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    I have an inspection program on an excel spreadsheet that needs to be made into a database application that will use 3 different devices to operate. My goal is for the user to be able to input customer and crane information on the server. Sync it with the iPaq, and be able to view reports of inspections. I need to have these reports in a nice format

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    Large Spreadsheet VBA Project shall entail the following: Provision by the bid requester to the bid winning programmer of presently licensed and registered edition of Farpoint Spread 3.0 Developers Sdk . You may review specifics at [[login to view URL]][1]. Version 6 has been released..but version 3.0 is my current level licensing and presently owned

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    ...can enter information about the type of home they are looking for and then the system will display the homes that meet the buyer's preference. Use a spreadsheet program to create a CSV file to recond data on each available home that includes the address, list price, number of bedrooms, number of bathrooms, whether the home has a fenced yard, whether the

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    ...categories for the base model, but it should allow for the addition or deletion of user-specified categories and items. I am open to the method of writing, macro-driven spreadsheet, VB, Access, PowerBuilder, etc., as long as the finished product is user friendly, intuitive for inexperienced business people, and attrac6tively presented. Examples

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    ...Excel format that I want to display on my website. However, I don't want to display the entire list at once. I want a page (I think in PHP though CGI also acceptable) where the user initially sees a list of counties (UK-equivalent of US state), automatically generated from the County field in the Excel spreadsheet. When the user selects a county

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    I need data from OScommerce shopping cart to be exported with custom field names and in a certain order to an excel spreadsheet. It can not be a csv, tab delimited, etc. It must me in native excel format. I have a script that generates what I need in tab delimted format but not in excel format. I have been told that this can not be done because I run

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    ...have an excel spreadsheet that we keep track of our company documents on. There is also a link within the spreadsheet that goes right to our documentation tool. I want to create the spreadsheet to be able to be updated real time. Meaning I don't want someone to go to my webpage, download the file, update it, save and reupload to the web. I have

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    ...be labeled 0-30, 31-60, 61-90, 90-120, >120. The rows are to be Account Name, Invoice Number, the measures should be outstanding balance. Please review the attached spreadsheet to see what the result set should look like. If you win the bid I will send you the exact set of META to be used with the CUBE, ROWS< COLUMNS, and PAGE ## Deliverables

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    (Please refer to the attached Excel spreadsheet). Looking for an Excel macro that would check to see if a sum of any combination of a specified range of cells (e.g. A2:A32) falls into a narrow range or values or is an exact match to a target cell value (B2). In this example, B3 represents the actual sum of A1, A4, A5, A8, A11, A13, A16 while B4

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    Create a help file for complete Win 32 program- it is an excel compatible spreadsheet program with finished spreadsheets. The help file will contain basic help on the program and a few pages on basics of .xls format, formulas and functions. ## Deliverables 1) Complete and fully-functional working program(s) in executable form as well as complete

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    I have an Excel spreadsheet that has been used as a form to enter a Customer's order. It is complete and has all necessary formulas, SUMS etc. I want someone to take same, and make it into firstly, a MSAccess 2000 dbase table; and also to take the same Excel form and create an ASP page that will allow the user to enter the data online in an Intranet

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    ...an existing spreadsheet (attached) with the formulas functions (attached) ## Deliverables 1) Complete and fully-functional working program(s) in executable form as well as complete source code of all work done. 2) Deliverables must be in ready-to-run condition, as follows (depending on the nature of the deliverables): a) For web sites or other

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    I have a system I currently use for creating tournaments in Yahoo Pool Leagues. It uses a combination of an Excel Spreadsheet containing information which compiles a URL wich is then submitted using a simple Macro. I want to develop this into a programme which will accept a text file of tournament names and then allow the user to customise the

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    ...project that is 85% done already but needs some changes and improvements. The old developer on RAC took to long to finish up and i need this done this week. Still needs to be done: Basically, error checking of data input, uploading an excel spreadsheet into the database, fixing calculation errors and just making the flow of the site easier to

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    I need a simple web form (PHP ?) for a customer to use to submit a list to me. The customer will normally type or paste garbage into the form. That list will need to be stripped and reformatted before submission. I ultimately need the list as a .csv or xls spreadsheet with as few keystrokes as possible. I need to be protected from 'jokesters'

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    We need someone to obtain some links to our website. We require 50 links, from sites/pages with a Google Pagerank of 5 or above. On completion, a spreadsheet with details of each link is required in order that we can verify the link/pagerank. $2 bonus for each link that comes from "real estate" themed pages and highlights "San Felipe

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    Currently have an Excel Spreadsheet that we would like to publish to the web. Spreadsheet contains invoice information. We would like Internet access to this information for customers. Customers would be given login and password. From there would be given a form to fill out requesting Region, Area, and dates required, possibly via drop down boxes. Once

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    We have a spreadsheet which we use to track and predict cash flow in a business. Basically, it works like a checkbook register, only it goes from now into the future. You start with a balance, then enter every expense, the amount and date, as far and as detailed as you can, and it shows you your (projected) balance on any given day in the future.

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    Populate a SQL Database from an Excel Spreadsheet for a search function on a Web Site. Customer will input their area code and prefix and have associated dollar amount come up. Make it easy to repopulate the SQL Database as the Spreadsheet gets larger. Small 100KB Spreadsheet, SQL 7, Windows Web Server We want to capture customer information

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    ...getting this completed successfully, so please do not bid on this unless you can successfully complete the described task. I have a web application built with asp .net. I am using MS Office web components, specifically the spreadsheet control. That control is an Active X control, so it resides on the client and is not accessible from the [login to view UR...

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    ...once a month, pull the data down and populate the pivot table by using the refresh option in Excel, then it saves the spreadsheet with the enable drill down option and distributes it to the end users. So the data remains in the spreadsheet and they don't need to connec to SQL server (in fact if you click a refresh it gives an ODBC error saying it cant find

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    Require a database linked to our web site that includes the following features: Candidate Features Vacancy Search and Job View Manager Premium search engine including criteria search and keyword search. Results presented in list format with click through to full description. Instant Referrer - Mail to a Friend Send the job directly to a friend or colleague

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    We need someone to obtain some links to our website. We require 50 links, from sites/pages with a Google Pagerank of 5 or above. On completion, a spreadsheet with details of each link is required in order that we can verify the link/pagerank. $2 bonus for each link that comes from "real estate" themed pages and highlights "Mexico real

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    ...testing the latest version of our standalone chess engine, in which you play chess on the phone. See "Platform" for a list of Nokia Series 40 phones. On this phone, you must be able to receive an SMS or wireless email message and be able to download the game from our Web site using an HTTP network connection from the phone. If you don't know how to

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    $30 - $100
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    We are a ASP/VB Script web based applicaiton with a MS SQL backend. In sql I ahve the ability to dump my entire database to a spreadsheet on a client machine. I would like to do this same thing from one of my web pages. push a buttopn and the whole database is saved to excel. Is it possible? You can check out the applciation at [login to view URL]

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    I would like to have a basic web page (input box and search button) accept a string of characters, search through an excel spreadsheet column called “Pairings??(see attached file) then return the resulting first names, last initials, and pairings field to the next web page. An example of the data file and desired search/result page is included. I would

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    Hi there, I need a Javascript written that I can include on our web site, that will allow users to select the features that they would like a handheld GPS (that we sell) to have. Then in another field all the possible models are displayed (preferably updating as they select features). The feature selection should presume that they DO want the feature

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    ...Investment Manager seeks the services of a versatile programmer. The programmer would be required on an ‘as needed’ basis. The programmer would perform the following tasks: 1. Write text manipulation programs that would pull data from either an FTP site or a web site, feed into an excel based program, generate accounting statistics, print and save (archive)

    $5000 - $25000
    $5000 - $25000
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    I have access to a web site that has an organization's alumni (about 5000) I need to have someone write and execute a program that will take all the data regarding those alumni (name, e-mail, etc..) and put it in an excel spreadsheet. ## Deliverables 1) Complete and fully-functional working program(s) in executable form as well as complete source

    $30 - $100
    $30 - $100
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    ...savvy with technical languages, but I know enough about programming to know this is a NO BRAINER for the right person. I need to take an excel spreadsheet template and have someone program an interactive web page/site to allow users to plug in some numbers and have the results generated and then displayed. The excel program is relatively short and simple

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    Web-based Order Database with interface ## Deliverables represent [login to view URL] We are a provider of color business cards primarily to the Real Estate trade. We currently have our users download an order form and mail/fax in their order. We also mail order form easels to client offices. We wish to make available to our customers the option of ordering

    $992 (Avg Bid)
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    A complete website development.? The web site will provide an interactive price guide for collectors of “Moorcroft?? pottery.? Moorcroft Pottery is a unique type of art pottery which has been produced for over 100 years and is still being produced today. It is highly collectable, with 1000’s of collectors all over the world. 1.? ? ? ? Overview of

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    ...Running on SQL Hosted on a outsourced server Specifics: Client Logon Client screen List Seminars View Data on individual seminars Data includes person count, total showed, etc... Drill into specific item like person count Be able to see specific details about individuals. Ie: Name address phone.... Specific searchs Export to excel spreadsheet Additional

    $632 (Avg Bid)
    $632 Avg Bid
    83 bids

    ...will accept a single provide for all of the Non-Macintosh walkthroughs and a second provider for the Mac walkthroughs 11. If you are not bidding on all, please indicate the walkthroughs you are bidding on. 12. Please create 1 or 2 walkthroughs as an example of your work and include with the bid… The walkthough I constructed took ~ 45 minutes and I

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    1) A secure web based survey, where a user, who already has been provided a unique login, would answer a series of questions concerning the database record (we will provide Excel spreadsheet of database). 2) After the user survey is completed, the output will be saved to a text file, with each record generated for that particular login. After that

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    ...will be based on the ASP version of exceleverywhere. I am a newbie, so please excuse my ignorance. There are 4 main components: the password access system, the user input page, the output page and the hidden calculations (the spreadsheet). If you are interested, I will send a copy of the excel spreadsheet I wish to convert. [login to view URL] "spreadsheet"...

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    ...10 users, each with their own username and password. [login to view URL] "spreadsheet" component. This will convert my proprietary spreadsheet for use on the web. It will securely hide the underlying calculations from the user. You will write an executable file, that is compiled and the source is hidden on the server. You will code against a mySQL db...

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    Go to a site I will specify. Search for a term I will sp...There will be about 191 product search results. For each product that is found, click on it and gather three pieces of information: - URL of that web page - ISBN - published date Each of these bits of info can be copied and pasted. Put the results into a spreadsheet or comma-delimited file.

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    **_Record Label Needs Web/Program Developer _** When a customer buys a Cd from our website, we have him fill out a form with his information (Name, Address, Age, etc). For marketing research purposes, we need to expand the questions in this form and have the information automatically appear in a database. I need to be able to classify this

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    We are looking for a web application that will allow our firm to post accounting activity for our personell business. THe database would allow us to post and track the name of the worker, client they are working for, the type of work, hours of project, fee charged per hour, wages paid to worker, In addition it would dsdiplay the information in a calendar

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    We want to crawl the web to get: 1)? lists of the words used in different? languages on the web, and 2) a count of the number of times each word is found in each language UNTIL WE HAVE A STATISTICALLY SIGNIFICANT SAMPLE. Maybe 1000 pages of each language? We do not have a list of URLs we want to use. All that matters is that we do not count the same

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    I need some ASP pages that will provide the funcitionality of the spreadsheet that I attached. The page will need to automatically run after the active sync event of the handheld Pc. The user will then see a page that will allow them to confirm or edit the information gathered (it will be gathered from an Access database and in a MSDE database (SQL

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    ...to research, analyze, design and create Web Statistics software product. I'd like to be as powerful as the industry's top 3 - and better than DeepMetrix LiveStats. **Compatibility: ** - Win 2000/ XP/ 2003 - Linux **Language:** C, HTML **No dependencies.** **Please review attached spreadsheet,** then submit bid and **SRS. Software

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    ...check every month. So I need to know WHO that affiliate is. Then, if that same affiliate signs someone ELSE up as an affiliate, he will get a 10% commission check every month on all the sales that HIS affiliate makes. AFFILIATE CHANGE: instead of paying them every 2-weeks, I want to pay them monthly. I need a “website control panel” that allows

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    ...all activity on a spreadsheet (or database) including website name, website url, website email (or specify web form used), date and time of email Criteria for a good link partner: 1) They don't already link to my site (please do not email such a site). 2) They don't appear to sell a similar product (I'll provide more details on this).

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    This is a project to do some research on the web. I have thousands of names and addresses of businesses - insurance agencies - in the U.S. Some of those businesses have web sites, and some don't. For each one, I have the name, address, city, and state. An example: Supple Merrill & Driscoll 550 El Dorado Street Pasadena, CA If you go to Google and

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    ...Take my existing Spread Sheet Based OSB Plant Simulation Package (see attached Zip file) and Program into a Professional Looking Product. I will be relying on the Successful Coder to give advice on what would be the best approach. In a nut shell the Excel based Spreadsheets are for Engineering/Designing Oiented Strand Board Manufacturing Plants and

    $87 (Avg Bid)
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    This is a project to do some research on the web. I have thousands of names and addresses of businesses - insurance agencies - in the U.S. Some of those businesses have web sites, and some don't. For each one, I have the name, address, city, and state. An example: Supple Merrill & Driscoll 550 El Dorado Street Pasadena, CA If you go to Google

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    $600 Avg Bid
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    ...application that will replace the existing spreadsheet used today by my clieent in order to model and project the profitability of all brand lines. This model is the source of information for numerous other processes (Toolbox, Price Lilst etc.), and is a fundamental management tool. The current spreadsheet model is quite large and unwieldy, thus the

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    This IS NOW A $1000-$2000 bid request! PLEASE SEE THE NEW ZIP FILES WHICH INCLUDES A POWERPOINT PRESENTATION ON THE FUNCTIONALITY OF THE SITE AND A [login to view URL] WE WILL NEED DEVELOPED. THIS NEW POWERPOINT FILE ALSO INCLUDES A NEW DESIGN. We currently have? a Beta version of [[login to view URL]][1] running. We desire to create non-Shockwave

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