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    I need a VBA query that runs in [url removed, login to view] a SQL procedure which in returns an integer value to Access RSView tag [url removed, login to view] part number is scanned into RSview Access tag [url removed, login to view] sends value to SQL .SQL returns paper type to wrap part [url removed, login to view] experience not really required. ## Deliverables 1) Comp...

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    Add six virtual columns to an SQL query that queries a inventory sales file. The query currently structures the data as follows: Invoice Item Number Quantity 1010 1 999.9 2020 2 888.8 3030 3 777.7 4040 4 666.6 Etc. I want it to it structured as follows Invoice 1 2 3 4 1010 999.9 0 0 0 2020 0 888.8 0 0 3030 0 0 777.7 0 4040 0 0 0 666.6 This is only an

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    This project will query and edit a Microsoft Access database using Visual Basic 6. This is a multi-form project. There will be a splash screen, a main form, two database update forms, and an about form. Write code to maintain the Publsihers and Titles tables from the [url removed, login to view] database that will be give to you. ## Deliverables 1) Complete an...

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    ...a sql query that will optimise searching a 2 column table; img_id int, word_num int. Img_id contains a number associated with an image, word_num contains values associated with a keyword which is belonging to that image. The table surrently has over 2 million rows, note an image may have up to 500 word_nums associated with it. I need a query that will

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    This is a personal project. I have designed an Access database using Access 2000. I need to implement a timer into the database that will record the time it takes to run each query. The time needs to be recorded in nanoseconds. ## Deliverables 1) Complete and fully-functional working program(s) in executable form as well as complete source code of

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    I'm looking for a custom web database query tool to retrieve data from ODBC DSN. Possible Databases are SQL Server, DB2, MS Access. Feature: 1. Support Multiple database connections. Allow user to create/customize database connection. 2. Display Tables/Queries/Fields from DB. 3. Allow user to build Query by selecting fields or by entering SQL S...

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    MX Hotmail query project This project needs to be coded in Visual Basic 6.0, and needs to use the winsock control. The program should connect to a hotmail MX server and query if the email in given textbox exists and pop up a msgbox if the user exists or not. The program should get a list of hotmail servers available to request from and allow

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    ...activities of a local government. To help us, we have a very simple database operation written in Access 97. A user indicates an interest in a variety of job titles and provides us with his mailing information on a piece of paper. We have our staff enter this information in an Access 97 database. They enter the titles a person was interested in, and that

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    ...written a php script that extracts data from a mysql table and turns it in a form full of checkboxes. what i need is a script that can build a query based on the users checkbox selections, then carry that query forward to the next form where the user will narrow down their search even more based on data from another table of selections. in other words

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    If field1 and field3 have a count greater than one search field10 field for code '351'. If code '351' exists with other codes on the same row where field1 and field3 have a count greater than one - I want the entire row where this occurs in all instances placed in a new table called “Acceptor Code Error Log??. I need almost immediate turn around on this. Let me know how s...

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    ...of an update query that will look in one column within a table and if that column does NOT contain a valid year I want to be able to choose betwen a first choice, second choice or third choice a year to be placed there. I need this as soon as possible and am will give bonuses based on turnaround and the actually performance of the query. ## Deliverables

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    qsws ## Deliverables Somebody helps me before 14/10/2002 ## Platform Biztalk Server ## Deadline information Must be completed by 14/10/2002

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    We have an Access 2000 database that has a table called "1996 - CURRENT AGREEMENTS & CONTRACTS" and Form called the same "1996 - CURRENT AGREEMENTS & CONTRACTS" the Table contains a field called "Full Year" (YYYY) format and a field called "Con#" (001, 002 etc...) Format. When a new record is created using our form the user must select ...

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    We have an Access 2000 database that has a table called "1996 - CURRENT AGREEMENTS & CONTRACTS" and Form called the same "1996 - CURRENT AGREEMENTS & CONTRACTS" the Table contains a field called "Full Year" and a field called "Con#" When a new record is created using our form the user must select from a drop down box between Current Yea...

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    ...MsAccess table. So we have two kind of needs: 1. to upload on remote server all new/modified files; 2. to upload on another remote server only new/modified files based on MsAccess Query (in example only files of a certain category/Client) These operations must be done only by NT authorized operators. ## Deliverables Program can be done directly in MsAccess

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    I need to write a query to print a report where I want to show the details of orders placed. As parameters I will be selecting the range of companies from a drop down combo, for example companies starting with "A" and ending with "I" and as my second report I will select companies starting with "J" to "Z" and like wise. After the selection is made

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    I have an extremely complex Oracle Select SQL query. I need some help to tune the query so that it can run in a reasonable time. The select query and a reasonable ER diagram will be provided after I accept your bid. You will not need to run the query yourself. You will need to communicate the optimizer hints or any other improvements you may deem necessary

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    Please see attached .doc in the .zip file. Description: We need a p...form as well as complete source code of all work done. Complete copyrights to all work purchased. ## Platform If building an .exe file, must run on WinXp. If building a web application, must run on Unix. ## Deadline information Must have AOL for programming. (America Online)

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    I have need of a query that searches within the same table two separate columns for date values. If the date in column A is equal to the date in column B. Create a new table that ignores the records that contain duplicate values of column B (meaning column A records where the date is equal to column B should be ignored and therefore should not be contained

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    ...csv format. Then answer calls from winmodem and accept password. If correct then x or z modem latest .csv file back to caller and hangup. A window on the desktop to show the query and response traffic. I built the remote devices. They are made with PIC16f873's and I programmed them in assembly. So if changes to their response patterns or command sets

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