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    describe five central worldview beliefs (God, metaphysics, epistemology, ethics, anthropology) of some philosophers that I will provide in the message.

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    Textual analysis Ended

    There are some old religious and philosophical texts, and I need a 3 page critique written about it. The texts are not in easy english... it's pretty complex. You'll need to thoroughly read through those texts, understand them fully, and only then you'll be able to write about them. This task requires outstanding skills of reading, writing, critical thinking and textual analysis. This task is definitely not for people with average english abilities. You need to be an EXPERT at English Writing/Reading/Textual Analysis in order to complete with task. It's impossible for someone with average english skills to complete it, because as I said, the texts are pretty tough to understand, and the critique is even more difficult to write. Please do not bid if you are AVERAGE at English. Preferably you should have a high level degree in English Literature, or Religion, or Philosophy, or something similar... or you must be a really gifted and talented reader + writer to be able to complete this task. Otherwise, it's simply not going to be possible for you to complete it to my satisfaction.

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    **You will need to answer the following questions when submitting a proposal: 1. What degree do you have and in what field? 2. Do you have experience writing Social Engineering in Social Media papers? If so in what capacity? IF not, what type of writing do you do? 3. How many years experience do you have in writing academic journal articles? Upload a sample academic journal article that you have written. 4. Do you have any experience working in education? If so in what capacity? - English Native applicant preferred (New Freelancers are welcome to apply)

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    create academic course development I want to create course for school use .on business,leadership,nlp ..etc I will give you the title and detail when start 2 to 20 day course course and plan from 9am to 5 pm making the plan and timing . each day 8 hour List of all material 1. 1a Teacher book (word ) Teacher's Guide , Trainer Guide ( 1 trainer learner guide folder ) 1b. Student book (word ) Learner Guide or student guide (a word file for learners and teacher, it will contain all reading material of the course) 2 Instructor's Guide ( 2 instructor guide folder ) ( It will have instructions for teacher about how to conduct the course ) 2a Trainers Note 2b instructor general guideline 2c Guidance Notes 2d script note / course note 2e instructor specific guide / agenda 2f Instructor Specific Course Guideline / Agenda 3 . Word Book / Worksheets ( 3 workbook folder ) 3a work book - Workbook Questions Handout - Workbook Answers Handout 3b. Work Book for Q&A - Course Questions and Answers - Course Exercise question / Course Exercise answer 3c. Work Book FOR Group discussion items (it can be inserted into workbook and separately) 3d. Work Book for Role play items (it can be inserted into workbook and separately) 3e Work Book for assessment - Assessment and Assessment answer 3 f Self- Assessment Exercise 3 g Work Book for reporting 4. Presentation ppt - ( 4 presentation Slides folder ) Powerpoint Presentation of the book (Teacher will use this presentation to teach the course) 4a Introduction 4b course ppt 5. Summarized Presentation of the course Course Summary Handout ( ppt ) 6 . Course Outline 7. Course Lesson plan (which will include in which and hour, what will be discussed or presented and also include in which and min ) 8. Course assessment plan including the role play plan (3 & 4 can be tied up together and separately) 9 Course assessment plan 9a Course assessment plan 9b Session Plan 9c Lesson plan 9d handouts plan 10 storyline n storyboard for making this course video 11 course advertisements folder - course Advertisements 12 course overview folder write for me the below . each i need 12-1 OVERVIEW / Introduction / About The Course 12-2 Content / Structure / course outline 12-3 WHO SHOULD ATTEND 12-4 LEARNING OUTCOMES 12-5 STATEMENT OF ATTAINMENT 12-6 Certificate 12-7 Requirements 12-8 COURSE DURATION 12-9 COURSE FEES & FUNDING DETAILS here make it blank will do 13 hangout folder - hangout 14 - Introduce Yourself - Introduce Yourself - Guide 15. - Recommended Reading Material list 16. Quick Reference Sheets folder - Quick Reference Sheets 17 Additional documents folder sub folder 17a Certificates 17b Course Evaluation Form 17c course registration form 17d feedback forms folder - feedback forms 17e Resources to tailor your course folder ( Diagnostics sub folder , Knowledge Based Material sub folder ) 18 exercise folder 18a Group Exercise 19 activities folder - some Activities 20 quiz questions folder - quiz questions and quiz questions answer 21 game folder Work Book FOR team games and game - The team game - Game - Review Game 22 energiser folder - some ENERGISER 23 icebreakers folder - some Icebreakers 24 quick reference Sheets folder - Quick Reference Sheets 25 affirmations-quotes folder 25a affirmations 25b Quotes 26 case study folder - case study idea 27 video idea folder list some video from youtube 28 NDA - Non-disclosure agreement 30 You need to know graphic design also , as all presentation need to be design and redesign professionally Please keep in mind, I need 100% Unique Content 100% good and correct expression of words 100% COPYSCAPE passed and PLAGIARISM free There must be no copyright issues and i will own all the right see attach for more detail If can do it bid $100

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    Research Writing Ended

    A systematic literature review paper about 7500 - 8000 words ( references are not included in word count ). Topic: Agent-based simulation - software engineering. NOTE: Native English speakers only, please. We will discuss in more details ( structure and budget ) later. BR

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    Choose a foreign country that you are interested in and do some research on social stratification and racial and ethnic relations in that country. Discuss the class structure and the racial or ethnic divisions in the country. How are they related? Is there equality between racial and ethnic groups, or are some groups less affluent and less powerful than others. Is there the ability for social mobility? Explain any problems with social mobility/stratification. Write 400+ words in APA format delivered in a .docx file. Project must be completed no later than 11:00 PM EST (US) today October 15, 2017.

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    I need you to write a research article. 10,000 words. The statement is that the average incomes of the the poorest quantile rises same as the average incomes! The aim is to emphasise on the pro poor growth or anti poverty policies targeted on the poorest quantile Study is based on cross country comparison including or highlighting Pakistan using data from last ten years Pakistani writers will be encouraged Deadline 5-6 days Max budget $150 I need your degree proof as well

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    SEO web Content Ended

    Looking for a SEO content writer who can produce great web content for different websites. Must be familiar with SEO terms and technologies. Need to hire ASAP.

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    **You will need to answer the following questions when submitting a proposal: 1. What degree do you have and in what field? 2. Do you have experience writing Computational linguistics research, Linguistic academic journal articles? If so in what capacity? IF not, what type of writing do you do? 3. How many years experience do you have in writing academic journal articles? Upload a sample academic journal article that you have written. 4. Do you have any experience working in education? If so in what capacity? - English Native applicant preferred (New Freelancers are welcome to apply)

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    A literature review on the reaction between FeS2 and H2. The literature review has to b 10 pages long and requires impeccable reaction chemistry, english language and writing skills. The reaction is a shrinking core/ particle reaction. The parameters that should be included in the lit review are: %Density of pyrite in kg/m^3 %Initial radius of solid pyrite particles in m %Inlet concentration of hydrogen used in kmol/m^3 %Initial temperature required for the reaction to occur %Molecular mass of pyrite in g/mol %Void fraction %Superficial velocity in m/s %Fluid to solid mass transfer coefficient in /s %Effective diffusion coefficient of fluid A in /s %First order surface rate constant in /s %Activation energies (Fluid to mass, surface rate) in J/kmol %Specific heat of enthalpy %Specific heat capacity of hydrogen %Specific heat capacity of pyrite %Enthalpy of reaction in J/kmol

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    I am looking for 2-3 aerospace/mechanical engineer freelancer to join my team with good report writing and technical skill mainly for acedemic work and based on experience some industrial project can be assigned. Academic work mainly include regular semester assignments / projects, thesis project for B.Engi. level students. Excellent technical writing with literature review is key requirement for this post hence you must have that skill. Additional skills and experience requirement, 1. 2D drafting, 3D CAD Prat/surface modelling 2. Good knowledge in Engineering design & Development 3. Experience in FE Analysis 4. Experience in CFD analysis 5. Experience in Heat transfer and thermal analysis 6. you must be highly motivated to break your own limit of knowledge and skill sets Looking forward to hear from you Regards, Rajesh ASHANI

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    Academic technical writer from Kenya 1000 words $10

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    I need you to help complete business plan sections 1. Market Trend, 2. Competition 3. Personal Plan. These are the only sections that we need help with completing. The market trend and competition will be reseached and provided in our already existing business plan. We will also require that you specify references in our references portion.

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    You will do a PowerPoint presentation with speaker notes. On time management at least 5 slides with pictures very easy.

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    We are looking Academic Writers for Mining and Community Development Assignment,Full time or Part Time [url removed, login to view] are offering a writing job that starts, from the comfort of your own home.

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    follow the instructor and follow the step. what you have to do to answer the 3 discussion questions there in 3 page. which mean t least 1 question in each page. i'll attach the instructor the you can understand more and what you write there .

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    Lab report

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    Which developments, inventions, etc., are the most important, how did they come about, and why, do you think, did China historically suddenly lose its developmental edge". There are two chapters that you can refer/quote, it is from the book "Ideas, a history of thought and invention from fire to freud", Peter Watson. There are two relate reading that you can read (Chapter 8 and 14 from Peter Watson "ideas") 1500 Words HARVARD referencing.

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    I am looking for a report writer for my company. More details in chat.

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