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    Project Description: Web Scraping Data of Ecommerce Website I am looking for a freelancer who can help me scrape data from the ecommerce website I specifically need to extract product names and prices from this website. Skills and Experience: - Proficiency in web scraping tools and techniques - Experience in scraping data from ecommerce websites - Knowledge of HTML, CSS, and XPath - Ability to handle large amounts of data and organize it effectively - Attention to detail and accuracy in data cleaning and organization The data extracted from the website should be cleaned and organized before delivery. The freelancer should ensure that the scraped data is accurate and free from any errors. If you have the skills and experience required for this project, please submit y...

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    ...specific website/platform. Skills and Experience: - The ideal freelancer should have experience in web scraping and resolving scraping errors. - Knowledge of proxy services, specifically BRIGHTDATA, is required to address the "<429 PROXY BRIGHTDATA>" error. - Proficiency in programming languages commonly used for web scraping, such as Python or Ruby, is necessary. - Familiarity with HTML, CSS, and XPath is preferred. - The freelancer should have a proven track record of successfully completing similar projects and providing high-quality work. Project Proposal: - Freelancers should include their past work experience in web scraping, specifically in resolving scraping errors. - Detailed project proposals outlining the approach and solution to address the "<...

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    I am in need of an experienced developer who is skilled in Oracle XPath queries. I am looking to extract certain element and attribute values from an XML file, as well as retrieve certain node sequences. I already have a sample XML file available for testing and development purposes. The project needs to be completed within 1-2 days, so the ideal candidate must be able to work quickly and effectively. If you believe you have the necessary skills for this project, please submit a proposal.

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    I need to control android apps with Bluestacks emulator and C#. Specifically, I am l...specific applications. The level of testing complexity I am expecting is simple functionality testing. I am open to working with someone experienced in this area who can help me find the most efficient, straightforward way to achieve my desired result. - Create Instances of bluestack emulator - Connect the instance to proxy - Install Google Chrome - Bulk Instance creation and controller - Use xpath selector of the emulator to determine the actions - Open Chrome app - Type and go to the website - And finally click on "three dots" and go to history of browser - Clean Code and professional OOP should be used for development - C# should be used for handling the requests. Simple Winform ...

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    ...transferring it to Google Sheets Skills and Experience: - Strong experience in web scraping and data entry - Proficient in using tools and software for web scraping - Familiarity with Google Sheets and data entry - Attention to detail and accuracy in data entry - Ability to work independently and meet daily deadlines PROJECT IN DETAIL We Need to scrabe some info from these to websites we just need the XPATH URL to IMPORT THE DATA TO google sheets Using the IMPORTXML or IMPORTHTML or IMPORTDATA FUNCTIONS WEBSITES ARE INFO REQUIRE ARE ATTACHED AS PICS THE Function IMPORTXML IS RESULTING IN AN ERROR MESSAGE CAN ANYONE OFFER US A SOLUTION ASAP *** ONLY BID IF YOU HAVE A SOLUTION TO THIS PROJECT. THE FIRST ONE TO OFFER US THE SOLUTION WILL BE AWARED

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    I am looking for a web scraping coder with experience in Python to scrape specific text from a single website. The ideal candidate will have: - Proficiency in Python and web scraping libraries such as BeautifulSoup and Scrapy - Strong understanding of HTML and CSS - Ability to navigate and extract data from websites using XPath or CSS selectors - Experience in handling and storing scraped data in a structured format, such as CSV or JSON - Attention to detail to meet my specific requirements for the format and structure of the scraped data. If you have the skills and experience necessary for this project, please provide examples of your previous web scraping work.

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    if you know how to use this to get resorceid or xpath then you can bid , am trying to get xpath from mobile app but i keep failing , i need someone to show me how

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    I am seeking assistance from someone experienced in using Appium Inspector. I have an Android app that offers unique features. Despite my attempts, I have been unsuccessful in extracting XPath using Appium Inspector. I am willing to share the app's name in our conversation and hope for guidance on how to successfully retrieve the XPath from the app

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    ...following website: Please ensure that the code leverages its own web browser in headless mode (if your solution requires an external browser driver). This will be running inside a docker container at some point and will not have access to any UI see the Excel file for Expected output... 1. Calculate the Xpath automatically for the "Argument Reference" section () 2. Parse all the bullet points under the section 'This resource supports the following arguments:', there are 5 from this webpage 3. for each bulletpoint : Parse the text inside the inner <code> tag , this we will call it the 'argument_name'

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    ...Hint: use jsonschema2pojo for reducing your time for this work The process of the code to implement: 1. open with selenium + browser a website which is containing a form 2. The form can be partially filled with url query parameters 3. now run the search via the form 4. on the second page you have to use even more url query paramters to filter the results 5. for some cases you may require also xpath based handling Use common spring boot pattern: - service class(es) to access API - DTO classes In later phase MSx this classes will be persisted into postgresql+h2 (not part of this first gig) Deliveries? - in our on premise git (access will be granted to you) - full sources - maven - JDK 17 Requirements: - clean code - code checked with checkstyle, pmd, spotbugs Payment? - you ...

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    Scraping Product Information from a Website I am looking for a freelancer who can scrape Product Information from a website that I will provide. The project requires the following skills and experience: - Proficiency in web scraping using Python or another relevant language - Experience in scraping Product Information from websites - Knowledge of how to extract data from websites using XPath or CSS selectors - Familiarity with CSV data format The project involves scraping Product Information from the website and delivering the data in CSV format. The data fields to be extracted include: - Product Name - Product Description - Price - Image URL - Product Category If you have the skills and experience required for this project, please submit a proposal with your relevant experienc...

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    Please read the description carefully I am looking for an Autimation developer to: Write test specs using Javascript on Webdriver IO framework (BDD) Hands on experience in Xpath and iframes Experience working on salesforce is a plus Experience using Jira, Bitbucket Experience in Circle CI Should be able to review PRs created by other automation developers

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    ...HTML, CSS , Responsive websites , Material UI, Redux 3. Experience in defining AWS , server less architecture 4. Ability to work in Agile environment 5. Must have experience in arriving at estimates 6. Good presentation skills 7. Excellent communication skills 8. Experience in windows and Linux environment 9. Must have experience working with different format (JSON, REST, SOAP, WSDL, XML, XPath, XSLT) 10. Must be aware of security aspect of project. Experience in Oauth 2.0, SAML, LDAP, Active Directory, JWT Tokens, SSL, PKI, Keystore, API Security 11. Must have experience in Docker, container, Kubernetes and AWS ECS Lambda. 12. Experience in implementing Devops pipeline using Jenkins 13. Good to have - Shell scripting, Ansible, Terraform 14. MongoDB aggregation experi...

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    I am looking for someone to create a web browser userscript/extension for me. It should auto click on web page elements based on xpath and pixel. There are 100s of button on that page. Time schedule is also needed.

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    I am looking for an EXPERT web scraper that can build it in PHP. Looking at these guides I think it is possible to do what I want to do. It is mostly logging into a website, and collecting information from tables and forms to then store in a MySQL DB. The websites do NOT have MFA or captcha, and I do have permission to scrape the data. It should be written in vanilla / plain PHP as we will take the code and my team will modify it into a WordPress plugin. Please include in your bid "PHP not Python for Scraping" so that I know you are a real bid.

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    We are looking for A Python Web Scraper to extract data from and transform it into JSON format for a one-time project. The candidat... and transform it into JSON format for a one-time project. The candidate will develop and maintain a Python script for web scraping, extract relevant data accurately, and transform it into JSON format based on our specific requirements. The ideal candidate should have experience in web scraping libraries such as BeautifulSoup, Scrapy or Selenium, knowledge of HTML, CSS, and XPath, and experience with data transformation and JSON formatting. Attention to detail and the ability to work collaboratively with the team are essential. New programmers are welcome, and we will provide necessary guidance and support.

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    I want a chrome extension that will run in the background of all pages will show a js alert with the xpath location or css locator of any element clicked

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    Hi, I need someone who is an expert with scraping and will help me set up a basic octoparse scraper. Page 1 take title > click URL and take other elements. ( some xpath scraping is needed)

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    ...extension that can use OpenAi (Codex. GPT3 etc.) or other Ai and Machine Learning tools to help our users do 3 main activities: 1- Find multiple CSS or xPath locators to ping-point a specific element in the source code of the page by entering the text value of that element, its type, its number of occurrences and specify that text value precedes/follows it. For example: Target element text result is: Element type: URL Number of occurrences in the page: 1 Preceded by element text value: Product Image Followed by element text value: Price And the Chrome extension will provide 1 or more possible CSS and or xPath locators that reply to the conditions/requirements above. 2- Find the REGEX (JavaScript) rule that can give the expected results. By doing the following:

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    Looking for someone who can help with setting up xpath for data extraction process.

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    Need to read data from XML/Json file using typescript. Need to get the value of child node values using its siblings key value pair and should build dynami xpath from obtained values

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    Hello, I would like to write a simple bot (i have already started writing this script) which would go to the specific page (service now) - one page - could be hardcoded and do operations like that: 1. double click on the specific TD in the same row when the specific text occurs (I think this element can be found only by xpath - there is no ID or CLASS) and input text should be loaded 2. enter text into input and unclick this TD 3. refresh the page 4. return to point 1... etc.. only one problematic thing can be I don't have testing environment and I cannot share the code of the environment so share screen session will be only one option to complete this task

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    ...Product comparison 1.6-) Creation of filtering template by product categories 1.7-) Having a product vendor web panel 1.8-) XML or API integration with product vendor 1.9-) Adding and updating products via the admin page 1.10-) Matching the products of the product seller with the products on the site via the Admin page 1.11-) Roboto to check price change via admin page 1.12-) Price reading robot like xpath. 1.13-) Graphical creation of historical price archive Step 2 2.1-) Creation of the membership system 2.2-) Integration of the comment system 2.3-) Notify system when price drops 2.4-) Price search with barcode code 2.5-) Making a mobile application 2.6-) Product price comparison with QR and barcode on mobile application...

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    What you bring • Minimum 5+ years of experience in software development. • Programming experience in NodeJS and React/Redux. • Experience with databases, SQL, or NoSQL. • Experience with RabbitMQ, Amazon MQ, Zero MQ or other similar queuing services. • Familiarity with web technologies, such as HTTP, JSON, HTML, XPath, JavaScript, etc. • An eagerness to learn new things, and improve upon existing skills, abilities, and practices. • Knowledge in an Agile software development environment, • Experience with REST services and API design. • Experience with version control systems (Git, Subversion, etc..). Revert with answer of this query: Describe your recent experience with similar projects?

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    I would need an app that can pull product data from ANY site that I choose. This app must be dynamic and this task is only for advanced web developers. Please do not apply if you have no experience in programming Java Script or manipulating CSS at an advanced level. The app will eventually produce an excel file THAT IS CLEAN. Please no questions about the project as this post is self explanatory if you are experienced. Furthermore, the respective candidate will continue to work on this as time goes by so this task will be an introductory assessment of your skills. Please move forward for experienced candidates if you do not have high level web development experience.

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    i need help with php and xpath to get value between span it's not get text budget max 10$

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    I looking for one professional who can use Scraping some websites using my account on , and is a long term job I will need a lot of hours scraping a lot of websites. You need to create task on this software on Octoparce and then send to me to import into my octoparce. Only using this software , not scraping with other tools. Could be good if you did before Scrapy XPath APIs and another tools to scraping. Fell you free to chat if you have any questions. best regards

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    My company uses Octoparse to aggregate car rental prices from a popular booking website. The website changed their layout a few weeks ago so the previous Octoparse workflow is now defunct. I've managed to recreate the URL lists and workflow with the new website layout, but the scraper misses the first 10% or so of the data on the site. It appears the first 10% of listing have a different XPath which the scraper does not recognize. I've tried manually selecting these fields on different test runs to have the necessary data extracted, but the scraper just duplicates the first selection down the page. I've managed to solve every hiccup up to this point, but this one has me clueless as the scraper is not even able to identify the first few lines of data. This has caused a...

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    ...followings: 1. scrape a web page ( all bundles of the site ) The input of the function is web page source file The outpot should be a python list , for ex: bundle_id, desc, price, GB_count, Min_count, sms_count,auto_renew, period, xpath, url , active_bundle = scrape_page(web_page_source) 2. a function to scrape a bundle details from bundle_id The input of the function is bundle_id The outpot should be a python list like previous one for ex : description, price, GB_count, Min_count, sms_count, auto_renew, period, xpath, url, active_bnudle = scrape_bundle(bundle_id) I included a file which contains a web_page_source called if you are able to extract the above data, then bid Note (1), This site is in Arabic language I prefere the bidder must...

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    Hello all, A GSM prepaid company sells minutes bundles and 3G bundles, need a python function to scrape the following data: input is mobile number output is the following: 1. bundle ID 2. description 3. Price 4. GB 5. Minutes 6. auto renew ( true, false ) 7. period ( daily, weekly,monthly,renew ) 8. xpath ( must be a seperate function need to be recalled in other places in the python code) 9. url for bundle picture ( to be downloaded ) 10. number of sms 11. active bundle ( if any ) we must input mobile number the function will reurns the above information must develop a seperate function to extract these details for a specific bundle ( input is bundle id ) and it will returns the same above details

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    I have access to webscraping software that allows the creation of custom scans. I need somebody to provide the xpaths to complete the attached information in the file. Initially it will be 5 sites. If these can't be done for whatever reason I will provide more. Strong possibility of future work.

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    hi i need help to get the h1 from some link this MUST be with curl + PHP !!!! not pyton if u can do this tell me i send u link and need u realese the h1

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    hi i have code all work most time but have some issue with some site i see element and not get the text on element it's most work curl and php if u can help, u can with anydesk connect to me to see and get the code if u need only 1 element i need

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    I have a custom php script which uses xpath to grab product prices from a target website. It worked fine till the target website activated cloudflare's protection and it does not allow my script to parse/grab prices anymore. I suppose cloudflare somehow realises that i am not a human, so target website denies access. Is there any php developer knowing how to overcome this problem? Please respond to this only in case you know how to solve it. Target website is this in case you want to test it:

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    Am having trouble selecting multiple row at the same time using xpath. Each of the elements as these ids //*[@id=":xa"] //*[@id=":sm"] //*[@id=":u6"] Am in need of a freelancer with a decent knowledege of xpath to help create a global xpath that will select all the items in the table

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    I am creating a site scraping script and want to get the url with xpath. HTML syntax you want to get onclick="('url') " I want to get this 'url' part. The driver uses selenium's chromedriver and also uses BeautifulSoup.

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    I am webscraping using Python, Selenium, XPATH etc. I have a basic understanding - however I would like someone to look at the XPATH in the attached file. It is scraping a list from a table - however the XPATH I am using returns a stray element in the list. I don't know where this element comes from or how to filter it out. I am after someone to provide the correct XPATH or solution using SELENIUM. I would like this solved ASAP. Thankyou.

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    If you access the site and click the check box to search, it will be judged as a checkbox click uses selenium's I want to do is click the checkbox and transition to the next page. T...selenium import webdriver import time ChromeOptions = () driver = (options=ChromeOptions) driver.implicitly_wait(20) url = '' (url) (1) driver.execute_script("(0, 1200);") # click1 driver.find_element("xpath", "//div[@class='searchItem']/ul[@class='horizonal_list w22']//li[11]/label").click() # click2 driver.find_element("xpath", "//input[@id='form_submit_button']").click() # robot judgment -------------------------------------------------------

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    I am webscraping using Python, Selenium, XPATH etc. I have a basic understanding - however I'm constantly getting errors that I spend way to much time ironing out. For example - the attached code returns "" - however the XPATH does locate what I am after in the DOM. I am after someone to help/ tutor me with this. Thankyou.

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    Using Python, Selenium, XPATH and Webscraping skills, I would like to: For this link: Webscrape the prize money for each horse. So for this race the desired list would be: [$35,000, $83,210. $38,500, $40,200, $40,550, $47,700, $42,950, $38,475, $52,815, $81,730, $32,250] It is the XPATH and code of how to get this list that I am interested in. I do have Python, Selenium, XPATH and Webscraping skills - but at a basic level. I need this done ASAP. Thankyou.

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    You will write simple extensions that will concatenate selection with a given string. 1. User selects the string 2. User clicks the right mouse button to show a context menu 3. User then clicks CONCATENATE 4. Extensions then connect to 3rd party API (sending the value of the selected text, div Id, full XPath, URL, and other browser data like version, language, etc.). API has an authorization with JWT, so there has to be an option page where the user enters the token first and saves it (it has to work between resets and ideally use the same system like google cloud sync that is built in V3 manifest) 5. Retrieved value will be used to concatenate the selected text & value. 6. Finally, it will replace the text in the browser. It is designed to work in text inputs. It has to w...

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    Java Web Services and XML The parsing of XML must be performed, which is further presented using one of the technologies: SAX, DOM, StAX, Xpath and XSALT, JAXB, and at the output, to display detailed information about all books whose price is higher than 10 and which were published after 2005. The project must be sent as a complete Maven Java project made in IntelliJ Idea, SDK Java version 16. When sending project as archive do not forget to delete the target folder.

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    I am trying to webscrape a value from a website - but I can't figure out what I doing wrong - it returns nothing. Please look at the attached code and pinpoint where the error is. I will pay once the solution is found - I figure it will be easy for someone who is good with Python/ Selenium/ Webscraping. Expected output is: ['Sugar And Sweet', 'Beaudacity', 'Kadena', 'Koyuga Bound', 'My Artemis', 'No Baby No', 'Lily Allez', 'Frisson', 'What Happened', 'Bastyan', 'Wasabi', 'Eastern Pegasus'] Thankyou Angus

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    Only needed one day to consult on highly technical difficult java item Expert High Level Java Skills SQL skills Selenium Reg Expressions Xpath

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    Only needed one day to consult on highly technical difficult java item Expert High Level Java Skills SQL skills Selenium Reg Expressions Xpath

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    Job description  Responsibilities: o Create new E2E tests o Analyze test-reports o Modify existing tests cases Skills  Must have: o Good knowledge of BDD (Behavior Driven Development) o Experience with Selenium or selenium-based frameworks o Strong understanding of Xpath and CSS locate strategy o Understanding of REST architecture o English A2/B1 o Experience with E2E API testing o Knowledge of any programming language (priority Java/Groovy) Nice to have: o Experience with Spock framework o Conception and execution of performance and load tests o X-Ray know-how and skills o Experience with Git o Experience with Gitlab/Jenkins CI/CD to configure jobs for auto-tests o Experience with Docker

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    Hello, I started a small webpage where people can try and learn XPath. The functionality should be very straightforward. 1. a field or div should show some XML (pre tags?) 2. from an input field people can enter an XPath expression 3. XPath should be evaluated on keypress 4. if there is some match, then the selected block or line should be highlighted. This should work on a standalone page. You can use Jquery. I will share what I have so far.

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    ...Service. Basically the addin will monitor the current url that is navigated to in the browser. Should it be of a particular website page type, then it will extract some values from the current page using XPath supplied, and then contact the ASP.Net Core WebAPI with these values. The server will then check a SQL Server Table for each URL passed, and will send back a response as to whether the url is in the database table or not. The response will then be updated on the addin window within Chrome to show the status, but also update the various elements they relate to based on the XPath that was originally used, to add some extra markup like opacity values to some html tags. There is an add button for each one, that will be a new html element added, and if clicked the ad...

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    ...1 or more Party objects; each Party will contain one @Id attribute, and one Outcome/Choice attribute (OverallChoice/Choice/Outcome @Choice). It is important not to validate the files against the provided XSD - the XSD is provided for information/assistance, but the XML files may contain data that is not included in the XSD. However - the 3 data points we need will always be found at the same XPath locations: TransactionId: /BaseSchema/BaseSchemaResponse/Result/SchemaExtension/Response[@TransactionId] Party Id: /BaseSchema/BaseSchemaResponse/Result/SchemaExtension/Response/Parties/Party[@Id] Outcome/Choice: /BaseSchema/BaseSchemaResponse/Result/SchemaExtension/Response/Parties/Party/OverallChoice/Choice/Outcome[@Choice] The output file will be a plain text CSV file ("&q...

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    Need to develop a python script to automatically some value from a website by using XPath

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