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    you need to correct the 2020 survey with 2022 data. You must keep the same microsoft form format and the same graphs for each questions. I will send the new 2022 data, in excel and Microsoft form format. See Attachment (the new survey must look exactly the same with the new Data)

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    BSG Annual Report 20 hours left

    ...interested parties. The reports assess the year's operations and discuss the companies' view of the upcoming year and the companies' place and prospects. Both for-profit and not-for-profit organizations produce annual reports. Annual reports have been a Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) requirement for businesses owned by the public since 1934. Your annual report should accurately reflect your assessment of the causes for your company’s success and failures. Your annual report should follow this website here

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    Urgent NDA
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    ...contacto conmigo :) Saludos cordiales Eduard ENGLISH VERSION: Hello dear Freelancer, We have a easy recording project, you must record 3500 short phrases through the "Lifewood" app. The sentences are in the app, it's basically just read and record, easy! You can find the app in the App store! those 3500 are separated in 1x800, 1x700 and 4x500. You will always have different log-in and counter-signal data. The payment is per sentence in total will be $40 and the project will take between 10-12 hours of your time. (At the beginning you have to start slow because you have to get used to it, after that it will go very fast depending on your talent! Slips of the tongue, etc., can be corrected and take up most of your time.) Every week we have a quality report wher...

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    Hello, I need an experienced freelancer in matlab / wolfram Mathematica and signal processing. Contact me back for more information about the project

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    1. Understand IIR filter 2. Know how to plot and sketch in matlab/Wolfram mathematica 3. Understand digital signal processing 4. Compute spectrum

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    Cybersecurity Risk Assessment and Remediation Services, End-User Cybersecurity Awareness Training, Cyber-liability and Data Breach Insurance Coverage program, and a Security Incident Response Plan.

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    • Load all the three tables and use data modelling to relate the tables • Calculate revenue contribution of producer (if there is a producer X with 10,000 revenue out of total 100,000; when I select producer X result should show 10%; in the same way with revenue) • Group the accounts based on revenue as Tier1 (having revenue > 10000), Tier 2(5000 to 10000), Teir 3 (<5000) • Compare quarterly sales for different years (Use Date field) • Create a tab/Page to show the data or visuals for just the Construction Niche. • Create a calculated column to dervie stage numbers from Stage Name (ex: 3-Closed Won stage number is 3) • Create a textbox to show producer selected; if there is no producer select show as "Please sel...

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    Hi, I have anxiety and with aptitude test i panic. I need someone to teach me how to do an aptitude test quicklySome example questions here (but it's in dutch, so use brave browser for easy direct translation) The actual test will be in english. More details in the inbox

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    need to automate a strategy based on indicators in trading view. The Buy signal should be created when all three indicators give confirmation, The sell signal should be generated based on any of the three indicators giving negative confirmation or trailing stop loss whichever is earlier. The link to the strategy is as under

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    QGIS Bare Earth Tutorial 6 days left

    I have QGIS desktop 3.26.3 and would like to perform a bare earth assessment of site ~11 hectares in size. The site was flown using a Mavic 2 pro and images processed into an Orthomosaic. The bare earth is to be represented as a fraction of the total area. A snapshot of the ortho (a 1.2GB ortho is available) and KML file is attached. I would like a simple tutorial that is simple to follow and easily replicable in QGIS.

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    Need help with giving test scores for IAM/PAM Technologies. You need to select 4 PAM tools (CyberArk,Delinea,Beyond Trust,One Identity) and give test results for each test case.

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    Amplifier design 5 days left

    I need an RF amplifier. The modulated signal has a fundamental between 0.1 and 23MHz, and the carrier wave is 3.1MHz. Input signal is 500mVpp, and output must be 50Vpp. The load is 300 ohm. The power supply is 18 V VDC Heat must be managed with a small heat sink and no fan.

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    I have a Risk Assessment spreadsheet where VLOOKUP and HLOOKUP is used to find the risk from a Consequence/Likelyhood table. The macro is not working and I need it fixed.

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    Hello. I have a flutter project that uses the mapbox navigation SDK for IOS and Android. I have IOS working perfect however android Im running into a issue. I have the SDK embedded into the app and when I press a button to route the user then the app is crashing on launch. If you read this far please make the first word of your bid E/AndroidRuntime( 5300): at () E/AndroidRuntime( 5300): at (Native Method) E/AndroidRuntime( 5300): at $() E/AndroidRuntime( 5300): at () I/Process ( 5300): Sending signal. PID: 5300 SIG: 9 Lost connection to device. Exited

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    Health and safety 5 days left

    Do assessment in health and safety projects

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    generate 5G signal in Matlab simulink then add impulsive noise to this 5G signal and then remove this impulsive noise with filter and using machine learning to detect percentage of removing noise

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    Research paper 20 pages about pipeline integrity manage...selected pipeline. (5 Marks) • Select and explain the required Design life, Material properties, Line pipe types, Con- struction, Coating, Liners, and Corrosion control associated with the application relevant to the integrity. (6 Marks) • Explain and discuss the risk management process required for the pipeline integrity rele- vant to the selected application. • Explain and discuss the risk assessment type required for the selected pipeline system relevant to the pipeline integrity. (5 Marks) • Select and justify the required Threat and Hazard management tools required for the selected pipeline applications. (10 Marks) • Develop the PIMS flow diagram and explain the process required for the pipeline ...

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    Pinescript 5 days left

    I have updated the work: it involves turning a Pinescript strategy into a study with buy and sell alerts. In addition, I would need 2 switches to decide the time of market entry, independent of the alert signal. Example: at 5am I enter the market in the direction of the existing signal. The 2 switches must have the possibility to be deactivated - on/off. The alerts must do the signalling and the switch will decide when to enter the market based on the signal/alert active at that time. As for the closures, they will be done by hand. Thanks

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    I have signal processing code which extracts features from ECG signals. It requires good knowledge of Signals ( mainly ECG ) to understand the code. Code is working fine, someone who has good knowledge on signal processing can help me to increase the accuracy This code is feature extraction part of Machine learning model. If you improve the signal processing ( feature extraction ) it will increase the model accuracy. Goal is to fine tune c++ signal processing code, test it with the test data I have and get accuracy as I explain.

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    Typhoon HIL is real-time simulation platform like simulink . I have made model for induction motor and its working fine . The physical device is working fine and sensor is giving speed and torque signal at digital speed PWM I already converted and work fine. The torque Problem still remain . I couldn't able to convert torque signal coming from sensor into torque value in software.

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    I have task on C++ and signal processing. You should have knowledge about both of these technology. I can train you if you are an expert in your programming skills for the required task.

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    ...displays 7 segments. It must also provide a signal indicating when the data is available. 3. Pulse Width Servomotor Control (PWM): It must be the main code. It will adopt the other projects as components. Its main function is to rotate the servomotor at an angle whose magnitude is determined by an 8-bit signal, where x "00" would be the 0° degrees and x "B4" the 180° angle, the latter being the maximum value it can receive. The code must receive this input data (which can come from the sw or from the matrix keyboard) and must do the corresponding mathematics to make the servo rotate with the respective pulse width. 4. OLED display: this, as well as the following 3 projects have the same requirement: Every time it observes that the indicator...

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    I need an online tutor for my digital signal processing course.I am looking for a teacher and im willing to pay 8-15 usd hourly depending on how good the sessions are.

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    I need an online tutor for my digital signal processing course

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    Project Name: The Tutor -- 2 4 days left

    ...regardless to number of tutors he shall hire. same applies for tutors, free subscription at the beginning, then onetime payment on monthly basis will be charges from his dues in addition to certain % fixed to be collected from his dues as well as taxes as maybe applicable. tutors will have boosting options to appear in the top of the list for extra charge. parents will be able to access monthly assessment page for their kids, subscription credentials linked to their kids' account will be granted, direct messages and automatic emails will be sent on monthly basis. monthly honor board shall be published, gifts including free classes, courses, physical gifts and more will be given to honored students. tutors will be also ranked according to students' feedback; such feedbac...

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    Project for pine script. 1. Instrument - BANKNIFTY Entry Rule:- CE - 1. When Buy Signal comes as per Chandelier Exit we will Sell the ATM CE and buy CE OTM (+500) CE - 2. Both Entries will be exited, when the reverse side signal comes PE - 2. When Short Signal comes as per Chandelier Exit we will Sell the ATM PE and buy PE OTM (+500) PE - 2. Both Entries will be exited, when the reverse side signal comes

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    Algo Trading 4 days left

    Firing of order from excel (Signal generates in excel) to broker terminal using python. For that i need python coding. Details are attached in the sheet.

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    I would like to get technical advice on risk assessment at work, preferably someone who speaks Arabic or English. Sharing files after agreement

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    I am looking for someone to create a testing website (exams) using C#, HTML, CSS and Jquery. The website will have two main sides, the side where the admin can create an exam/test and groups. And another side where student/candidate will enter to conduct the test. Reports coming from this system are downoadbale PDF files. Admin to create a Word docement, upload it to the system and decide where to fill information from the database. System to get the scores, add it to the Word file and allow user to download it as a Word file or PDF. System should be well designed, where user can do some actions and save on the page without refreshing or going to the next page. No WordPress or ready-templates to be used in the website. Ready items like visible Timer design can be used if purchased. Pa...

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    C...shareholder value and d) enhance positive market perceptions or opinion * Shape an outcome in which - Business as the result become digital ambitions - Excellent Guiding principles - High level list of Beneficial levers as well as beneficiary - Able to aligned the Executives opportunities with proposal and further thorough planning * A high value Assessment that - Identify Future direction of operating, data, and IT models - Assessment of future and potential target - Prioritized improvements and opportunities - Obstacles and accelerators and the driving force of transformation * Ability to Define target models, and Develop a comprehensive use cases database, and demonstrators and further exploration, deliverables in - Target operating models - Target data model ...

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    Telegram Developer Required 3 days left

    I am looking for Telegram developer who has done copier in the past, I am looking someone who have done copy Forex signal from Telegram to Forex directly, and copy one telegram to another with limited text. Please bid the project if you have done in past. I need to know more details like how much knowledge you have in Telegram, have you ever copy trading etc

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    $7 - $18
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    I am data analyst ,and have high experience in data manipulation I am using excel , power pi (Dax and power query, building dashboard and stories),tableau, python tools for analyzing . for the project , i will work on part 1 and part 2 of the project for making data analysis for each dataset will the details written in the Assessment

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    ...large/medium teams who work on social media platforms, cultivating and growing a community by engagement, ideas for onboarding, creating and managing groups, commenting and responding in groups or in direct messages and tracking metrics to show progress. Working within an overall timeline and structure. Prior to starting, you will review our existing platforms, procedures, processes, provide an assessment and brief plan for moving forward. ***Please read full project details.*** We are looking for someone that is fluent in English, written and spoken. We will need to have a video call to test your connectivity as well as to get to know you. Responsibilities: Under general supervision and direction, manage the personnel working on Groom. Inform multiple teams about Groom inform...

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    GRC Tool Development • Governance, risk management, and compliance (GR...will have questions (mcq type). For example under a particular client we have selected HIPPA framework, and you see sub sections and under sub sections you see questions, and you have a place where. You can add notes and also upload a document if necessary. • The client should be able to manage both assessment and program under one client as shown above, in this case it is “Test CSO”. • Based on the questions answered the client will get a score like a credit card. • You can create an assessment with your own requirements and questioners as well. • For each client you can be should be able to provide access to users. • There should be able to assign roles to ea...

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    Hi Vladimir B., i have part of an assessment to answer one question which relate to the implementation and interpretation of psychological tests. The question requires you to run confirmatory factor analysis (CFA) in JAASP using the dataset provided. I will attach also a transcript reading Module explaining step-by-step instructions for completing CFA using JASP. The word count is: 400 words excluding output tables .Can you be able to accurately do the job in .4 days .Thanks .

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    Hi Vladimir B., i have part of an assessment to answer one question which relate to the implementation and interpretation of psychological tests. The question requires you to run confirmatory factor analysis (CFA) in JAASP using the dataset provided. I will attach also a transcript reading Module explaining step-by-step instructions for completing CFA using JASP. The word count is: 400 words excluding output tables .Can you be able to accurately do the job in .4 days .Thanks .

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    Please note that you MUST be familiar with Magento and its CSV formats this is NOT simply a data entry task. We have a Word document containing 40 flavours, we need a CSV created to a...containing 40 flavours, we need a CSV created to allow us to import these 40 configurable products in the two variations - so 40 configurable products and 80 virtual products. Need someone to work on creating this so that we can import it as soon as possible. No stupid bids, we will pay $30 maximum which will not be released until we have checked the data and imported it. Word doc attached for assessment purposes. Advise if any additional information is required. To ensure that you have read this description fully please ensure the word eliquid is the first word of your bid, otherwise we will i...

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    Risk assessment 2 days left

    I need information Technology plan and risk assessment

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    2-Dim K-Wave Matlab Code -- 2 2 days left

    There is a need for a small code using the Matlab K-wave toolbox. It's in 2-dim for sound propagation around a static hard element that can be shaped at will and to be covered with materials also to be chosen. Starting from a simple noise barrier erected on a surface, and then to be altered in shape and surface coverings, patch- wise. Sound source: circular, omnidirectional. Simulation for a time laps of noise mapping around the barrier, and for frequency as a control parameter. The purpose is to calculate the sound pressure level over a flat terrain, and then again with the noise barrier erected and study the difference of sound pressure levels and its variation by combining various shapes and materials of the barrier. If instead solved by other FEM/BEM-based software, then ...

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    Require a Competent internal Health & Safety Resource in Bangalore Should have H&S certificates including NEBOSH, W@H, rigging & lifting, electrical safety, risk assessment, first aid and firefighting. For Installation of hardware on existing Telecom Towers

    $459 - $612
    $459 - $612
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    I am looking to setup an EBAY account to start selling my new product. I would like some help in Setting up the account filling in all the relevant account details Help with listings Monitoring of sales PPC assistance. Competition assessment. This is a UK company and therefore I require someone with UK EBAY selling experience.

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    I am looking to setup an amazon account to start selling my new product. I would like some help in Setting up the account filling in all the relevant account details Help with listings Monitoring of sales PPC assistance. Competition assessment. This is a UK company and therefore I require someone with UK amazon selling experience.

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    I have setupped everything and it's just some last steps to complete the project, you need to have good knowledge in Fourier optics Telecommunications engineering Gaussian modes and propagation Lenses

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    1. I need to combine existing indicators(2 indicators only) as a trading strategy. 2. I have the standard procedure to open a trade. 3. I need this strategy to alert me of the potential trade signal. 4. I need this strategy to send the alert to my telegram channel. The example of alert content : [XXX pair ], potential [Long], High /Low : [number Value] 5. This strategy is available for backtesting on the strategy tester.

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    ...albeit, development of the ROC’s significant proven gas reserves is very much in its infancy • ROM of capex and opex for an aluminium smelter or integrated smelter/refinery MPZ at Pointe-Noire • High-level technical and commercial assessment as to whether any one or more of the MPZ options are potentially viable. If there is potential viability, then the final step would be to outline the Terms of Reference for a Pre-Feasibility Study for the relevant MPZ development(s). Background: Rather than starting with a PFS from the get-go, we recommend we do a viability assessment first, to see whether it is worth considering such developments. We are broadly defining the study / design gateways as: Viability Study • Primary focus: Why consider the developm...

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    Running digits in 7-segment display: The purpose of this code is to display and scroll the number that is being typed with the matrix keyboard. Each time a number is pressed, it should appear in the 1st display on the right, and the number that was in this 1st display will now be placed in the 2nd display and the number that was in the 2nd display will b...This code must include the enter function, which is when it receives a number greater than 9 and at that moment it will proceed to deliver the number that forms the angle but converted into binary, with the restriction that the number is not greater than 180. In case it has received a number greater than 180, it must deliver x "B4" and place 180 in the displays 7 segments. It must also provide a signal indicating when th...

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    I need binance future signal for a month. Accuracy should be 99% Exact entry stoploss exit. Risk should not more than 5%. Can deliver 5 future and 5 spot signal per day on whatsapp. Cain gain atleast 50% profit per day . Big pump signal.

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    VAPT testing 2 days left

    Do vulnerabilities assessment for web application and suggest corrective actions

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