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    ...convert a website, that was specifically designed to run on an iPad, into a standalone iPad app. I have tested the website on an iPad using the app “WebView – WKWebView & UIWebView”. Tested in full screen it renders 99% as I would like it to, with both top header and bottom footer hidden. Basically I would like to “wrap” the current website code in

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    Dear freelancers, we have a full working WebView app written in Swift and using WKWebView (instead of older, slower UIWebView). We want to add a URL Handling mechanism that downloads a PDF when it discovers that the URL ends with *.pdf. It's important to send the HTTP headers too while downloading (otherwise the server will refuse the download).

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    ...have an old website & using flash technology for few services. Currently we want to make a simple app to embedded website into it. We want to use webview for android and UIWebView for IOS but none support flash. So, we want something like Puffin browser do. Some proxy server which will handle all the flash contents & steam back to device. Our website

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    Tenemos una aplicación ya montada en IOS (Swift). Esta hace de WebAPP, cargando en un UIWebView la URL de nuestra aplicativo. Necesitamos una persona que haga dichas modificaciones. Las modificaciones son: 1. Evitar que el usuario haga capturas de pantalla del UIWebView 2. Bajar la versión de IOS para que pueda instalarse en dispositivos con version

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    Hola, Tenemos una aplicación para IOS muy simple. Es un UIWebView que carga una URL. Necesitamos hacer varias modificaciones a la APP: 1. Optimizar el UIWebView para que cargue más rapido 2. Bajar la versión de SDK de IOS de 10.2 (actual) a IOS 8 3. Añadir funcionalidad: Si el usuario entra sin INTERNET, que muestre un mensaje de error 4.

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    Hola, necesitamos una aplicación de IOS (para movil e Ipad, puede ser la misma) que unicamente integre un UIWebView para cargar una web y hacer una webapp. Tenemos la misma aplicación desarollada para Android (por si necesitais ver el funcionamiento). Tambien necesitaría asesoramiento sobre la cuenta de Apple, asi como que necesitamos, cuanto cuesta

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    Desc: Very basic sdk for developers to open chat windows in their iOS apps ...can be opened with [Chat openWithUserId:@"<UserID>" 4. When view is opened -> sha(iOSAPIKey+AppID) and UserID is send via POST to https URL. Content is displayed in uiwebview. 5. UiWebview listens on windowsClose() callback to close view and return to previous content

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    Created IOS APP for my music website review [login to view URL], sings stop playing after app exits background need to be fixed html5, swift

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    ...YouTube playlist id that lists the video and title of each video. When the user clicks on a tableviewcell then they goto the detail view controller with the video loaded in a uiwebview and the title of the video below the video. You have to use Swift 3 and MUST use the Google REST api for this project. Anything else is up to you (Alamofire, etc..) to

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    ...the UIWebView. However, upon exiting the app, the audio stops playing. I can bring up Control Centre and click play, or even go to the lock screen to continue playing the song, but when exiting – the app just stops playing (very annoying). I need you to develop a workaround that will allow the app to continue playing audio through the UIWebView after

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    Make two small changes to an existing IOS app template: (1) Cookies are not persistant between sessions in web view (Uiwebview) windows. Modify/Add code so that Wordpress plugins work properly (such as users stay logged in). (2) This is a Universal IOS app for iPhone and iPad, but the splash window (especially iPad) doesn't fill the window. Need to

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    I need an iOS app which will have 5 screens with icons and side menu. Each icon and text will open up a specific link in webView. App will have 7 different translations which i will provide. I have uploaded the document. Please read it before you place a bid. I don't have much budget for this project that's why new freelancers are welcome who are willing to give them a kickstart. In th...

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    ...classes, Auto Layout, and Storyboards to target iPhone and iPad device sizes Strong experience in hybrid iOS apps that mix native with Embedded web components using both UIWebView and WebKit- • Knowledge of security including authentication with touch ID, token handling, and authenticated deep linking • Ability to profile app performance using Instruments

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    Hi, I need to create a sample iOS app , no UI needed , just able to login via GooglePlus and show logged in user name in alert , that it. Note that , The login should n..., just able to login via GooglePlus and show logged in user name in alert , that it. Note that , The login should not route via SAFARI BROWSER , it should happen within UIWEBVIEW.

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    ...proof of concept. We will use some very basic DB and some very basic html page. 1. The UIWebView should load all the webpage files (html, javascript, css, jpeg etc) from the local resources folder. The user data must be loaded from the local database. The UIWebView must be fully functional when the app is offline, basically the webview should be working

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    ...saved clip using AVplayer from the Document Directory. 7- I must be able to download from youtube,twiiter,instagram using this functionality. Example : webV = UIWebView(frame: CGRect(x: 0, y: 0, width: 0, height: 0)) [login to view URL] = self; [login to view URL](URLRequest(url: URL(string: "[login to view URL]")

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    i want UIWebView of a responsive website

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    I created an iOS app with Xcode 7.3.1 and Swift 2.2. This app is loading my homepage (from my sever) in an UIWebView. If you click on a hyperlink on this homepage the content gets loaded in the UIWebView. I want the clicked URL get loaded in Apple Safari browser if URL contains "target=external" as get parameter like this: "[login to view URL]

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    I created an iOS app with Xcode and Swift. In this app there's also an UIWebView loading an URL. All hyperlinks I click there are opened in the WebView itself. But some URLs, if they contain target=external, should get opened external in the Safari browser. I'm doing it with this code: let url: NSURL = NSURL(string: weburl)!

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    Hello Freelance...quick job and require only about 30 minutes of your time at the most. I simply need a button from my SideMenuViewController to communicate (for example, refresh) with the UIWebView in my MainViewController. Everything is setup, I just need my SideMenuViewController to be able to call the function in the ViewController (home view).

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    ...the UIWebView. However, upon exiting the app, the audio stops playing. I can bring up Control Centre and click play, or even go to the lock screen to continue playing the song, but when exiting – the app just stops playing (very annoying). I need you to develop a workaround that will allow the app to continue playing audio through the UIWebView after

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    Hi, dear Freelancers! :) We need a coder who develops this UIWebView app: [login to view URL] to a Swift app. Everything should behave exactly like the original Obj-C app. Looking forward to work with you! :)

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    I need to build a simple iOS application that will start by opening by opening a uiwebview with a specific url and then if that url changes to something particular it will take the user to a new view controller. That second view controller will show the users location on google maps and send there latitude and longitude to our website through a

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    IOS UIwebview doesn't seem to allow uploading files. no matter what website I use. (for example, trying to upload a photo from iphone photo library to facebook in webview. ).After some searching on internet, upload photo by HTTP Post method might work, convert photo to NSData first, then send to my PHP server (wordpress). I seem to have found the solution

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    want to edit my current app project, to make uiwebview able to upload files to my wordpress website

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    Hello, We need a simple iOS application to work on iPhones and iPads. We are on xCode Version 8.1 / swift. The application is a UIWebView / Page-wrap of a specific https site. What we need is to add these functions to the code: 1-Introduction First Page and "Enter App" Button. 1-Pull to refresh site (Refreshes the Http site) 2-Back

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    I need a UIWebView source project that's load a remote html file(from URl) with local css,JS files

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    Hi, I made a sample IOS app written in Swift. What needs to be done? In the app there is a UIWebView, that loads a PDF. On the webView I loaded a image icon, that icon needs to stay at exact the same location as it where put on (much like Google Maps does with the place markers). So when I zoom or scroll the web view the icon(image) needs to

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    Hello! I just need a app that save a website offline in a UIWebView.

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    ...iOS. La app cuenta con 3 pantallas: 1-Splash 2 segundos 2-Primer pantalla con un archivo png que toma de una url 3-Pantalla main donde estan los iconos que acceden a 4 UIWebView. (adjuntamos pantalla del main) El reproductor debe tomar una url desde un archivo txt subido a una web. ...

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    Project is about creating XCode GUI application that will include web control (UIWebView): 1) will open a signup page (PokemonGo): [login to view URL] 2) Will fill in random birth date (min 18 years old) & random country from the list. 3) Click next and in the addtional form fill in random username, random password

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    Please see attached for project description.

    $1387 (Avg Bid)
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    Hi, i have requirement , my app most of screen uses uitablecells , bt maximum text is getting hidden , need to write some logic for uilabel and uiwebview ,to show proper content with proper cell height and maintaining the already made design.

    $24 (Avg Bid)
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    I am currently having this issue with IOS app. When I click on a URL button the UIWebView loads the correct URL in first instance however when I visit another page within same Web View Frame it stores that page to its memory. When I navigate to another button and click back to previous button it shows the page that I was previously in instead

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    Hi there. I have an iOS app that is created by using UIWebview. It's single page. There are 4 buttons. It will call new web urls. [login to view URL] That's it. There is no special functions. I think high skilled developer can create app in a few of hours. I will send you iOS source code

    $33 (Avg Bid)
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    ...user will choose time and date then it will save as local notification of that particular day to the current user. 5) If user taps on paypal it will open [login to view URL] in uiwebview that's it. All the functionality is demo and fake. Just to show professor that how this app will work. Leave all the details in the doc file. just check out the last sketches

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    As an initial start, we are planning to work on Android UIWebview development and publish it in Google Playstore and later we will plan for iOS and then native Android and iOS app for one of our SaaS based client.

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    ...[login to view URL] + Top right button will slide like the design [login to view URL] [login to view URL] + “Deck" will take user to the [login to view URL] page. + "How To Use” will take user to a uiwebview. just show dummy text their. + “Sync Now” will sync data with iCloud + “Support” make it just action button and leave it empty. ...

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    ...need an UIWebView HTML content grabber written for iOS. It behaves like Facebook's open graph object debugger ([login to view URL]), but I prefer having it done solely on an iPhone, in Objective-C. Basically, it should do the following things: 1. Given a certain URL, it loads a website page in a uiwebview 2. It reads

    $13 - $38
    $13 - $38
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    Hi Everyone, I create a project on ionic with a header, footer and the Iframe content load in the middle [login to view URL] website freeze after...I am looking for someone to help me display the website in the mid section of the app, this won't work using Iframe. You have to use something smiliar the Native webview/UIWebView. In app browser won't work!.

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    I have a iphone app source. I want to update bookmark function on UIWebview. App loads the HTML Book. Bookmark function work like PDF bookmark. If you are interested in this, Please bid ! This is very tight job. Can you complete this in 6 hours? After you provide right way, I will hire you. Looking for iOS expert that have 3+ years experience

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    creating an app that simply opens an URL (UIWebView) website already has mobile view.

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    Need a skilled developer to achieve the following: 1) User loads a particular URL. 2) User clicks the record button. 3) User clicks links and inputs text into forms. 4) Program captures clicks and can re-play them.

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    ...from a video file in mp4-format inside the mobile or from a URL. The video should be displayed inside a UIWebView or any view when the user click the display button in the [login to view URL] and through Javascript, the video can be displayed inside UIWebView and should not use iOS native player to play video and should not use iframe or HTML video to display

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    * As an initial start, we are planning to work on Android & iOS UIWebview development and publish it in respective stores and later we will plan for native Android and iOS app for one of our SaaS based client. * Please apply who have good experience in both Android and iOS only.

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    Need a working ios code sample that will login to gmail in the background. This will involve the developing finding and programmatically setting post variables in a UIWebView and executing the request. Input: Email and Password Output: HTML response once logged into gmail.

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