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    I am looking for a skilled electronic project designer who can help me create an e...sound voices based on programmed text. The card should also have the ability to retrieve different sounds when a specific input pin is activated, all without the need for internet or WiFi connectivity. Budget: Less than $100 Application: Commercial use Sound Quality: Professional sound quality Ideal Skills and Experience: - Strong knowledge and experience in electronic circuit design - Proficiency in programming and coding for sound production and retrieval - Understanding of input pin activation and integration into the electronic card design - Familiarity with creating systems that do not rely on internet or WiFi connectivity - Experience working on projects with professional sound qua...

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    ...temperature sensor with remote monitoring capabilities without the need for wifi. Desired Temperature Range: - The temperature range to be monitored is 30 to 150 degrees Celsius. Remote Monitoring System: - The client prefers a wireless system for remote monitoring. Maximum Distance: - The maximum distance for remote monitoring is less than 100 meters. Skills and Experience: - The ideal freelancer should have experience in developing temperature sensors and remote monitoring systems. - Knowledge of wireless communication protocols and technologies is required. - Familiarity with low-power and long-range communication technologies is a plus. - Experience in designing and implementing remote monitoring systems without wifi is highly desirable. - The freelancer should ha...

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    I'm looking for an experienced provider to help me rent out a private room in an urban area. My private room has access to WiFi, and is located in an urban area, making it the perfect choice for all your short-term accommodation needs. The room is close to all the essentials, so you don't have to worry about travelling too far. With the provided amenities and convenient location, you can rest assured that you will have an unforgettable stay. lactated in Houston Texas, named after one of our Goldendoodles "Moose" Moose Manor Guest Suites. we have 2 goldendoodles. Contemporary home with view of Houston downtown sky line

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    Project Title: Script to Reconnect WiFi on Linux using Python Description: I am looking for a skilled Python developer with intermediate coding expertise to create a script that will automatically reconnect the WiFi when it gets disconnected on a Linux operating system. The script should be written in Python and should be able to detect when the WiFi connection is lost and then take the necessary actions to reconnect it. Requirements: - Intermediate coding expertise in Python - Experience with Linux operating system - Knowledge of WiFi network protocols and connectivity - Ability to detect WiFi disconnections and reconnect automatically - Understanding of error handling and exception handling in Python - Familiarity with Linux networking and command lin...

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    Trophy icon Icon/graphic needed Ended

    I would like a black and white icon - (with the ability to be recolored) designed. Image + AI = heart or love Digital teaching (perhaps a teacher in laptop or online teaching or laptop/WiFi) + AI (however you represent this) = love (perhaps a heart) Hoping to get what I need and end early!

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    I need someone who can code arduino c++ professionally we will use esp32 lilygo the device will have captured image - command topic to recieve from broker - response: to receive command response commands: - unlock - cam capture image - check lock status - update stored pass codes - disable/enable keypad - update broker details (new broker details will apply after reboot) - reboot esp32 Mode 3 (wifi) same as 2 just connection method is wifi ble services and commands: - user service for unlocking and pass codes update and images retrive - configuration service: mode select / read wifi credential update / read mqtt broker update / read serial number update / read keypad enable/disable but you need to use classes and good code structure, I have developed big p...

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    IRAQ Zain SIM testing We are looking for an Iraq-based person who has a mobile phone with a Zain SIM card. We would like to do a few tests for our new webpage in Iraq. The tests don't take much time, each la...we can check. Sometimes we ask you to also share the URL you were redirected to or something similar, but the test normally doesn't take more than a few minutes of your time. - since this is a test for a mobile service whose functionality we are checking, you might get billed (your balance will be billed). we are to compensate that amount, that cost does not fall on you - testing is not done with wifi, only 3g or 4g - after the test, you should unsubscribe, but no worries, we emphasize that every time we do the testing. that procedure is even shorter and does not n...

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    ...and switch on an ESPxxxx-No2 - provide visualization - provide override of detected states - provide option to test states "now" to execute the rules "now" without the configured time delay MS2: - provide option to make the above behaviour dependent to time. ... e.g. after 1:00am till 7:00am switch the device off ... except on specific dates MS3: - detect presence of users by their devices ... - wifi ... - ethernet ... - bluetooth ... - other? based on presence devices shall be able to switch on/off after a conifgurable time delay Implementations: - best practices with IOT - best practices with software and hardware engineering (buy or build) - suggested by checking current market, especially open source Your background is: - multiple years of experience w...

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    Hi stealthfighter, I noticed your profile and would like to offer you my project. We can discuss any details over chat. he end user should have a possibility to turn on WIFI module, choose the proper visible WiFi router and enter the password. Arduino board (any of your preferred) receives float data from a certain google spreadsheet and moves the 6V actuator up to the volume. There are 10 actuators. There are 10 readable cells in google spreadsheet. Stage 1: All the actuators are at 50% of their forward position. Stage 2: Arduino board checks the cells values in google spreadsheet. When the 1st cell value is 50, the actuator piston remains in the same position. When the 1st cell value is 51, the actuator piston moves out for 1 mm. When the 1st cell value is 49, the actua...

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    1 bids 40 hours/week but if you are willing, you can work up to 60 hours. Mention it in your bid. Hours must start at 7AM EST, Monday-Friday and you will be in an 8 hour shift anywhere from 7:00AM to 7:00PM depending on the time when we need you the most. Additional Considerations --Indicate if you have a second monitor or would be willing to add one. --Are you connecting using a secured private wifi network. Bonus --Most of our support team members receive an additional $100-$400/m performance bonus which is based on the number of chats taken and the number of 5-star reviews. Factor that into your bid amount as this is equivalent to an additional $2.50/hour. To make sure that you can follow instructions, we will not be considering any bids that do not include the phrase "...

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    I am looking for a company, with more than 10 employees, that has completed and tested a facial recognition attendance program. Our requirements need to incorporate Object Recognition into the program to identify specific objects that may be carried by the persons identified. The program needs to operate on a stand alone computer that has no internet or WiFi access. There could be 1,000 "recognitions" per day and an employee base of up to 700 Full details will be disclosed to the successful Freelancer. - Strong experience in facial recognition technology and programming. - Proficiency in user interface design and customization. - Knowledge of integrating systems with existing HR systems. - Familiarity with live video streaming and additional features. The project wi...

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    I am looking for someone to assist in an install of a high speed interne...looking for someone to assist in an install of a high speed internet connection at my business. I have Rogers installing it but they said I need to provide my own router and I should have my IT person to assist. I do not have an IT person. It is a Rogers fiber-optic connection and I believe I only need one connection for the business, which is a medium size. It is a small private school and we need wifi for students and teachers. I am hoping to find an experienced freelancer who can assist with the install as my IT person and address any problems that may arise. Please only submit offers if you have experience with this. If you feel your experience meets the necessary qualifications, I look forward to hearing...

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    I have a radius server to do wifi authentication for my small business and since thursday it is not loging in users anymore. It have routers with openwrt that triggers a form to login. I has worked fine for 3 years and got broken after a server restart. can use ntradping to test radius and I am getttng SUCCESS reply but with attribute dumb: unknown vendor mg

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    I'm looking to set up wifi monitoring for both of my homes, including seeing the trafic and the content if the pakage and I need help from a professional. I'm looking for advanced network monitoring, which should provide comprehensive security and reporting on my wifi network. I need a professional installation, although I'm not sure yet whether I'll need ongoing support or just a one-time setup. If you have expertise and experience in this area, my project could be the perfect job for you!

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    ... they have delivered it to us and it seems to have errors. Project description: Iot device connected to App and server through MQTT (Already working). We are looking for a collaborator who has the following experience: -Programming in "C" language -Management and knowledge in IDF expressif -Management of free-RTOS -Knowledge of structured programming -Knowledge of ADC signals Jobs to finish: - Wifi local network configuration for Esp32 microcontroller - OTA installation (remote updates via server) - Installation of Radio Frequency module -Code check in "C" to repair it or program it again. We offer: Team of collaborators in all areas (Electronics, App. Backend) Daily support as required. Contact the professional who made the current firmware for clarificatio...

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    A temperature PID controller that performs as a low limit protection using one input, one set point and one output as shall be detailed in a design brief document to be provided upon award and signing NDA. The device shall receive 24VAC power (available) and shall have a temperature sensor. The device will have no display, no buttons, no WIFI connectivity, and no memory to store history. The device does not need to communicate to a network or to the internet. it is a stand alone plug and play device. The device needs to have auto-tuning of the PID parameters to automatically change the parameters according to the response of the system it controls without the need to manually change the PID parameters by trial and error. The freelancer shall design the PCB, select the components...

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    ...Firestore. The app should be able to read and write data to Firebase Realtime Database (RTDB) and Firestore using Xcode. Authentication Method: - The app should implement email and password authentication for user login. Functionalities: - The app should have the ability to create user profiles. - The app should scan for bluetooth devices and prompt the user to input their wifi SSID & Password, or automatically share the wifi credentials from the iPhone by asking the user if they want to connect the bluetooth device to the same network - The app should read and write to Firestore and Firebase RTDB - push notification to the user Design: - No specific design or theme in mind. However, I can show you what I created - Open to any design ideas - Vertical display only I...

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    I ...devices' private IP addresses that are connected inside a wifi network and open a specific UPnP port. The script should be able to run on Linux operating system. Requirements: - Strong proficiency in Java programming language - Experience in network engineering and understanding of wifi networks - Knowledge of UPnP protocols and port forwarding - Familiarity with Linux operating system Responsibilities: - Develop a script in Java that can fetch all the devices' private IP addresses within a wifi network - Implement the ability to open a specific UPnP port using the fetched IP addresses - Ensure the script is compatible with Linux operating system Note: The script should be able to fetch the IP addresses of all devices connected to the wifi net...

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    ...notification. Then the wifi which should run AP if no network connected so then i can log in and connect to my home network. The old dev setup the server page which i can connet to with the AP and see the layout buttons and wifi. The problem is he never fully setup the sensors to work properly and also the wifi only had as AP only. This is just a home project for my bbq. What i need doing is. Temp sensor working and notifications Liquid level working and notifications Wifi properly setup so searches for local wifi and connects or AP if cant connect so i can get in the server and setup to connect. Im attaching the IDE files. I dont want to change things, add different apps etc, this is just a simple thing where i log into the AP, point to my home...

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    ...module. Requirements: - Knowledge and experience in firmware development for STM32 devices - Familiarity with ESP8266 ESP-01 module and its integration with STM32 - Proficiency in implementing Firmware Over The Air (FOTA) updates using Wifi - Strong understanding of UART communication protocol The main objective of the project is to improve the performance of the STM32 device through a firmware update over Wifi. The update will involve bug fixes or adding new features to enhancing the device's performance. If you have relevant experience and skills in wifi firmware development for STM32 devices, especially in implementing FOTA updates using ESP8266 ESP-01, please reach out to discuss the project further. I am using Nucleo-F091RC and ESP8266 ESP-01 in my se...

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    Need to open 8 URLs on smartphone, make screenshots and send me them, using AIRTEL Indian mobile internet. Important(!): - you need to have mobile phone with mobile internet connection, NOT wifi, with AIRTEL - you need to open 8 websites, one by one, make screenshots, and send me all screenshots after. 8 URLs to check = 8 screenshots total. 10 USD.

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    ...issue I am experiencing on my Mac PRO 5.1. The problem is that my wifi networks are not being detected. New pci card is detected, (Bluetooth is now working). Under system information the wifi card is detected and show all the available bands, but wifi utility wont detect any network. Operating System: - I am currently using macOS Ventura on my Mac PRO 5.1. with opencore Recent Changes: - New pci card bcm4350c2 -Previus bluetooth and wifi cards disconected Skills and Experience: - Experience with Mac PRO 5.1 and its hardware compatibility. - Knowledge of macOS Ventura and its networking configurations. - Expertise in troubleshooting wifi network detection issues on Mac systems. - Familiarity with opencore and its impact on wifi network dete...

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    ...developer to create a very basic proof of concept for an Android app. The purpose of the project is to proof out a concept and also assess developers suitability for additional projects to build out and refine the application. The primary functionality of the app will be to collect data from the local device and submit to API. Data collected will be the following: -- Device ID -- GPS location -- WiFi networks nearby -- Bluetooth devices nearby Skills and Experience: - Experience in developing Android apps - Strong knowledge of app design principles and user experience - Ability to incorporate specific design requirements and features provided by the client - Familiarity with creating interactive and engaging informational apps The ideal candidate will be able to work cl...

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    ...vary, allowing for a variable data rate. Other Peripherials are available as (current consumption, temperature sensor I2C, EEPROM I2C, RTC I2C, I/O Expander I2C mainly). If there is no connection to the internet. Sensor log is stored in eeprom. While back online, send data queue packets. Arduino UNO + Ethernet Shield 2 + custom board for peripherals --> connected to ethernet to obtain internet (No wifi) Connect to Hive MQTT Broker online. Skills and experience required for this project: - Proficiency in Arduino programming - Knowledge of MQTT protocol and server integration - Experience with 4-20mA signal sensors - Understanding of data processing and analysis - Familiarity with troubleshooting and debugging techniques - Fixed Price for project. Please provide examples of ...

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    We need our homepage slider banner (Slide 1) redesigned for our WordPress webpage. The banner will be used as one of the slider images. The only thing required is the design and source files (.ai, .psd) so we can implement it into our slider. You can see the slider image here: The image should be a banner 2000x470px. It will be used to promote and upsell ou...implement it into our slider. You can see the slider image here: The image should be a banner 2000x470px. It will be used to promote and upsell our services. We will create and animate the slider elements ourselves using the source files provided. The slider elements should contain the same text elements as the original but will also need to include an additional item: "Free WiFi Adapter"

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    The defrost cycle is not working on my home fridge. My home fridge uses the newer "Adaptive Defrost" cycle that is run by a microcontroller on the motherboard of the fridge. I don't want to replace the motherboard just for this problem so I want to bypass the problem with my own defrost control using an external ESP32 wifi-switch. EXPLANATION OF ADAPTIVE DEFROST Adaptive Defrost Adaptive Defrost can be described as a defrost system that adapts to a refrigerator’s surrounding environment and household usage. Unlike conventional defrost systems that use electromechanical timers with a fixed defrost cycle time, Adaptive Defrost utilizes an intelligent, electronic control to determine when the defrost cycle is necessary. In order to accomplish the correct defrost...

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    I am in need of a programmer who is experienced in working with MQTT Broker, InfluxDB, VictoriaMetrics, and AlertManager. The project requires the use of Python as the preferred programming language. Scenarios .. 1. I have a device which when i link to a wifi , it creates a new topic and starts pushing mqtt data on it. As we want to monitor mqtt data , we need a mechanism to know what new topic / device started sending . Now Consider every 1 day 100 new devices are creating new topics and publishing data over mqtt broker and we need to parse and data and perform alert/ save etc. Since the Format of MQTT might differ as there are different models publishing . I am looking for solution expert who can work and solve the problem of scalability and reduce delay in processing

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    ... Entain: Vertical: Step 2: Enable device Screen record on mobile/PC, check if the landing page loads quickly and check if the videos are playing smoothly on: - A computer with wifi (On your computer browser, right click the landing webpage and go to “Inspect” and go to the “Network” tab option, take a screenshot of the the loading time on each file) - A phone with wifi - A phone with mobile network For each device tested, a screen recording video file must show evidence of: -Initial access to the landing page (opening sequence); -Complete loading and the video played successfully for a minimum of 10 seconds.; Step 3: Complete a QA template .word document which provides

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    I am seeking an expert proficient in the OpenAI API for a specific project. The primary goal is to integrate ChatGPT into a WiFi-connected device. Here are the project details: ChatGPT Integration: The device should be able to interact with ChatGPT to provide real-time responses. Connection Management: The device must be capable of handling up to 1000 simultaneous or more API connections without any issues. Voice Integration: I aim to add a voice feature to the device to enable voice interactions with ChatGPT. Support and Consultation: Beyond the project's completion, I expect the expert to be available to address any queries I might have regarding potential issues related to the API or the integration. Reference: Here is a link to a video that summarizes what I am aiming...

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    29 bids that will be attached to my existing domain, but eventually its own domain. I would like the website to be a dashboard for adding and viewing wifi smart scales and then running a functions on the data from those smart scales. So a protocol would need to be created for adding smart scales with a unique identifier etc. I think it is also wise for there to be a setup protocol to setup wifi passwords etc. The website should have a user log in process to be able to view their own wifi smart scales. I will be the only user for now, but i wish to scale the website for people to have their own smart scales that they can add. I would like to make a Wifi Smart Scale using the hardware listed in the below link. I just want to modify the code and setup to publi...

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    Sealed NDA
    $160 - $479
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    I am looking for a review and edit of my fully completed PCB design. It's a board for SOM module. More details will be provided on the chat. Redesign the PCB Design: - Review the whole design and ensure it's properly routed. After the reveiw you should know the design as it's your own. - Changes to 3 components: WiFi (AP6275PR3) and 2 more (UM3304Q and WPM3028) with available on the market. The components needs to be agreed with me before they are changed. - Add speaker and microphone connectors. Support for installation : - Create a kernel DTS/DTB - Help me build the Linux and the Kernel and install. Note: the build environment is setup and the images are working fine on evaluation board. Post manufacturing troubleshooting: - Support and fix any issues that w...

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    I am looking for a freelancer who can help me solve a hacking or security issue that I am experiencing on ...for a freelancer who can help me solve a hacking or security issue that I am experiencing on my laptop. I suspect that the access was gained through wifi. I have not taken any steps to secure my laptop or resolve the issue yet, as I am unsure of what steps to take. There are specific files and areas on my laptop that are of particular concern to me. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Expertise in laptop security and hacking prevention - Knowledge of different types of malware, viruses, phishing, and scams - Experience in securing laptops from unauthorized access - Proficiency in identifying and removing malware and viruses - Familiarity with wifi security protocols a...

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    I am looking for a talented and experienced freelancer who can design a landing page for my hotel's WiFi service. The design style I am looking for should be clean and minimalist, with a neutral tones color scheme. I would like the page to feature user login/registration. Other features such as information about the hotel, or promotion of hotel services may be included for an additional cost. Please feel free to ask me any questions you have. Thanks for your time, and I look forward to working with you.

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    Combine Two Android Apps I am looking for a freelancer who can combine two Android apps. The primary app is a remote for a MultiWii drone and I want to integrate LoRa RF control (rather than the included Bluetooth/WiFi) based on an app for the Dragino LA66. I have both source codes, or can provide links to GitHub repositories. Skills and experience needed: - Strong knowledge and experience in Android app development - Experience in combining or merging different apps - Ability to understand and integrate specific features from each app into the combined app Successful freelancers should include detailed project proposals in their application, showcasing their past work and experience in merging Android apps. As the resulting app will need to be evaluated against its ability to ...

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    We are looking for professional people firmware engineer for an already existing wifi and Bluetooth pcb. No arduino programming.

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    We are looking for professional people firmware engineer for an already existing wifi and Bluetooth pcb. No arduino programming.

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    Need to open 16 URLs on smartphone, make screenshots and send me them, using 3 Indian mobile carriers - Airtel, Jio, Vodafone. Important(!): - you need to have mobile phone(s) with mobile internet connection(s), NOT wifi - you need to open websites, using all 3 mobile operators, one by one, and send me all screenshots after. 16 URLs to check and make screenshots = 48 screenshots total. 40 USD.

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    ... Entain: Vertical: Step 2: Enable device Screen record on mobile/PC, check if the landing page loads quickly and check if the videos are playing smoothly on: - A computer with wifi (On your computer browser, right click the landing webpage and go to “Inspect” and go to the “Network” tab option, take a screenshot of the the loading time on each file) - A phone with wifi - A phone with mobile network For each device tested, a screen recording video file must show evidence of: -Initial access to the landing page (opening sequence); -Complete loading and the video played successfully for a minimum of 10 seconds.; Step 3: Complete a QA template .word document which provides

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    Consultation needed to setup mutual TLS using Arduino MKR WiFi1010 device and mosquitto MQTT broker (server). There are self-signed certificates generated: CA (root), client and server. It needs using that certificate to configure mutual TLS data encryption to communicate between microcontroller Arduino MKR WiFi 1010 and mosquitto MQTT broker. The data should be encrypted using the self-signed certificate. The communication is done withing the LAN network.

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    ...for total IOT solution for 5KW solar systems ,preparation of detailed project reports , Training for the field implementation team , back-end support and warranty of 5 years . Proposed IOT spare options : Only for reference . Service provider can propose if any suitable alternate models. Item Item description Model Details for prototype testing 1 Controller board AC/DC Power ESP8266 WiFi Single Relay ESP-12F Development Board LC relay ESP 12 1R D8 2 Temperature sensor DS18B20 Stainless Steel Package 1/2/3M Waterproof 18b20 Cable Module 3 Communication moduls MAX485 Module RS-485 TTL Turn To RS485 4 Energy monitor Communication Module PZEM 004T 5 Energy meter DDS5188 5(32)A 20A LCD digital Power Consumption Watt meters AC220V 6 Dust sensor options GP2Y1014AU0F C...

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    I am looking for a developer to create an app that allows users to make voice calls via wifi to other people. The app should be compatible with both iOS and Android operating systems. Main Features: - Voice call only Design: - The client will provide the design for the app Ideal Skills and Experience: - Experience in developing apps for both iOS and Android - Proficiency in implementing voice call functionality - Ability to integrate wifi calling capabilities - Knowledge of app design and UI/UX best practices Please provide examples of previous app development projects and any relevant certifications.

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    ...and experienced embedded developer who has strong knowledge in C/C++ programming and experience with wireless protocols such as WiFi and Bluetooth 5.2/above. Task: To select and program wifi/Bluetooth chipset to 1)Transmit data 2)Pair with Bluetooth devices like speaker and headphones 3) MANET capability with IPv4 / IPv6based routing for minimum 9 nodes via WiFi or Ethernet - important one. The freelancer should select the chipsets which has an the following specifications: (i) WLAN 802.1 b/g/n (ii) Bluetooth 5.2 / Above (iii) Ethernet 10/100 M Some of chipset which matches the specifications are BL618 series and modules from Realtek. Seperate chips for WiFi and Bluetooth Maybe used. But, they should meet the low power requirements and the software re...

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    Project for Senior Electrical / Electronics Engineer. Need experience EE to upgrade 4G Wifi BLE GPS device / PCB design to change the current BLE in the design & add BLE that has ANT +. Specific details ( schematics / BOM / PCB files to selected bid only. Knowledge & experience implementing BLE / ANT+ devices required.

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    ...used for multiple deployments/applications. This board will need to be very similar to the Raspberry Pi, Rock Pi 4b, RockPro64 and have a 40 pin GPIO that has the exact same pinout as the Raspberry Pi. Board will need to have: RK3399 SoC 4GB RAM - Preferably DDR4 - and must be in dual channel config -- So 2 x 2GB SD Card - Full sized SD Card slot for the OS LAN Port - Running at 1Gbe LAN WiFi + Bluetooth - WiFi @ 2.4GHz and Bluetooth at rev 4.0 2 x USB 3.0 - for peripherals/HID 40 PIN GPIO - GPIO header with the exact same pin layout as the Raspbery Pi HDMI Port - for single display connection. USB Type C Port - This port is just to provide power to the board, no data connection on this port -- * Board will have to run on 5v DC eMMC - Header for eMMC module Board dimensi...

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    Project Title: OMG Cable or WIFI custom Keystrokes Custom Keystrokes Requirements: - Both Cable and WIFI Keystrokes needed - Less than 100 keystrokes required Ideal Skills and Experience: - Strong knowledge and experience in cable and WIFI keystrokes - Proficiency in programming languages and protocols related to keystroke automation - Familiarity with cable and WIFI technologies and standards - Ability to customize and configure keystrokes to meet specific requirements Software Compatibility: - No specific software compatibility required Note: Please provide examples or previous work related to cable and WIFI keystrokes customization when submitting proposals.

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    ...moderator of the website can approve review. People should easily be able to view reviews by scrolling/clicking or searching and then filter by captain name, vessel name, company, industry sector, type of vessel, union affiliation/crewing agency, and rating. I would also like to create a parallel page on the site that operates the same, but instead you rate the ship itself. Criterias would be food, wifi/internet service, gym, accommodations, condition of whole ship, lounge, cleanliness, pay, OT, rest hours, overall crew, camaraderie, route, and shore leave. And same as before you can filter by vessel name, company, industry sector, type of vessel, union affiliation, and rating. I will be able to provide more details latter! Overall, the goal is to help make the industry more...

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    ... Information: - Implement Bonjour/Zeroconf protocol via the VPN network - I want to be able to use iMazing remotely - Router at home is running openWRT - So if I‘m at home, and my iPhone is connected to the WIFI Network, and my MacBook is connected to the same WIFI Network, iMazing(running on the MacBook) discovers the iPhone. If I am away from home, and leave my iPhone at home, I want to be able to discover my phone on my MacBook via VPN. All setup will need to be done on openWRT Router. Here is an excerpt from the iMazing website as to how it discovers iPhones on the same wifi network: iMazing uses Apple's Bonjour service to communicate with the device over Wi-Fi. If you are experiencing issues on mesh or enterprise networks, it may be because you...

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    I am looking for a talented designer to create a modern and minimalist brochure to promote our product brochure should have 3-8 pages, providing all the necessary information in a concise and visually appealing manner. The brief is attached of the wifi service product brochure for specific social housing property owners. Please add a dummy contact social media and website contact and telephone numbers, The brief is Brief brochure with some content that needs to be used. Also attached is the customer logos. we are currently providing service to. Please note generic design will be rejected

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    Hi, I am looking for someone to edit in photoshop photographs i made of a hotel (like Remove pipe, ventilation system, speakers, wifi box. Soften lampshades. Reduce brightness and ad views on windows, straighten curtains, etc. My project is fairly urgent, since I need it completed within 4 days. This means I need someone who is confident in their ability to produce quality work and that can meet the tight deadline that I have set. I am expecting two to three revisions of the project, so all changes I make must be taken into account. So if you think you have the skill and dedication needed to undertake this project, please contact me.

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