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    ...controller. There are a total of 26 controllers Column D- Job # Column E- Test Name followed by cycles completed Columns F-BQ- reference position (or socket position) followed by data results. A0 is the socket position and the number below it is the number of errors reported at the date and time. ## Deliverables Executable that can run on Windows 98,

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    ...controller. There are a total of 26 controllers Column D- Job # Column E- Test Name followed by cycles completed Columns F-BQ- reference position (or socket position) followed by data results. A0 is the socket position and the number below it is the number of errors reported at the date and time. ## Deliverables Executable to demonstrate report works

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    Create a GUI that will produce the output and visual effects as the two figures in the attachment using the .cpp program and the shell script program(.sh)NOTE: replace the .cpp with .sh for the shell script program). Provide detailed instructions on how to run the programs on several different operating environments...ex: win98, linux, redhat, win2k

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    ...C/C++ so that it can be run on linux based servers. My client side windows VB6 application (TGBF Kicker) will connect and interact with the linux server side program using socket connections. This means that I only Want the Server Application coded; I already have the client application finished. Eventually I want the entire program to be cloned,

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    ...alert sys admins if things like httpd and mysqld daemons disapeer from a server. The second runs as an inetd service and returns information from a message pipe to a socket. (There is a Win Client not covered in this bid that interfaces to this). I require the following.. A code rewrite and audit to remove bugs and potential security

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    ...from the TWS (IB). Program is responsible for Working with TS7.2/TWS flawlessly. It should not be written in Excel. It can be DLL. This should be written c#, c++ with socket programming. Coders: To bid this project you must have worked on IB/Tradestation 7.2. If you dont have experience with IB's API/TradeStation 7.2 DLL/Easy Language please do

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    ...**Proposed Solution:** **Active-X control acts as a FTP Client as well as Server, which will create a socket connection to our FTP Server and send the required files using FTP protocol.** **In this case the Script on the Server (C# script) will create a socket connection to this Active-X control FTP Client and send the required files using FTP protocol.

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    ...Properties of a Channel Implementing a CO service using a CL service The OSI MODEL The Seven OSI Model Layers OSI Protocols and Interfaces TCP/IP Obtaining a Socket for a service THE DATA LINK LAYER error control Idle RQ Continious RQ Duplex Operation Flow Control XON/XOFF Sliding Window Link management OSI

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    i am looking for someone who can re creat a software from photo one this is a studio software i am looking for someone to give me an idea on what is needed and what it will take to creat this. i am looking for some one who can do this in very little time... please e-mail me if you have some ideas or would like the website to take a look at the

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    11 bids environment. My request is that I need a small applet that runs within a web page and constantly requests data in a polling loop (1 second) from a server "IIS or Socket". The browser would be IE and the web page created in [url removed, login to view] (ASPX). The refresh must happen without causing a refresh of the browser. The refreshed data itself will be

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    ...required to design, write and implement a distributed application using Java2 networking and distributed object technology. Use any or all of the Java related technologies like Socket, Servlets, JSP, RMI and CORBA to demonstrate the following charateristics of distributed systems: Heterogeneity Openness Security Scalability Failure Handling Concurrency

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    ...layer should provide the WSP functionality as described in the WAP specification. Windows Sockets For this layer the existing implementation of the Windows Socket interface can be used. The Socket layer will communicate with the MMSC gateway via UCP on one hand side and on the other side with the WTP layer. Configuration The following configuration

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    Write a talk server and client using the Socket and ServerSocket classes provided in the [url removed, login to view] package. A ServerSocket listens on a certain port until it receives an incoming connection, when the ServerSocket manufactures a socket so the two ends of the connection can communicate. When two sockets have connected, they exchange data through

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    ...distributed system facility based on client server programming. (USE OF C LANGUAGE AND UNIX COMMANDS FOR THIS PROJECT) A client submits a request for processing, and the server takes care of executing the request. The client and server processes will be on different machines. Communication should be via the socket mechanism. There are two types of sockets:

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    ...across the network? 3. Is the accept method on the ServerSocket object blocking or nonblocking method? 4. When a client establishes connectivity to a server by means of a socket, who would assign the client the port number to let the server talk back? How we can find what port has been assigned to the client? 5. Does abstraction improve encapsulation

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    ...responds to the commands. When the server is in the playing state, it periodically grabs a stored JPEG frame, packetizes the frame with RTP, and sends the RTP packet into a UDP socket. The client receives the RTP packets, removes the JPEG frames, decompresses the frames, and renders the frames on the client’s monitor. The client you will be given implements

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    Make Java programs including: - implementing a server using the server socket class - intergrate **[url removed, login to view]** and **[url removed, login to view]** into a single one with a graphic user interface - implement a streaming video server and client that communicate using the Real-Time Streaming Protocol (RTSP) and send data using the Real-time Transfer

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    ...information, including a price list and an online order form. A customer will be able to order an appraisal online. Personal information will be transmitted through a secure socket layer, using PHP, to a MySQL database. Designer will be responsible for form creation only. A PHP coder will make the form functional. Site Design - The design will be sharp

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    I'm inundated with work this week so I'm trying to farm out some smaller jobs. This one is a simple socket class that listens in on a particular port on the PC. Here's the details: A C++ class that uses basic winsock tools to listen in ("sniff") on incoming data on one particular port on the PC. The data could be Stream or UDP - this will be

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    **1:** In the world of network programming, port and socket are two important concepts. For this part, you need to: 1. Explain what sockets and ports are, and how they are related. 2. Design and write a Java program with GUI to demonstrate the essence of these two concepts, their roles in network programming and their relationships. **2:** To integrate

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