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    READ CAREFULLY AND DON'T APPLY FOR THIS JOB IF YOU CANT DO IT LIKE I WANT !! - I need SALES VIDEO from a PRODUCT to use on facebook / instagram - I deliver you a kind of example video someone made already but i'm not happy with it, based on that video i wrote a 2nd script how i see it but it seems hard to understand my script or needs - i'm already looking 3 days here and conclusi...

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    Proof Reading for 1 page of a professional report in the domain of Engineering Management with some involvement of literature references. The text is written in an unstructured way. A certain structure has to be added to it.(introduction, problem definition, description, conclusion - detailed instruction will be provided).

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    Essay paper 5 days left

    Fact-Finding of the problem: How to revitalise a small South Pacific Island. Imagine you are trying to improve the economic or social future of a small island group like Tonga, Cook Islands. - Issues that causes the problem and what is the size of the problem - Existing strategies (such as current solutions or past attempts and what are their benefits/ limitations(advantages or disadvantages).) -...

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    Appropriate Topics: The Research Report, select one of the following research areas: i) Cyber Security and INTRANET Cloud Computing ii) Cyber Security and EXTRANET Cloud Computing iii) Cyber Security and Machine Learning iv) Cyber Security and Artificial Intelligence v) Cyber Security and Internet of Things (IoT) vi) Cyber Security and Robotics vii) Cyber Security and Medical Technology Documen...

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    Case Study 4 days left

    GENERAL MOTORS/TOYOTA Part one: 1. Conduct a Porter 5-Forces analysis of the automotive industry. Be sure to describe each of the five forces in detail and draw an overall conclusion for each. 2. Perform a detailed SWOT analysis for General Motors (5 to 10 issues listed under each category). Summarize (2 – 3 pages) what you feel is the major Strength, Weakness, Opportunity, and Threat faci...

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    With reference to no more than 10 relevant articles you should demonstrate an in depth understanding of Sales and Operations Planning, with focus on providing a critical evaluation of how S&OP can overcome the conflicting objectives between functions within the business and the benefits that can be realised if this done successfully. You must provide evidence in the form of real company exampl...

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    Article to rewrite: “Is Your Company Prepared for a Customer Data Platform?” (I'll DM the original article to you.) Rewrite this article by your own words as a guest post. You can skip parts, you can add your own parts, you can do whatever you feel like unless it matches our requirements (see below) and provides value to our target audience. Please focus the whole article on: C...

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    Old office needs to be upgraded. Diagram of the upgraded office in VISIO and Answering 6 to 7 Questions on the upgrades and final conclusion. Equipment costs etc.

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    We need to get a penetration test done for one of our websites. More websites will follow on the long run with recurring tests at fixed intervals. The testing report must include the below: 1. Executive Summary 2. Vulnerability Overview 3. Vulnerability Details 4. Risk Score (such as CVSS) 5. Action Plan for Remediation 6. Conclusion What are the certifications held by your company for penetrat...

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    Smart Contracts Requirement 3 days left

    We have built a blockchain in Hyperledger Fabric and we need smart contracts created to implement the scenario detailed below. We would liked Open Source Cicero Templates used as per the attached documentation. Further information at: [login to view URL] We need the smart contracts created that will allow the ownership of real assets to be controlled digitally. As such, on the blockchain, i...

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    Hi, We require the skills of an exceptional PHP Laravel programmer who also has strong stills in Puppeteer to making some minor fixes in a current application, but to also help with new feature requests that we need to introduce to the system. The current system allows various individual users on "company" accounts on the system to store predefined job tasks. This is achieved using Pup...

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    Research out nowadays in the journal Cell indicates that a unique alternate in the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus virus genome, before related with multiplied viral transmission and the unfold of COVID-19, is extra infectious in mobile culture. The variant in question, D614G, makes a small however wonderful exchange in the virus's 'Spike' protein, which the virus makes use of to enter human...

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    Make Presentation slide of a Research Paper “ Improving DSR protocol using genetic algorithms in ad hoc mobile networks” Have to really understand the research paper so you can work on it. Abstract, Conclusion, Future research should be done of your knowledge. Cannot copy paste the whole research paper. [login to view URL]

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    timer reminder 1 day left

    I have a gym, so i need program which allow me to make - inter name and temperature of the costumer and make timer of each one - make notification when the one complete one hour in conclusion ; the program shows : names of the customers inter the time when the customer come in inter the temperature make timer of one who i make the come in time notification when costumer complete time>...

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    I own a NON PROFIT - Non Commercial Christian Radio Station. I am a charitable radio station. I need a MP3 outro / conclusion for a podcast / radio show. Below is more information about the podcast: The name of the podcast is (Truth Restoration). It's a christian podcast. I need a good ending / outro / finish to the radio show. This is We can have voices and background music / effects. ...

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    Radio - Podcast Outro 18 hours left

    I have a radio show (podcast) that needs a OUTRO / Conclusion. I own a NON PROFIT - Non Commercial Christian Radio Station. We are charitable radio station of volunteers. I need the following below: The name of the podcast is (Truth Restoration). It's a christian podcast. I have the INTRO already. I need a good mp3 OUTRO for the ending of the radio show / podcast. We can have a Outro closu...

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    Hi Wael H., I noticed your profile and would like to offer you my project : Writing a research journal article - literature review (5000 words) • The aim of this project is write an academic research paper following academic standards. • The paper will have an introduction, literature review, methodology, discussion and conclusion • The tilte of the article is government enterprise...

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    I want 8-10 page research thesis on any one of the following topics. .1 Complex stochastic systems .2 Harmonic analysis and application .3 Markov processes and application .4 Hidden Markov models and applications .5 Random Dynamical Systems .6 Bayesian Learning and applications .7 Studies on Dynamics and Probabilistic system .8 Probabilistic models in machine learning .9 Monte Carlo methods and i...

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    Sustainability 10 hours left

    Focus on La Prairie’s sustainability position and where it stands with its parents' sustainability commitment - also Beiersdorf owns Eucerin & Nivea. Where are they positioned? etc etc It would be a case of researching the brand's position on sustainability identifying which business operating model that La Prairie is working from and then it would be a case of then suggesting...

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    "Optimization problem/algorithm but open to other solution" The algorithm takes a list of food items, and 5 user defined variables. The algorithm creates a meal plan based on the 5 defined variables. Although this sounds simple, this is a VERY complex algorithm and I'm looking for an expert that is familiar with complex algorithms that have variables dependent upon one another. I w...

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    Hey there, my name is Jason, and I'm 29. I have run my own business as a personal trainer since I was 23, and have been doing MMA at a high level since I was 20 years old. Suffice to say I kind of live in the gym. Recently I started streaming on twitch, and have come to the conclusion that I would like a logo made. Not just for my twitch profile, but potentially for my business. My twitch nam...

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    Q3. Identify and explain using relevant examples, why and how business organizations outsource and offshore their operations. What are some of their economic value to society? (10Mks) The assignment should contain the following: Tables of contents Relevant Content Conclusion Recommendat...

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    Who has the desire to start a YouTube channel or others and wants to design a logo, introduction, or conclusion, or any kind of image, or who wants to design some decorations or amend photos and videos in any way

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    Assessment Task (3000 words): *Freedom of expression is a core value in democratic societies and as the European Court of Human rights consistently reiterates is 'one of the essential foundations of a democratic society and one of the basic conditions for its progress and for each individual's self-fulfilment'. However it is not an impenetrable fortress but rather a ...

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    Assessment Task (3000 words): *Freedom of expression is a core value in democratic societies and as the European Court of Human rights consistently reiterates is 'one of the essential foundations of a democratic society and one of the basic conditions for its progress and for each individual's self-fulfilment'. However it is not an impenetrable fortress but rather a ...

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    Hello, everyone. I am finding someone who able to analyze the critical data out from my SPSS research. The topic is about green textile product and it is based on 20 questionnaire design from 220 people. I need a quality conclusion and analyse the possibility on it aswell. Please submit your profile and I will check you out.

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    I need a 800-1000 word article about nerve transmission physiology and multiple sclerosis. the article should be composed of: introduction, body, and conclusion as the following 1- introduction about nerve transmission physiology. 2- general background about MS. 3- MS pathophysiology. 4- management of MS briefly. the references should be in APA style 6th edition plagiarism should be less than 20%...

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    Hi there, I was wondering if you could please help me with my essay. It is supposed to be in French but I translated the question to English. I have posted the instructions below. According to Alice Mary Killen, Inès de Las Sierras, a story written in 1837, is the work of the romantic author "who borrowed the most from the 'terrifying' novel", even if Charles Nodier n...

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    WT1: Thoughtful evaluation to formulate reasonable conclusion LW9: Respond appropriately to changing business environment TWM 20: Evaluate operations processes within and between organisations-Recommend financing possibilities in a dynamic international environment. -Assess the impact of change on the organization [6:35 pm, 27/06/2020] Tim Tams: - Thoughtful evaluation to formulate reasonable c...

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    I wrote a thesis, and I want to check the grammar and vocab and to write it in a more formal and academic way. So I have a word file 2 pages approximately 1000 words, it contains some parts from my thesis. So it contains the abstract, conclusion, future work, and some sections from the thesis. I need someone to edit on the world file, I need it after a few hours from now.

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    The purpose of the project is to investigate if certain characteristics or patterns exists for the winning lottery combinations. The findings will be used as basis for the blog article written with purpose to give players reasonably justified strategy of selecting number combinations with higher probability of being drawn. The spreadsheet with all the detailed historical results will be provided...

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    I want a research in the field of business, my topic is “Business School Strategies for Successful Research Commercialization Process” I almost draft the whole paper but I need to expand. Work to be done: Add words in the abstract from 100 words to 300. Expand the introductions and review of literature and additional conclusion and add recommendations. (Already drafted 4009 words) I ne...

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    E-commerce app for coffee shops and brands Makes it easy for customers to order online from nearest coffee shops and registered drivers will pick the coffee and deliver it Some of the products are from coffee shops (offline) so they will make the order ready for drivers .. and some orders goes to brands distributers so they make sure to deliver the products to their customers for conclusion...

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    Write an essay where you compare aspects of apartheid to systems of enslavement in the Americas. How did both nations use prohibitive laws to keep minority populations concentrated in certain impoverished areas? Were they educated differently? These questions are used as a start to your brainstorm. Use evidence from outside resources to support your thesis statement. Make sure you edit your first...

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    Paragraph 1, Introduction (5-6 sentences) Introduce the poem and the author. Write a sentence that states your position. (i.e., The raven is real/imaginary in Edgar Allan Poe’s poem, “The Raven.”) Present 3 reasons that support your position that the raven is real or imaginary. Paragraph 2, Evidence (6-8 sentences) In this paragraph, you will discuss each of your reasons Use...

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    You will submit a final research paper on Internet and web analytics focusing on a market or designated organization. The following sections will be required as headers for your research paper. * Introduction * Background and History on Organization * Competitors * Current and Future Use of Internet Analytics * BI Recommendations * Conclusion * References Your assignment is to select an organizat...

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    Maximum budget is INR 3000/-/ 1. Benefits of using open source library. 2. Security challenges resulting because of using open source libraries. 3. Damages suffered by industry because of using open source components. 3. Major attacks because of open source components. 4. Tools - Commercial and open source. Tools ratings. 5. Best security practice to integrate open source component in your code. ...

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    I have an e-book of 14000 words which i need formatted I would need you to complete the remaing 1500 words The remainder of the book just needs to be formated, in terms of paragraph and font etc.. easy work If you have written an e-book in the past and can get this done, please message me. I need this completed in about 6 to 8 hours $15 ( 1500 word introduction and conclusion) $30 ( Format t...

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    I have an e-book of 14000 words which i need formatted I would need you to complete 1500 words The remainder of the book just needs to be formated, in terms of paragraph and fot etc.. easy work If you have written an e-book in the past and can get this done, please message me. I need this completed in about 6 to 8 hours $15 ( 1500 word introduction and conclusion) $30 ( Format the whole book,...

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    I need you to write a research article about Objectives: Interpret insight from theories. Appraise the complexities of leadership and practice. Assess own values and leadership attributes. Background: The success of any business is often attributed in large part to the qualities and attributes of its leadership. Business leaders are evaluated across many dimensions. Instructions: Choose two busin...

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    I need content writing for my blog about cat , and that is the rules . 1) topics are , cat foods , cat toys and cat grooming in english 2) each article must be well organized and SEO friendly 3) 2000 word at least each article 4) each article must start with header ends with conclusion 5) using headers and sub headers 6) I will pay 5$ for each article which mean 15$ in total 7) low plagiarism ...

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    I would like you to rewrite a data science article that I will provide you with. I would like you to rewrite it with different wording where possible . A different article structure. The objective is so that the article does not look copied or plagiarised. However the meaning and conclusion of the content should be the same. WHO I AM LOOKING FOR: I am looking for a freelancer with good gram...

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    Hi Chris: Another project for you. Criteria: The article can be both technical or business oriented in audience. Blog posts may be repurposed with information from other posts and articles, re-framed in terms of new questions, and are summarized with a conclusion. These blog posts offer information or insight and may cites information from other credible sources when necessary. Links are supplied ...

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    This is a , assigned through e-learning system to be fare for all members individual reportand you should use the programming language to solve your problem (compulsory) strictly. Marks will be given for 20% including this requirement below: − Methodology (5 marks) Include any analytical, graphical and numerical methods involved. Describe with texts and chronologically. Sample calculations o...

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    Hi Andro A., I noticed your profile and would like to offer you my project. We can discuss any details over chat. 1. Need someone to write the Civil Engineering Experience Record (EER) 2. Should be free from plagiarism 3. A Civil Engineer who has written any project like this will be considered 4. Time frame will be maximum of 2weeks 5. Matter/material as required for the project will be provided...

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    The effect of social media on teenager in UAE Introduction Study and analysis Conclusion Reference 2000 words

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    Structure of Report: *TITLE *INTRODUCTION This should give some brief, general background context; the aim of this report and perhaps anticipate its conclusions. *RESULTS :This section should select and present in a graph of some form (bar chart; graph; pie-chart) some of the most significant results and perhaps supplement these with some prose description. Do not evaluate your results here. If ...

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    Summary, brief, digest, synopsis are terms for a short version of a longer work. A summary is a brief statement or restatement of main points, especially as a conclusion to a work: a summary of a chapter. A brief is a detailed outline, by heads and subheads, of a discourse (usually legal) to be completed: a brief for an argument. A d...

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    Industrial Automation project Report format: organization and neatness Introduction Project objective, methodology, and working principles Project I/O devices, Principle of operation of I/O devices, Equipment and supportive tools Experimental studies –Relay diagram Experimental studies – Flow Chart, Logo Experimental studies –I/O connection diagram, Trainer connection diagram Res...

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    Topic: Rituximab for leukemia – antibody 1500-2000 words Deadline: Jun 22, 3pm New York Time Use PUBMED to search information Include: Introduction Description of molecule Diseases treated Conclusion Bibliography Samples are attached.

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