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3D animation is one field which is very crucial for the company\'s success and popularity. The animation expert will turn your concepts and imagination into real rapid graphics. With the services of animators, you can make your website talk, communicate and move from one place to another. The 3D animation expert will think out of the box and convey the message to the targeted audience by way of animated videos. With these credentials you can make your project stylish and convey the right message by giving visual effects. The 3D animation expert will also possess additional skills like 3D modeling, 3D graphics, walkthrough animations, character animations, 3D floor plans and more.

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    I am looking to have 6 animations designed for my new website. The web address is [url removed, login to view] Please see attached document for details.

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    I need Video for my cpa offer in germany language

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    Trophy icon London Seed Centre Animation 11 days left

    im looking for a 60 second (approx) animation of an over eccentric method a packet a seeds will take from our warehouse to the customers door. I'm thinking the video will commence with a customer placing his order on his laptop/pc/phone. We're then wizzed down an electronic looking internet line where we arrive at our London seed centre super server. The order is confirmed and were taken to the seed warehouse, which goes on as long as the eyes can see. Hundreds if not thousands of Volts holding our hundreds of thousands of seed varieties. We need to be really creative on how the seeds are then collected from such volts. I'm thinking giant hooks and conveyor belts where the seed packet is then dropped to a different location, perhaps down a slide and through a tunnel or something like this. (Basically lots of autonomous robot machines doing all sorts of organisational things) The seed is then packaged in our discreet packaging centre and deposited in a shipping pile (amongst hundreds of other orders). Then I was thinking perhaps a different bird comes one by one to collect the different packages and fly them to their individual locations, flying the parcel directly into the customers letterbox. (Perhaps a small cottage in a really remote location.) The ending shot could be a hand picking up the package from inside the customers house. The video throughout would be overlaid with text explaining why we are the biggest and best seed shop in the world. I know this is all a bit of a muddle at the moment so more than happy for you to pitch is with any ideas you think would work. Our website: [url removed, login to view]

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    3D Animation - 2 4 days left

    We have urgent requirement of 3D Animators for Long Term Projects. 1. Candidate must able to work 3D Maya 2. Must Work for Long Term as Freelance Basis 3. We Provide Good incentives for Right Candidates. And We provide Rs500/minute

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    Hire a 3D Animator Ended

    We looking for a 3D animation. We need a final video of 60 secondes. We looking for a realistic render of the brain. Here is the differents steps we need : - A global view - A zoom to go inside the brain - An inside view with neuronal and synapses interaction

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    General: We want to use the video as explanation for how our client works. The video should address young families, who need a finance to buy or build their house. Use: We want to show the video on his own Website and Social Media Channels. Furthermore the video will be shown at every first info conversation. Speaker: As speaker for the video we have chosen the popular german voice of Bruce Willis. Design: The video is wanted to be in a white-board-style. It will be drawn on the “white-board” with a black pen. Our clients company color (#6171a4) should set a few accents. An example is sent as attachment. Length: We thought a video length from 01:10 to 01:20 min. would be great. Content: The video consists of 6 different pieces (shown in presentation).

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    Animation video 4 days left

    We want you to make the current animation video on the following website ([url removed, login to view]) better & modern & more interactive. The message that we want to put across is "We help organisations navigate successfully through complex change and transformation". The script of the video can be as the following: [url removed, login to view]

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    Robotics Animation Project 4 days left

    Animate the cookies moving on the conveyors and being directed in the right direction based on color. All the cookies come up on one line before being directed.

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    i start 3d Proect now

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    3D Animation 4 days left

    We have urgent requirement of 3D Animators for Long Term Projects. 1. Candidate must able to work 3D Maya 2. Must Work for Long Term as Freelance Basis. 3. We Provide Good incentives for Right Candidates..

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    project for shubh D 4 days left

    90 sec animation as he knows. Will discuss details in chat.

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    Looking for somebody who is looking to work with us on an ongoing basis creating videos from images / memes / quotes with slight animations and creativity. We will be starting with 100 videos per month so I believe this will be a part-time job because these videos are just animations of images/memes. I will paste below a long list of examples of the types of videos we need created on an ongoing basis (starting with 100 videos per month). Please basically bid on this on a per video basis. We will provide you with a list like this each month of videos to recreate for us. [url removed, login to view] [url removed, login to view] [url removed, login to view] [url removed, login to view] [url removed, login to view] [url removed, login to view] [url removed, login to view] [url removed, login to view] [url removed, login to view] [url removed, login to view] [url removed, login to view] [url removed, login to view] [url removed, login to view] [url removed, login to view] [url removed, login to view] [url removed, login to view] [url removed, login to view] [url removed, login to view]

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    Animation video explaining my project (blockchain).

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    terry moman 4 days left

    I'm looking to have a 3 character builded in after effect to using for animation

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    australian VO needed 4 days left

    australian VO needed 2 to 3 min regards

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    Make 3 animated SVG logos 4 days left

    I need 3 Animated SVG logos designed...

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    Hi Salman K., I noticed your profile and would like to offer you my project. We can discuss any details over chat.

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    Looking for a completely custom explainer video for our software company.

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    Trophy icon Create an Animation 2 days left

    PetzPaws, [url removed, login to view] , is looking for an animation expert to execute an effective demonstration of our product, EZ-CLEAN. This will be used at retailers and trade shows. The video should be as long as necessary to make it's point. The video will focus on our main product which is EZ CLEAN. EZ CLEAN is an organic cleaner specifically for Pet Food Containers, Pet Bowls, Floor-mats (under the pet bowls), Crates and Hard Toys (Kong Chew Toys). 1. Pet Food Containers: Pet Owners (dog and cat) should clean Pet Food Containers after each bag. Old pet food adheres to the walls of plastic food containers and contaminates the new food. And with people buying more expensive pet food for better nutrition-they should also be aware of the importance of keeping the containers cleanly. In addition, food containers are to big to put in the dishwasher for cleaning. And cleaning outside with a hose take a long time. Likewise cleaning them in a utility tub is also a pain/mess. Soap, water, scrub, rise and dry...such a pain! 2. Floor Pet Bowls: Pet Owners should clean pet bowls after eating to prevent bacteria growth. And dirty bowls makes an otherwise clean home, look unkept/dirty. You wouldn't serve a guest on a dirty plate, so why would you serve your pet in a disgusting bowl. Most people forget or don't want to put the bowls in the dishwasher with human plates etc.. While the pet bowls are in the dishwasher the dog or cat may actually want to eat and/or drink, but they can't. EZ CLEAN works in 1 minute. 3. Floor Mats: Under bowl floor mats are often dirty from food and water spillage. These also aren't easy to clean, like the food containers. Usually a lot of elbow grease and patience...and people are to busy nowadays. 4. Plastic Crates: Dogs and Cats may spends hours in creates daily, so of course they get dirty. Yet, we never clean them. EZ CLEAN makes create cleaning fast, simple and it's organic-so it's safe. 5. Kong hard toys can be cleaned with EZ-CLEAN. Some KONG dog toys have an opening you place a treat inside. But dogs can't get 100% of the treat and it hardens and becomes nasty. EZ CLEAN can clean the toy, and also remove the hardened old treat. Here: [url removed, login to view] 6. EZ CLEAN use instructions are Spray On and Wipe Dry. 7. EZ CLEAN is available Unscented and USDA Organic Spearmint 8. New Product Introduction: We are introducing a product that will remove dog slobber from walls, ceilings, floors and windows. The product will look like a marker/dauber filled with a cleaner. So, show a dog shaking it's head and slobber flying on the walls, floor, glass and ceiling and the owner uses a dauber to remove the slobber making the house clean again. Currently it takes scolding hot water to remove old slobber from walls. This tool will save a ton of time and be hassle free. 9. Dog AND Cat both need to be used in all aspects to convey the EZ CLEAN usage. 10. The "person" can be male, female or neither. 11. EZ-CLEAN works with canned cat and dog food and the popular raw food diets...this pertains to the bowls -not food containers. 12. We will do a voice over audio of the video. 13. GUIDE: We like this style of video: [url removed, login to view] 14. I think going from Sketch to Detail and back to Sketch (food containers, pet bowls, floor mats, Kong, Crate) as the person uses EZ CLEAN will help maintain focus while keeping EZ CLEAN in Detail throughout may be good for the customer to visualize being used in home. 15. Wrapping up with a dog slobbering and the person cleaning with a Sketch of a duaber/marker tool [url removed, login to view] used to remove slobber from the wall. 16. This should be a constant loop video. 17. I'm asking you to do the video because I'm not that creative, so even with all the content I've provided as a framework, please as artists feel free to put your spin on it! 18 Good Luck and Thank You!

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    Trophy icon New animation video 4 days left

    Animation video explaining and showing the " Standards for Asset Protection zones" and "how to prepare your APZ/BPZ for a BAL Assessment" (file attached) Needs to explain that due to the new bushfire regulations in Western Australia you should maintain a APZ of BAL-29 or lower surrounding a habitable Dwelling or a Shed within 6m of a habitable dwelling. There are "Rules" that apply to keep the Structure at a risk level that suits the surrounding vegetation and that is maintainable to the property owner. The APZ (asset protection zone) or BPZ (building Protection zone) is an area measured from the walls of the structure to the edge of the vegetation surrounding the house. (fuels on the ground below the canopy) this will show a house surrounded by bush with a yellow circle around it. then, The 3 main things that affect the APZ size is: 1. Vegetation type 2. Slope of the ground 3. Distance to the vegetation Before you get a BAL Assessment you should get someone out to assess the site and measure an APZ to suit your location or Use these simple steps to attempt your creation of a APZ: 1. mark out a suitable APZ of around 10-20m for grassland and can be 21-30m for forest, this varies on the Type of vegetation and slope of ground if unsure then you may need a site assessment to determine the APZ size. 2. Tree canopy cover within the APZ should be reduced to around 10% and tree to tree canopy's not closer than 5m at maturity. 3. Clear the Surface, near surface and intermediate fuels from inside the APZ from ground level to 2 metres in height, this includes Grasses, leaf matter, small shrubs, scrub, branches hanging down and all fine fuel loads. 4. All shrubs / Trees removed from within 6m of the walls of the structure and tree canopy's clear of the roof line of more than 2m when fully mature. 5. Combustible objects within 10m of a structure should not be located close to doors or [url removed, login to view] includes but is not limited to: Firewood, furniture, vegetation, fuels etc. 6. Shrubs (.5-5m) have to be less than 5m2 is size, not located under trees, not within 10m of the structure and if taller than 5m they are classed as trees. 7. Ground covers (<.5m) can be under trees, must be >2m from structure and >3m from doors and windowsand if greater than .5m they are classed as Shrubs. 8. Grasses should be trimmed to 100mm or less within the APZ at all times. These simple steps can help you, I would like a demo showing a House on flat ground and its surrounded by Forest vegetation a yellow circle is drawn around the house to 22 metres (APZ) Trees surrounding the house to 6m removed and further in the yellow to disappear to 10% canopy cover, roof line is clear Clearing of the Fuels surrounding to 2m in height, showing low hanging branches, shrubs removed, grass is trimmed, leaves are raked up and removed Combustible objects removed within 10m showing firewood etc removed from the area Shrubs and ground covers removed. showing the trimming and removal of shrubs below trees and near structure. Visual representation showing distances, heights and measurements. Needs my Business logo on the video Needs to show a house or proposed house location. explain the distances with visual animations of trees, shrubs etc. show that the lawn gets mowed/cut to less than 100mm Distances to the trees are to the canopy edge (not the trunk) the explanation for the canopy cover percent needs to be 10% or less.(nt 15 or higher) It is required to get a (Bushfire attack level) BAL Level of BAL-29 or lowerto be able to build/Renovate a Dwelling in a bushfire prone area. Says 15-20m also put can be 30+ metres for high threat vegetation. needs to show that lower branches 2m or under need to be trimmed off within the APZ area. needs show that the trees are measured at FULL MATURITY inside the APZ 5 metre spacing from the edge of each canopy. I want some music and the video to be easy to watch. my websites are [url removed, login to view] [url removed, login to view]

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