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    I'm seeking a skilled designer to create a unique logo that represents my gardening services business - Great Falls Gardeners. This logo will embody the essence of my enterprise and act as the foundation of my brand. Key features should include: - Imagery of tools or gardening beds - Distinctive plant types - A clean, professional aesthetic. The ideal candidate is an expe...improvement businesses. Familiarity with different plant types and gardening tools would be a strong plus. Your design should tell a story that inspires potential clients to trust my gardening services. Your submission will be assessed based on creativity, relevance and aesthetic appeal. Looking forward to your innovative designs! I'm looking to include "earthy" colors, such as greens, browns, ...

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    ...future end products expected to have different names will be a major advantage in constructing the branding. “Terra” is the word for “earth”, “planet” in Latin and the partial phrase “fect” represents “perfection”, “effect”, or “being terrific” in a made-up combined word format representing the company and its vision. Although the nature of the problem we’re dealing with is complex, the logo is expected to have a minimalist approach, with scalability to be used at our website, banners, exhibition booth graphics, documents, business cards, etc. “Grains” of sand and gravel having different angularities may be a good initial approach to shape our logo, perhaps with a relation t...

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    I'm looking for a freelancer who can create a robust AWS environment that will allow me to automatically scale my web server infrastructure in response to traffic demands. The specifics include: - **EC2 Instances Setup:** Configuration of Linux based EC2 instances for my web servers. - **Auto Scaling Implementation:** Ensure EC2 instances scale up or down efficiently with traffic loads. - **Application Load Balancer (ALB) Integration:** Properly configure ALB to distribute incoming traffic for high availability and fault tolerance. **Ideal Skills:** - Proficiency in AWS services (EC2, Auto Scaling, ALB). - Strong experience with Terraform for infrastructure as code deployments. - Knowledgeable in Linux operating systems. - Experience with high traffic web server setup. I need someo...

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    I'm in need of an experienced 3D artist to create realistic 3D drawings of large terra cotta pots. Your task will be to visualize three distinct designs, each showcasing intricate floral motifs. - 3D Drawing Requirements: The pots should be large, measuring 10 inches or above. Ensure the floral motifs are clear, distinct, and aesthetically appealing. - Ideal Candidate: You should be highly skilled in 3D rendering, with an emphasis on realistic textures and proportions. Previous experience with garden-related or floral elements would be advantageous. The ultimate goal is to create designs that blend realism with creativity, resulting in eye-catching, unique terra cotta designs should then be something that can be fed to an automated pot thrower for high volume pr...

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    As a health and wellness business, we're searching for a seasoned designer with expert graphics skills who can deliver a creative and unique logo design that closely aligns with our brand values. Minimalism, nature inspired, earthy. We aspire to communicate an image of simplicity, hence the logo should ideally radiate this attribute. Our desired colour scheme is neutral and minimalist (terra cotta colours/ natural and earthy pastels), thus should not be overly elaborate or complex. We appreciate the subtle blending of colors and would like this to be a centerpiece of the design. Required skills and experience: - Familiarity and past experience in minimalist design - Proficient in Adobe Creative Suite, specifically Illustrator and InDesign - Portfolio of past unique and c...

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    I am looking to redesign a logo for my client. Attached is what they have now. Please show versions with only the initial and show one with the whole name. Please keep the client's line art but change the color scheme. This is a wellness center - keep it proffesional and for the logo to pop. Note that we will need to add the final logo to a circle template that is a 3" circle

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    Large format Cooking oil labels and packaging designs The name of the brand is Terra Vita we do 3 types of oils. Canola soybean and corn oil.. The white box is the packaging need a design for that size format it will be fully printed box. The information on the label has to be exactly as in my sample. Need your design input to redo our current label of Terra Vita

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    I am looking for a skilled designer to create a traditional interior design for my entire house. I have specific requirements for colors and furniture that I would like to incorporate. Skills... - Quotes must match what is reported in the design attached - Minimal exterior design is required - On Ground Floor a Small kitchen + Table + Sofa must be implemented (not drawn on 2d project) - On second and third floor keep the designed Living Room and Kitchen Other details: PIANO TERRA = Ground Floor PIANO PRIMO = First Floor PIANO SECONDO = Second Floor The project must be delivered on Homestyler with a shared private content that is editable using the free version of HomeStyler

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    ...images: - Eyes: Hazel brown with a hint of green, medium-sized, with a gentle but confident gaze. - Nose: Medium, well-defined, with a straight profile. - Lips: Natural pink tone, neither too thin nor too full, with a friendly expression. - Ears: Average size, with a natural shape and no distinct accessories. - Eyebrows: Natural-looking, well-groomed, and proportional to her eyes. Attire: Terra is dressed in smart-casual maritime professional attire. She wears a navy-blue safety jumpsuit with a white shirt, without any overt symbols or accessories that indicate rank or organization, to maintain neutrality. Accessories: She may wear subtle accessories like a simple pendant or stud earrings, but nothing that overtly stands out or distracts from her professional image. Ba...

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    Si richiede un kit completo di immagini per la creazione di un account aziendale Linkedin. Si fa riferimento alle dimensioni standard pubblicate da Linkedin: https://ww...aziendale Linkedin. Si fa riferimento alle dimensioni standard pubblicate da Linkedin: In tutte le immagini deve essere inserito il logo dell'azienda, che verrà fornito dal cliente dopo l'accettazione del lavoro. L'azienda si occupa della realizzazione di impianti fotovoltaici a terra, sarà possibile utilizzare foto stock gratuite o a pagamento con indicazione di dove acquistare l'immagine. Si desidera un output su formato adobe photoshop con layer separati per immagini di sfondo e resto della grafica.

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    I am I will be providing detailed instructions on imagery and symbols for the cover. A logo has been made but might be interested in a redesign that is more suiting. **Please see attached AI generated photos as a framework for the design and not to be used in the final product** More details: Design an album cover and/or logo for the instrumental metal band 'Vision of Verity' and their album 'Terra Firma.' The cover should capture the essence of the title with a blend of scientific and natural elements. Am open to the artist's ideas, but have an idea for a concept in mind: Depict a rugged landscape with majestic mountains and a centrepiece rock formation. The sky above should display an arrangement of constellations and cosmic phenomena (...

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    Hi, I need 2 patterns: -- "Splatter" (blue on white, brown on cream, cream on dark green, white on pink, red on white, white on terra cotta, mixed rainbow, "Pollock") -- Flower pattern Links to follow.

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    Hi, I am looking for someone to create an elasticsearch query. The objective of the query is to match the most similar company name given a company name . I will provide a database of approx 10M companies - about 20GB. You will create the field mapping, index, query and test it. I am expecting you to create a mapping which tokenises the company_name field into 2-4 char grams. T...the field mapping, index, query and test it. I am expecting you to create a mapping which tokenises the company_name field into 2-4 char grams. The final response will be sorted by the match rate and the size of the company so that only largely known names show up in the search. Eg. The string Amadeus Software should match with Amadeus Technologies Pte or Terracotta Textiles should match with Terra Cot...

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    My project is to create a unique logo for Terra nova tiles. I am looking for a modern and minimalistic logo that does not include a tagline. I'm open to leaving the selection of colors to creative interpretation, but would be willing to provide some direction if desired. The logo needs to be visually striking and capture the essence of Terra nova tiles. I would need a logo that can made into the following- main logo, secondary logo, simplified logo, submark logo and lastly an animated logo. These must be designed to look good and clear on black and white. A bit about the company - Terra Nova Tiles sells outdoor tiles eg porcelain tiles, sandstone, granite etc. It’s similar to a builders merchant.

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    Trophy icon A Public Bus Waiting Shed Ended

    I am looking for a skilled freelancer to design a public bus waiting shed in an urban area. I need roof only clay tiles …. Wall mud / clay Floor terra cotta tiles The shed should have a clay tile roofing that will match the surrounding architecture. The design should be traditional and functional, with the following features: - Bench seating only - Adequate space to accommodate a 10 number of passengers - Durable materials that can withstand harsh weather conditions - Easy to maintain and clean

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    Description: The job is to adapt the script to have 50,000,000 pixels. - Integrate payment methods with cryptocurrencies. Lunc, ustc and usdt (Tr20, Algo) - Integrate connect with a classic terra wallet. - Knowing which users are delegating and how much they are delegating, with a specific terra classic server. - Being able to assign pixels to users as an offer through a number of delegations and the days they are active. - Develop layout as it is in the mockup. More information in the chat. Thanks

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    Major remodel ,looking to get elevation pictures and possibly 3d walkthrough

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    ...Australian Dream: Stan Grant's film about the attacks on the former AFL Adam Goodes to an external site. 2- Mabo ABC TV: life story of Eddie 'Koiki' Mabo; a Torres Strait Islander who spearheaded the High Court challenge that overthrew the fiction of terra nullius. (2012) (Links to an external site.) Feminism - Diversity- Equality 1- Brazen Hussies: ABC documentary tells story of women's liberation movement in Australia (Links to an external site.) 2- 'Australia Says

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    We want to design a logo for our new company called TERRA GROUP with slogan: Forging Mining Solutions Concepts to start with is logo that shows "Adding Value", "Growth" - We are a "Less is more" company so simplicity is key. You can work with bevel or 3D feel - need the designs on plain white background, NO mockup designs as you don't get the real feel of logo how it will look in letterheads etc. Colors we like is Blue: #222c56 Gold: #c6a785

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    Hi Yaska, I have an urgent and small project that requires your expertise once again. I need you to create a captivating shelf wobbler design for the Terra Trust pregnancy test. The primary objective is to grab the attention of customers in supermarkets. We already have the brand book and guidelines, which you are familiar with, to maintain consistency. The deadline for this project is by the end of tomorrow.

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    I need a cute tshirt design for my upcoming season. I own a flower farm and have graphics for the farm but they are stuffy. I want a cute boho fun shirt similar to the one attached. In the pocket area of the front I envision our farm name in a simple scrolly print "Terra Farms" .

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    My Company is Terra Sticker and I would like a lovely new logo. I would like a seedling sprout that transitions into a butterfly for my logo. The seedling represents start of life, where the butterfly represents how life transitions to something else. Green, yellow, or gold these would be nice colors for the product.

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    i would like a giant rectangular black marble structure. It has a courtyard with a golden terra-cotta pattern glowing brick. The internal compartments are attached to the main awl and the internal strict is silver-metallic plat. Out side in the middle top has impacted recessed fonts glowing the named company which is “ FERGUXCORP” both sides look glowing electric blue, and the mania structure angle birds view with angle. the main struct feature high -intensity electric brigs parararellel vertical bright, quite bright light bars, running top to bottom at the distance the light bars shine the numbs 11” “11” two lines per wall really close. in any cityscape

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    Need to edit a 52 min video documentary .the style is adventure . I have more than 1 terra of content + the script that you have to follow . The video is in French , so you need to understand French. The editing includes colorgrading and mix audio. I should ship the hard disk with all the content inside. Need to have skills on after effects , photoshop and get some animation

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    Studio Nucleo used to make a cardboard armchair frame called the TERRA! armchair. How it worked was that you would assemble the frame and fill it with clay, dirt, and grass to make a grass chair that would grow as a part of your lawn. Unfortunately, it is extremely hard to get your hands on one today and I am not skilled enough to guess the cross sectional dimensions. What I need is for someone to send me dimensions (possibly through autoCAD) for each piece of cardboard so I can build my own at home. Let me know if there are any questions about the request too!

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    Design, texture, and import a 16x16km terrain into UE5.1

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    CAD expert needed for LIDAR scan to CAD conversions, plan creation, and rendering. Ongoing assignments entail refining point cloud mesh data (OBJ files) into scale accurate plan sets, extracting dimensions for remodeling take off estimates, designing, and rendering new plan sets. This specific assignment is to convert an OBJ file of a kitchen layout plan set with accurate cabinet and countertop dimensions on the plan, a list of the accurately measured existing cabinet sizes, and a cleaned up 3d model for Revit. Candidates should have in depth working knowledge of AutoCAD, Revit, 3dMax, Sketchup, and / or Chief Architect for Building Information Modeling. Experience with photogrammetry and rendering software including, DJI Terra, Unreal Engine, and Blender is also h...

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    it is a book with a cast of ;Terra, the Princess of a planet called inori where the equivalent of cat people called homo-gato come from with the men serving the women in the planet; Douku, the future husband of Terra and young ruler of the planet beni being the home of the kitsune who determined the intellect and wisdom of others by the number of tails that individual has with 9 being the one who is made king and 1 being little more than mere servants; Mayi, a diplomat from the planet outback a kingdom full of genetically modified humans that chose to take on bovine features for bigger "assets" that just live comfortable lives not having any significant leadership; solace, the lone wolf in the planet vulpes a planet of wolf people who usually live in packs that val...

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    Allbridge is a simple, modern, and reliable way to transfer assets between different networks. It is a bridge between both EVM (Like Ethereum, Polygon, BSC) and non-EVM compatible (like Solana, Terra) blockchains, that aims to cover L2 (like Arbitrum, Optimism). Cross-chain transfers are done a single bridgeable token, ABR. From time to time, there appears some price discrepancies among different blockchains. Your bot is expected to take advantage of that. In other words, it buys low, sells high on other blockchain. To transfer USDC/USDT the other way around your bot can use a low-fee bridge such as multichain. Bonus: Your bot can reduce bridging fees before attempting to execute the cross-chain transfer by staking ABR. This will allow the bot to even make use of smaller price di...

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    Write a e-book about all the crypto companies that went bankrupt in 2022. Write their stories, who are the founders, how did they get started, how did they rise to the top and the mistakes they did that led to their downfall. Examples being Terra Luna, Celsius, 3 Arrows Capital, and the latest being FTX. It's going to be a 30 day project and I expect to read the first draft within 2 weeks. To get rewarded post the names of any other crypto project that went bankrupt and how much money did they lose from their peak. Book Name: Trillion dollar mistakes - A Crypto Saga

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    I'd like to implement a Black Jack Game on Terra Blockchain. I need something like this as for integration with Terra Classic Blockchain function. It can be played only by login with a wallet on Terra Classic. The game is this one : we will implement a tax of 10% on each winning bet.

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    Hello, I want to launch a brand for honey and derivates products. I selected already 5 brand names for which i need a logo design proposal for each. My products aim to be a premium offer on the market, therefor the design should reflect the premiumness. Bellow please find the chosen names and attached please find some examples of what i am thinking of in terms or design references. 1. RAW HONEY 2. TERRA HONEY 3. ROYAL HONEY 4. HONEY GOURMET 5. HONEY BITS Please help me out with your creativity and expertise in launching these new products. Together with the logo design proposals, please deliver also the high rez files. Thank you

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    Allbridge is a simple, modern, and reliable way to transfer assets between different networks. It is a bridge between both EVM (Like Ethereum, Polygon, BSC) and non-EVM compatible (like Solana, Terra) blockchains, that aims to cover L2 (like Arbitrum, Optimism). Cross-chain transfers are done a single bridgeable token, ABR. From time to time, there appears some price discrepancies among different blockchains. Your bot is expected to take advantage of that. In other words, it buys low, sells high on other blockchain. To transfer USDC/USDT the other way around your bot can use a low-fee bridge such as multichain. Bonus: Your bot can reduce bridging fees before attempting to execute the cross-chain transfer by staking ABR. This will allow the bot to even make use of smaller price di...

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    Provide a full example of NodeJS Typescript based on ( ) that would not only sign a transaction using a Ledger Hardware Wallet. But at the same time broadcast it to the blockchain (and be able to verify it). We need this snippet to work with any cosmos based chain (let's say Cosmos Hub, Osmosis, and Terra v2); It should sign and broadcast the transaction to the network. We can confirm it in mintscan for instance.

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    Trophy icon baby brand branding Ended

    ...have, please check files") and keeping NANNA MÜK THE SAME STYLE BUT I COLOUR. my brand will sale eco diapers and wipes and baby creams, shampoos and bubble bath. I would like the whole packaging to also be sustainable. Attached you will find my current branding for my brand so you can bae it on this. The name of the brand is: NANNA MÜK BABY inspiration look: sustainable sweet pastel colors terra Colors scandinavian minimalistic look attractive for kids bohoo UNISEX Please find attached some inspiration on colours & ://

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    Trophy icon Website promo slider Ended

    We're looking for a slider to promote the upcoming board game terra nova. the dimensions are 2560 x 420 px and this needs to encourage customers to "pre-order now". Some examples of previous graphics that have filled this slot are attached. Our brand guidelines are also attached so please adhere to these with your design. We'd like the slider to have the name of the game "Terra Nova" and a tagline that says "Pre-Order Now"

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    Im looking for a developer who can build a utility contract on the LUNC (Terra Classic) Chain using RUST which can run autonomously on launch. The contract would need to allow queries to pull data for display on a website. The contract would need to be able to action transfers from one wallet to another within intervention. More information on the specifics of the utility will be supplied to the shortlist of developers. The developer must also be able to build the accompanying HTML site from a supplied design.

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    Hi Terra D., I noticed your profile and would like to offer you my project. We can discuss any details over chat.

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    We use DJI Terra to create Spot Spray Missions for our Agricultural Drone. When the mission is exported to the Drone controller the file extension is .djitile. The drone stops and sprays at a required coordinate. What we would like to do is to import coordinates into the flight file rather than select a location on the map within the program. This way we could get a GPS coordinate when a seedling is planted then put the coordinates into a file to create a spray mission. I have attached an example of the type of files that are created when we export for the controller. We also have other ideas and would be looking at building an on going relationship regarding this project.

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    Every week I need to record an episode on the topic of CLIMATE-TECH, CLIMATE CHANGE, AND SUSTAINABILITY. The episode talks about the week's news breakdown + an explanation of a topic within the industry. I am Italian-American, 23 years old, and this podcast aims to educate and inspire change in the world. The episode needs to be ob...conversation. Why is this good? What are the challenges? Many topics or solutions in sustainability today are debated because we live in an imperfect world, so the solutions we design cannot be 100% perfect. The tone of voice is friendly and casual but no slang, use proper English. It needs to feel like we are explaining something to your brother or sister. You can hear the first episodes at Generation Terra on Spotify. The length should be between...

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    i am looking for any LUNC-Holders, i need about 500k LUNC thank you

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    Terra Thread () is urgently hiring one student photographer for a short internship and/or a local photographer for project-based work. Start date depends upon when we find the right photographer(s) and coordinate models. Photos and video needed for t-shirts, bags, backpacks and other apparel and accessories. Photographer will also work with live models. Still images and video. Indoor and outdoor at office in Mission Viejo. We seek someone efficient, highly skilled, creative, and easy-going. Could result in an on-going opportunity. Compensation to be discussed.

    min $50 / hr
    min $50 / hr
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    the contract is very simple, it must receive luna classic and divide it as a percentage on 3 wallets all on terra Classic blockchain

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    i need someone do this job for me, we have new token named "Green Terra Innovations" GTI I made airdrop for my token and I want you to bring 1000 airdrop , I give 50 GTI free in my airdrop it equal $2.5 and exchangeable in pancake. This is the airdrop page : Get the airdrop steps is very easy : 1- visit cour airdrop link 2- click connect wallet and connect with mMetaMask 3- click Get Airdrop button you will get 50 GTI tokens immediately If you agree on this job let me know Thanks

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    Trophy icon Logo Rethinking Ended

    ... There is absolutely no deforestation in the production of this food. The virgin trees of the forrest are not chopped, thus the plants grow underneath the big trees. The food that grows from the plants underneath the big trees are very healthy, organic, and natural. So the logo has to communicate in essence healthy food that grows in a forrest sustainable environment. The name of this idea is “terra” and the slogan to be included in the logo is “grown under Amazon shade” Expected checklist of deliverable: -Circular application and rectangular application -Color version -Black/white version -transparent background -circular application and rectangular application -pantone and typography codes - 100% vectorized -100% original work deliverable Format (Web &a...

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    Logo & tag line design for our jewelry and other products made from gemstones and metals(i.e. silver, copper, etc.) Colors based upon Aqua-Teal Terra-Mar Treasures of Earth & Sea

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    i want a fork from github, not a copy! For terra blockchain

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    We created a club about Terra Luna Crypto Currency. We need a logo for the club, it can be a crypto coin made up, that resembles bitcoin and Terra Luna crypto coins... but cannot be anyones copyright or based on their copyrighted work. Can be for a "club" and crypto. I need it done in Photoshop, with the source files. Transparent Logo with Layers in Photoshop. 300 DPI for printing. minimum size: 250 x 250 But printable size, so don't be afraid if it is 5000 x 5000 so the quality is better. Be creative please.

    $75 (Avg Bid)
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