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    I want instagram hacking program. It should be special for me. The program should not contain viruses. I do not want programs like KeyLogger. After writing the username, the password should come to me.

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    We need a device, builded such as STM32F407 series processor which has features to meet our needs. We are Looking for engineer/engineers who design and wrote it's program according to given functionality. • The device software must be upgradeable by the remote . • The device should have a default Ethernet RJ45 port for network connection and opti...

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    We have 4 .mot file files. (Motorola S-Record) Example line (abbreviation) --S0030000FC S206080000497533 S22008000264003A0050004900460054003C00620032007500280093001E00C40022 S22408001EC00300006814BC04C20300006A14BE04CA0300007214C604CC0300007414C80471 S22408003ECE0300007614CA04C80300007814CC041E00080000000000423900006C14C00460 S22408005E443900006E14C204463900007E14D204483900007014C4044A390...

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    i need an admin panel that i can upload posts and which will upload same posts simultaneously to my 6 wordpress websites. content of the posts are shown below: -title -text -tags -category -featured image

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    We have a ready database and ready PC software which works together. I would like to see tables via browser as datagrid format and add, edit, delete etc. Datagrids has to have sort, filter properties. And we have to make a gantt chart via browser.

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    ...create a PHP script, 1- This work ' [login to view URL] Token&scope=crmapi You will get all data for Leads module. 2-For get data from another module you will run this: [login to view URL] Token&scope=crmapi&id=Record ID&parentModule=Module

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    I need some matlab code for the temperature control system.

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    I have a magento store in which I sell wallpaper murals. Sometimes when you click on any product the getimagesize() function is not working in the product page. I need the image size in the product page for other functions to work. I get errors as below: 2017-07-28T12:24:35+00:00 ERR (3): Warning: getimagesize([login to view URL]): failed to open stream: Connection timed out in /home/duvargiy/...

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    I have a property grid like this : [login to view URL] . But it not enough for me. I need multicombobox : [login to view URL] I want to add multicombobox as custom editor to property grid. MultiCombobox: [login to view URL]

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    Hi, we have an e-commerce web site. We sell natural stone bracelets. It is built in wordpress and woocommerce. We need a plug-in that customers can choose natural stones and make their own designs. at the end of the desing , product will be added to the DB (to the "Designs" category) and to the customers Cart. if u need i can draw and send screen shots what is in our mind.

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    ...<stockDetail><![CDATA[Ürün 3 Gün içerisinde stoklarımızda olacaktır]]></stockDetail> <shippingDay>2</shippingDay> <shippingDetail><![CDATA[16:00'a kadar verilen siparişler aynı gün gonderilir]]></shippingDetail> <typeOfWarranty>1</typeOfWarranty> <warrantyPeriod>2</warrant...

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    ...<stockDetail><![CDATA[Ürün 3 Gün içerisinde stoklarımızda olacaktır]]></stockDetail> <shippingDay>2</shippingDay> <shippingDetail><![CDATA[16:00'a kadar verilen siparişler aynı gün gonderilir]]></shippingDetail> <typeOfWarranty>1</typeOfWarranty> <warrantyPeriod>2</warrant...

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    ...<stockDetail><![CDATA[Ürün 3 Gün içerisinde stoklarımızda olacaktır]]></stockDetail> <shippingDay>2</shippingDay> <shippingDetail><![CDATA[16:00'a kadar verilen siparişler aynı gün gonderilir]]></shippingDetail> <typeOfWarranty>1</typeOfWarranty> <warrantyPeriod>2</warrant...

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    I need an implementation of existing well-known algorithm in C#.

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    ...from thousands of movies from the Wikipedia movies list which list all the movies ever released, and even upcoming and adds all the movie details to a database row by row. 2. Then, loop through the database and for all rows that don't contain links, it has to be scrapes movie links by using the movie titles scraped from Wikipedia movies list. These

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    I need a BACKEND Developer for a mobile project.

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    Send Tcp/Ip packet to another server application to simulate client behaviour. I already got the package with smart sniff ([login to view URL]) The only necesarry is send the packet with packet sender ([login to view URL]) or any else program you want..

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    I'm using Android studio and FireBase to do the system. I ran into a problem like the one below. I use CardView in the Fragment. I'm getting firebase. If there is any change in the database, the [login to view URL] (); Is not going to the old position because it is. With Teamviewer I can open my source code. " // Firebase ref = new Firebase(Config.FIREBASE_URL); ...

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    Hi, I need a PHP developer. All products will transfer "Nebim Accounting Software" to "Opencart". Nebim Software has REST API for getting datas. And I can show you database for tables and queries. Thanks

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    Hello, I have a sdk. It is a trial version. I need a program which can activates the sdk as unlimited. And also it can activates the sdk for one month for sell to other person by me. Please if you can do that appeal the project.

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    Encoding of the naive bayes algorithm with signed data in pyhton. pyhton have existing naive bayes' library but i dont want to use this librarys. i believe that someone coding naive bayes algorithm with signed datas without using existing naive bayes' librarys.

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    To build a system based on AVR ATMega128 (and UNI-DS6 development board) which does multi-tasking across multiple interface types and AVR subsystems such as parallel I/O, USART, A/D conversion, and waveform generation with fixed and modulated pulse width

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    Capture data from two sites with security code with cURL and save them in the database. 1 - The username and password of the company will be provided by MySql. 2- Enter the user name password and security code on the 1st page and the information will be taken from the information screen and MySQL will be written (1. site: [login to view URL]

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    We need an app creator system for events and conferences. we organize 20 events in a year. we want to create an app for each one with the creator system. Apps will be on IOS and Android. System will work on php. I will share the details with freelancers who contact with me.

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    step1==> Speech recognition on PC microphone (speech to text) step2==>text to sign language (english)

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    matlab project 2 questions.. upload files

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    Multiple readers,multiple writers using semaphore and multithreading

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    Hi, i want a video player like ororo.tv. I want to serve our education videos with english and turkish subtitles.

    $89 (Avg Bid)
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    develop a desktop application accessing to a relational database system (choosing one of RDBMS in this list: MySQL, SQL Server, PostgreSQL) and MongoDB database system working on this sample database

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    Looking for an experienced magneto front and back end developer to assist with developing ecommerce platform.

    $75 / hr (Avg Bid)
    $75 / hr Avg Bid
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    I need someone who can integrate [login to view URL] to my php website for real-time multiplayer gaming with ajax queries. I need that urgent. [login to view URL]

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    software for online game

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    Hi, i need a help for our social responsibility project. i am a new user for animate cc and also i need an actionscript and flash file for an android application. i want to explain what i need. i hope i can tell you what i need. - i want to make an android application with animate cc. i can make basic applications and also i can publish. - i want to select a file from android device's ...

    $20 (Avg Bid)
    $20 Avg Bid
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    Develop a code that can calculate and plot the variations of total pressure ratios, and static pressure ratios of pressure, density and temperature across a normal shock wave as a function of Mach number for a monoatomic, diatomic, and triatomic gases.

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    I have sql ce file password protected , can anyone unlock

    $10 - $30
    $10 - $30
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    I want to have a website where housing projects are located, login input and the client can publish his own advertisement

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    $148 Avg Bid
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    I need help with configuring TM1 and doing a sample application. Environment is ready, Cognos Analytics and TM1 installed, LD...application. Environment is ready, Cognos Analytics and TM1 installed, LDAP is ready to use. I need to learn 1. how to integrate Cognos Analytics and Planning analytics - 1 hour 2. how to build a simple cube - 1 hour

    $35 / hr (Avg Bid)
    $35 / hr Avg Bid
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    hi there, we would like to use attached screenshot option on our wordpress website. you would check the system from [login to view URL] , your task is to create that option for our website with mobile responsive selection.

    $22 (Avg Bid)
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    VPN server + VPN client + web proxy server with C or C++

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    ...facebook login implement project. This project should be made with latest mvc technologie. there are several page. 1- login page (design not importan,can be default bootstrap) 2- click facebook login button then call facebook api. 3- if login success redirect to another controller action. 4- facebook post button share example post 5- facebook like

    $99 (Avg Bid)
    $99 Avg Bid
    11 bids

    MSP432 de rastgele analog signal üretimi

    $33 (Avg Bid)
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    Adsense auto click code.

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    HTML5, blackjack multiplayer, at least 2 up to 7 players, Bitcoin integration will be done. Users may register with the site. the game will work on Facebook and players will be able to purchase the chip. The site will be mobile and tablet responsive. The graphics of the game reflect the environment of the casino (3D GRAPHICS) [login to view URL]

    $5 / hr (Avg Bid)
    $5 / hr Avg Bid
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    i'm looking for a "mention" programme in a good condition. This programme must create new accounts. And use these new accounts for mention user lists. If anybody have a programme like this or develop this programme , please write me.

    $154 (Avg Bid)
    $154 Avg Bid
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    Make Google Drive Video Play On JW Player By Using API

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    $71 Avg Bid
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    user mail system. (pop,imap) Features Receive mail Send mail Mail search Delete mail Junk mail

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    Coder will deliver resource files. A one-paged website with asp.net c#. Target: 1. Coder will programatically (asp.net/C#) login to a https website which was built with PHP. 2. Inside the website, HTML data of one of the pages will be retrieved as string. 3. I will data-mine that string. 4. Source of Login page of the website: <form method="post"

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