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Amazon Cloud Infrastructure Looking for someone with Amazon Cloudfront experience to modify a template for deploying infrastructure and services. Will provide more detail on request, but Cloudfront experience is a must. 22 Cloud Computing, Amazon Web Services Jul 21, 2016 Jul 21, 20162d 6h $2289
Helfen Sie mir beim Marketing We are looking for an Amazon-Specialist, who can improve the ranking of our product listed at 15 Internet Marketing, SEO, Sales, Marketing, Amazon Web Services Jul 21, 2016 Jul 21, 20162d 2h $70
ebook project as like (ePub2 and ePub3 normal, ePub2 and ePub3 Fixlayout, Kindle Fire, Kindle Fire Fixlayout, Nook, We have a good Knowledge of all ebook formats as like Normal ePub2, ePub3, Fixlayout ePub2, ePub3 IPAD, Kindle Fixlayout, Mobi, Drm Non-Drm Prc, NooK, Sony Reader. 0 Amazon Web Services Jul 21, 2016 Jul 21, 20162d 2h -
Design Amazon AWS based infrastructure for SaaS Application developed in Yii Hi I want to hire an Amazon AWS certified person or have experience of designing and developing such infrastructures which facilitate SaaS based cloud hosted applications. Our application is being developed in Yii2 and database is MySQL. The application is Hotel Management System which will have clients (hotels) who will use it software as a service based model. (kindly review and... 22 PHP, Linux, MySQL, Amazon Web Services, Yii Jul 21, 2016 Jul 21, 20162d $1310
Développez une application Mac Main Features Unlimited Searches Per Day you can search an unlimited number of eBay sellers per day. The tool also supports eBay/Amazon UK, USA, Canada, Germany, Italy and France and all other e-commerce online store. Automatic Price / Stock Monitoring If you wish, can also track all your eBay listings for price/stock changes on Amazon and other e-commerce store This runs every 30 mi... 11 Cocoa, Mac OS, Objective C, eBay, Amazon Web Services Jul 21, 2016 Jul 21, 20162d $5550
Integrate Magento on AWS Hi, I'm interested in integrating AWS on my Magento. I know AWS have some images stack ready but I need a full auto scaling solution with elastic search, fast DB, fast cache, auto backup etc. Please propose an architecture and lets talk. Thx. 65 Magento, Amazon Web Services, Database Administration, Web Hosting, Elasticsearch Jul 21, 2016 Jul 21, 20161d 21h $543
Expert on Amazon EC Hi, Need an expert on Amazon EC and EC2. For instance and other thing. 25 Amazon Web Services Jul 21, 2016 Jul 21, 20161d 20h $11
Find me a Buyer for different items I am looking for a seller who can sell Microsoft Windows 7 Pro, Microsoft Windows 8.1 Pro, Microsoft Windows 10 genuine/original keys on different online sites like eBay, Bonanza, alibaba, etsy, amazon etc..If someone can sale the keys in bulk mean more than 50 keys in attempt then he/she will be awarded special bonus on selling the keys. Moreover original keys for Microsoft other products like...... 3 Sales, eCommerce, Buyer Sourcing, eBay, Amazon Web Services Jul 21, 2016 Jul 21, 20161d 19h $113
VBA to access REST API using CURL -- 2 Needed VBA code to access a RestAPI for a POS system using Curl to draw sales and labor information every few minutes as well as Push orders to the system after they are placed from a web environment 6 Amazon Web Services, Visual Basic for Apps Jul 20, 2016 Jul 20, 20161d 15h $274
Amazon Expert for category approval (Herbal Supplements) I already have seller central account and my brand is approved in the brand registry of amazon. 6 eCommerce, Amazon Web Services Jul 20, 2016 Jul 20, 20161d 8h $182
System Administration I need to have an AWS account built out to support a SaaS product including a development and production environment. This will require spinning up and configuration of these servers which will use a standard LAMP stack - although we will use the RDS product instead of MySQL on the server. I need user groups, roles and access setup for the technology resources working on the project. 37 PHP, Linux, Apache, MySQL, Amazon Web Services Jul 20, 2016 Jul 20, 20161d 7h $471
Fill in Amazon Product Spreadsheet with Data Looking to hire a person who can fill in our spreadsheet in excel for Amazon product upload. This job will be recurring so every couple months we will hire. We would like to build a long term relationship. Needs to have extensive excel knowledge. 40 Data Entry, Excel, Amazon Web Services Jul 20, 2016 Jul 20, 20161d 4h $10
Clone a WordPress site A production site with a few plugins, mysql, basically a LAMP server, I need it to be cloned from one Cloud hosting provider to an Amazon EC2 server to create a Dev environment. Because the URL for the site will change for the Cloned site, you need to understand how to proper configure the Permalinks and VirtualHost at the linux level to properly work. 41 Linux, Wordpress, Amazon Web Services, Ubuntu Jul 20, 2016 Jul 20, 20161d 4h $129
ATTN: Looking for a per Hour Basis VA! (Need basic in Graphic Design) -- 2 Hi fellow Freelancer. I'm currently looking for a Virtual Assistant for a per hour basis, on a daily basis. The job consist on Researching and Listing Product on Amazon/Etsy/Sunfrog and others. You need basic graphic design skills (Resize, crop, get ride of some color and knowing the difference between .psd .ai .png .jpg) Must be an EFFICIENT Person, meaning: Productive! Is th... 23 Graphic Design, Virtual Assistant, Web Search, Amazon Web Services, Etsy Jul 20, 2016 Jul 20, 201620h 2m $12
setup ruby on rail on my server I am looking for someone who can setup ruby on rails on my server and make it working. at the end i will need a video of entire procedure what you guys will be following to setup this thing. this project is not about transferring site to one server to another. just need to run single ruby file on hostgator cpanel. let me know if someone can do this job. 13 Linux, Ruby on Rails, Amazon Web Services, Web Hosting, Network Administration Jul 20, 2016 Jul 20, 201619h 38m -
Web Portal Application - Node.js, DynamoDB, Charts Looking for a Node.js developer who has experienced with AWS DynamoDB. The database structure, design and core layout of the application has been created. What needs to happen now is the prospective developer will aggregate the data from dynamodb and present it through very basic charts. The application is a portal for clients to log in, check the status of their projects and view the charts. ... 28 Javascript, Amazon Web Services, HTML, node.js Jul 20, 2016 Jul 20, 201619h 6m $15
Setup Hadoop on Amazon EC2 with RStudio Hi guys, I am looking for help to setup hadoop on amazon server. What I specifically look for is somebody that records his screen while setting up hadoop on amazon ec2 (optimally in connection with rstudio and some sample mapreduce jobs) and sends me the video so that i can replicate the procedure. Also the possibility to login the server to test the result. Please send me a link where I ca... 13 Apache, Amazon Web Services, Hadoop, Map Reduce, R Programming Language Jul 20, 2016 Jul 20, 201618h 43m $119
Build Admin web panel for Live & VOD Streaming Engine Server based NGINX-RTMP - open to bidding Can you help me to Build Admin web panel for Live & VOD Streaming Engine Server based NGINX-RTMP. Best regards, 16 PHP, Linux, Apache, Nginx, Amazon Web Services Jul 20, 2016 Jul 20, 201617h 23m $218
Sell something for me I am selling the source code of a rewards android app. I normally sell them for around 200-400 dollars and I am giving a very high comm1ssion rate for every sale someone makes for me. I will give you 10% com1ssion for every sale and I require at least 7 sales a week otherwise I will find someone else. Must have good connections in the Industry. All sales come straight to my paypal and I will send ... 15 Sales, Social Networking, eBay, Amazon Web Services, Market Research Jul 19, 2016 Jul 19, 201611h 52m $554
QT c++ local storage, web service and JSON help Im in the middle of a c++ QT project and i have two small tasks that i need help with. One refers to saving data locally in the application directory, the other will be used to upload the data from that file to a PHP webservice. My application is used in a warehouse meaning it may not always have internet connection so saving data locally on the windows machine is important. Then when i have an in... 17 PHP, C Programming, Amazon Web Services, C++ Programming, JSON Jul 19, 2016 Jul 19, 20169h 30m $183
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