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    the program should create a number of threads and have each thread test a portion of the numbers for primeness. That is, suppose the user enters the value 5000. And one thread finds the primes between 0 and 1000, and another thread finds the primes between 1000 and 2000 etc. in C++ has a set class that is very similar to the TreeSet that is in

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    Part 1 Implement the following C++ code fragment in assembly language. Use the block-structured .IF and .WHILE directives. Assume that all variables are 32-bit integers. int array[] = {3,1,4,1,5,9,2,6,5,3,5,8,9,7,9,3,2,3,8,4}; int lower = 3; int upper = 8; int ArraySize = sizeof array / sizeof lower; int index = 0; int sum = 0;

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    Producer_consumer problem 6 days left

    applying multithreaded programming for implementing a producer-consumer solution, which prints a sequence of consecutive integers starting from 0 and using a fixed size buffer. the library used for this project will be pthread.

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    ...is the inverse of the first function1 takes in an array of 8 integers of value between 1-15 included return the possibility sequence representation in bits of 1s and 0s in a string up to 16 length of the order of these 8 integers in the array eg for further explantion if all 8 integers in the array are different the number of possibilities to represent

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    Hire a C Programmer 3 days left

    ...method. I did the function that works in small numbers (integers), but i need some one to make an efficient function that abel to handle numbers up to 2048 bits long. Please note, before you post your bid or accept the project, make sure to understand the problem. It is not about how to make the program works, it is all about the efficiency in the implementation

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    C and C+ expert 1 day left

    you will write a complete C program that implement a simulation for the Shortest Remaining Time First (SRTF) preemptive CPU scheduling algorithm. Note that in this exercise, we know the burst time of each process. You will read input using a file (you must prompt for the name of the file) where the input will be formatted as follows on each line

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    1) Implement Strassen’s matrix multiplication algorithm. Your program should take an input variable n (=2k where k is a positive integer, 1≤n≤ 1,024) in the Linux command line and generate two n*n random integer matrices, A and B. To avoid the integer overflow, please generate the maximum random integer as root(maximum integer/n) for each input

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    ...library reads and writes images from disk (TGA) and does operations on the images (create, fill, blend). Images are in bottom left order, and have a position defined by two integers. All operations on the Image library understand and use this position. class Image This class that defines an image. The image pixels are in RGBA format, and each channel

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    ...splitting on both subarrays as explained in step 3. The inputs include an array, starting index and ending index. - Main.c: The entry point of the entire program, which takes in an array of integers (it can be hard-coded in the main function), order them (using the above functions) and print the array. Please see attached for the exact output.

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    ...minimum values over the domain. 2. Write a function accepting a vector of values. The numbers in the vector are separated into vectors of positive even, positive odd, negative even, and negative odd numbers. All four of the created arrays are returned by the function. Create a vector with 10 random integers between -10 and 10, pass them to the function

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    Hi have three custom fields called min_age, max_age and suitable_for_adults. suitable_for_adults is a boolean, the other two are integers but max_age can be left blank. I have the below select element to choose a filter: <select name="age"> <option value="all">All ages</option> <option value="3-4" selected="">3-4 year o...

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    I have many rows of 5 integers, I need to predict at least 2 with 98% + accuracy for each new row. There are no missing values and I will provide the datasets. If you can provide 3 or more accurate predictions on for each new row I will pay more.

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    Background Integer.MAX_VALUE is the maximum value of a Java int: 2147483647. If you want to work with even bigger integers, you have the option of using the type long, which has the maximum value of Long.MAX_VALUE = 9223372036854775807. But what if you this is not enough? What if you are working on something like an astronomy application, and

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    Basic Assembly Language Programming Create an ARMv8 A64 assembly language program that finds the maximum of y = -3x3 − 24x2 + 13x + 31 in the range −8 ≤ x ≤ 5, by stepping through the range one by one in a loop and testing. Use only long integers for x, and do not factor the expression. Use the printf() function to display to the screen the values

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    Tab delimited text file with 100,000 lines of data, each containing 4x 32-bit integers. Need to extract each 32-bit integer set and send via Modbus protocol to a machine. Sending via Modbus has already been figured out in VB, we just need help extracting the data at a preset (but changeable) interval ranging typically from .5 seconds to 2 seconds.

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    Create a Swift Xcode 9 iOS single view app that contains (1) a slider that slides between integers 1 and 10, (2) a text box that displays the picker's value and (3) a button that saves the integer to core data along with a time stamp. With this simple app enables, the user selects a value from between 1 and 10, and taps a button to save the value

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    Write a simple sequence-number system through which two concurrent processes, P1 and P2 each obtain unique integers in the range [1, 100]. Use the fork() call to create P1 and P2. Given a file, F, containing a single number, each process must perform the following steps: a. Open F. b. Read the sequence number N from the file. c. Close F. d. Output

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    ...| | 6 | 7 | 8 | The program will be executed as follows: $ python [url removed, login to view] <method> <board> The method argument will be one of the following but all have to be implemented bfs (Breadth-First Search) dfs (Depth-First Search) ast (A-Star Search) The board argument will be a comma-separated list of integers containing no spaces.

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    ...client and soap client created dinamically from the database, by now there is no need to query the db and get the info, could be done by hardcoded variables (both string and integers), create the client and hit an endpoint (created dynamically too), get the response and parse the result body to an List of this kind of object: FieldName FieldtTpe

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    ...spring java rest client create dinamically from the database, by now there is no need to query the db and get the info, could be done by hardcoded variables (both string and integers), create the client and hit an endpoint (created dynamically too), get the response and parse the result body to an List of this kind of object: FieldName FieldtTpe

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