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    Need a licensing system for c++ using myphp. Already have data base and key system works in the software but only for key “valid”. Doesn’t change anything in my sql. More details once someone wants to help

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    My Current Hosting team has created Ecommerce website, this needs to be Migrated to the New Platform. There are ...the website this needs to be fixed. Secondly, the Admin Credentials which he shared its acting as USER access. and he says he is unaware. Need some expert who can pitch to Myphp admin and can able to get back the Wordpress admin password.

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    First website: I will give access to myphp admin and all WP datas. i have this error: "require_once(/home/cicinviaggio/public_html/[login to view URL]): failed to open stream: No such file or directory in /home/cicinviaggio/public_html/[login to view URL] on line 92" The error maybe is because the new adress is home/cicinvia/public_html- It should be very easy

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    I have a few websites that need to be uploaded to a host. Most have SQL and require MyPHP. Over all easy light weight scripts/sites.

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    My website at [login to view URL] is producing a 'timeout 420 error' when people try to register, however their details do get added to the MyPHP database, all they see is the timeout error. The website is pearl i believe. All other pages in the cgi-bin are fine. You can see for yourself whats happening by registering to the website using the details

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    ...[login to view URL] It was a management system created by a freelancer that, unfortunately he has stopped working on freelancer. I have corrupted the table user with myphp admin; as I have forgotten the password I tried to put a new one directly from the site (very stupid). The rest of the application has not been modified so it should be perfectly

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    The project name tells you everything! Need some help to properly deploy a MyPhp Database, JIRA, Portfolio for JIRA and Confluence onto a DigitalOcean CentOS Server, and ensuring that the SSL certificate is running correctly. Should be very straight forward for someone familiar with JIRA and JIRA deployment

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    ... Yes u may copy some of the content from my current website [login to view URL] and i will send website domain name once project is done. can information be saved on excel or myphp database to keep records of online bookings and sales of learner materail....

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    ...connecting to MSQL using MAMP. Could not get into my local host database for Wordpress or my Myphp admin site. I deleted all files under path "db-mysql" and left just the folders. This worked in allowing me to connect to Mysql. However now I have error in Myphp admin site regarding tables. When i try to log into WP, it shows lots of database errors for

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    Migrate these already created steps within former project from Caspio to Myphp: 1) Create questions and answer boxes: - Q1: 'What is the date?', answers should be dates. Insert a date scheme/calendar box. - Q2 'Have you used this product?' Should have multiple answers (approx 200 possible answers) answers are already in the table within caspio

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    Made 2 sites from templates: [login to view URL] [login to view URL] Moved from local host to...[login to view URL] [login to view URL] Moved from local host to server, and both don't show. Yes, zipped up Joomla files and unziped in folder on server. Yes, exported sql file in MyPHP Admin and imported on server. Both sites not showing and getting 500 errors.

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    Migrate these already created steps within former project from Caspio to Myphp: 1) Create questions and answer boxes: - Q1: 'What is the date?', answers should be dates. Insert a date scheme/calendar box. - Q2 'Have you used this product?' Should have multiple answers (approx 200 possible answers) answers are already in the table within caspio, the

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    I have an application hosted online. On that application there is a map of properties. Right now when the property is clicked on, a popup text box appears. A user can enter text and it goes to a mysql db. I need an application that is invisible to users that pulls the owner information from another website and puts it into the db. So when a user clicks on a property the respective owner informati...

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    This website should be a responsive website for both desktop and mobile view. It should be designed using any suitable framework and deployable on a local server like apache-Myphp installed on my laptop. It should be well structured for easy integration to an existing online server on a later date. This project is all about an online community of people

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    I currently have a designed website and would like to be educated in the nuances/details of expression engine, its interface with SQL, as well as setting up a local test environment, ideally using WAMP. If this is in your wheelhouse and you are interested, please reply with a phone number and when you can be reached. Again, I am only interested in being taught how the current expression engine...

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    So it is a existing web application and it works on real time basis. The server constantly updates the myphp admin data base and what I need you to do is represent that data on a classy dashboard. For example if there is a vehicle whose speed is 10kmph and constantly updating then it should be displayed with help of a speedometer. This project is on

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    A previous Freelancer has left my website with t...Freelancer has left my website with the error message 'Error establishing a database connection'. We need the website to be live again. We think it might be something to do with MyPHP, but we are uncertain. This is a Wordpress website and doesn't have a cPanel. Job would need done now. Thanks

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    ...to get password… example [login to view URL] (in these page he have page to enter mail for recover ) Or no needed if there is other way – example go to myphp and page user – and see ) But password user and admin must not save in php page which become inside ftp (example someone get access or website hacked and they just open these

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    Hi, Simple task - I cant login to my website ending /administrator/[login to view URL] I have the logins to the cpanel so I am looking for someone to change my login details so I can now login. You must be highly experienced and not mess anything up

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    ...compatible with iOS, Android, Windows And Mac - Full source code of the application will be required - I will take part in the design - Experience with MySQL - Experience with MyPHP - Application needs to be fluid, no bugs, no crashes - Payment will be made through paypal - American programmers only - Experience with english - Writing HQ articles is

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    We seek a contractor to duplicate an existing domain to a new domain that would be created. ...require whitelisting of IPs to access, therefore we will need the IP address(es) of the workstations you or your team will use to complete the project. You will be granted MyPHP and FTP access to complete the task. We can provide SSH access if preferred.

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    we are looking for a full time programmer with MYPHP SQL knowledge and HTML 5

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    I am looking for a website to be built on either mssql or myphp which would allow for people to leave posts. A website exists really close to what I would like is fmylife.com. If you look at [login to view URL] that is pretty much almost exactly what I want. Except always showing only the last 50 posts and maybe something in place to keep it from accessing

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    I need someone good with Myphp databases quick job

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    Write and test 5 queries in Mysql to run in Prestashop 1.6 and be exported in CSV. Create Excel 2016 work book for Mac OS X able to connect and process such cvs ...in web server to retrieve same query information. Copy current Prestashop installation in other server and test there. Prestashop 1.6 is currently on (Linux+Apache Server+ myphp+ Mysql )

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    I have a Database and all data in php 5.3 in need php 7.0

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    ...updates to the many sites we have. These sites are developed in multi-platforms including magento, wordpress. We also need assistance with graphic design, css, html,SQL, MySQL, MyPHP Admin, databases. So, you must know adobe suite programs. We currently have a new project to start. We have wordpress site in which the template will need to be created

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    Migration of a wordpress site from backup files (backupbuddy) from an old domain to a new domain. FTP and myPHP access to both sites can be provided, but no Wordpress admin access to the old site (as a PHP upgrade has obliterated it). Hosting at Dreamhost. Would like to sort it within the next 48 hrs if possible.

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    Need an app that will accept data from an arduino device (3 variables) add it to info captured on the app (selected from a db on the app updated from web app tables - myphp) and compile a line entry for a transaction row that get updated to the webapp via 3G/Wifi. Need this done in 2 weeks max.

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    Building a website similar to [login to view URL], using sql myphp as backend

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    My website is not working for few days now, I am not sure if it is an issue with the myphp as the website uses now the version and the latest available version is 4.5.1 The website is [login to view URL] and as soon as you click on it it goes to: [login to view URL] BUT when selecting a province (as usual), NOTHING

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    ...Blog Headlines, Link to Contact Page, Comments by People who sign up with BuddyPack Page 2 (creates 30 dynamic pages from DB): Directory links to dynamic created pages (myPHP) of Lounge Name, Address (map), Phone, Website link, twitter feed of Name, Comments Page 3: Blog Pages Page 4: Contact Page Submit box for Comments, Suggestions, Advertising

    $208 (Avg Bid)
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    ...build advanced tools from scratch - much bigger projects starting in just a few weeks. You will be provided FTP access to the development version of the tool, along with myPHP Admin VIEW access to the database. This tool was developed in 2008 and uses PHP 5.2.x and mysql 5.1.x. This took is a KEY piece of the business, and it works wonderfully

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    Hi I am looking to start using wordpress and opencart I need someone who could setup 1: Wordpress 2:Opencart 3:Wamp Server, my PHp admin and all 4:show me the first theme setup on wordpress and opencart Thanks

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    I need someone to change the expiration dates on 261 of my 287 domains. This will be done in myPHP admin. Thanks!

    $17 / hr (Avg Bid)
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    9 bids

    Hello, I'm looking for somebody who might help to link a Google Spreadsheet (already filled with...(already working but we could change it). Or it might be another user-friendly way to synchronize a daily updated spreadsheet (from Google Drive or another web platform) with a MyPHP Admin database (inside BlueHost) which is already linked to WordPress.

    $125 (Avg Bid)
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    I want to host my own Blog with customer comments. Similar to a comments board, except with comments by users to specific blogs. I will also have do it yourself troubl...specific blogs. I will also have do it yourself troubleshooting help for appliances and parts integrated within the different blog posts. I have a dedicated apache server SQL & Myphp.

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    Development Support for MySQL, MyPHP and dynamic HTML programming.

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    job for jozsefx on old job writen in myphp

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    Create a daily task cron, only need to delete registers in my Myphp Admin 60 or 70 days before.

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    I need someone to optimize our sites main databases. We are getting slow queries, and have already 'optimized' via the integrated optimize button in myPHP. Knowledge of MySQL and viewing and working with the error log are needed.

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    Hi, I need to remove 170000 approx Subscribers from Database MyPHP. I dont have a bulk delete script. I need this done now. thank you

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    Hi, I have downloaded all files from server including the MYSQL database. I have successfully imported it locally to myphp however when I try to run the website, it gives me errors. I need some help to set this up For your information, the content management system appears to be custom built and it is around 7 years old. Do not bid unless

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    My hosting service provider recently migrated to the Cloud. My web hos...permissions for the affected listing of PHP files. Upgrading MODX Evolution 4.5 to MODX Revolution 2.3.1 is probably the best solution. I have full access to server tools and myphp admin. Modx Manager has been disable. The website address is [login to view URL]

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    ...the suppliers a doing with their accounts. As each supplier has encrypted passwords, there's no way to help them when a service call is made except by viewing database via myphp. ADMIN to have dynamic control over pricing of 3 items. Currently there are are prices setup but hard coded into the php page. SO here I need an option to edit the current

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    Login does not work for us anymore in Joomla. We need access to our Admin in Joomla. The old password does not work anymore and we ...us anymore in Joomla. We need access to our Admin in Joomla. The old password does not work anymore and we cannot access the back end to reset it. We tried other methods in myphp admin but can't figure it out to work.

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    A website design and back-end database system required for local estate agent. We are currently using in house developed Database (Built using myPHP and MySQL). We would like to hire a developer who can build a good website which can be linked to back end database.

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    Hello, I have a website www.tamanifood....needs is this: 1) Instructions what file(s) needs to be modified to make changes to listed items. Like inventory update along with pictures. 2) If that is done through myPHP database, I also need help to retrieve a password. I will provide godaddy login info to access control panel. Thanks BC

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    Develop only html + css + jquery on bootstrap 3.0 framework Only responsive!!! If you have knowledge of php & myphp let me know!

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    ...getting table error : Table 'XXXX_XXX.tbl_video' doesn't exist - also Table 'capitalp_capitalp.tbl_users' doesn't exist. I got full backup file and tried to import throught myPHP admin, but following error message appears: Error SQL query: CREATE TABLE `tbl_users` ( `userid` int(11) NOT NULL AUTO_INCREMENT, `username` varchar(255) COLLATE utf8_un...

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