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    75 cc mini bike 3 days left bike. This will make a small moped similar to a race bike. A xl super of 69.9 cc volume, 3.5 Bhp and producing a maximum torque speed of 60km is converted into a racing bike of 75 cc volume and power of 9 Bhp producing a torque speed of [url removed, login to view] may bring a marvelous change in the field of bike racing and creates a revolution in this field.

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    Hi, Im looking for an EEE engineer with experience designing with experience designing bldc drivers. I would like the design to be based off the DRV8301 TI driver IC, with an integrated MCU. Features include commutation feedback, torque, position, and speed control. The PCB will be required to fit into an existing package. Best, -Joe

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    ...motors. I need a bldc 3 phase brushless frameless outrunner electric motor designed based on volume, and speed requirements. Enginner should be able to design motor for maximum torque within the given requirements, and manufacturing method. The enginner will be responsible for delivering stator lamination cut files, and rotor design and BOM, as well as simulation

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    New deisgn of torque limiter on shaft hub connection (Title of the thesis) Scope of thesis: 1. Literature Review - state of the art 2. Problem Statement 3. Objectives and assumptions 4. Description of the numerical analysis method 5. Validation of the method with the use of calculations based on typical shaft hub connection 6. Numerical analysis

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    I'm looking for a clone of Torque PRO app (android)

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    ...using a PWM technique - The battery is in series - 3.6v x 2 = 7.4V LiPo 1000mAh The Motor Nominal voltage: 6VDC No-load speed: 13000rpm No-load current: 0.46A Stall torque: [url removed, login to view] Stall current: 11.8A The PWM technique should maintain the voltage at an average of 6V to the motor until the voltage of the battery drops below a threshold value

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    Linux admin Ended

    Hi We developed a web server for doing some biological anal.../opt/lampp/htdocs/ folder. The permission of this folder is owned by daemon. I need to add the deamon user to torque software, to schedule the jobs via web interface, which i could not do it.. please need a help to add deamon user to torque or to change the permission of htdocs folder

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    Requirement: • To analyze the efficiency of the propeller (Opened-water efficiency) • To analyze the torque and thrust of the propeller • To investigate the propeller hub vortex • To investigate the pressure and velocity acting on the hub •Different variations of graphs of propeller performance. E.g open water coefficient •Produce an explanation

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    19 bids the cutting edge of high performance component design and manufacturing. ATI engineers produce a multitude of high performance parts including competition transmissions, torque converters, harmonic balancers, valve bodies, flex plates and adapter kits as well as a wide variety of performance-enhancing internal transmission components. We are in the

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    Telegram bot with admin panel and payment system integrated in the backend need you to develop some software for me. I would for me. I would like this software to be developed using PHP. this but will give trading signals to the share market traders there is a similar telegram bot called as torque bot Individual developers preferred.

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    Our Company has new Launched a Travel Company called TRAVEL TORQUE. We require a new Dynamic smart, appealing new Idea, Vision Look for this Brand logo. We have had Many contest and Bidders for this Logo but None was able to appeal to our Company Board Members. . We looking for Creativity and a new look idea. We are only looking for Professional, Smart

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    make a contribution messure step response for torque , calculate the controller, experience and present it, how to protect using ZN method

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    I have code in MATLAB when I run it the...generated by power supply with non-sinusoidal voltage waveform. Voltage and current source harmonics imply power losses, Electromagnetic Interference (EMI) and pulsating torque in AC motor drives. Any periodic waveform can be shown to be the superposition of a fundamental and a set of harmonic components.

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    Setup and configure smtp mail server and qsub or torque in ubuntu workstation.

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    I have a problem in one of my matlab code for Speed control of a DC motor usin...resistance Ra = 1Ω Armature voltage Va = 200 V Mechanical inertia J= 0.01 [url removed, login to view] Friction coefficient B = 0.1 N-m/rad/sec Back (emf) constant Kb = 0.01 V/rad/sec Motor torque constant Kt= 0.01N.m/A Deadline for this project is 24 hours and budget is 20-25 AUD

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    1 bids sold here may be PH-centric Sample information needed are: car type, size, year, make, model, trim/ variant, length, width, height, how many airbags, engine type, fuel type, horsepower, torque, safety ratings, color variants, etc. I am willing to pay PhP40 or ~$0.80 per Car Year Make Model inputted, including all the variants, which takes about

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    We have designed (and modeled) a small hopper / belt feeder and require the conveyor calculations ...belt and pulleys are are selected correctly. Outcome required:- 1. Total drag from hopper material + skirting + idlers for initial and running conditions 2. Required drive torque and power 3. Pulley shaft and bearing sizing 4. Belt specification

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    I need you to develop some software for me. I woul...information from tables. Requests more information if needed automatically if table has multiple choice to choose from. Example: given a motor part number, return max speed, torque, and operating temperature from a provided PDF catalog. If it depends on 50/60Hz, a prompt requests that information.

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    ...generator). ​.​c)  Simulate the response of the generator to a sudden increase in the mechanical torque provided by the prime mover (turbine), in the following conditions: ​.​i)  20% increase; ​.​ii)  80% increase. ​.​In particular, show the electromagnetic torque, the rotor speed and the load angle during the transient in both cas...

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    I want user to have the ability to chose from vehicle maker with logo / vehicle model wit...want user to have the ability to chose from vehicle maker with logo / vehicle model with photo / vehicle engine to display standard engine torque, HP, engine code and then to have two more fields that would be programaticaly computed "tuned torque and tuned HP"

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