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    I need cmake for the simple c++ repo that contains about 5 files of which and it contains dll and lib that are used in the main file.

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    ...Describe the similarities and differences between electrostatic printing, xerography, laser printing, and led laser printing. Here is a link to the books about photocopying. With OCR, you can copy and paste some of the information for this project. [login to view URL]!AsBwJkmFAniljgUmTizX0O0XhKno?e=q1DBOu Milestone 3 $10.00 5-15 pages. Describe the common

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    Input: table, .png, .jpg etc. output: csv, json etc with correct format (style doesn't matter)

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    ...take a photograph from the smart phone of the prescription and store it phone using the app. The content/text of the prescription will be read with object character reader (ocr) or manually entered to the app database. Both options should be available. Once the prescription is read and data is entered, it will store in the phone and can be accessed

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    ...the settings stored in MySQL database. Strong MQL, PHP, MySQL knowledge required. We are planning to improve the connection algorithm in the future, programming a separate DLL and encrypting all data exchanged between the EAs and DB, so C#/C++ skills are required, as well knowledge of building secure connections. More details will be provided upon

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    We need an engineer to implement a RPA solution with OCR for our company. Requirements: - It must be compatible with our systems. - It has as inputs PDF, JPG, PNG - It has to take the info from the inputs and classify it into our data base systems.

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    ** Please address me as Almasi, i.e. Hi Almasi, (just so I know who is scraping and placing automatic bids) I am working on a project which requires taking an image of a table and creating a machine-readable data format such as an excel table or a json from it. So the algorithm should take an image and output a machine-readable data format such as json (but I should be able to easily re-create t...

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    I need a logo designed. i need logo maker for my design dll

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    Hello All. Great Day. I need to convert the attached jepg image to a text file, where all the characters are properly recognized. I need the same to be done using any image recogniton s/w and convert the same to text or perform a autotype on highlighted editor. The project/code needs to be developed in such a way that : 1. It should take input file from user. (user selectable) 2. it should eithe...

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    I need a java program that takes scanned papers (as PDF) containing text and tables as input, before converting (using OCR or something similar) the input file into an output excel file with all the data intact with the same format as the input file.

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    We need an App that takes photos using the camera, sends them to an Azure API and stores the information in a SQL database. The azure APIs will be an OCR and Face API used to extract text and match human face recognition. The mobile app will simply send the photos taken to a backend server to be saved. The backend server will send to azure which will

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    I have a project where we need to make a request to MATLAB D...and then save the data and show. We are currently not able to connect to the DLL and get the response. we have the DLL as well as the MATLAB Code and all needed info. We have the .Net developer developed the front end and DB already, our current issue is with the DLL access and response

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    ...is my part a DLL or EXE) and the other one is athe Windows service. When: Starting when you want, deadline at 30 August How: Source Code included, File installable included, clean code :-) , not use library without licence Technologies: C# / Windows Service What: Create a Windows Service(should work without User Login): It execute a DLL method or an

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    We need an App that takes photos using the camera, sends them to an Azure API and stores the information in a SQL database. The azure APIs will be an OCR and Face API used to extract text and match human face recognition. The mobile app will simply send the photos taken to a backend server to be saved. The backend server will send to azure which will

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    Looking to hire somebody who is able to do OCR on documents and to put them back in order in editable files (such as Words document), preferably speaking French. This person should produce high quality work, and be sure that the meaning, sentences structures are well preserved. To OCR a document is doable, but to produce a work of with respects of

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    I'm looking for a team/individual that have expertise in OCR/Open CV. Summary of task: We will have a PDF file as an input, we need to extract data ( text, images, ), remove un relevant data and after formatting we will arrange it in output file. In input file, we will represent the images and text with multiple colour boxes so it's easy to identify

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    Document OCR 18 hours left

    I need to extract the following information from documents via OCR: (I've attached 1 example but will provide more examples later) 1) The customer information and address 2) The vehicle information per field (every line represents a data field with the actual value in the middle of the document) Need the following fields 1) Vehicle Register Number

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    Hello, I have Oracle 5 minute stock prices database and I am...DB with them. I am aware that i can use odbc driver but it fetches all data from the DB whenever i try to do anything which is a huge latency. The final product would be DLL files as well as source code and how to change the DB connection string and use it. more details on proposal.

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    ...languages you can perform this task in) 13. AI content discovery 14. Semantic search 15. AI auto-learning 16. Robotic Process Automation (RPA) 17. Optical Character Recognition (OCR) to read written reports 18. Geo-localization 19. VR/AR II) Other skills needed: 1. Oracle forms 2. ASP.net 3. Siemens Contact Center 4. Avaya (Integration with IVR system)

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    ...FTDI FT240X as the interface chip which can be accessed using FTDI's DLL or as a COM port. We want the DLL used. We are currently accessing the hardware through the DLL under VB6. The hardware is a flux level capture device which has a simple API that is called through the DLL. It can pass full tracks or sector data to/from a floppy disk. Ideally

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    ...to do is coach me in building out the RPA itself so that I can learn how to use UiPath to build RPA in my business. Some of the Tasks I need to accomplish: 1. Transcribe OCR Text into a Database 2. Schedule an Appointment with Google Calendar using transcriptions from SMS 3. Creating a Robot Connected to Google Voice phone number to check information

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    ...verified by us. Do not modify any standard code you use from others so that in future any updates by them can be accommodated w/o affecting your code, in general. If any non-MS dll or compiled apps (whose source will not be made available to us) need to be used, you must get our approval before using them. No advance. Final 20% of total bid will be made

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    I have existing code on an Android project that needs to be enhanced with OCR scanning capabilities to read alphanumeric characters in English. No need to read pages of text - simply a max of 16 characters where the camera is focused. The app would be running on an Android device with a HD camera. the device runs Android 6.0. The Android device has

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    ...around 6,000 contacts with email addresses. We do not want the contacts if there is no email. The file will be in PDF and Output would be in an Excel -- normal typing work as OCR might not be Good. Want accurate work. Newly born Agencies are invited as we don't want any Team those are preoccupied with other projects. Its a very easy -- Typing Work so

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    Develop DLL that is accessible from Tradestation/Multicharts EasyLanguage. EasyLanguage easily accesses DLLs, the DLL will contain an AzureML web service access code in C# which is downloadable from AzureML. No knowledge of EasyLanguage required. Just your experience of developping DLLs in C++/C#

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    The Project consists of extracting some fields from 5 to 7 screenshots stored in several word files. We have attached one of the screenshot sample. Extracted fields from screenshots will be stored in rows of 6 different worksheets of an excel file. There would be around 3 to 10 column fields in each worksheet. The required fields 'visible' data should be read and saved as text. Import...

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    ...notifications to members when status of order changes (i.e, your order has been picked and is ready for pick up) Scan a pre-made (available for download) order sheet and upload with OCR capabilities, send me email, confirm with customer, allow them to approve, and order. Analytical reports. Thanks ....

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    I need to have a dll that I can use in my .Net C# code that arranges the safe upload of audio files to my website. It must have methods to check file type and size and duration with adequate feedback.

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    Amibroker AFL (half done) need to add few things then convert it to DLL with licence manager. packed in exe. please contact if interested.

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    ...different dxf layers per each color in image OCR to detect text font type and accurate cordinates in dxf output with high accurcy. The backebd processing code can be done or integrated with qb64 across all known platforms Should you also like to bid the project is open for biding under raster to dxf wirh ocr .. thanks .. open chat if you would like so

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    Translate a legal Bengali document from Bengali to English. Cannot use OCR or Google translate with strict actions like cancellation of project and payment would be taken against defaulters. Volume of work - 8 pages. Payment per page - INR 25. Long term project. Only serious bidders. No negotiations in DM or after selecting the eligible bidder. Deadline

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    Need to develop an OCR Software similar to one that is currently out. optical character Recognition (php)

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    Translate a legal bengali document from Bengali to English. Cannot use OCR or Google translate with strict actions like cancellation of project and payment would be taken against defaulters. Need to translate a 2-page paid sample to prove the quality of work. Payment per word - 0.15 paise. Long term project. Only serious bidders. Start your bid by

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    I require someone with OCR skills to extract data from the scanned documents to Excel as per template. And then proof read the entry carefully as I need 100% accuracy. There are 30 scanned documents in total. Out of which handful are NOT clearly readable while the rest are very clear.

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    I have a C# script that uses Tesseract OCR to detects digits within an image. I need it updated to be able to detect letters or words within the image as well.

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    Hello, I need to port small C++ library to android library. Code is small, it include .dll and .cpp files Contact me for details.

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    I need a library that would do OCR on Android. Pls ping me for details.

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    i want to convert my amibroker afl to dll with licence plz call me 7004926136 shiv shankar pandit from ludhiana

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    I have a bank account statement 53 pages in PDF - I need it to be converted to EXCEL. OCR is not sufficient, manual work is needed.

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    I need a vb.net progress bar user control as dll. Should work as a user control in vb6 component. The user control should create word excel, files with any content from user control.. progress bar for time taken to create, communication send receive between. File creation should happen asynchronously bgworker.

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    Need to have a php program made (laravel) that will accept a pdf and find the main tracking number from the image. It has to extract the highlighted fields and tag them so ...we already have to match. [login to view URL] link to google api for vision is here, if any one has better alternative suggest [login to view URL]

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    ...rendering viewports on same monitor, multiple monitors, or spanned across monitors No dependencies other than Direct2D/DirectX or optionally OpenGL (so I can just attach a DLL or two or combine with my vb.net source for a single exe) MUST use the most recent versions of D2D/DX/OGL, not something a decade old. There will be a possibility of additional

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    Hello, I need a dll that scraps a PokerStŠ°rs table window. Dll function shut receive String title, find windows by title and return json TableData. There should be a function that takes the window's handle as parameter, and gets the entire content of the chat box (not only the visible text), and the names of the players that are in the hand, pot

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    please i need a program that will get specific text with its values from an online betting page. the timing for the auto page picking can be set to ant thing ranging from.0-60mins

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