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    I'm looking for a freelancer to complete my wordpress. Most of the website is already completed, the freelancer would complete the website and mobile apps for the website. The scope of work is as follows: Project Details: The remaining tasks include: •Improvement of graphics and design changes to enhance the visual appeal of the website. •Adding Arabic RTL support to cater to our Arabic-speaking audience. •Integrating marketing plugins to enhance our promotional efforts and drive traffic to the website. •Implementation of web based mobile apps (android & IOS) to provide a seamless user experience on mobile devices. •Implementing a review/rating system and a return/refund system to improve customer satisfaction. &bul...

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    I am in need of a Vietnamese-English interpreter with professional proficiency to facilitate communication during business meetings. Please note this project requires spoken interpretation services and not written translation or document localization. Here are the ideal skills and experience needed: - Fluent in Vietnamese and English - Experience in business-related interpretation - Must have professional proficiency in Vietnamese. - Understands business terminologies and processes. If you meet these requirements, I would love to hear from you. Feel free to reach out if you require any additional information.

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    Project Description: We are an established e-commerce business based in India, currently operating a Shopify store. As part of our expansion plan, we are looking to offer a more personalized shopping experience by localizing our store content according to the geographic location of our customers (Country-specific). We aim to improve user engagement, meet local market demands, and increase our global conversion rates by implementing advanced location-based customization features on our Shopify site. Objectives: Geolocation Implementation: Integrate a robust geolocation system that identifies the customer's country, state, or province in real time. Dynamic Content Customization: Develop functionality to show or hide products, collections, and content based on the customer’s lo...

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    I am looking for a native Brazilian Portuguese speaker to provide proofreading and localization services for my less than 10-page website. The ideal candidate will have: - Native or near-native fluency in Brazilian Portuguese - Proven experience in website localization and proofreading - Understanding of SEO principles and its application in translation Tasks involve: - Reviewing and proofreading existing English to Brazilian Portuguese translations - Localizing web page content, Meta tags, and SEO to resonate with local Brazilian users - Optimizing site interface and navigation for a Brazilian audience Your focus should be not only spotting language errors, but also ensuring context, idioms, cultural references, and site navigation feel "local" ...

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    I'm looking for a robotics expert who can design and develop an autonomous robot for indoor delivery. Key Requirements: - The robot must be capable of navigating indoor environments with precision and safety. - It should have a ...and self-navigating, with the ability to avoid obstacles and optimize its routes for efficiency. Ideal Skillset: - Proficiency in robotics, particularly in the development of autonomous robots. - Strong knowledge of navigation algorithms and obstacle avoidance techniques. - Experience in designing and implementing delivery systems on robotic platforms. - Familiarity with indoor mapping and localization technologies. The successful candidate will be able to translate my vision into a functional and reliable robot that can seamlessly handle indoor ...

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    I am seeking a native German speaker to act as a virtual sales agent. The project involves - Promoting and selling a variety of services to a German-speaking audience - Operating on a virtual platform - Translation or localization of content may be necessary The ideal candidate will have a strong sales background, be fluent in German, and have room for flexibility in terms of services sold. Fields of work could include (but are not limited to) insurance, real estate or retail products. Proficiency in English would also be beneficial, but primarily, a strong command of German language is essential.

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    I'm seeking a versatile freelancer to develop an object detection-based localization project. The primary aim is to identify, track, and precisely determine the location of a mobile robot, with a focus on real-time continuous tracking. - Key Tasks: - Develop an object detection tool for a mobile robot - Ensure a high degree of accuracy in real-time continuous tracking - The system will function in an indoor environment Ideal freelancer needs to have skills in robot motion algorithms, machine learning, and a deep understanding of complex robotics-related technologies. Experience in indoor robot localization is a must.

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    The goal of this project is to modify the six designs we created for our products. The new version of the design in 4 sizes will be directed to local Arabic clients in Iraq. No significant changes. Just to make the design more clearer, printable, and adhere to the Iraqi specifications. Please see the attached document for details of the changes. We need also, to Provide the current Logo of each product with its graphic/Icon in a separate file.

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    Hi Sophia B., Please translate attached file in your earliest convenience. Thank you, G

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    I'm in need of a skilled translator to convert around 250...mainly involves translating the user interface text and potentially other content that's critical for the app's functionality and user experience. The main aim is overall localization of the app for Portuguese-speaking users. Your experience in translation, particularly with mobile apps and software, is key here. In addition, a good understanding of nuances in language and the ability to render the text in a way that's not only accurate but also user-friendly would be highly beneficial. Please provide samples of similar translation work you've done in the past for review, and detail any experience you have with app localization. Your keen eye for detail and linguistic precision will be nee...

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    I'm looking for a professional translator with expertise in website localization, specifically from French to English. The job is not only about translating the content, but also about adapting it to resonate with English-speaking audience. Key Requirements: - Translate a substantial amount of content, including product descriptions, blog articles, and legal documents. The word count is more than 5,000 words, so this is a large project. - A strong background in website localization and a deep understanding of language nuances and cultural differences. - Attention to detail is crucial, as the translation must be accurate and natural. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proven experience in website localization, with a portfolio showcasing your wo...

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    I'm looking for a talented translator with a keen eye for detail and a good understanding of the technology industry to help localize my website from English to Dutch. Key requirements: - Expertise in both English and Dutch - Prior experience with website localization - Strong understanding of technology-related terminology - Ability to maintain the essence of the content while adapting it for a Dutch audience Your responsibilities will include: - Translating website text, including technical terms, to Dutch - Ensuring accurate and appropriate translation for the target audience - Adhering to website localization best practices - Collaborating with me to ensure the final product meets quality standards If you have the necessary skills and ...

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    ...WooCommerce website to English, French and German and changes on my products pages, home, footer, etc. - I am looking for a skilled translator who can accurately translate my entire WooCommerce website to English, French and German. - The ideal candidate should have experience in translating websites and be fluent English, French and German. - The project requires translating all the content on the website, including product descriptions, menus, categories, and any other text. - The translation should be accurate, natural-sounding, and culturally appropriate for the German-speaking audience. - No additional localization services are needed. - The candidate should have a good understanding of WooCommerce and be able to ensure that the translation is properly ...

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    1. My Shopify website is currently facing 1 issue, the product titles are showing a "Translation missing" error. Refer to the attached. 2. I'd like my shopify theme upgraded retaining any customizations Update to Dawn version 13.0.1 Your current version: Dawn 7.0.1 For the "Translation missing" error: - The issue is specifically with the product titles, so it's essential that this gets addressed promptly. - I'm looking for a solution that will rectify the problem and ensure that all product titles are displayed correctly without any missing translations. Ideal skills and experience for this job: - Extensive experience with Shopify themes and navigation menus. - Proficiency in dealing with translation and localization issues. - Strong p...

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    Hello My Name Riki alfandi - Translator Portfolio** 1. Business Translation: - Translated business reports, proposals, and marketing materials for various clients, ensuring clarity and accuracy in conveying key messages. - Provided localization services for multinational companies entering new markets, adapting their content to resonate with local audiences while maintaining brand consistency. 2. Legal Translation: - Translated legal documents such as contracts, agreements, and court transcripts, ensuring precision and adherence to legal terminology. - Collaborated with law firms to provide certified translations for official documents required for legal proceedings and international transactions. 3. Technical Translation: - Translated technical manuals, specifications, and engin...

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    ...robots. The fleet includes 2 surveyors, 2 fetchers, and 1 Data Relay robot. - Autonomous Vehicles: The surveyor robots will be autonomous vehicles. Any expertise dealing with such vehicles is highly appreciated. - SLAM Navigation and Cooperation: The autonomous vehicles should be able to self-navigate and cooperate effectively. Thus, I require freelancers with proficiency in SLAM (Simultaneous Localization and Mapping) navigation and an understanding of effective multi-robot cooperation techniques. - No specific Hardware Requirements: There are no strict hardware prerequisites. However, I'm open to any necessary suggestions like Lidar sensor, Camera sensor, or GPS module in order to implement SLAM navigation and the cooperation system effectively. Main Objectives: The pr...

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    ...categories: 2 surveyors, 2 fetchers and 1 Data Relay robot Key Separations: - Autonomous Vehicles: The surveyor robots will be autonomous vehicles. Any expertise dealing with such vehicles is highly appreciated. - SLAM Navigation and Cooperation: The autonomous vehicles should be able to self-navigate and cooperate effectively. Thus, I require freelancers with proficiency in SLAM (Simultaneous Localization and Mapping) navigation and an understanding of effective multi-robot cooperation techniques. - No specific Hardware Requirements: There are no strict hardware prerequisites. However, I'm open to any necessary suggestions like Lidar sensor, Camera sensor, or GPS module in order to implement SLAM navigation and the cooperation system effectively. A data relay robot is ...

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    44 bids aims to revolutionize the way families travel with young children by providing convenient and reliable childcare solutions Key Features: User Authentication Profile Creation and Management Matching and Search Booking Requests Availability Calendar Real-time Notifications In-App Messaging Video Calls Payment Processing: Rating System Reviews Identity Verification Privacy Settings Language Localization Multi-language Support Customer Support Main Purpose: The main purpose of this app is to serve as a 2-sided marketplace. This means that the platform will connect families and childcare providers. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proven experience in developing mobile apps for iOS and Android - Strong understanding of 2-sided marketplace platforms - Experience with in-app user...

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    ..."eject": "expo eject", "debug": "open 'rndebugger://set-debugger-loc?host=localhost&port=19001'" }, "dependencies": { "@firebase/util": "^0.2.22", "axios": "^0.19.2", "babel-preset-env": "^1.7.0", "base-64": "^0.1.0", "currency-formatter": "1.5.3", "expo": "^35.0.0", "expo-analytics": "^1.0.7", "expo-av": "~7.0.0", "expo-font": "~7.0.0", "expo-localization": "~7.0.0", "expo-location": "~7.0.0", "expo-permissions": "~7.0.0", ...

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    I need a dynamic, professional website for my consulting firm. The website will serve as a comprehensive platform where potential clients can explore our services, understand their benefits and see our success through case studies. Eruditio Consulting (EC) seeks to revamp its existing website () to project a more global and professional image, in line with other multinational consulting firms. The primary goal is to enhance user experience, showcase EC's services and expertise, and encourage client engagement. This document outlines the key features and scope of work for the developers undertaking this project. Key Features: 1. Detailed Service Descriptions: • Develop comprehensive descriptions of EC's consulting services, highlighting expertise, metho...

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    I am seeking an experienced ROS developer who can assist with mapping and localization for an indoor 2D navigation project. I need someone who is in karnataka, India, for this project. Key Tasks: - Mapping: Creating a detailed digital map of the indoor environment where the robot will navigate - Localization: Implementing a robust localization system to help the robot determine its position within the mapped environment Environment: - The robot will be operating strictly within indoor environments, so the developer should have experience working with this specific environment. Sensors: - The robot will be equipped with both a LIDAR and a Camera for navigation purposes, therefore the ideal candidate should be knowledgeable in integrating these sensors into the ROS sy...

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    I am seeking an experienced game developer to create a mobile card game app titled "Spades and Diamonds". The app will feature a variety of exciting and lesser-known card games, catering to both single and multiplayer experiences. The development p...Player, Multiplayer Visual Style: Toon Shades Key Features: 1. Home page displaying all available games 2. Multiplayer rooms for interactive gaming experiences 3. Rule page to acquaint players with game mechanics 4. Game page with embedded rule icon 5. Settings menu for privacy policy, feedback, and player customization options Target Platforms: Android (initial release), followed by iOS Localization: Worldwide availability, with multiplayer rooms facilitating global player interaction Players: Only human players; no AI inv...

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    I'm in need of a CSS expert who can adjust my WordPress website to properly display in Right-to-Left (RTL) format for Arabic language. a WordPress site, The site has been Localization to Arabic using the Loco tool, so I do not need a translation service, but I need to adjust the CSS for all pages (32 Pages) and popups I need to let every section in its original place without changing, But inside every section I need to change direction to (RTL) and adjust other elements and taking care with small details. Footer: I need it all (RTL) Please don’t use any plugins and don’t edit any theme files, Just use (Customizing >> Additional CSS) Ideal Experience and Skills: - Comprehensive understanding of CSS and WordPress - Proven experience in impleme...

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    I'm in need of a skilled web developer, preferably with proficiency in IP-based localization, to create and implement less than 10 local versions of a website. The primary goal for this project is to increase conversion rates by enhancing user experiences through localization, directing users to region-specific home, about us, and contact us pages depending on their IP addresses. Prioritization will be given to pages targeting the major cities in the country. While users are browsing other pages, the content should remain consistent, irrespective of location. Ideal skills for this job - Strong experience in IP-based localization - Proficiency in web development - Ability to create engaging, user-friendly design This is a great opportunity for those...

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    My e-commerce platform requires a professional service for English to Arabic translation, cultural adaptation, and ...optimizing translated content for local search engines, improving visibility and reach in Arabic speaking regions Ideal candidate: - Proven expertise in English to Arabic translation and localization - Strong understanding of e-commerce space - Previous experience with search engine optimization - Familiarity with the cultural context of the target audience would be highly advantageous -Able to maintain the original meaning and tone of the text articles during translation. A linguist with demonstrated experience in localization and cultural adaptation will be ideal for this task, ensuring the translated website and application resonate with our Ar...

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    My e-commerce platform requires a professional service for English to Arabic translation, cultural adaptation, and ...optimizing translated content for local search engines, improving visibility and reach in Arabic speaking regions Ideal candidate: - Proven expertise in English to Arabic translation and localization - Strong understanding of e-commerce space - Previous experience with search engine optimization - Familiarity with the cultural context of the target audience would be highly advantageous -Able to maintain the original meaning and tone of the text articles during translation. A linguist with demonstrated experience in localization and cultural adaptation will be ideal for this task, ensuring the translated website and application resonate with our Ar...

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    ...focus groups or other research methods to understand user needs, preferences, and expectations. 2.6. Feasibility and Risk Analysis: Analyze the financial, technical, and operational aspects of the proposed app, including a risk assessment with mitigation strategies. 2.7. Scalability Strategy: Provide a strategic plan for scaling the app beyond Hungary, considering market variations and localization requirements. 2.8. Report and Recommendations: Deliver a comprehensive report summarizing the research findings, insights, and actionable recommendations for the app's development strategy. 3. Proposal Submission Details: Proposals should address the scope of work with a detailed methodology, timeline, budget, team qualifications, and previous relevant experience. ...

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    $30 - $250
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    I need a proficient translator to convert the textual content on my website from Arabic to English. This task requires: * Fluency in both Arabic and English. * Previous experience in website translation - text must be translated in a manner that maintains its original meaning and context. * Ability to handle SEO keyword translation - I want my website to maintain its search engine visibility after the translation. This is a key project where accuracy, context, and localization matter. Prior experience in the same genre would be a bonus. Looking forward to your proposals.

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    I'm in need of a skilled developer who can create an iOS and Android compatible car remote application. The app will be expected to provide primary functions including the ability to lock and unlock car doors, start and stop the engine, and manage car settings, also check the tyer pressure and A unique... The ideal developer has a strong track record in mobile app development, specifically one with experience in map integration and developing interfaces with physical systems over Bluetooth. A thorough technical understanding of both iOS and Android platforms is crucial. I look forward to seeing your innovative approach to this project. • The app in English and main language is Arabic (RtoL localization needed for Arabic). Please check the app is Similar to attached in E...

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    We are seeking a diligent and detail-oriented individual to join our team as a Chinese employee. Your primary responsibility will be to provide thorough and accurate inspection of goods by sending detailed pictures and verifying the quality of products. Additionally, you will be responsible for coordinating the shipment of these products to our warehouse for distribution to Iraq. Your role will play a crucial part in ensuring the integrity and quality of our products reaching our customers. If you are reliable, organized, and have a keen eye for detail, we welcome you to apply and become an integral part of our team.

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    I require an expert translator proficient in German, Spanish, Chinese, and Arabic to help with my website localization. The need is for the translation of about 1-10 pages of content on the website. The ideal freelancer would have: - Previous experience with website localization projects - Strong command over the aforementioned languages - An eye for detail to maintain the website tone and ensure a seamless user experience for the target audience.

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    As a dedicated game developer, my aim is to provide a compe...urgently in need of a skilled translator who can translate, proofread, and localize gaming content from Spanish, French and German into English. Objectives: - Translation and proofreading of approximately 1000-5000 words of game content ensuring the quality of English version. - Localization to reflect cultural nuances while maintaining the game's original intent. Required Skills and Experience: - Proficiency in Spanish, French, German, and English - Proven experience with game content translation and localization - Excellent proofreading skills with a keen eye for details - Understanding of gaming terminologies and culture. Please provide examples of related previous work when bidding. I look forward to ...

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    ...autonomous robot navigation within an indoor environment. You'd be working with a wheeled robot, empowering it with the capabilities to smoothly navigate the specified indoor area. Key responsibilities: - Develop a SLAM (Simultaneous Localization and Mapping) system to map the indoor environment. - Integrate the SLAM system with our wheeled robot for autonomous navigation. - Implement accurate localization and positioning of the robot for seamless navigation. Ideal Skills: - Proficient understanding of ROS2. - Proven experience in robot navigation and localization. - Familiarity with wheeled robots and their dynamics. - Strong background in implementing SLAM on robots. The robot runs on a raspberry pi 4 running ubuntu 22. Ros2 humble is installed on the s...

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    I am seeking a proficient Portuguese-English translator based in Brazil to localize international website. The main goal of this project is to heighten user experience by translating our existing content. - Content: The bulk of the work will involve translating our blog posts. This does not necessitate industry-specific familiarity, as there is no particular jargon that needs accurate translation. - Skills and Experience: A successful candidate will be fluent in both Portuguese and English, and understand the cultural context in both languages, allowing for a more accurate localization of our website. This is a great opportunity for translators interested in working on a project aimed at enhancing user experience for online audiences. PS: We might offer full-time p...

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    ...and meaningful experience working with both iOS and Android platforms is necessary. - While the range of intended implementations isn't currently defined, potential bids should account for the possibility of global implementation. Empowering users all around the globe to experience our app in the most seamless and accessible way is the objective. - Demonstrated ability to work with price localization and pricing algorithms will be a major advantage. - Successful completion of this project will require testing to verify functionality across different regions. Your expertise and creativity can make a significant impact in enhancing our app's user experience. Let's break new ground together. NOTE: My app is allready ready integrated with stripe, but you only en...

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    I am looking for a talented OpenCart web developer to design and develop an eCommerce website with advanced features. Include theme and modules and design in price Key tasks include: - Development of product catalog and shopping cart functionality. - Implementation of a payment gateway. - SEO optimization for increased visibility. - Localization and language support for English and Arabic. - Integration with social media stores for a seamless shopping experience. The target audience for the website ranges from individuals to small and large businesses, so a professional and appealing design is crucial. Ideal skills: A successful candidate will have extensive experience with OpenCart, a deep understanding of eCommerce best practices, and a track record of deliveri...

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    ...**Requirements:** - Excellent command of French and English - Experience in website content translation - Understanding of cultural nuances to adjust content appropriately - Ability to maintain the original message, tone, and style - Familiarity with basic SEO principles for content localization **Ideal Skills and Experience:** - Solid background in translating English to French, with a portfolio or examples of previous work - Knowledge of the industry or topic covered on my website to ensure accurate terminology usage - Proficiency in using translation software or tools for efficiency without compromising quality - Great communication skills to discuss and clarify any ambiguities or specific terminologies used on the website The role requires meticulous ...

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    ...Responsibilities: - Social media management: Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. - Email marketing: Providing creative and engaging content. - SEO optimization: Increasing website traffic and visibility. - Translations: English content translations. Prerequisites: - Proficiency in English. - Expertise in managing various social media platforms. - Experience in email marketing and SEO optimization. - A proven record in translating content to English. Given the nature of the work, a strong grasp of English is essential, and proficiency in Spanish, French or German would be an advantage. Previous experience in translation, especially website localization, is preferred. Web development or Wordpress skills are a bonus. This is a full-time position. Only serious and ...

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    I am looking for an experienced developer to create a hybrid mobile application using Flutter for the frontend and Laravel for the backend. The app will need to be ...of past work If you have the skills and experience to deliver a high-quality hybrid mobile application in Flutter with a Laravel backend, please respond with details of your relevant experience and examples of your previous work. I am looking for a reliable and dedicated developer who can deliver the project on time and within budget. App purpose News App type Hybrid Developer expertise Localization, Performance, Security, Design, Firebase, API integration Splash screen, Include source code Ideal freelancer should possess strong technical skills in cross-platform technologies. Prior experiences will be an added ...

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    I am seeking a talented Japanese individual who could assist me in the localization of my electronics sourcing project. Key Responsibilities: - To adapt our sourcing processes and materials to suit the Japanese market. Ideal Skills: - Deep experience in localization, particularly with electronics. - Intensive knowledge of the Japanese electronics market. - Proficient in English language to be able to communicate effectively. This is a unique opportunity for those who have an interest in facilitating cross-border transactions while working in their local context. If this is you, do not hesitate to apply. Location: City: YOKOHAMA State/Prefecture: KANAGAWA

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    ...professional and experienced web developer to create an engaging and user-friendly website that focuses on football, basketball, and tennis. The website should be performance-driven and signify the essence of these sports. Key aspects include: - Agile Web Development - SEO Optimization - Marketing Strategy **Web Development** I am looking to make a strong online presence. The website should be intuitive, engaging, and cater to a broad demographic of sport-loving users. **SEO Optimization** Technical expertise in SEO is crucial for this project. The successful freelancer should focus on: - Optimal keyword utilization to gain organic traffic - Efficient link-building techniques to improve credibility - Localization of SEO techniques to cater to spec...

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    ...sponsored content to enhance service visibility. Communication Integration: Direct links to WhatsApp and Google Maps for improved user interaction and service location mapping. Data security: robust protocols to protect user data and ensure privacy. User Profiles: Comprehensive profile customization options for service providers to showcase their expertise and offerings. Language Localization: Automatic website language adjustment based on the user’s IP address location for a personalised experience. Technical Specifications: Modular Architecture: Ensuring scalability and ease of updates. User-Centric Design: Focusing on an intuitive UI/UX to maximize user engagement. Compliance & Security: Adhering to international data protection and privacy standards. ...

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    Hi Sophia B., Please translate attached file. SLA is Monday, March 18th. Thank you, G

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    ...measurement equipment / Utility locators false Software solutions false Software solutions / Construction Software false Software solutions / Field Surveying Software false Software solutions / GIS / Mapping / Cartography Software false Software solutions / Office Surveying Software false Software solutions / Software for the mining industry false Software solutions / giLOC GPS / GNSS Localization Software false Surveying equipment false Surveying equipment / 3D Laser Scanners false Surveying equipment / Controllers / Data collectors false Surveying equipment / Digital and optical Levels false Surveying equipment / Eho sonder's - Bathymetry false Surveying equipment / Electronic distance meters (Distos) false Surveying equipment / GPS / GNSS (Survey grade) fal...

    $115 (Avg Bid)
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    ...In-depth knowledge of Slovak/Czech and English languages - Proficiency in mechanical terminology - Ability to work during the specified period. Offerings: - Competitive payment rate for high-quality service :EURO 100~150/working day This is Betty from Brighway translation company(), a leading translation & localization company located in Shanghai and Xi'an in China. I hope everything is going great with you We are a certified leading localization service provider in China in compliance with ISO 17100 & ISO 13485 on translation service requirements and ISO 9001 on QMS (certificates attached) and has been in the market for more than 15 years. I take the liberty to write to you because we have an interpreting job and we hope you are interested in it. In...

    $5326 - $10652
    $5326 - $10652
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    ...formats such as charts, graphs, tables, and infographics which are integral to the document's impact. Key Requirements: 1. Fluent and accurate translation that aligns with the tone and professional language of the original document. 2. Preservation of the original document's formatting, including the arrangement of diagrams, charts, images, and overall layout. 3. Expertise in corporate content localization, ensuring the translated document is culturally resonant with an English-speaking audience. 4. Efficiency in delivery with the capability to meet a predefined deadline. 5. Provision for two rounds of revisions to ensure the translation meets our expectations. Project Timeline: - Start Date: Immediate upon confirmation of the selected freelancer. - Completion Date: P...

    $74 (Avg Bid)
    $74 Avg Bid
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    ...documents. These are primarily long documents, over 1000 words each, which consist of website content, emails and reports. Your tasks will comprise the following: - Translate from Brazilian Portuguese to English (and vice versa) - Ensure high-quality translation, with correct grammar and vocabulary - Adapt translations to best suit website content localization Ideal candidates should have: - Native-level fluency in Brazilian-Portuguese and English - Extensive translation experience - Expertise in translating for website content localization - Detail-oriented approach to preserve the original meaning This job is perfect for translators passionate about language nuances and with a solid understanding of website content adaptation. Professiona...

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    ...Handling and Notifications: Implement error handling mechanisms to address communication failures or data parsing errors gracefully. Provide informative notifications to users in case of errors or issues encountered during the reading process. Additional Requirements: Compatibility: Ensure compatibility with a wide range of Android devices running Android OS version 5.0 (API level 21) and above. Localization: Support multiple languages for the app's interface to cater to a diverse user base. Testing: Conduct thorough testing across various devices and scenarios to ensure reliability and accuracy in reading CGM data. Documentation: Provide comprehensive documentation for the app, including user guides and developer documentation for potential future updates or modifications....

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    I need an expert in medical imaging and AI technology who can develop a system for detecting fractures in musculoskeletal radiographs. Here's what you n...upper extremity. A new neural network architecture is designed to take these concatenated features as input, incorporating additional layers for fine-tuning and feature combinations. Modifications are made to enable individual models to output both class probabilities and relevant localization information. The hybrid model is then trained on a comprehensive dataset encompassing abnormalities in the elbow, shoulder, and wrist. Evaluation metrics include classification (accuracy, precision, recall) and localization (intersection over union, dice coefficient). I look forward to working with a professional who can deliver...

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    ...reliable and precise method of locating these specific sounds. Your responsibilities will include: - Developing an algorithm for identifying and tracking the sound of supersonic bullets outdoors - Designing an acoustics source localization system that is accurate and efficient - Implementing this system in real-world conditions - Testing for performance and making necessary adjustments The ideal candidate for this project has a strong background in machine learning algorithms, acoustics and sound engineering, and has previous experience in acoustic source localization. I am especially interested in those with demonstrated knowledge in the behavior of sound outdoors. Knowledge in military science and familiarity with the sound characteristics of supersonic bullets would b...

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