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Project/Contest Description Bids/Entries Skills Started Ends Price (USD)
4900 shahnawaz nagori Using Cardinal Commerce with the link provided below, please run a test to add 3d secure to PayPal business. [url removed, login to view] At present our PayPal account doesn't process card payments with 3D Secure. I need a developer to add 3D using our API credentials. This is a simple task that shouldn't exceed a day. I have several sites and clients who require the same. 14 PHP, Website Design, Software Architecture, HTML Nov 28, 2016 Nov 28, 2016Ended $8780
Concept/ Theme/ Ideation Development Writing - 28/11/2016 theme / concept/ ideation 7 Copywriting, Ghostwriting, Articles, Content Writing Nov 28, 2016 Nov 28, 2016Ended $450
Write an Android application - 28/11/2016 06:39 EST 24 Mobile Phone, Android Nov 28, 2016 Nov 28, 2016Ended $14
utility distribution system a single two-transformer substation will be used to supply the transportation hub  the substation will be fed initially from one of the 138 kV lines  when the transportation hub load reaches 35 MW, the second 138 kV line will be tied into the substation  the 230 kV line will not be used to serve the transportation hub 1. Start your project by developing a year-by-year load forecast for the first 10 years of the transportation hub. Start the load at 10 MW in year 1, growing to 50 MW in year 10. Assume a load factor for each year. Assume an uncorrected power factor of 85% lagging. 2. Develop a plan for power factor correction. Show the plan projections year by year. 3. Draw a map showing the layout of your primary feeders. Assume a feeder loading of 10 MW to be “fully loaded.” Decide how many feeders need to be built initially, and develop a plan showing when new feeders will be needed. Also show ties (normally-open connections) between the feeders. Specify the devices used to tie the feeders together. 4. Show the design of a typical secondary circuit. Specify the load per secondary circuit. 5. Assuming a demand cost of $10/kW and an energy cost of $[url removed, login to view], select a service transformer to use based on the evaluation method 9 Technical Writing, Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Research Writing, Physics Nov 28, 2016 Nov 28, 2016Ended $140
Sugar CRM account development I have a Sugar CRM account where sales staff enter their clients details and from where they send out emails. I require some imprrovements on it by someeone familair wit sugar crm 33 PHP, Software Architecture Nov 28, 2016 Nov 28, 2016Ended $321
Get Traffic to my Website We are specialise in Branding and Corporate Identity, Print Communication and Marketing Collateral, Website Design and Mobile Apps, and Language Translation (English & Chinese). We want to a new company website and requires a well-rounded experience person who can maintain the company website in Wordpress, and also skillful in SEO marketing and original content writing to establish a web presence, generate business leads. Increase social media marketing PPC on Linkedin and Facebook. Search Engine Marketing, AdWords, and others as appropriate. WHAT WE NEED: - Fluent writing and speeching in English. (will need to communicate with team) - SEO keywords are the key words and phrases in your web content are relevant to our target audience. - Areas of writing for the website in Search Engine Optimisation Writing, Original Web Content, Link Building and Sale Copy for emailing marketing. - Creating and managing social media sites in Facebook, Behance, Linkedin and Youtube. - WordPress skills experience involves for writing and posting of articles, blogs customizing theme, categorizing each post are putting images, embedding videos inserting keywords and hyperlinks editing codes, CSS & HTML. SKILLS NEEDED: Some graphic design experience preferred Proficiency with SEO and SEM tactics, including familiarity with tools such as Google Analytics. Goals of the website: - Attract more traffic of visitors to browse on my website. - Promote through Adwords, CPC - Brand awareness This project can be long-term freelance jobs to work for our company. I look forward to hearing from you. 85 Copywriting, Internet Marketing, SEO, Link Building, Proofreading Nov 28, 2016 Nov 28, 2016Ended $279
MS Access rebuild Convert our MS Access 98 to Ms Access 2013. The current MS Access App has a link to an old dll and need to be updated. We are also looking at improving the performance of the little app. 21 Database Programming, ASP.NET Nov 27, 2016 Nov 27, 2016Ended $123
Android Application Development for BLE Embedded Project We are a Melbourne based electronics design company requiring development of an Android application to configure a custom Bluetooth Low Energy embedded project. The UX design has been completed with Google's Material Design in mind and will be provided as part of the project material. This project will involve: • Android app development based on supplied UX design files • Read and Write to BLE services and characteristics Necessary Experience: • Android app development • Bluetooth Low Energy app development Remuneration and time-frame are negotiable. Please feel free to contact us if you have any specific questions about the project. Ubiquitus Solutions 67 Mobile Phone, Android, Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) Nov 27, 2016 Nov 27, 2016Ended $1906
Write an iPhone application Hello, I am a senior student who would like to start an e-business. my first step will be about developing a car game for mobile phones (Android - IOS) The game need good graphics, movements inside the game is simple Bluetooth connectivity (optional) for 2 player mode. 2 players can join the game or 1 but the other player will be the computer the player can choose to play in position 1 or position 2. 39 Mobile Phone, iPhone, Android, iPad, Game Development Nov 27, 2016 TodayEnded $581
Get a Website Built 22 PHP, Website Design, Graphic Design, HTML Nov 27, 2016 TodayEnded $361
Help me write something Looking to hire a ghost writer, based on a true story, you will be asked to discuss, amend and work closely with the person wanting to publish the book. Confidentiality, open minded approach, understanding of diversity and multiculturalism, homophobia, islamophobia and integration is a must. If you are looking to write a book that is more likely to become a best seller! Then pleas feel free to Bid :) 41 Copywriting, Articles Nov 27, 2016 TodayEnded $1156
I would like to hire a Web Developer 21 HTML Nov 27, 2016 TodayEnded $46
Write a mobile ride shairing application Ride sharing mobile app is required where the drivers could set fare. Must be developed in Java, with all "Uber" like features. Must include admin panel to configure application. 96 Java, Mobile Phone, iPhone, Android Nov 27, 2016 TodayEnded $3422
Online financial trading journal software to be created. I am looking for someone to create an online program/app to work as a trading diary. It will consist mainly of user data entry and the reporting on that data. It will consist of: 1. Input sheet for strategy to include numeric and text input. Multiple strategies can be input and this information accessed through other parts of the site. 2. A diary format with ability to access text and numeric fields and pictures. Ability to enter multiple entries per day 3. Dashboard that will compile and graphically represent combinations of data from 1&2 4. Ability to produce reports and download them in excel format and PDF It needs to be visually appealing and user friendly and must work on all main operating systems. Access to the program/site must be password controlled and can be controlled by me through a management module. It is important that the developer has top quality written and spoken English to ensure exact details and explanations are easily and accurately executed. 33 Website Design, Software Architecture, Financial Markets, Software Development, Financial Analysis Nov 26, 2016 TodayEnded $1494
project management -- 3 We are an online marketing Company looking for a project [url removed, login to view] have a good working knowlege of internet marketing and be able to talk with customers. Want freelancer from USA only. 6 Internet Marketing, Twitter, Facebook Marketing, Email Marketing, Social Media Marketing Nov 26, 2016 Nov 26, 2016Ended $4028
GUI with alerts for Excel DDE Link I have a DDE link for Excel via a data receiving application. The data updates by the millisecond for a few columns and 20-60 rows. I require a GUI that I can set predefined alerts that will alert me based off data movements from a certain time period. For example if I set the start time to 1:00PM and end time 3PM, if a particular cell increases or decrease a certain percentage an alert will be generated to the GUI (with sound) and listed in a view-able log. I will also need have this running 24 hours a day, so errors, bugs and especially crashes cannot occur. Additionally I will install the software to few more machines. Here an an example of what the data will almost look like: [url removed, login to view] If you have any questions please feel free. I have been registered here for a few years and have perfect feedback. 24 Java, Visual Basic, .NET, Excel, User Interface / IA Nov 26, 2016 Nov 26, 2016Ended $168
Need an Accountant in Australia Hi All, I am looking for a Freelancer Accountant or Lawyer who is based in Australia. Please get in touch so that i can discuss the project. Thanks 12 Legal, Accounting, Finance, MYOB, Xero Nov 26, 2016 Nov 26, 2016Ended $141
Mobile development I need an Android app. I would like it designed and built. only Android expert Bid if you can develop this app. We need android application to broadcast voice calling to multiple user at the time. We will have two apps of android 1) Admin App After Login in to Admin app. => Admin can create users. => Admin can start voice broadcasting. => Admin can Block Users, => Admin can Hold users(checkbox required for each for multiple user to put on hold). 2)User app After User Login => User Can join live streaming of voice broadcasting from Admin(join available only when Admin Logged in) => user can mute sound. and should have loud speaker mode button. Important Note: Voice Broadcasting Data should not store anywhere. it should live streaming from admin to user. it should secure app. 31 Java, Android, HTML5, Web Services Nov 26, 2016 Nov 26, 2016Ended $554
Searching for Animators for 3D Kids Animation. Hello! We are company by the name of Chappy the Muffin! We make Kids Videos on Youtube! Here is an example( [url removed, login to view] ) Only thing you need to know is how to animate, we work in blender 3D, we will provide everything, starting from rigged characters to backgrounds, to vocals from voice actors. Please provide us some of your works before contacting us, we are interested in working in a long term deal. We can offer up to 20$/h 39 Animation, 3D Animation Nov 26, 2016 Nov 26, 2016Ended $23
Mobile development -- 2 I need an Android app. I would like it designed and built. Hello This is ashfaq I need to built an android app of virtacoin (virtacoin wallet) just like bitcoin android wallet Where anyone can deposit send and store coins Instead an additional feature of recharge mobile phones should be available ( to get an idea simply download zebpay they have multiple options but initally i need only above mentioned) Well knowers are accepted Please motivate me first before getting ready for job. Best motivatot will be awarded The award should not be too high 7 Mobile Phone, Android Nov 25, 2016 Nov 25, 2016Ended $131
Get a Website Built 125 PHP, Website Design, Graphic Design, HTML Nov 25, 2016 Nov 25, 2016Ended $446
PDF multi line field limit to only the box size, no scroll We have created the interactive pdf (Newline Medical Malpractice Proposal Form (Interactive) Edited [url removed, login to view]), but are having an issue limiting the text to the text box created. We have limited the characters, but if the user presses the return key then they can get the text box to scroll. I have (Fertility Proposal Form (1).pdf) a form that our client gave us with it working. Look forward to hearing from you 3 PDF Nov 24, 2016 Nov 24, 2016Ended $10
Create a website We are looking for someone able to create a website design (CSS and page layouts ) for us . We are looking for web design but we are open to listen offers to complete both , WEB DESIGN and WEB PROGRAMMING of the site . Web design must be a clean design with white background with a banner on the top of master page you can have an idea af what's the project about taking a look to attached PPTX document 103 Website Design, Graphic Design, HTML, ASP.NET Nov 24, 2016 Nov 24, 2016Ended $250
correction of Reviewers' comments I submit my article and send to a journal now i receive comments of Reviewers and need someone to correct all their comments u can see some of them here : Reviewer #1: 1) the manuscript needs to be reviewed, as there are numerous typographical and language errors. 2) details of the questionnaire survey are lacking. More information on the design of the study, and the type of questions used, as well as any appropriate ethical considerations/ approval are required here. 3) in section 2.2.1 (first paragraph) you provide some information that should be restricted to the results section. This needs to be addressed prior to publication. 4) in section 2.2.1 (final paragraph) the time constraints of the study need to be fully outlined. 5) in section 3, the first paragraph could be much more focussed. It also repeats some information stated elsewhere. 6) in section 3.2 do you have any information on the differences in water chemistry between sampling sites around the city? 7) in section 3.3 you need to reference the document stating average household size. 8) in section 3.4 were the people who completed the survey taken from all over the city? It would be worth restating this information here. 9) figure 6 and table 1 are not needed. The information is already presented in the text. 10) the figures and tables need fully descriptive titles. These need to include the R values and other data, as well as stating it in the preceding text. 11) in section 3.5 the effect of hot and cold weather of the health of persons could be better explained. 12) in section 3.7 the hypothesis concerning education and water consumption needs to be better detailed. Is there any literature to back up this hypothesis? A greater level of contextualisation of your study design and then the results with the literature is needed. 13)figures 9 & 10 are not needed, as the information is already adequately presented in the preceding text. 14) you say that the data for figure 9 does not significantly correlate - do you have any statistical data to back this up? 15) section 3.8 is there any further literature to support your statements on the age of the head of household verses water consumption? I feel that this section needs to be expanded upon to allow deeper insight. 11 Articles, Research Writing, Article Rewriting Nov 24, 2016 Nov 24, 2016Ended $38
Find me a Manufacturer in Bulgaria We would need a researcher to make contact with potential suppliers in Bulgarian, send them and get back signed NDA's send them info/drawings to obtain prices and provide a short list of recommended companies for us to take forward. 7 Product Sourcing, Manufacturing, Buyer Sourcing, Bulgarian Nov 24, 2016 Nov 24, 2016Ended $638
Refine Android application - calculations I have a home budging app which is functioning well. It has two different versions - free version, and a paid version with additional functionality - but basically the same code. I would like to add the capability for a new type of calculation for the paid version. The app has been developed with Eclipse Mars2 and I can provide the workspace, I am not interested in converting it to Android Studio. 116 C Programming, Java, Mobile Phone, Android Nov 24, 2016 Nov 24, 2016Ended $860
I would like to hire a Java Developer Project discription : Entry form on the server and add it to the database,writting requsts to the database,and calculation results 46 Java Nov 24, 2016 Nov 24, 2016Ended $431
I would like to hire a Mobile Developer 9 Mobile Phone Nov 24, 2016 Nov 24, 2016Ended $302
NS2 Simulation of Wireless Sensor Network Scenario Hi, I'm looking for a freelancer having knowledge in ns2 and c++ programming, for a simple wsn scenario simulation. 11 C++ Programming Nov 23, 2016 Nov 23, 2016Ended $305
Create PSD's for website - Design a Website Mockup I’m looking for an expert in responsive design to create a number of pixel perfect PSD’s for every page of my website. I’m looking for a designer who can visualise the user experience and incorporate this into every aspect of the user interface. The design must be slick, modern, uncluttered with clear calls to action throughout and user experience should be valued above all else. Site speed is very important and this should be factored into the design aswell, so no excessive use of graphics that may hinder performance. I currently have no wireframes but can offer examples of other sites that I like. In the end however I’m looking for a designer who can take my vision away with them and create a design that meets my needs without me having to provide constant guidance. This is where the designer skills need to come into play! 102 Website Design, Graphic Design, User Interface / IA, PSD to HTML, User Experience Design Nov 23, 2016 Nov 23, 2016Ended -
LUXURY WEB SITE SMALL RESTYLING We are looking for a small restyling of our site [url removed, login to view] The site is programmed with Wordpress. What we want to do: - change logo. (Little, made by us) - change some video/images with video/pic/gif made by us. (we already have= - receive instruction or create and easy way to change/upload and subtitute image/gif and video from the home in an autonomous way - change font - change language flag style (there is a white background around) - add instagram link and logo near to Facebook one - add instagram atumatic feed conneted to our instagram page 240 PHP, Website Design, Graphic Design, WordPress, HTML Nov 23, 2016 Nov 23, 2016Ended $400
Hire a Website Designer We are a startup. [url removed, login to view] Website has a basic look, would like to add a new home page - with a clean but sophisticated look and reflect that design on the other pages. We are capable and can upload content etc once the design is in place. Would like it delivered in 4 weeks max. ADDITIONALLY, we would like to produce an A4 half fold brochure and would like a print ready version (we would arrange printing ourselves) Same look. We would provide content Our website has a single page architecture. The page construction and modifications are done via Javascript. No servers are required to run it, as long as all back end computation is done calling other project’s Webservices. For the development of the website, we used HTML, CSS, Javascript, Bootstrap and JQuery. We would like for the architecture to remain the same and so the duty of the web designer will be limited in improving the CSS, styles, images, layouts of the main page and page fragments. For these reasons, we need for the web designer is to be familiar with the following technologies: HTML CSS Javascript Bootstrap JQuery and being able to work on the exiting code. We are going to provide all the source code required using a subversion repository. 134 Javascript, CSS, HTML, jQuery / Prototype, Bootstrap Nov 23, 2016 Nov 23, 2016Ended $605
Create a Mobile App for both I need Android & iOS mobile app at the earliest. Details via PM. Regards, C. 103 Mobile Phone, HTML5, jQuery / Prototype Nov 22, 2016 Nov 22, 2016Ended $1789
Odoo 9 on Amazon AWS - Connect databases to different domains I have installed Odoo 9 on amazon AWS. At the moment I have created two databases for two companies that I manage. I need a developer to connect each database to a specific domain by changing the xml_port. Furthermore I will need a demonstration of the solution in order if need be in the future to be able to do it by myself. 10 Python, Amazon Web Services, Odoo Nov 22, 2016 Nov 22, 2016Ended $28
Get Traffic to my Website I have a basic landing page but I would like to update it and set up a shopping cart to prepay for the beta. I also need to focus on SEO. 92 Website Design, Internet Marketing, SEO, Facebook Marketing, Leads Nov 22, 2016 Nov 22, 2016Ended $117
Draft MailChimp email newsletter templates and setup email campaigns -- 2 We need someone to design four MailChimp email newsletter templates for us, and secondly teach us how to setup an automatic drip-marketing email campaign for our contacts plus produce useful reports. We have lots of content we want to share with people and it would be good to schedule in advance which contacts get what sorts of emails over time (because not everyone will receive the same email newsletters). Right now, we have signed up to a free Mailchimp account and don’t have a dedicated CRM system in place. We will give you an outline of the structure of two email newsletter templates we would like you to design and we want you to design another two that you believe would be appropriate for our business (the reason we are doing this is that you may come up with some good designs that we haven’t thought of before). The designs must be professional looking and appropriate for a corporate advisory firm that specialises in selling or raising funds for medium-sized businesses. They should also be responsive and easy to read on a mobile phone. There is a good chance of further work if the successful bidder does a great job on this project. Our website can be found at: [url removed, login to view] 22 Email Marketing, Mailchimp Nov 22, 2016 Nov 22, 2016Ended $137
Costruire Siti Web Build news website. 77 PHP, Website Design, Graphic Design, HTML Nov 22, 2016 Nov 22, 2016Ended $206
I would like to hire a good mobile game developer with full experiences. I want to develop the bike racing mobile game for publishing to the app store and playstore. App must be finished within 1 month and be used unity game engine for this game. I must provide UI Graphics, bike & bike rider 3D models. You must experience: 1. IOS/Android Push Notifications Setup & Integration 2. IOS/Android AdMob Integration No experience, don't bid. P.S If you have developed the bike racing game before, i want to see your game with development environment screen shot. Thanks 16 iPhone, Android, Game Design, Unity 3D, Augmented Reality Nov 22, 2016 Nov 22, 2016Ended $373
Design a Logo I need a logo designed for my cooking class. The name of my business is 'Ngon Vietnam'. I like the simple idea of a bowl, chopsticks, and a spoon is appealing at the moment. I'm open to earthy type tones or something specific to Vietnam or SE Asia. Looking forward to working with the right designer. Thank you! 60 Graphic Design, Logo Design Nov 22, 2016 Nov 22, 2016Ended $25
Design a Banner 64 Website Design, Graphic Design, Banner Design Nov 22, 2016 Nov 22, 2016Ended $929
SEO my Website Top Rank, building to our Site [url removed, login to view] to the best position in Brasilian Market. 72 Internet Marketing, SEO, Link Building, Marketing Nov 21, 2016 Nov 21, 2016Ended $70
convert a template to a (wordpress) website. The new website to be integrated to the old (php) website. I would like to convert a template to a wordpress website. My current website (php) integrates to the new converted templated (wordpress). Best regards, 129 PHP, Website Design, WordPress Nov 21, 2016 Nov 21, 2016Ended $477
Social Media Marketing Need someone who has experience with facebook pages. The person should know the photoshop to create custom posts. should have experience how to manage the facebook page. More detail in PMB Need on going person for fulll time. Mention your skills and expected monthly salary 26 Data Entry, Twitter, Facebook Marketing, Pinterest, Social Media Marketing Nov 21, 2016 Nov 21, 2016Ended $134
Project for onlineshine Hi onlineshine, I noticed your profile and would like to offer you my project. We can discuss any details over chat. 1 Website Design, Internet Marketing, SEO, Link Building, Marketing, Nov 20, 2016 Nov 20, 2016Ended $85
Web development -- 3 I need a new website. I need you to design and build a website for my small business. I am a new first aid training, event medical service and safety consulting business. Our business needs a professional website that allows quotation for training and event medical services using an algorithm. The site needs to detail course types and information about each course. We offer customised training on customers workplace as well as running our own courses at out premises. A booking and payment ability is vital. The payment processor is PayPal and Paymate. . Training calendar to update and work with my business Google calendar. I need to be able to edit and add new pages myself. Using WordPress. Site must be fast loading and Google friendly. I would like the site to have a balance between graphics and text. It needs to be visually appealing but quick loading. Essential is a blog feature on the site. The ability to add YouTube videos is also necessary. Need to have a contact form that has spam protection. Website needs to be fully mobile device functional. A site that can be used for comparison is [url removed, login to view] Please use the same colour palate as First Aid Pro. No flash to be used on our site. 153 PHP, Website Design, Graphic Design, SEO, WordPress Nov 18, 2016 Nov 18, 2016Ended $336
I need a 3D model of something. I need a 3D model and finished product design done in Solidworks of something. I want a quick release rail system designed for Eurorack synthesiser modules 50 Video Services, 3D Rendering, Supplier Sourcing Nov 17, 2016 Nov 17, 2016Ended $139
Full Time Senior Programmer 10+ Years Experience We are looking for a Full-Time Senior Programmer to enhance our team. MAKE SURE YOU SATISFY ALL REQUIREMENTS BEFORE APPLYING! SKILL REQUIREMENTS: - Programming - Maintaining a complex existing web application in Java Script and doing frequent enhancement to the application. - Communication: The candidate needs to speak fluent English with ability to converse with clients from US. - Hours: Monday - Friday 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM USA/Central Standard Time (YOU WILL HAVE TO WORK US HOURS. EX. If in India - the hours will be Sunday thru Thursday: 9:30 PM - 6:30 AM IST) - DETAIL ORIENTED: This requirement is MOST important - the candidate will have a lot of tasks that will require him to be VERY detail oriented - don't apply if you don't have an eye for details. - Internet: Needs to have a high speed Internet connection JOB FUNCTIONS: Development: - Ability to independently code projects that involve JAVA, JAVA script, sql; php looking for - 10+`Years Experience - Need This is a long term Job - with many rewards for the right candidate. 81 PHP, Java, Javascript, SQL Nov 17, 2016 Nov 17, 2016Ended $14438
Hire a Logo Designer Looking to hire a freelancer to assist me with creating my brand identity. I am starting a company offering SEO/digital marketing to small businesses. Looking for a very experienced brand development/identity freelancer. Will include logo design, business cards, service brochure, and font/color identity. I will be developing my own website but will need all the different file types and sizes of my logo to be compatible. 113 Logo Design, Branding Nov 17, 2016 Nov 17, 2016Ended $671
Design project I need a logo designing for my food store. Name - Chanky Chaat 60 Graphic Design, Logo Design Nov 17, 2016 Nov 17, 2016Ended $25
I would like to hire a Logo Designer 117 Logo Design Nov 17, 2016 Nov 17, 2016Ended $59
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