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    ...Flutter. The primary function of this app will be security/authentication, ensuring that only authorized individuals can access certain features or information. ** Things todo IMPROTANT*** 1. PLs dont use any external SDK, app should work without Internet also 2. Download images from given API 3. train image and keep trained file in LOCAL 4. when user detected SHOW BEEB Message and store data SQLite table file when user connect internet post to API Requirements: - Proficiency in Android native or Flutter development - Experience in implementing facial recognition technology - Strong understanding of security protocols and authentication methods - Ability to integrate the facial recognition feature seamlessly into the app - Attention to detail and ability to create a user-frien...

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    Modify SDK DATABASE 3 days left

    I have a Linux access control server SDK developed in C, and I would like this SDK SQLite database to be migrated to MySQL. J'ai un sdk de serveur de controle d'accès linux, je souhaiterai que la base de données sqlite sois migrer sur mysql

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    ...its id and a list of past messages (least recent first) with at least the last message from the user * push a text message so that we can send a message to a user/platform Our use case is one-to-one conversations, not groups. WhatsApp is our primary platform target. We expect high potential volume, which is why we wish a queue (in which case storage for the queue data should be done in sqlite for now) but we are open to discussion if another architectural choice is better. 1) The provider should first make a proposal of the internal python poll/push API as wished above (our specification might not be perfect and we are open to improvements), while also matching the constraints of WhatsApp, FB Messenger and Telegram. 2) The provider should then write code (open so...

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    I am looking for a freelancer who can help me publish my Django project on Azure app. The ideal candidate should have experience with Django 4.x and have knowledge of deploying Django projects on Azure app services. The project involves publishing my Django project on Azure app using the existing resources. The django project uses sqlite for user management, which needs to be migrated to SQL server. Otherwise standard deployment is sufficient for my needs. Skills and Experience: - Proficiency in Django 4.x - Experience with Azure app services and deployment - Experience with SQL server - Familiarity with Azure resources and configurations

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    We are seeking a talented freelancer to create a Flutter mobile application that replicates the offline functionality of PowerApps(like design html page at server side should be downloaded in mobile) with a SQLite backend. This project offers an excellent opportunity to showcase your expertise in mobile app development and database management.

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    We have a sqlite database hosted by an api. The database is about 700mb so we have a custom download system using pagination to pull entries 350 at a time. The code attached is what we have that is not working well. This was developed by someone for us and is not doing well. It should download the entire database but fails often. We then had several integrity functions made to check the databases for missing data but it runs to fast and crashes the app. We are looking for someone to improve our database sync system. We are open to suggestions as long as it remains a sqlite database and we can access the data from within our current framework. We can provide the project files upon request.

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    In this stage we will manage the following tables from 1)Users 2)Accounts 3)Instruments 4)InstrumentsLists 5)Positions

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    Mobile-first design and responsive code deeply ingrained in your thought process. Expert in Android SDK, SQLite Database, Kotlin, Coroutines, XML-JSON Parsing, Good knowledge of Location services, Social networking integration like Facebook, Twitter. Familiarity working with REST APIs for deep integrations with both platforms i.e. general best practices, shortcomings, trade-offs, etc. Experience with offline storage, threading, and performance tuning Familiarity with cloud message APIs and push notifications Deep knowledge of Android UI design principles, patterns, and best practices; Excellent organization, communication, interpersonal skills.

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    I am looking for a freelancer to develop a simple portal site for my IT company. Features needed on the portal site: ■profile: backend:java(springboog) or nodejs or python or go frontend:reactjs or vue or angular database:mysql or mongodb or sqlite ■functions: ●pages: -home -About Us -Service -Jobs(job list and job detail) -Contact Us ●email Contact Us form can send email to both. ●language switch multilanguage support and website language will changed according to student's locale Design Preferences: - I am open to design suggestions Timeline for the project: - 1-2 weeks Ideal skills and experience: - Experience in developing portal sites - Proficiency in HTML, CSS, and JavaScript - Strong design skills and ability to provide design suggestions - Efficient in meetin...

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    I am looking for a freelancer who can help me set up nginx and a CI/CD pipeline with Github for my Django project on Digital Ocean. Preferred Operating System: Ubuntu Requirements: - Set up nginx on the server to handle incoming requests and serve static files - Configure a CI/CD pipeline to automate the deployment process (code connected to github repo) - we are using djago, sqlite in the backend - Integrate with my existing domain name and SSL certificate - Ensure proper security measures are in place Ideal Skills and Experience: - Experience with setting up nginx and configuring server blocks - Knowledge of CI/CD tools and platforms, such as Jenkins, Travis CI, or GitLab CI/CD - Familiarity with Digital Ocean and deploying Django projects - Understanding of SSL certificates a...

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    Hi There, I am a highly skilled flutter developer with a proven track record of 2+ years experience in the field of mo...delivering exceptional user interfaces, fluid animations, and efficient code structures that align with the specific requirements of clients. I specialize in these high-quality Flutter Mobile App Development areas: Custom mobile applications for Android and iOS in Flutter Proficiency in the Dart programming language Website to App Conversion XD/Figma to Flutter Firebase Authentication SQLite and Firebase Storage Push Notifications Experience with state management like Provider, Bloc, Strong problem-solving and debugging flutter applications Restful APIs and other third-party libraries Integration Ability to work with version control tools like Git ...

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    I am looking for a freelancer to help me with editing an Android app database. The database uses SQLite and I have specific changes in mind that need to be completed. I need this project done within 24 hours, so I need a freelancer who can work quickly and efficiently. The changes will involve optimization and making general fixes as needed. If you have experience with Android app databases, please let me know. If successful, this could lead to further work in the future.

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    We are in search of a company to perform an update on our mobile application due to recent policy changes imposed by Google. Technical Specifications: - Development Environment: Android Studio 3.3.2 - Minimum Supported Operating System: Android 4.0 (Level 14) and above - Programming Languages: Java and XML - Local Database: SQLite - Threading: Asynchronous tasks (AsyncTask) - Screen Orientation: Portrait Mode exclusively Need to add Admob (Adsence) as well in the app.

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    I am working on a branch for a Github repo, here: In this branch, I have tests passing locally, but now we need to get them passing in the Github Actions CI. The tests depend on the following to pass: - MySQL - PostgresQL - SQLite - Memcache I have much of it working locally (with the help of a file) already in the branch, but there are errors when it runs in the CI (around the SQLite, for example). Your job is to: 1. Get all the tests working in the CI. You can use the already set up, or come up with your own solution; I don't care as long as it is clean, logical, and maintainable. 2. Get the code coverage working. I want to see the little badges on the repos's main README. You can use this other

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    ...language - Experience with SQLite database system Description: I am looking for a skilled developer who can build a CLI program to manage student enrollments in various courses. Use SQLAlchemy to model students, courses, and enrollments. Implement features like adding new students, enrolling them in courses, and generating course enrollment reports. the following are the minimum requirements: A CLI application that manage student enrollments in various courses. A database created and modified with SQLAlchemy ORM with 2+ related tables. A well-maintained virtual environment using Pipenv. Proper package structure in your application. Use of lists and dicts. The ideal candidate for this project should have experience in Python programming and working with SQLite databases...

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    ...programming and ability to implement server-side logic. Familiarity with working in Visual Studio. Understanding of MVC architecture and database integration (SQLite in this case). Ability to follow detailed instructions and implement the steps outlined in the practical set. Tasks: Create an ASP.NET Core Razor Pages project with the specified naming convention. Build a Razor page to display pizza details in an HTML table. Set up a carousel displaying pizza images with captions. Develop a page to process pizza purchases based on parameters. Create a Model class for Pizzas and generate Razor pages for CRUD operations. Configure the project to use SQLite as the DB provider. Implement layout modifications and navigation links. Test and run the project, ensuring all steps are ...

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    13 bids, but the tests have been broken for years. If you want to run them locally, you must have 4 databases installed (in the parentheses are the default connection parameters used by the tests, but it's possible to override them using environment variables): * MySQL (mysql://test:test@), * PostgreSQL(pgsql://test:test@) * OCI (oci://test:test@) * SQLite (sqlite://) Setting them up is very painful and confusing for developers, so my idea is to include a Dockerfile with the project. Then, developers can build and run the Docker container, and run the tests without difficulty. Your task is to grab the repo (start with the branch here: ), figure out how to create the dockerfile, and

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    Mobile Application where people can sign up to become distributors to start handing out flyers campaigns in a designated area. Whe...think it will be easier to implement this feature on the app then let's go with that instead. I have attached a screenshot for an example. If possible we would also like to see this data in real time. For example, a user is currently running at this point in time, we would be able to see their current location on the map as well as the route they have taken. I believe the App currently utilizes SQLite for the database, so that is most likely where all the running data is being stored. Items that must be completed: -App must run on Android and IOS -Ability to View all Distributor Running Data -Ability to View details for each current run -Mobile...

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    I am looking for a skilled developer to convert my custom-built website into a dynamic webview app. Platform: Custom-built website Technologies: using flutter, retrofit, OTP, Push Notification API: call data from mysql DB into Android Room database sqlite DB Functionalities: - I want to retain all current functionalities of the website in the webview app. New Functionalities: - In addition to the existing functionalities, I require the developer to incorporate new functionalities in the webview app. The specific details of these new functionalities will be discussed during the project. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Experience in converting websites to dynamic webview apps - Proficiency in custom-built websites - Strong understanding of web development and mobile app developme...

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    Mobile Application where people can sign up to become distributors to start handing out flyers campaigns in a designated area. Whe...think it will be easier to implement this feature on the app then let's go with that instead. I have attached a screenshot for an example. If possible we would also like to see this data in real time. For example, a user is currently running at this point in time, we would be able to see their current location on the map as well as the route they have taken. I believe the App currently utilizes SQLite for the database, so that is most likely where all the running data is being stored. Items that must be completed: -App must run on Android and IOS -Ability to View all Distributor Running Data -Ability to View details for each current run -Mobile...

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    I am looking for a developer to convert file to SQLite and integrate it into my existing system. Language must be Requirements: - Expertise in converting files to SQLite - Knowledge of SQLite database management - Experience in integrating databases into existing systems Tasks: - Convert table to SQLite table: 2 Options (to select by the user) a) copy all the tables in the mdb in one click (clear the DB and fill with current mdb data) b) one table at a time selected by the user from list of tables from MDB 1) If table does not exist in DB, create it and copy data from MDB 2) If table exist, do the following options (to select by user): a) overwrite old db table, b) Append records to old db table, c) comp...

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    I am looking for a Flutter developer to create an offline POS application with the following features: - Sales tracking and reporting: The application should be able to track and report sales data for analysis and decision-making purposes. We have some ideas for the design and layout of the application but ...proficiency in Flutter programming language - Experience in developing offline applications - Knowledge of inventory management systems Flutter Windows based installable application Sqllite Internal database store offline data When internet is ON need to push data to server Store product details in local for POS billing I am already done this setup. Someone need to complete based on my requirements

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    I am looking for a freelancer who can teach me how to use Realm of MongoDB with React Native. I have a basic understanding of HTML, CSS, JS, SQLite, NodeJS, and React Native. Level of Experience with MongoDB: None Specific Focus: Database Creation & Management Preferred Method of Learning: One-on-One Coaching Skills and Experience: - Strong knowledge of MongoDB and its integration with React Native - Experience in creating and managing databases using Realm - Ability to provide one-on-one coaching and guidance in using Realm with MongoDB - Knowledge of React Native and its integration with Realm - Excellent communication and teaching skills to effectively convey complex concepts - Patience to guide and support a beginner learner in understanding and implementing database cr...

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    I am looking for a Python developer with experience in Tkinter and SQLite to create an inventory management system. The system should have the following features and requirements: Features: - Inventory tracking and reporting Inventory Handling: - The system will need to handle less than 1000 items User Interface: - The user interface should be highly customizable Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proficiency in Python programming language - Experience with Tkinter and SQLite - Strong understanding of database management systems - Ability to create intuitive and user-friendly interfaces - Attention to detail and ability to meet deadlines If you have the required skills and experience, please submit your proposal and you must provide examples of your previous work. No example...

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    I am looking for a skilled developer to help me with website development using Vue.js, html, css, flask, jinja, and sqlite. The main purpose of the website is to serve as an E-commerce platform. Design: - I already have a design or wireframe ready for the website, so the developer will need to work with that. Content: - I have existing content that needs to be incorporated into the website. Skills and Experience: - Proficiency in Vue.js, html, css, flask, jinja, and sqlite. - Experience in E-commerce website development. - Ability to work with existing designs and wireframes. - Attention to detail in incorporating existing content into the website.

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    ...technical skills required: • For mobile: • Strong Android native (Java/Kotlin) and iOS native (Swift/Objective-C) • React Native for multi-platform apps • UI/UX knowledge, responsive design • For web: • Solid HTML, CSS, JavaScript • Frontend framework like React, Vue or Angular • Ability to create responsive web interfaces • For backend: • Proficiency in Java, Python, Ruby, PHP or similar • Relational (SQLite, MySQL) and non-relational (MongoDB) databases • Backend framework like Node.js, Spring Boot, Laravel • General skills: • RESTful API integration and development • Software architecture concepts • Security, authentication, authorization • Version control (Git) and collaboration • Cloud ...

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    ...remote monitoring and control purposes. The main focus of this project will be on device communication. C# .net Key requirements for this project include: - Developing a user-friendly GUI for remote monitoring and control - Implementing reliable and efficient device communication protocols - Ensuring secure user access and authentication - System interface with master data, Register device (SQLite DB) - Conversion Value sample Int to Hex , etc - Project file app save & import. The project is similar to Kepware IOT Gateway, but the system flow reading PLC or device from us. only interface and additional device. Ideal skills and experience for this job: - Proficiency in Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) for developing the application - Strong knowledge of networking ...

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    work on SQLite website one should be proficient in SQL and SQLite its a simple project

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    I am looking for a developer to work with my database system. Here are the project details: Database System: My database system is built with SQL, specifically using SQLite and Berkeley DB. Developer's Experience: I am open to any type of experience with database systems. Whether they have experience with SQL databases or NoSQL databases, all types of experience are welcome. Required Familiarity: The developer should be familiar with MySQL, as that is the specific type of database system I am using. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Familiarity with SQL databases, specifically MySQL - Experience working with SQLite and Berkeley DB - Knowledge of database systems and their architecture - Ability to optimize and troubleshoot database performance - Understanding of data m...

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    29 bids searched words. Support image in books Open last read page(Ex, I was in page 5 when I close app, I want my app open Page 5 again when I open my app). I think you need to store last page number in app’s preference or somewhere. an Ebook directly from hard coded path. (Use the attached Alice ebook file) 3. Find these words (“in” and “to”) and get the id, pronounce, and meaning from SQLite DB(I’ll send it to you) and make ruby tag with span tag to insert in the Ebook and display it with red color. There are 4 types to show the found words. You can have a hard coded variable in code to set the type. 4. I want to change the meaning when I click click a word(“in” or “to”). Show a new Edit view to update the ...

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    Website on security, quality and usability. 1. Develop a website, which provides visitors with information on security, quality and usability. The website should be developed using Flask 1 and SQLite database, and have a number of pages to display content to visitors. Each web page should have:- header with navigation bar to enable the visitors to access all pages;- section that displays the main content, appropriate for each page;- footer containing relevant links to additional information, e.g. contact details, privacy policy, disclaimer, etc.;- also include a side bar to display any relevant information and makes your website more attractive and usable. More specifically, the website’s organisation and functionality should be as follows:1. Home page should allow visitors t...

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    I will share mockup pdf, I want the app to be like that in functionality and i appreciate nice design and creativity. the project must be based on c#, wpf, mvvm, codefirst approach, sqlite and without using any thirdparty tools.

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    I am looking for a freelancer to develop a small scale WPF application for my project. Skills and experience required: - Proficiency in WPF application development - Strong knowledge of C# programming language - Experience in creating user-friendly and responsive interfaces - Familiarity with database integration and management - Ability to work w...integration and management - Ability to work within a small scale project scope and deliver high-quality results in a timely manner. Please provide examples of previous WPF application projects you have worked on. I have attached mockup pdf and its fuctional, I want an like that in functionality and i appreciate nice design and creativity. the project is based on c#, wpf, mvvm, codefist approach, sqlite and without using any thirdp...

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    ...implementing predictive search functions - Knowledge of search algorithms and techniques - Ability to integrate search results with HTML5 web pages - Attention to detail to ensure accurate and efficient search results - Familiarity with user experience design principles to enhance the overall user experience. Front end page currently created with header and footer with blank body. What will be need is a sqlite database to be created from an excel file. The database will hold page names and the respective page links. I would like a full stack developer to apply as we have a lot of small tasks to be done on an ongoing basis. A good knowledge of HTML5, CSS, Javascript, Python, ubuntu, django and php would be needed going forward, but this project is HTML5, CSS, Javascript, ...

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    Bot should use sqlite database to check booking details. It should be able to provide exact information to the user about current booking status. Further, If user want to book the bus it should be able to book the seat of that particular bus taking all the information required for bus booking from user. It would be better if you could explain what will be your approach to accomplish this task. If you have done this kind of project earlier please provide the link so that I can check it out.

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    I am looking for a PHP expert to work on a save page for my website. The specific functionality that I need for the save page includes the ability to save form data. - The form data should b...on a save page for my website. The specific functionality that I need for the save page includes the ability to save form data. - The form data should be saved either to a database, a CSV file, email or a text file. - If a database system is preferred, I would like to use either MySQL or SQLite. - The form that needs to be saved consists of 5-10 fields. Ideal skills and experience for this job include: - Strong proficiency in PHP programming - Experience with database systems such as MySQL or SQLite - Knowledge of file handling in PHP - Attention to detail to ensure accurate sav...

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    ...code pulls Favicons from Google's source location and outputs them to a database. Simple. Happy to show you the code on request. Purpose: a) The Python code needs to be converted to C# or VB.Net to create a runnable EXE. Start button, Stop button that interrupts and terminates the process. b) Run the code to produce the data file c) Output from the app should produce two files ; i) SQLite ii) Exel sheet DB will contain two columns ; Domain, BLOB Python Code: Yes, I have the Python code that needs to be converted. Skills and Experience: - Proficiency in both Python and C# programming languages - Strong understanding of code conversion techniques - Experience in code development and debugging - Attention to detail and ability to ensure accurate conv...

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    ...ready and already implemented. ** A few APIs were also implemented successfully. ** Make sure you are having knowledge of **SQLite** and know how to sync data from locally to the server in the background. Note**: Do not ask for the upfront and initial milestones. Every milestone will decide upon the completion of the modules. Requirements: - Experience in converting Android apps to iOS - Proficiency in iOS development and Swift programming language - Familiarity with server API integration and resource management - Ability to work with existing source code and make necessary modifications - Strong problem-solving skills and attention to detail - Knowledge of Git. - SQLite DB Responsibilities: - Convert the existing Android app to an iOS app while ensuring functionalit...

    $150 - $700
    Sealed NDA
    $150 - $700
    31 bids from the web portal and displays it in an easy-to-understand dashboard format. The application will support features such as meeting updates, upcoming events, notifications, and more. Methodologies: The Django framework will be used for web development, ensuring a robust and scalable web portal. We will use Microsoft Graph API to fetch Outlook calendar data from user profiles. SQLite or PostgreSQL can be used for secure and efficient database management. For the Android application, we will use Java or Kotlin as the primary programming language along with XML for UI design. REST API will be developed for seamless data transfer between the web portal and the Android app. Expected Outcomes: Streamlined meeting management within the organization, imp...

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    Data and Delivery Data components used in the project are clearly documented. The dataset contains at least 100 unique records. A database is used to house the data (SQL, MongoDB, SQLite, etc.). The project is powered by a Python Flask API and includes HTML/CSS, JavaScript, and the chosen database. Back End The page created to showcase data visualizations runs without error. The project conforms to one of the following designs: A Leaflet or Plotly chart built from data gathered through web scraping. A dashboard page with multiple charts that all reference the same data. Visualizations A minimum of three unique views present the data. Multiple user-driven interactions (such as dropdowns, filters, or a zoom feature) are included on the final page. The final page displays v...

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    16 bids

    Please check the attached document I am looking for a freelancer who can help me with setting up the code for...Framework Version: Laravel 6.x or Laravel 7.x - The freelancer should be familiar with either of these versions and have experience working with them. Authentication Set Up: I'm not sure - The freelancer should be able to handle authentication set up if required. Database Type: This question was skipped - The freelancer should have experience working with databases in general, and specifically with SQLite, MySQL, or MongoDB. Overall, I am looking for a freelancer who has experience with Laravel framework, authentication set up, and database management. They should be able to set up the code using the appropriate framework version and handle the database requiremen...

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    47 bids

    I am looking for a skilled developer to create for Vu a ticket booking app specifically designedejs. This app will need to include ticket search and booking capabilities. The development should be done using vuejs for the server side technology. This app needs to be designed for ...This app needs to be designed for website. If you think you have what it takes to develop this app, please reach out to me with your portfolio or relevant experience. Framework to be used ● Flask for API ● VueJS for UI ● VueJS Advanced with CLI (only if required, not necessary) ● Jinja2 templates if required ○ Not to be used for UI ● Bootstrap, if required (No other CSS framework is allowed) ● SQLite for database (No other database is allowed) ● Redis for caching ● Redis and Celery for batch jobs

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    I am looking for a freelancer to help me set up a MySQL database for my Apache Superset project. We need advice on how to store the data and how to pload to the database on a frequant basis. Database Requirements: - SQlite database setup - No specific version requirement Authentication and Access Control: - Set up authentication and access control for the database Ideal Skills and Experience: - Experience with setting up MySQL databases - Familiarity with Apache Superset - Knowledge of authentication and access control mechanisms

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    Project Description: I am looking for a freelancer who can install Kamailio with SQLite on my Linux VPS. I have root access to the VPS and there is no other software currently installed. Skills and Experience: Ideal candidates for this project should have experience with the following: - Installation and configuration of Kamailio on Linux VPS - Expertise in working with SQLite databases - Knowledge of Linux command line and root access management - Familiarity with VoIP and SIP protocols would be a plus Please provide examples of similar projects you have completed in your proposal.

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    We have a very large database with many tables that are built by collecting paginated data from an API. There are times that an api call fails and it misses hundreds of database entries. We need a SQLite query that allows us to identify all missing keys. For example the following function was created which finds the first missing ID but we need it to return all gaps. var query = "SELECT MIN(ogc_fid + 1) FIRST_GAP FROM " + table["name"] + " a WHERE NOT EXISTS (SELECT 'x' FROM " + table["name"] + " b WHERE b.ogc_fid = a.ogc_fid + 1) AND "+ "a.ogc_fid <> (SELECT max(c.ogc_fid) FROM " + table["name"] + " c);"; We would either like a list of start/end gaps or a list o...

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    18 bids

    I'm looking for a skilled Python programmer with an understanding of working with SQLite databases. Specifically, I need assistance with manipulating data using Python with a SQLite connection. The size of the database I'm working with is medium, measuring 1-10GB. This task needs to be completed within the week. The successful applicant should possess advanced knowledge of Python programming and database communication. They should have the capability to understand complex environments and search for different strategies for solving problems. Attention to detail and quick problem-solving skills come essential. If you think you would be a good fit for this project, please contact me. Thank you.

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    remotly only remotly only fix java code to run missing lib and sqlite remotly only remotly only fix java code to run missing lib and sqlite

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    The code to be developed is a functional (Tkinter) Python application to read data from a SQLite DB and present a single checkbox on a grid layout screen displaying the current status of the checkbox. The checkbox can be updated by changing its value which is then written back to the database. Skills and Experience: - Proficiency in Python programming - Experience in code development - Knowledge of intermediate-level Python concepts - Ability to understand and implement specific function or feature requirements

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    Minimum 1 year of experience in Android Application Development. Strong knowledge of Android SDK, different versions of Android, and how to deal with different screen sizes. Must have already deployed at least one app on PlayStore. Working knowledge of Web Services & REST (JSON) APIs, Websocket, Kotlin, Retrofit, SQLite, Google API Integration, Firebase. Familiarity with cloud message APIs and push notifications.

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