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    Hello, We are a start-up and looking for someone who can redesign our gaming news website. We're currently using Wordpress, and we want to restructure and rebuild it into a better-looking website. We want a minimalist and clean looking design like: If you have any relevant suggestions, please let us know. Entry-level freelancers are welcome! Thanks

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    Hi We have client with issues within their Havana and AFO data cube solution. They are requiring assistance with setting up data reporting solutions (they use Power B.I downstream). During restructure they have found themselves without this support in-house looking to out source it. Pls discuss with me. Thanks Mike

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    We make the world a better place. We do city-developement like and want to redesign and restructure our own website - so what we want is that our website rocks our targetgroup and helps us, find new customers or inform the big players of our business about what we are able to do, and how we all together can make the world a better place. Who would like to join us and help us with our website?

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    I require someone to proof read 4 pages 1500 word email / letters checked for grammar and style ** I am dyslexia, don't trust my writing or ability to communicate in writing ** Total 1500 Words - 4 spaced pages Restructure if required, input on wording This is only an email , NOT a business letter so does not have to be overly done perfect MS Word Format , ** must use MS Word tracking facility

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    Redesign of Brochure to the latest DBH outputs & restructure the entire brochure

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    Preparing datasets for training ● Find public data and/or restructure data suitable for the project ● Responsible for design and development of different types of computer vision models that fits the requirement. ● Understanding of different data structures and ability to convert from structure to another ● Understanding of different Deep Learning Libraries (eg. Tensorflow, PyTorch, openvino etc) ● Create functions for training and inference ● Test the inference time on different types of servers/GPUS/CPUs/Edge devices ● Build ML modules, along with accuracy, must also deliver the production workload expectations - work with real world data, suitable inference time, compatibility with tech-stack, work on CPUs where applicable ● Understand different types of ML problems - classificat...

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    Redesign of Brochure to the latest DBH outputs & restructure the entire brochure

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    Redesign of Brochure to the latest DBH outputs & restructure the entire brochure - Evolve the existing design of front & cover pages - new product charts created & restructured - new sections to be added, re pagination & new page

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    A cordial greeting. We are looking to build a team that will help us restructure the organization and the administrative department, for this reason, we are opening the following position: administrative assistant Main objectives: 1) Serve as an interpreter in conversations that are required in the Hebrew language. 2) collaborate in the organization of the administrative office Responsibilities: 01) Answer the call system. 02) check emails. 03) Collaborate in other similar administrative functions Required skills: 01) Have experience in administrative areas 02) Speak fluent Hebrew (minimum) 03) Excellent communication skills. 04) Highly organized. 05) Strong work ethic. 06) Good interpersonal skills. 07) Meticulous attention to detail. 08) Computer skills. 09) Proactive nat...

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    We are planning to restructure our website into a dynamic one and also add a separate careers page with a dashboard for recruiters.

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    Our new business website needs a sales content writer to rewrite the website content to support a page restructure. No coding or visual design is required at this point. The business operates in the UK within the property industry (company let, management, investment), and so any experience in this market would be highly beneficial. The work would include: - Rewrite following pages: - Landing page - About us - Create content (no more than 150-200 words) for 4 pages (1 for each audience) Landlords, Agents, Tenants and Investors - I have a high level summary of benefits to each audience to be communicated, any help appreciated Ideally the freelancer is available on US timezone for this particular project and able to complete by 5th May end of day

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    I have a highly customized google sheets with many complex calculated fields and cells. Need to add additional function. Such as but not limited to. Full scope of work will be discussed in person. 1. create multiple buttons to pull cell data from multiple pages and display aggregated data from many cells and pages into new pages 2. restructure existing flow. Currently we have a limited amount of template pages to input data on our sheet. Once all pages are used we have to use another sheet template. This structure need to be redesigned in a flow so we have 1 pages for collecting data and when a button is pressed a new identical page is created. allowing for unlimited pages to be created from a single template. 3. We need to collect data from cells and generate invoices.

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    To restructure the html and scss of my project

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    Need a native English proofreader to remove repetitions (both sentence and words), word count reduction, edit and proofread including some sentence restructure 14 to 15 pages of technical narrative font size 10.5. Arial. The freelancer need to be able to deliver the completed project within 4 hours of receiving deposit. I will need a tracked and a clean copy. There is the potential for more work for the right freelancer as this is an ongoing project that requires more than one freelancer. For questions pertaining to the word count, please convert your existing documents of about 14 to 15 pages to similar font Arial and size 10.5 to get the word count. I have put 14 to 15 pages there as I work per pages and page number varies from 14 to 15 and more and price with be amended to ref...

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    Topic: Software Engineering (non-functional requirements) Just need to restructure or reimplement and modify the contents(where possible) in an existing version, in a very professional and sequential way. The current document has a lot of writing and sequential issues and the aim/objective is not cleared. You will be helped what need to be focused while making the stuff perfect. The existing document will be shared to you. This task is for an experienced person who has already done something on the same project topic and have an excellent knowledge of Agile software development. For more details, please drop me a message.

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    I want to move my website to a new domain and restructure the site itself. I have purchased the new domain. I want to add a few things to the site and make it easier to navigate. Thank you very much.

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    I having product excel sheet which required to select option from existing option, this option required taxonomy understanding of for choosing correct category name. Based on Product Name, Image and Description find the logical value of tags and select. About 5700 Products to correct Work by brands 1. Restructure Description format where applicable, desctioption should be -- easy to read -- remove any 3rd party links or ugly looking tables -- Add 'Package Includes" if not available 2. Assign Multiple Tags where applicable 3. Color Tags -- There two type of colors to select in tags A. with fancy name B. primary color name i.e Navy Blue = Fancy Name, while Blue is primary color name. With every fancy color name, always select primary color names. 4. Age = we have b...

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    ...previously, dynamic programming provides a general framework for analyzing many problem types. Within this framework a variety of optimization techniques can be employed to solve particular aspects of a more general formulation. Usually creativity is required before we can recognize that a particular problem can be cast effectively as a dynamic program; and often subtle insights are necessary to restructure the formulation so that it can be solved effectively. We begin by providing a general insight into the dynamic programming approach by treating a simple example in some detail. We then give a formal characterization of dynamic programming under certainty, followed by an in-depth example dealing with optimal capacity expansion. Other topics covered in the chapter include the di...

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    Hi, ...a book where I need someone to spellcheck the language, harmonize the text (H1,H2 etc.), trim the repetitive sections and mark sections that speak about myself and AI (artificial intelligence) to double check them. Project is split into 3 milestones Introduction + Chapter 1 (91.510 words) Chapter 2 (151.717 words) Chapter 3 (75.985 words) Also there will be created additional milestone to restructure text to be more engaging to read = good clear structure, add personality to the text to have fun and information and make it more interesting to reader (no valueless fills, but context and stories). This milestone is result based on how good you get the text. Don't add this for your bid. We talk together about reward you want from this. In attachment is example of one top...

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    You need to Restructure the build process and update function declarations to fit into the project. 3+ year golang experience is must.

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    You need to Restructure the build process and update function declarations to fit into the project. 3+ year golang experience is must.

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    Task1: Make a copy of an existing Australian website () and convert it as for United Kingdom website (New Domain: ) with the new UK front-end interface Design and UK Location changes. Website new front-end Interface and all functions on our existing front-end must be properly connected to our existing website back-end. Task 2: 1) Fix Job board page filter combinations error & Restructure Job filter Combination Page URL. 2) Re structure front-end and back-end Jobs URL Additional: Also on our website, there are some bugs that we found in front-end and back-end compatibility. You need to fix that too.

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    ...months with swaps of Stocks or Sell offs or new Buying opportunities. So all these that I do I decided to give them to the world as knowledge so I make a bigger impact to the world by changing lifes. So with that said let me tell you my website creation needs for my new project that I've been working the last 2 months with and need to get a more proffessional image on the web with this website. I want to get a Wordpress Website builded from Scratch with the requirements below: 1. I have a landing page currently but I want a total restructure and make a complete website that will have a blog posts page - the landing page for subscribing - login/sign up - FAQ - about - contact us 2. Dashboard for Subscribers that will give them access to specific fi...

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    Restructure Source Cutlist and CNC Cutlist model along with related code changes

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    Hi, we need a react js developer to restructure the code.

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    We did a restructure for our QuickBooks implementation and are struggling with the final steps. We are out of time and need to close Q1 (Jan/Feb/Mar). We need expert QuickBooks assistance to quickly close Q1 + act as bookkeeper service side-by-side with us in Q2 so we can take over after that.

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    Visit and Want to restructure both sites and maintenance contract ( extent of maintenance can be discussed) want to add e-commerce on want to build specifically on the Wix platform ONLY, so freelancers should be well versed with Wix.

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    Hello, we're going to restructure 170 s.m. apartment in a liberty villas and we're looking for an interior designer who will help us in the interior design. In style with the villa we love the neo-classical style, we can send some photos of examples we found in the internet. We would start with the kitchen or the living room and then move to the bedrooms, hall and baths. Please let us know the price for the living room and/or the kitchen and after that we can move to the other rooms. Thanks

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    Hi! I have a poetry manuscript of about 15,000 words that I want to get published by a major publishing company. I would like someone to edit and restructure the anthology to form a cohesive book, appealing to major houses.

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    We have a google ads account that has been in place since 2006. We have continued to maintain it and have used multiple Agencies since then to provide on going maintenance. We have most recently been using opteo to aid in on going maintenance. Unfort...the times a bit. We are not following best practices and we are not using all of the availabile Ads types (ex. dynamic keyword insertion) Our keywords and negative keywords are pretty well set, but we are looking for assistance with our Ad Copy, Ad Types, and overall account audit to follow best practices. I am looking for a quote to: - Provide general audit of account and update as needd - Restructure our ads account to meet best practices - Create updated ad copy to increase CTR - Perform optimizations to reduce CPC and increase c...

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    Application is coded to run on 1 AZ but needs to deploy to AWS AZ to at least 2. Needs to restructure code to make the game work in different AZ. Bonus if the codes are written neatly and addl services are utilized. Dockerfile needs to be in bash shell. Please fix this according to instructions.

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    Hi. We are looking for urgent programming support for Nordic Semiconductor nRF52832 MCU. Our project is mainly related to RF Enhanced ShockBurst (ESB) protocol and custom SPI like communication. It needs BLE only for OTA-DFU. I have mostly done code examples but we like to restructure and merge the code into a single project. Past experience with Enhanced ShockBurst (ESB) protocol is highly preferred. Development needs to be done using nRF52 latest SDK and Keil MDK 5.36. Please apply with your relevant portfolio. Thanks

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    FOR ARABIC SPEAKERS ONLY We are a long running company dealing with distribution of agricultural products throughout Saudi Arabia. We are looking for a professional business consultant to evaluate our current condition in the market. We need someone possibly for an ongoing support and a full business plan to restructure the company.

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    I need someone who can update/rebuild a site on Wordpress and WooCommerse. I'm doing a restructure and I build the design in Illustrator. But I need someone to help build the page. I don't want it built with a page builder like Elementor. I want nice, clean and tidy code that is SEO. > > Please send me your hourly price + a description of your knowledge. I'm a designer and I would appreciate if you are avaliable for more collaboration. Ps. The site is in Swedish so I have to be able to update the texts.

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    I need some one to reword, proof read and shorten my e-book without taking out useful info.

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    I’m looking for a writer to restructure my business postcard words and make it more Professional

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    My Concrete5 website is a totally unique sport booking site that, once employed by a polo club, allows playing members to book their required practice chukkas for each regular club practise/training session and, after a set cut off time, an algorithm (COBOL) within the website assists the polo club manager to quickly organise a fixture which respects all the unique criteria for this sport. We have also created an editing screen for the manager to use to finesse the plan for the event before publishing the final schedule (the Chukka list) back to club members. Each playing member has a handicap, and will request an amount of chukkas (maybe from 1 to 6 short practice games), stating how many ponies they are using, whether they require any gaps between chukkas and

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    I have source code for a bespoke CFD program, written in Fortran, that I would like to re-write, slightly restructure and update to C++. The FORTRAN code is structured: Main program: 570 lines 14 subroutine files Total Code Lines: 2487 but a lot of those are repeated COMMON blocks and comments. I have source code for a bespoke CFD program, written in Fortran, that I would like to re-write, slightly restructure and update to C++. The code has been in circulation since the mid '70's, and has been modified in 1990's and by myself over the past 3 years. I edited it to compile on GCC gfortran so I could package it into 64-bit exe and added some handy logging functions. We typically use this code internally, but we have also distributed copies of the binary ...

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    We have a few optimisation tasks we need to do with our current Adwords campaign. Also, we have 2 separate client campaigns mixed into one, that need to be separated. You will be analysing and creating ads. Must have your own access to semrush or any other tools you need to do this. Must be able to start immediately. This campaign will result in ongoing future work.

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    Dear Folks, We Infospeed Services looking for freelancer who will do listed work for our wbesite

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    ...instructions and will get you reported. * Honesty = credibility Overview of transition a custom built CMS to laravel. This will involve: Mostly administration: * Converting all administration forms mostly written with datatables editor (CKE), CKEditor, Imagick, Deepzoom * Setting up a custom navbar / menu builder * Set up registration system with 2SA, custom captcha, logging, device history, etc * Restructure CSS and JavaScript assets for administration and public view * Rearranging assets will involve changing the structure so that when a new service/business is added that its' default asset base is copied from a common core, thus allowing the ability to custom functions such as contact, registration and other forms without interfering with the common original core. * ...

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    i need a developer to restructure my website so i can send to my e-commerce company and add a database to collect data

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    ...developer (Hard Coding, No plugins) to move my WordPress Website to Shopify .. WordPress Website is ready, he have to copy and paste it same exactly but over Shopify.. We need as well to translate the website to Arabic language. He have to remove all existing categories and restructure new ones.. He have to build a SEO friendly website in collaboration of our SEO Expert he have to use no plugins for any requirements, he have to do hard and clean coding.. he have to use the best theme and make sure it is the best for what we need he have to make sure that the speed of the website is not tracked and very fast and he need to deliver the website exact spit of our existing website. try to add an item to the cart and see where the we...

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    Hi My ecomerce website is already working some changes need to done like product photos product price cpanel option ssl LARAVEL

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    Api’s Notifications Delete Push notifications Chat Clear chat Block user Settings Account settings Notifications settings Request verification Public account Private account Blocked users Search sound api Interest field API on Category Admin Api’s And two three api’s according to the requirements Database updation

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    ...some changes to our current platform. This is a remote role and currently EQUITY ONLY, but we are fundraising to get some additional development capital. This is an opportunity for your to develop the IT strategy for our business and becomes a senior member as CTO. We have a range of quick fixes we'd like completed on the current platform, and then we are looking at the current platform to restructure as a scalable "white label" franchisable platform which the CTO will help drive the strategy for and implement. Developer Profile. Senior software developer with ruby on rails experience Have experience in back-end web development, with detailed knowledge of Ruby and the Rails framework Familiar with AWS cloud infrastructure and services such as S3, RDS and EKS,...

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    The PCB uses a PIC microprocessor, we want to remove some components, improve and change the layout. The PCB has an audio amplifier, opto-coupler isolators , it is around 70mm by 100mm. For this project we have the Altium project files, schematic and PCB for editing. Part of the process may require editing of the firmware of the microprocessor.

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    I have a single web page that I need help with making mobile and tablet friendly. It has bootstrap installed, but needs to be tweaked to improve its structure and view. Please feel free to restructure the div elements as you see fit to make the page responsive.

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    Restructure Website (Elementor) according to document. All content available

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    Need a specialist for finance template accounting related MS Excel here is the file : restructure financial statements development templates to automatically generate Balance Sheets, Income Statements, Statements of Cash Flows and Statements for Sharehlders equity for Month to date to date (e.g. Jan 31, 2020 - January 31, 2021), Quarter to date and year to date we have topsides that must be incorporated

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