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    I have an old webpage ([login to view URL]) where all the data have to be taken over to a new design. The new design is already made (see here: [login to view URL]~bici/). A dreamweaver template and an empty file for every page is available. You have to do the following things: - take over the content from the old page to the new page - adapt look

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    ...content: Images will include covers to the N-Gage titles we have worked on (Red Faction, Marcel DeSally Soccer, FIFA, Ashen, Crash Bandicoot, Sims, Splinter Cell) Layout style: The webpage should look very much like the original N-Gage website at [login to view URL] Sub-pages: There will be four subpages - Contact, Company Information, Pricing, N-Gage

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    ...administrated by a root admin (me). I need to add several administrators that can again add many users. The users are the people that will receive an email with a request to go to a webpage and fill out the questioner. An admin needs to have full overview of his users and different questioners. The admin must also have the possibility to create groups containing

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    We will provide a Photoshop file (PSD) to be produced using Dreamweaver into a DreamWeaver Template (DWT) f...hire" under U.S. Copyright law. Buyer will receive exclusive and complete copyrights to all work purchased. ## Platform The webpage should be viewable in IE5+, Netscape, and Mozilla. **The HTML must utilize DIVs for layout, not tables.**

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    I need a webpage for my cookingbooksoftware now online at <[login to view URL]> it shall be created with the content managment system typo3 <[login to view URL]> . I need a template for all pages with a new fresh layout, a logo and serveral moduls from typo3 : Forum, Guestbook, Userregistration,newsletter and some more. We will work hand in hand

    $30 - $100
    $30 - $100
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    ...web page upon FTP completetion. Application must be able to store 3 variables in config that will be used in FTP and web page trigger. SEE ATTACHMENT FOR PROTOTYPE LAYOUT --------------- More Details --------------- Specs for FTP program * Select between 2 modes of operation <!-- --> * Mode 1 (Regular Event) * Select

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    ...some webpage information myself, I am not very good at design, setting out layouts, tables, new page designs etc. I need someone to do these little updates for me from time to time as they are required. I will usually provide layout changes required in word format (as this is quicker for me) and then you would transfer the layout ideas to webpage format

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    I need web code or a webpage built to change the style of a XML? data that is returned from a current request, to something more pleasing. The current page that the search is started at is: [login to view URL] Click on 1 of the links at the top (Pool houses, Lake Houses, etc.), then the return page that comes up is the data

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    Java Soucre code and applet code and webpage in Jbuilder if possible The calculator should perform calculations in a similar fashion to a real calculator. Using buttons in a grid layout. Remember that a real calculator allows 1+2+3= (answer 6) and 1+2++= (answer 7) The calculator should perform calculations as before. Allow the user to select

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    ...create, delete, rename files and folders. 2. upon selection of a html file to edit the system will ftp the html file and related files (images, stylesheets, etc) for that webpage to a working area and open it in the HTML editor. 3. the user will be able to save and preview the edited file locally before overwriting their original file. 4. upon

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    ...simply does a whois lookup.. I have a script for this I just need it to work within my page. I have a webpage layout. Please see attached file for url's for existing templates. This layout will not change. If you are not able to work with this layout please DO NOT APPLY. Also, I need this project done in atleast 2 weeks. No exception. If project is not

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    This is a very simple project that would be great for someone needing feedback here on scriptlance. I simply need a single page layed out with a lime green (C= 60% M= 0% Y= 80% K= 20%) Bar/Panel on the left hand side (about 20% of the page) The rest of the page will have the background image located here: [login to view URL] The "kinetic logo" will need to be cut out and placed on t...

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    I need a webpage php form that not onlys sends data back to email of main site, but adds it to a MYSQL database with an web ADMIN interface. ADmin area needs to be able to assign members, passwords etc. Should have logo upload, and nice PRO layout. The form results should be organized by date, last name, first name, address, city, state, zip, other

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    ...have a ringer sound with the intro to the site) here are some example sites for guidelines: [login to view URL] (the site navigation on the side has a good look and the site layout looks clean) [login to view URL] (the main image has a nice clean look to it and we would like something with some general phones, however no cell phone logos can be seen

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    ...to 'change' computers. With this I mean that for example when you have to change RAM with one in the stock you can do it easily. It's up to u. I don't need layout, I need an easy to manage webpage. Some things you need to keep in mind: - a computer consists of: + OS + CPU Type + speed + Motherboard (name) + Chipset (name) + System Memory

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    ...extract informations like URL of website, login, root-login, path to webpage( folder where your website will be saved), path to logfiles etc. Let me know if this can be done. The component must be flexible enough to work with different formats of e-mails, so it is not only for one layout of e-mail which makes the story a bit tricky. Please bid only

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    ...After all this, I am looking for a top notch designer I can continue to work with. I have many projects which need to be done. Project details: **Vision:** A survey webpage that we can run traffic from a mailing list through **Purpose:** We want to collect enough information about what people are concerned with and value to be able to help them

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    Hi, We have a webpage that needs some rework with the php and mysql involved in the page. See: [login to view URL] Several things need to happen to this page: 1. Specifically, the "boarding school medians" aren't quite the medians for those fields. We need to fix this entire column all the way down the page

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    This is a VERY easy project. I want to develop a webpage for demonstration purposes so it should be very simple in design and layout. I am looking something like that: 1st page: One picture of any product you like with a price and a "buy" button under it. Press the "buy" button and go to 2nd page. 2nd page: Name,email, address,card type, card number

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    ...eBay's webpage. Have an IMPORT "Completed Auctions" button that will Import completed auctions,ebay IDs and auction title from eBay. I would like the auction #'s to be linkable to the auction. Also a way to archive or delete auctions were feedback has been left already. Please see [login to view URL] to get an idea of how I would like the layout to look

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    ...you know what I mean. The site will have many links to other websites, so I want a link bar down the left side of the page. I would like the website to have a portal style layout. The most important thing is the site must load fast. I will need you to setup a hosting service on my server to host my main website ([login to view URL]) as well as many small websites

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    I need a program to change the other a list of links show up The links will be stored in a database and will be change through a webpage. Typical Layout would be something like this Link1 Move up | Move Down Link2 Move up | Move Down Link3 Move up | Move Down ## Deliverables 1) Complete and fully-functional working program(s) in complete source code

    $5 - $10
    $5 - $10
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    ...completely to make the products section work like: [login to view URL] Basically, you are making somewhat of a clone of [login to view URL] (but with a different layout, the current layout looks very ugly). The most important part is that a visitor should be able to browse through products categories very easily and be able to browse down to a specific

    $400 (Avg Bid)
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    ...resubmitted and reverse translated back to the source language. All the results are displayed in a table on a web page. There is a "dummy" webpage at [login to view URL] that shows the sort of layout I am looking for. The words in the translated phrases should be individually hyperlinked for instant lookup in a translation dictionary

    $10 (Avg Bid)
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    ...it is in, and perhaps links to any online strategy guides or what have you that may be online. 2) A way for my staff of people to submit the codes. Should be a form based webpage or something so that people can enter in the Game, select the Console, type in all the Cheats, and hit enter. A way to batch process cheats would be nice too, so that I may

    $250 (Avg Bid)
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    ...problem, and I really need this done..so have faith in me. Anyway, what I want done is for you to take this graphic: [login to view URL] and make it a layout to a webpage. Basically, slice EVERYTHING up, everything into smaller images, so I can if i choose to, make anything have on-mouseover effects, or whatever, but have it all together

    $30 - $100
    $30 - $100
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    ...selected, option for the photographers name and a cutline should be available. - Manage online advertisements o An easy to use way of adding online advertisements to the layout of the webpage. Not that it needs to take online advertisement orders in the ADMIN section, rather allow the admin to add a 120x120 advertisement to the right column or a 460x80 banner

    $143 (Avg Bid)
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    Need a perl script to display a webpage with a user's personal information from a flat text file database. I must be able to modify html layout of displayed page. Script must send user an email with a link to his specific page, based on a txt file template I provide. When clicked on link, script displays his current record in a format I specify in html

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    Basically my website is a website where people fill out fields and upload it to the site server, and the server automatically creates a webpage based on the description the user filled out. I have already made the layout html for what the automatically generated pages should look like. I would like a user/password database where people can login. Add/edit/delete

    $73 (Avg Bid)
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    ...groups of data. #1) roster #2) League standings #3) team stats (included ind stats) #4) LEague Leaders I already have a screen shot which i will upload here that has the exact layout and format i want for all 4 files. All I want from you is to set up a quick program where I can hit either html or pdf or both and it spits out that weeks stats for those 4

    $38 (Avg Bid)
    $38 Avg Bid
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    ...groups of data. #1) roster #2) League standings #3) team stats (included ind stats) #4) LEague Leaders I already have a screen shot which i will upload here that has the exact layout and format i want for all 4 files. All I want from you is to set up a quick program where I can hit either html or pdf or both and it spits out that weeks stats for those 4

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    I need a program that will take all the pictures in a directory and dynamically post thumbnails of them to a prewritten webpage layout. I need it to automatically resize a portion of the page (part of the background) according to the real estate of the thumbnails. Prefferably in PHP. I need it to post them 4 colums wide and as many vertically as needed

    $122 (Avg Bid)
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    ...changed at regular intervals. I have a webpage that displays the current ip of the computer visiting the site so if there is no other way to get the ip through programmingg it can be obtained by taking it from the site and posting it into the program. Prefferably in visual basic 6.0 or visual c++ 6.0. The first html layout is just a redirect script for my

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    ...Matchmaking service can be seperate from registration with the PHPBazar module. Due to the nature of the PHPBazar module (use of SSI), this web portal will comply with the chromatic layout of the whatever style a user has specified to view the site in. It will simply be a matter of creating the fields and accessing the mySQL database for the matchmaking script

    $309 (Avg Bid)
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    ...remodeled website for my Software Devolopment team, Capital Creations. I am looking for something more along the lines of htp://www.originalprograms.com. With that general layout and such. You will need to know not only html but a bit of asp and java also you will need to be fairly good with graphics. I would like the site to list all of the pages which

    $1179 (Avg Bid)
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    ...AI-based Computer Vision as a product. We would like to redevelop / redesign the following webpage on our existing Wordpress site: [login to view URL] The text content is all in place, but we would like a more professional looking layout and design, including addition of some extra images and icons (most of which we have, but

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    ...Простой одностраничный лендинг с модальными окнами (типа форма обратной связи). Сайт мультиязычный на русском и английском. It is necessary to make the layout of the page according to the finished layout of the photoshop. Simple one-page lending with modal windows (such as feedback form). The site is multilingual in Russian and English.

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    I need a backend web developer to build the core logic of my webpage registration page layout design to integrate with database. Kung marunong ka mag PHP mas ok, simple lang to.

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    ...cadastro/manutenção dos cadastros, bem como visualização (dashboard) dos resultados analíticos. O layout visual deverá seguir o padrão de Bootstrap Admin Web com AngularJS, a exemplo: [login to view URL] (melhor visual) [login to view URL] 3. App Cross-Platform   O aplicativo deverá ser baseado em HTML5, funcionando em

    $308 (Avg Bid)
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    ...for the Home and Price page,currently 3 page, leaving the contact page as it is. We need all the info that is currently listed on the site to still be visible however the layout and design can completely change. Please make sure that it still coordinates with the sites logo as attached the psd file. The price page to let them have an option to load

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