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    I would like to have a google doc that I can add stocks to see if the 10 week exponential moving average is greater than the 20 week expontial moving and if both are above the 40 week exponential I will be 100% invested. If the 10 week is below the 20 week but the 20 week is above the 40 week..I will be 50% invested...if both 10 week and 20 are below the 40 week I will be 0 % invested. Want to be ...

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    Price Range for Woocommerce 6 days left

    We are a small creative agency located in Denmark, and we have a client with a specific need. They sell curtains, where the idea is that the customer can enter the width and height in mm. on the shop, and then get the exact price. Right now, we have a sheet of numbers, and the prices, and we would like to be able to just fill in the width + height, and then the price for these. The range is like t...

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    1st option – Minimum price will be set Item(photos/videos & will be displayed 24hours before the auction start. Once the time is due, auction will be started and ppl can start bidding. Auction window will be 3hours once started. The highest bidder’s nickname and price he/she bid will be displayed. The others can bid any higher amount before deadline. At the last min of the dead...

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    Note Please check the dokuments if you can handel the Projket - start wit 0 to Nr.3 documents. I think CMS, Database, SQL and HTML knowledge are needed. I'm looking for a Software (terminal and cloud (server) solution) which getting invoice and document data as JSON or CSV via API input or upload via CSV in the new System (depnes if Terminal solution or Cloud solution) which should be progr...

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    Task: Create a windows application in C# that applies CMYK colors to a white rope, as it’s being moved past coloring ‘nozzles’, in the most efficient way, to paint the correct color on the 'rope' for the correct length. Allow the user to enter unlimited color codes and continuously 'paint' the rope as per those codes. Attached is a video of a static cartoon an...

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    Process scheduling algorithms This assignment will give you experience with process scheduling algorithms. Write a C or C++ program that performs runs of the following process scheduling algorithms: Shortest remaining time (SRT) [preemptive] Round robin (RR) [preemptive] Run each scheduling algorithm for 100 quanta (time slices), labeled 0 through 99. Before each run of an algorithm, create 20 s...

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    Baby clothing designer 6 days left

    Hi I am looking for a talented clothes designer who can create designs from age 0 to 10. Price is negotiable depending on skill and design.

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    The goals of this project are:  To design Divide & Conquer and Dynamic Programming algorithms for a given problem.  To prove the correctness of your algorithms and analyze them in terms of running time and space requirements.  To implement and test them.  To document your findings in a project report. You are organizing the perfect party and you are given a list of people that can potent...

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    Hello there, I’m looking for an experienced individual who would be able to write professional terms and conditions and personal data processing document for UK based website. This website will contain age restricted products that I can state later on during private discussion. If you’re interested and are able to provide excellent service with 0% plagiarism content please feel free t...

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    Work remotely on one of our projects on an hourly basis (not the latest version at the time of writing that is V15) to log into one of our development systems where development is done. No local (off site) development possible/allowed. Requirements and specifics: * High speed and stable internet for trouble free connection with our office. * Working microphone and webcam. * Work is done on one o...

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    I have the following: Meteor app running on Windows 10 and serves the web pages, also have an Apache server running on Windows 10 and serves audio files (400 files totaling 20gb), The meteor server code reads the local directory where the audio files are located C:xampphtdocsAudio, and create a tree structure for the web user to drill down and select the audio file of their choice, to either l...

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    Need an email traffic management solution. Functions and Features: 1. Receive and send emails from multiple domains (public like gmail and private like @[login to view URL]) 2. Have a simple user interface to add or remove domains and users 3. Users must see and manage their mailboxes and if any, shared mailboxes/groups/tasks as email. 4. Time tracking and reporting of : a. average time from ti...

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    Looking to find companies and businesses, nationwide that are in need of financial solutions. Regardless of bad credit, high risk business types or financial issues. We Provide. - Merchant Cash Advances for businesses that need funding immediately (0%APR) -Debt Consolidation/Reconciling (Purchasing Businesses Debt and expand their Cash flow extending terms at even Lower interest rates then our Co...

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    Laravel Intervention Issue 5 days left

    I am getting the error "Unable to init from given binary data" $img = '[login to view URL]'; $path = public_path() . "/storage/img/reviews/" . $img; $thumbnailImage = TImage::make(file_get_contents($path)); $thumbnailPath = public_path().'/storage/img/reviews/thumbnails/' . $img; $thumbnailImage->resize(150,150); $thumbnailImage->save($thumbnailPath);...

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    C programming 5 days left

    I’m looking for someone to write a C program for me. This program needs to be C language not C++. I have provided the template to start. Please give explanation. I am lost. #include <stdio.h> #include <math.h> #include <string.h> // if you are writing your own functions, declare them here int main() { int size = -1; double yrange = 0., xrange = 0.; char fn =...

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    Designer Photoshop and Canva 5 days left

    Hi! I am looking for someone who knows BOTH Photoshop and Canva. We are looking for someone who can create episode graphics and quote templates in Canva. [login to view URL] I help new clients launch their podcasts so I need a designer to add to the team. Samples: [login to view URL] [login to view URL]

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    Golf manuscript required . Basically a run through golf for all handicaps 54-36 , 30-24 , 23 -18, 17-12, 11-5, 5-0 .a run through for all golfers how to reduce they handicap whilst still enjoying the game . Needs to be approximately 3 hours long

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    Hi, Need a php script that will retrieve the weather information from the [login to view URL] site. [login to view URL] Example, if we browse to [login to view URL] I would like to collect the parameters available, and store them. We will only use the Temperature weather and wind. The call to the script would be [login to view URL] KLGA Parameter is the weather station code. Output of the s...

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    Yet again I came across a sweet talker who is not delivering. I had to stop him and start over. This is time-consuming. Focus on applying to this job and tell me about projects that is relevant to bounding boxes and text extraction. Give examples of similar work you have done with bounding boxes, storing extracted data in tables. Prove you can do the job. Give details of how you did it (no I will...

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    We have an Java heap dump from running Keycloak server (open-source) with a very probable memory leak. Need someone to take a look to understand what the root cause is. Very little custom (3 small modules) added on top of the Keycloak server so shouldn't take long to determine what part of custom is incriminated once heap dump is analyzed. TASK REQUIRED: find out the Java class leaking memor...

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    Wikipedia expert writers required to write, edit, post articles, and notability (with 0% disapproval rate). The jobs will vary from posting about personalities to companies/brands. However, in some cases, you will be required to come up with detailed writeups for creating Wikipedia profile pages with complete external linking's based on your research. People who have a track record of approv...

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    To do is a Software solution to log signals from multiple 0-10V displacement sensors on hydraulic cylinders. - 4 analogue channels with 0-10V input channels (expandable to 32 Channels); - 1 digital input to trigger the recording cycle; - displacement of the each cylinder is recorded and shown in real-time on the screen; - a so called calibration curve can be recorded or selected from the databas...

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    HTML5 and Python 5 days left

    Create a home page for the application using the screenshot as a reference: 1, Use header, footer, nav and article tags appropriate the application as in the screenshot. Note that the content in the header and footer are headings H1. 2, Create a pandas dataframe with 3 columns The first column should contain even numbers form 0 up to 100 with column name even The second column should contain odd...

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    Hi, I need help merging two flowfiles with a Groovy script in Nifi, one JSON request body, and one JSON response. Pls, consider the sample files below. I've found a good example on stackoverflow, wherein suggestion are to combine the two json based on the index, for ex, the Request.body_input[0] with the Response[0]. Reference: [login to view URL] However, I am a beginner with Groovy, and...

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    Hi, I use Excel O365. I have a workbook that contains 2 sheets, I need to run a macro to update main sheet with 4 values from the second sheet. The first sheet contains a list of items, those items contain multiple columns. Based on 2 columns data, the macro should update with 4 numbers coming from from sheet2. The second sheet contains background colors (Green, Yellow or Red) instead of numbers...

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    Need immediate help fixing the below error. Solution must be done on my pc while giving you teamviewer access. Below is the current error 103:41 error Parsing error: Unexpected token => ✖ 1 problem (1 error, 0 warnings) npm ERR! code ELIFECYCLE npm ERR! errno 1 npm ERR! functions@ lint: `eslint .` npm ERR! Exit status 1 npm ERR! npm ERR! Failed at the functions@ lint script. npm ERR! T...

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    I’m using WP All Import to import a list of prices, but I would like to customise the imported price using a PHP function, using similar code to this example [login to view URL] Here’s what I need to do… If the new price column (in my data file) is 0 then use a different column of data (in the same file) If the new price column is not 0 then the new price would need to be mult...

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    Trophy icon A solution for algorithm 23 hours left

    A solution with python (no special package as np) and C++ k spare beds for visiting customers. A booking system is used to keep track of how many days the customer books. The owner want to figure out how to accommodates as many customers as possible based on current k spare beds. Note that the customer will only come if it can stay the whole time it wants to borrow a spare bed. Input The first l...

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    The algorithm is quite simple with only one long, one short, and one close position trigger. I have ThinkScript code . My Budget is max $100 What the bot should do is open a long trade when the price hits -1 standard deviations and open a short trade if the price hits +1 standard deviation It should close the trade when the price hits the middle 0 standard deviation line like in the screensho...

    $23 - $189
    $23 - $189
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    Current District Theme header: Search Login / create account Cart (0) DISTRICT THEME SHOP ABOUT CONTACT I would like for it to change to: SHOP ABOUT CONTACT ...

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    the big five 4 days left

    Create and test a class called Points2D. This class describes a sequence of 2D points (i.e. points in the 2D-plane). For example (1, 3), (4, 5) is a sequence of two points, where each coordinate is an integer. (1.2, 3.4), (5.6, 10.1), (11.1, 12.0) is a sequence of three points where each coordinate is a double. A sequence can have any size. An empty sequence has size 0. The purpose of this assignm...

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    We need a fresh idea on how we should present the instructions in our upcoming trivia board game. In the below files you will see a folder with previous draft designs which are hoping to improve upon. You can download a set of instructions and assets below to fully understand what we are looking for. It should match the style of the game (shown in assets as well) and should follow the rules in t...

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    Annotate Graph 4 days left

    1. Add a straight thin blue line connecting the Jan 8 (or close to it) point of the red line to the Feb 21 point of the red line, so that the blue line starts and ends on the red line, and the blue and red lines cross as many times as possible, continuing the blue line until it reaches the height of the bottom of the vertical bars, the 0 point. 2. Add the missing dates to show where the blue line ...

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    Trophy icon Quick Fix: Update Mockup 2 days left

    Current App Interface: [login to view URL] The attached is the home page of our mobile app. The icons at the top left and right of the screen are buttons used to reveal the side menu and filter search results respectively. Our users have reported that this is confusing as they do not know that those icons are tappable. I need a designer to update the layout to improve the user experience so user...

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    I need a few lines modified on an existing .htaccess file. Current user profile URLs: RewriteRule ^profile/model/(.*)/([0-9]+)/(.*)/(.*) [login to view URL]$1&iModelId=$2&vModelName=$3&msg=$4 RewriteRule ^profile/model/(.*)/([0-9]+)/(.*) [login to view URL]$1&iModelId=$2&vModelName=$3 RewriteRule ^profile/model/(.*)/([0-9]+) [login to view URL]$1&iModelId=$2 Example: ...

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    I have installed xCrysden on Windows 10 64 bits following this instructions: [login to view URL] When executing it on cygwin64 terminal, it displays the following error: application-specific initialization failed: couldn't connect to display ":0" Error in startup script: can't read "xcrys(platform)": no such variable while executing "if { $xcrys(platform) =...

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    convert xd files to reactjs (responsive) integrate APIs and urls to the react.js file location: [login to view URL]

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    Need Expereince for TDameritrade's API. The algorithm is quite simple with only one long, one short, and one close position trigger. I have ThinkScript code . My Budget is max $100 What the bot should do is open a long trade when the price hits -1 standard deviations and open a short trade if the price hits +1 standard deviation It should close the trade when the price hits the middle 0 ...

    $10 - $100
    $10 - $100
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    Shopify Plugin 4 days left

    We need to develope a simple shopify plugin (to be placed in the shopify public list of plugins under our name) that place a code snippet on any page on the user side, with a simple config where webmaster can insert an account ID. The snippet is something like: <script type="text/javascript"> function LHready() {if([login to view URL] == "complete") { (function(){ var lh...

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    Hello i have an issue on my prestashop store. In the shopping cart when i have several product with different delivery i can see at the end just one delivery... I would like too see all delivery relative to the product.. Test first with one product : This one have two delivery : 1/delivery 1 - 0 2/ delivery 2 - 129 On the card i can choose or 0 or 129 Then add 2nd product: This one ...

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