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    I am looking for a coder that can provide me with the following. Using Visual C++ IDE create a C++ (not Visual C++) EXE that will connect to a SQL database pull data and then create a crystal report based off of a template. The EXE should save a file to the local system that [url removed, login to view] or C # Crystal Report Viewer can load and view. Please create a simple [url removed, login to ...

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    ...one time but the chat server has been upgraded since then and I am obviously no longer able. An example of the new protocol for the particular server can be found here [url removed, login to view] Essentially, what I'm looking for is a *working example* of how the login process works. I am quite familiar with the server software and can point out the

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    Hello, The following is for a postgresql setup. I would like to see a very generic example of a trigger and triggered function that will execute before an update or delete. Assume the main table has id bigint a varchar b varchar when ever the main table is updated or deleted from I want main_arc id bigint a varchar

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    ...a jsp page that will coexist on the same page with other jsp/html code. First example should create a single 3d piechart on a page, 3d piechart should be similar to the example [url removed, login to view] in [url removed, login to view] Second example should create 3 bar charts on a single jsp page. Notes: - Both examples

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    Complete XML Example. 1) Using fictional data, create a client listing, having fields such as name, address, phone, email address. 2) The displayed results in IE, should be in a simple grid form, with titles, showing the list of clents. 3) The example should be simple and to the point, with comments as the coder deems necessary.

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    I need an gif animation or .avi of a credit card beeing swiped through a card reader. It must be high-res and have a nice frame rate. Below is a basic example of what we need: Example: [url removed, login to view] But we don't use that kind of card reader

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    I am in need of some [url removed, login to view] example code that will allow me to log into a RETS site (a dummy example site would be fine as well). I am not sure if the HTTPRequest object of .NET is the correct one to use. ## Deliverables - Simple example code using [url removed, login to view] that logs into a RETS site. RETS in this case is the Real Estate Transaction...

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    I need a developer to create an application for the PocketPC whereas a the pocketpc has an attached magnetic stripe reader. When the card is swipe by the reader it inputs as normal into the pocket PC then checks a flat file or db file on the unit to see if the record exists. 2) Spits back information contained in the record (ie. "Name") and 3)

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    ... town off and then after a short silence, zip, belt do up and then toilet flushes, door opens and out come Mr Smart smiling. **17 seconds** Caption & Slogan ‘Ingotz ??" Swipe, wipe and go’ ‘Top-up in convenience stores, unload in conveniences’ **5 seconds** Background music - quiet but audible - maybe someone mopping the floor or using hand dryer

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    I am in desperate need of engraving font examples for my website. I need one large jpeg fi...following items: Interlocking Script Circle Monogram Block (as shown on blue nile) Script (as shown on blue nile) All examples must look professional. I would like to see an example of the Interlocking script or circle monogram before I select a winner.

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    Drag and Drop quote generator in flash as an example for a proposal.

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    Arch Layout Example Having trouble understanding some basics of [url removed, login to view] and need to an example of a specific framework layout, so that I can get back to work asap. ## Deliverables I need to make an Intranet of different Modules/Apps -- very similar to iBuySpy example, but not exactly -- hence my questions: Base WebSite There is one

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    I need to provide a simple example of calling a dll in C#. I have a utility written in VB6 that reads and manipulates proprietary format files. Some C# coders using this utility don't know exactly how to use it. It's simple in VB6 (and I'm sure it's simple in C# as well). We just create the object, dim a new variable, then set the new variable as the

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    I want to know flash bios writing example for my educational purpose. I want to to write "abc..xyz" on flash bios boot block. Program should be compatible with various chipset motherboards like Intel 810,815,845,SIS 530/630,VIA,ALI (and so on...) and also compatible with Award BIOS/Americal Megatrends having different flash chips or capacity like Intel

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    I am not a programmer, but sometimes use Clarion for Windows (v5.x, v6.x) to create simple programs. The one I need now requires the use of an ActiveX component (Telnet) from Dart Communications ([url removed, login to view]). I own the component, but you can download a full-function 30 day trial from Dart. The component comes with a sample AutoLogin program. I cannot figure out how to get th...

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    I need to have a custom ebay auction format/template created in html or whatever languages needed to link to my clothing ebay store. Here is an example of how I would like for my auction template to look: [url removed, login to view] Please click on any of the

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    I need almost an exact copy of the html located here [url removed, login to view] You can switch the colors and layout a little but that's basically what I need. ## Deliverables 1) Complete and fully-functional working program(s) in executable form as well as complete source code of all work done. 2) Installation package that will install the software (in ready-to-run conditi...

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    Basically what I need is an example of a server using sockets in C. The code would need to be compatible for Windows and Linux (if possible). The socket code should be in a separate class so the main program would be something like: #include "yourclass" void main(void) { socket_class first_server; socket_class second_server; first_server

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    We need a flash applet to demonstrate our program (a search system for museums). The applet must do the following: 1. The user should be able to type one or more keywords in an edit box in the applet 2. The applet sends the keywords to our program (via a normal http url, e.g., <http://localhost?action=get&query=just%20testing>, or via a SOAP request) 3. The applet receives...

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    ...excact example they provice in vb using the com object, so the com object will hold all the functions and it will be made in vc++, and the example stuff will all be made in vb or delphi, does not matter which, its a com object so it can be accessed from any environment... i want all the functionality to be in the com object, and teh example to be

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