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    I am in need of a coder whom can do the following: Implement netmeeting into a visual basic application, and create a hosting client that will accept incoming connections, plus a connecting client. The hosting client will store the IP address and names of users connecting. Here is how the project is to work: Once a user launches the application, the user will enter a name using a MSGBOX or a Textb...

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    Good day, We are actively seeking a qualified programmer competent in PHP, Mysql, and ASP/CGI/Flash/HTML, plus any additional languages or programs relavent to online content creation. We have recently launched a new online network under the title Minerva Networks and wish to launch a consortium of websites, namely: 1. A viral jokes site. W/ template based admin. Should be easily replicatable 2. A...

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    Only the Best XML, XSL coders need apply. City Leisure Ltd own an internet betting portal offering its registered members the opportunity to compare prices between six of the major online bookmakers and place a bet without leaving the site, using "pop up" betting slip technology. Collecting data from XML feeds from different bookmaker in different formats and to be mapped and transformed...

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    United Gamers needs a Gaming and Chatting Client. This client will have alot of options. There will be a launch client button on desktop, after they launch the client the Login will come up with username and password. Then they will logon and pic a lobby, then enter the lobby. In the lobby they can chat, or create or enter rooms. There will be a pager for private messages. This software is going t...

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    Web based application to support Pop-Up/Under Window Performance-Based Advertising Network via partnerships with web sites. Partners will be pasting basic code into their html document. Each time a Pop-Up/Under Window is served on their sites, up to x advertisements are displayed dynamically based on their chosen content categories, in order of highest bid amount. Administrator interface manage sy...

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    This is an Assessment Project to assist a large Midwest Insurance Co. in migrating from Seagate (now Crystal Decisions) Info 7 to Crystal Enterprise. Crystal Enterprise certification is preferred. This company has established Crystal Enterprise as the corporate report development and management platform. The Assessment Project will include analyzing their current use of Info / Crystal Reports and ...

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    !!!!!!!THIS IS A JOB FOR SOMEONE LOOKING TO BUILD A PORTFOLIO. IT IS A PRO-BONO JOB FOR EXPOSURE!!!!!!! We're looking for someone who is willing to spend 1-4 hours building a graphical user interface for the web site [login to view URL] the web site is based off of a previously marketed medium and a proven market built in. There are also pre-established strategic alliances in position for ...

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    Visual Basic app needed to do the following: OVERVIEW: ------------------------------------- Get data from "Search term suggestion tools" on various Pay-Per-Click search engines, noting the number of searches of certain words, and whether or not they have any current bids. This will be written to a log file for later analysis. During analysis phase, app sorts according to number of searc...

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    i am looking for a package in vb 6.0, that would not allow my software to launch until a password was entered. I have found a version of my software that was not purchased, and was copied from another computer. i need to protect it here are my thoughts. if you have a better way explain. There should be two passwords, one that would made my software a demo version that would expire after the number...

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    Protein Shapes Knowing the shapes of proteins is of primordial importance in understanding their biological functions. "Protein Folding" is the problem of modeling proteins in order to predict their native shapes. It is a very difficult problem that still escapes the best approaches. One such approach is to represent the amino-acids as "beads" in a chain and to allow the beads ...

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    We have just developed a new dating site with lots of innovtive features. We are looking for individuals or companies to help with the launch of the site and to get us noticed. We are open any ideas that may (Legally) help drive traffic to the site. We would also like to work on Press releases for the launch of the site to distribute to newspapers, TV and other such media. If you are up for a chal...

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    $200 - $300
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    I have an Access database, BackEnd and FrontEnd. My goal is that from a form, the users may have the possibility to make backup copies of the BackEnd.mde. (See atached file of the type of form) I want to use code for zipping (and unzippning) to Flopy and because of that it must be possibly to use spanning. I also want a progressmeter for the ongoing zipping in the form. ## Deliverables Complete...

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    I need 10 graphics or drawings for a software program I am currently designing. One of the graphics can be a baby (less than 1 year old so you can't tell the gender). The other 9 can be of things babies play with from birth to age five. For example; baby rattlers, blocks, puzzles, yellow ducks, etc. I will need to see samples of your past work. Do not bid on this project without samples. ##...

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    i currently have a program that is designed to work with dos, it is about twelve years old, the program is a messaging program that allows you to store and retrieve names, addresses and telephone numbers, enter messages for multiple people with the date and time that they called, and print out the messages (distinguishes between printed and non-printed messages - messages remain on the list until ...

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    Conversion of text from a format produced in a shopping cart program into the format taken in an import utility within a point of sale program. The first format is a line delimited format (documented) and the second format is a comma delimited format (also documented. This program would scan a directory (needs to be configurable) and process all of the files in that directory, converting the order...

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    Looking for someone to develop for Webhosting solution for Linux based server, similar to what Cobalt Raq has [login to view URL] or [login to view URL] It can do web admin for WebServer, FrontPage Server, DNS, Email, FTP, Protected Directory, WebUpload, SSL Installation, PHP, ASP and Perl language Administration Just that the email has to be qmail. Please send me your proposal, I am looking forwa...

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    First Phase I am developing a VB 6 applications program for Client Based Sizing of our pumps. Project is semi-complete but I need someone to develope the install package. I have a copy of Installshield developer to use with this, so experience with it or Windows Installer is a plus. I would also like the program cleaned up prior to release. Second Phase Develope a web version of the same software....

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    I am looking for qualified visual basic 6 programmers, mid-to-high level, to moonlight on a project I need additional hands on. This most likely will be long term for the right person as this is a LARGE project that I need to crank out. Most work can be performed off-premise but they may be a few meetings required, on the weekends, to make sure everyone is on the same page. The first phase (module...

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    Current programmer travelling. In any case I would like somebody with plenty of experince in PHP/MySQL programming to take a second look at a script I'm almost ready to launch. All three variations of the script can be viewed here: [login to view URL] I've taken the free version and the other's offline temporarily until a glitch can be corrected in one of the files which makes one...

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    Creation of simple two column database with multiple sorting capabilites. Database is then used to create pie chart in multiple slices with text inside and rotated in line with each pie slice (not horizontal or vertical text). Text must be scalable font in order to assure text appears INSIDE the pie slice. Output file must be accessible to printing companies using MAC software. The purpose of this...

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    We want to email our customers HTML messages, and within the HTML message have a 3D laptop images(for example). We want to have our customer’s home page to appear in the center of the screen of this 3D laptop images. Right now we do that by making snapshot of our client’s home page. But all this is done manually. It takes forever just to email just one hundred clients. To see a sample,...

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    I need an operating system for my application. It sounds worse than it is, this is what it must do: I see from the response that I need to clarify my requirements, so I made it even easier. 1.I want to use Win2000 to run my apps on, but from the moment of booting, no graphic must be visible other than custom images I select to be displayed. [login to view URL] pc must log on to a domain or workgro...

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    audiogalaxy clone. ([login to view URL]) ## Deliverables Complete and fully-functional working program(s) in executable form as well as complete source code of all work done. Complete copyrights to all work purchased. ## Platform Java, Html, Jsp or PhP. ## Deadline information Phase I must be completed in 2 weeks.

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    This project utilizes JINI(TM) network technology to provide a printer processing [login to view URL] Jini is being developed by Sun Microsystem, thus Java is the basic language used for all Jini [login to view URL] technology provides a simple infrastructure for delivering services in a network and for creating spontaneous interaction between programs that use these services regardless of their h...

    $30 - $5000
    $30 - $5000
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    Build a relational database including screen designs. It needs to be in Access database. Will deliver files in Text, Tab delimited. Have five files and need 8-10 screens and corresponding reports. Would want to see sample of work. ## Deliverables Complete and fully-functional working program(s) in executable form as well as complete source code of all work done. Complete copyrights to all work ...

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    I'd like to create a small database using our current web page host's server. (needs to be simple to install on a typical ISP host without additional software or plug-ins). This would be secure, private data, at this point just for one of our clients. The data involved is a list of mailing addresses that tend to need updating somewhat frequently. Existing data is in Excel or Access. I�...

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    ****CHANGE IN PROJECT STATUS***** It is clear from the confusion revealed by bidders’ comments and questions over the past few days that before putting this project out to bid we, the buyer, must prepare a comprehensive requirements document ourselves (rather than relying on the successful bidder to do so, as we had hoped). We are hoping to accomplish this over the next 2 weeks, but realisti...

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    Small Windows application to be built. When run the application will present the user will a small diaogue box, this will allow the user to type an internet address or phrase. When the user hits "enter" or clicks "Go" this will open that page in the users default browser. If the entry is not an internet address it will open the browser and send the phrase to a predetermined sea...

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    PROJECT STALLED UNTIL I KNOW EXACTLY WHAT MY COSTUMER WANTS. PROJECT DESCRIPTION WILL BE CHANGED. We need a SMS module that can send a message to a SMS phone, and the user of the phone can answer back to that module. The module recieves the answer, and then processes it. The message send will be something like "Can you take the shift tonight at 9.00 pm?" or something of the sort. The use...

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    Small php/mysql site needed. This site has basic admin panels but nothing too complicated. Admin section should be able to upload pictures and display them. Admin section is also needed to update various text driven aspects of the site (see atached document for the entire site idea). In additon, you must be willing to give pre design layouts. P.S. You must be a good designer and a backend person. ...

    $129 (Avg Bid)
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    25 bids

    I am looking for a complete Web site that includes the following functionality for Phase 1: * New User SIgn Up * Send receive Email * Calendar/Schedule * Contacts - Address book * Company List * Notepad * Task List * Internet Bookmarks * Personal/Group Chat * File Management - Upload/Store/Download The Project must be written as a ASP.NET Web Application using VB.NET (not C#) and use SQL Server 20...

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    I need software for a point-to-point mapping service of all radio stations world wide, based on user specific music genres. It works like this. First, the users will enter their starting point and end destination. Second, they will pick the music genre(s) that they prefer. Last, they submit this information and they will then be given a display of all the specific stations along their route. This ...

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    Ok. Have treeview working with checkboxes. Now, how can I tell which nodes have checkboxes checked? Addition: My nodes are at 1 - 4 levels loaded from a ADO SQL query. If a user checks on a higher level, I need to set all the checkboxes below that level to true. Phase 1 Node 1 TaskGroup 1 Task 1 Task 2 Task 3 So if a user clicks on TaskGroup1, I want to set all the checkboxes for Task1, Task2, and...

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    I would like to have an application that will add a new program to the Email Programs options in Internet Explorer. If you go to Tools -> Internet Options -> Programs Tab you will see the Email programs that can be set. Once set this program will launch when the user clicks on a link to send an Email. By default IE adds HotMail, Outlook, and Outlook Express. I would like to add an additional...

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    A software sitting between an MS Exchange server and an ISP connection on a Win2K box facilitating transmission and reception of e-mail messages with extensive logging facilities. The program will be something like a Smart Host ("SMTP relay agent?) but not with POP3 protocol. The program must accept messages arriving from a MS Exchange 2000 server and when scheduled interval triggers, this pr...

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    *** A FILE WAS ATTACHED TO THIS BID REQUEST ***** *** WITH MORE DETAILS ON THE PROJECT ***** *** PROGRAMMING NEEDS TO BE IN VB***** The project can be broken up into three phases: 1) Receive data from RS232 modems in the field and place information into a database. Modems will be programmed to send data every 15 minutes or other time interval or when movement above a certain magnitude is detected....

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    We are getting ready to launch a major online betting/gaming concept, UK based we are looking for likely partners that would enhance our offering,i.e New media, PR, billing solutions for mobiles and premium rate play, credit card payments, etc, or if you feel you have something that would have synergy with us then mail me, (gary) I would sure like to hear from you guys.

    $200 - $300
    $200 - $300
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    Pet Project is a program that would be used by animal breeders to keep up with all information pertaining to bloodline, gender, age, etc. We would like to have the program interact with an internet database. Since this program does not exist, much discussion must take place first to see what is possible. Below are some specs, however they are subject to change. 1.) Database with records on each an...

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    We are looking to launch an adult site affiliate program and need an extensive affiliate script developed. Winning bidder probably has previous experience in developing similar programs and has knowledge of the stats export interfaces provided by the most popular third party billers. Perhaps your team has already developed a similar program that can be modified to our specs? If not, I worry that t...

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    Project Objective -------------------- The objective of this project is to implement an on-line system that will enable students to apply for and receive parking Permits without waiting in line, and improve overall administration of the parking permit operation. The on line system will also streamline service to employees, and will provide improved management, reporting, and inquiry capabilities t...

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    I am developing a simple web application and would like to receive bids for a very attracting / appealing splash page. The page will include a simple login part.. sign up part and space to list all the benefits of the application. This may or may not develop into a secondary demo for the application. This bid is ONLY for splash page and based on performance and skills we may go to a second phase t...

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    I'm looking for a firm or a group of flash programmers that could create me a flash website. And I mean a PROFESSIONAL FLASH PRODUCT website. The site I envision is something like [login to view URL] is a total flash site and is the best I have ever seen. It has 3 key features that attract me: 1) Excellent Graphics 2) Excellent Menu/progress bar and overall animation ...

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    We have probably the best job avaliable if your a good web designer and are into football, this website has to launch in about a week, we have a very very unique design (more like a playstation game then a web-site!) time is of the essance we have had bids from web companys to have this job, but if you can do what we need and your overheads are less, then this is the job for you. You'll be pa...

    $200 - $300
    $200 - $300
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    I need software to capture a high resolution video snapshot from a USB camera. It must be written in VB6.0. When the software is launched it should be only a window with live video with a capture button and hide button at the bottom. Tab at top of screen (labeled "History"). this is where you see time and date of picture, if double clicked the picture should appear. I will use other soft...

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    We want to be able to launch our application when 'Shutdown' or 'Logoff' are selected from there standard locations on the Windows 2000 Start menu. Rather than the dialog that allows users to select from shutdown options that Windows launches after these Start menu items are clicked, we would like our executable to launch, which will display our own options to the user, and con...

    $119 (Avg Bid)
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    10 bids

    I need someone who has worked on a table-driven report application. VB6, Crystal 8, Oracle background are essential and time is of the essence. I want to carry this out in phases as the project is up and coming, and some things are not quite fully defined. Basically, we have a master table with the report names, report groupings (ex. Suspense, Admin, etc.), report locations. We need a generalized ...

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    With Windows 2000 Terminal Services you have an option to launch a single application (bat or exe file) and I am look for 1 or both parts of this. Part 1: an executable program that will have icons or a menu to launch other apps like Excel, Word, etc. concurrently so even through Terminal Services allows 1 program to be deployed, people can use multiple simultaneously if they wanted to until they ...

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    I need a script that sends out a info email (newsletter) to people who request it by SMS (mobile phone). The incomming email adresses are stored in a database by my SMS provider and he gives me a XML feed from the database. This is what I need: - The script must fetch the xml feed every 30 minutes (i dont have cron on my server, but I have heard of other sollutions) The easiest way to explain ...

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    I'm looking for a project to help with a part of my work that is annoying to me and I wish I could phase it out. -Needs to work with Yahoo, Excite, Lycos, Astavista -Need to enter a keyword or words -goto the website enter the keywords and do a search -if a web site is found to have the keyword or all of the words placed in, copy the URL and extract it to text file and also display the result...

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    Diagram of financial relations between companies We need a routine to represent graphically financial relations between companies Attached is a typical sample of such relations and a database with the tables and fields to use to represent the relations between the companies The interface can be inspired of MSAccess relationships form Desired features: - include either all or certain financial link...

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