th June.

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    I need a cartoon. a Japanese poor man "Japan Semiconductor" is looking up the image of Sun "Apple Silicon" in the sky

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    Need to design a corporate presentation with professional pictorial and content in PPT for a sales company involved with semiconductor equipment and materials. A brief about the company is on our website

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    Hi, I need a writer to polish up contents for a brochure. There are 1108 words right now. Most of the work to be done includes grammatically improving the content, and making sure the sentence structures sound right. There are 4 small paragraphs that need to be restructured completely as we copied and paste them from competitors. The content are a bit technical since its for the semiconductor industry. If interested, please let me know your price, timeline and send me some of your similar works.

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    the concept, design methodology, architecture, circuit gate & performance (speed), and fabrication techniques for integrated circuits (ICs). The main focus is on design for complementary metal-oxide-semiconductor (CMOS) technology.

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    I need someone to modify semiconductor type masks for mems devices under my direction - a person who uses Layout Editor

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    I am looking for someone to design a company logo related to technology and semiconductor industry.

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    嗨 Tanushree C. I am looking for someone to design a company logo related to technology and semiconductor industry.

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    The title is The Positive Effect of Semiconductor Manufacturing Using Nanotechnology -The report is strong argument essay contain six paragraphs : 1-introdaction. 2- first argument . 3- second argument. 4- third argument. 5- counter argument. 6- conclusion . -At least 4 sources with 6 citation. -Put one figure if you can. - the report must be between 1000 and 1200. -the report will be upload in turnitin - check the sample.

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    Hi. We are looking for urgent programming support for Nordic Semiconductor nRF52832 MCU. Our project is mainly related to RF Enhanced ShockBurst (ESB) protocol and custom SPI like communication. It needs BLE only for OTA-DFU. I have mostly done code examples but we like to restructure and merge the code into a single project. Past experience with Enhanced ShockBurst (ESB) protocol is highly preferred. Development needs to be done using nRF52 latest SDK and Keil MDK 5.36. Please apply with your relevant portfolio. Thanks

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    Hi Anuj G., I noticed your profile and would like to offer you my project. We can discuss any details over chat. Need of Electrical and Electronic engineer who is very well know to semiconductor technologies and experienced to the software “Silvaco deckbuild and tonyplot” to use it and write a basic report on it.

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    Hi Anuj G., I noticed your profile and would like to offer you my project. Need of Electrical and Electronic engineer who is very well know to semiconductor technologies and experienced to the software “Silvaco deckbuild and tonyplot” to use it and write a report on it.

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    Start with your Monte-Carlo simulator without the bottle-neck: If a voltage is applied across the x dimension of the semiconductor, electric field on the electrons. force on each electron.. the acceleration on the electrons and use this in your model to update the velocity of each electron at each time step. Add the capability for the electrons to respond to a static electric field with both an x and a y component. Plot the trajectories of the electrons. the relationship between the electron drift current density and average carrier velocity formula for current and generate a plot of the current over time in the x direction. As before generate the density and temperature maps at the end of the More details available

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    Need of Electrical and Electronic engineer who is very well know to semiconductor technologies and experienced to the software “Silvaco deckbuild and tonyplot” to use it and write a report on it.

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    Semiconductor field based engineer required. Installation around UK and Europe. Robotics, handling, Bonding and De-bonding equipment

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    ...developed during World War II. The first semiconductor transistors in the late 1940s were followed by the silicon-based MOSFET (MOS transistor) and monolithic integrated circuit (IC) chip technologies in the late 1950s, leading to the microprocessor and the microcomputer revolution in the 1970s. The speed, power and versatility of computers have been increasing dramatically ever since then, with transistor counts increasing at a rapid pace (as predicted by Moore's law), leading to the Digital Revolution during the late 20th to early 21st centuries. Conventionally, a modern computer consists of at least one processing element, typically a central processing unit (CPU) in the form of a microprocessor, along with some type of computer memory, typically semiconductor mem...

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    The application platform will be standalone Desktop Application with no mobile interface. The entire platform will be highly modularized with minimal or no overlap functionalities while working in close symphony. The main aspect of the Application will be split into three core modules, which are, 1. Application Framework – Consisting of multiple modules 2. Analytics Module – Standalone module 3. Resource Manager We have not yet finalized on the Tech Stack and are open for discussion.

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    Need to refurbish my CV, Cover letter template..., and flyer/elevator pitch to actual standards. The old one (5yr) is available & updated up to today. You need to check with actual AI HR tools. The profession is the semiconductor industry (I'm a 25yrs maintenance professional), so high-end corporate level. Need international standards (US and Asian). I target project management in a very specialized environment/maintenance projects/freelancing. Update and to specify: I don't need a translator. I need an HR specialist with actual international knowledge in hiring processes to fine-tune my actual (good but outdated in terms of actual HR process need) CV I used 5 years ago with success.

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    I want to hire someone to solve this exam paper.

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    We are looking for an Swift UI developer that can help us develop an app for a smart light we are developing. Our product uses bluetooth mesh and the app will need to use the available Bluetooth mesh sdk available from either or Nordic Semiconductor. We will provide a function map and also graphics. Europe based or Japan based are preferable as we work in these areas. Project price is negotiable depending on scope. NDA will be required to be signed.

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    The application should be wriiten in Kotlin and be able to discover nearby ble devices (Nordic semiconductor) , After the phone is connected to the device, there will be two buttons to turn on /off the led of the device.

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    Trophy icon Cool Earth Project Ended

    We need a logo for a new research organization that will address climate change through balancing the earths temperatures. The project will develop new types of solar cells that directs heat into space. The goal is to move heat from the earth's surface into space, cooling the planet. To achieve this goal the researchers will utilize new semiconductor materials, and climate modeling while assessing the human and biological impact. The outcome of the research will lower climate temperature, improve agricultural production, and generate more renewable electricity in a manner equitable to all. We are open to a new name and acronym if someone can come up with a creative solution. Key words: climate change, climate adaptation, climate engineering, global warming, photovoltaics, ...

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    Hello, I'd like to build a mathematical model which outputs which job should I schedule on which equipment at a given time of the day. The input parameters to the model would be as follows: 1. # Jobs to be processed 2. # Operators available in a planning horizon 3. # Equipment's available in a planning horizon 4. Processing batch size of equipment 5. Cycle time of equipment for process 6. Setup time of equipment for process The system constraints are as follows: 1. Sequence of process steps the job has to follow 2. Capacity constraints of the equipment's 3. Capacity constraints of the operators Regards

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    Need to develop a conceptual design for a semiconductor fabrication facility.

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    Looking for qualified and experience electronics / Electrical Engineer With solid Renewable Energy Background Solid Solar Energy Background Solid PV Technology background Solid Semiconductor Background Please apply it's an urgent job Thanks

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    Need a distributed(master slave) 21series (3x 7s modules) smart BMS with good balancing current . It should be designed while keeping cost to minimum and Semiconductor availability for mass production should be taken in consideration .

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    Hello, I need a MATLAB expert who has good command in Electronic devices and subject related to Electrical Engineering, Nanotechnology and semiconductors. I already have the MATLAB script which has some code, plots and figures which will be useful in completing these tasks. Please apply to this job so I can provide you more details. Thank you.

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    Brief Description of the Assessment: Design a basic LED driver circuit using appropriate semiconductor technologies:  Generate a SPICE model of the given LED from the data sheet provided;  Design a suitable driver circuit;  Perform a SPICE analysis of the resulting LED driver circuit;  Evaluate the performance of the resulting LED driver circuit.

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    PLEASE READ IT CAREFULLY AND DO NOT RESPOND IF YOU ARE NOT SURE YOU ARE AN EXPERT IN THE FIELD The book title is "Microchip Fabrication: A practical guide to semiconductor technology, Peter Van Zant, Sixth Edition, McGraw-Hill, 2014 " Please check the provided picture and make sure you are a real expert in this topic not trying to learn now

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    We are from an IT consulting firm and an online tutoring company One of our client is looking for writing a research about the following topic "Construction of Electronic Nose with minimised power consumption using two sensor Wheatstone circuit" Please note : Requesting the freelancers who have engineering back ground from Electronics only , not from other back ground like general research writers

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    35 PE is a semiconductor company so an animation which somehow gives a feeling of high tech is good. With sound.

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