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C# is a well-known programming language from Microsoft Corporation, built within the .NET initiative. There are many commercial projects these days that are built with the C# programming environment. Your business might be developed using C#, in which case it would do well to hire expert freelancer's help for coding in C#. An expertC# freelance programmer can help your business quite skillfully and cost effectively.
If you can work under pressure, are an expert at working on C# projects, Freelancer.com supplies freelancers with thousands of projects and clients from all over the world looking to use your expertise to have their jobs done professionally and settling for nothing but the best.
If you believe you can do that, then start bidding on C# projects and get paid with an average of $200 per project depending on the size and nature of your work.
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Parsing for the any input code using ANTLR/ Bison/JavaCC do parsing for the any input code using one of the available parsing tools such as ANTLR (ANother Tool for Language Recognition)/ Bison/JavaCC. The input will be your CFG and input code. The parser will tell if there are any syntax errors. You should record 5m video with your voice on how you did use the tool with correct and incorrect input code, showing the results of the parsing. Evaluation Criteria: - Good description of the tool and the type of the parser - Your CFG and any modification needed to run the tool - Run of correct input showing any conflicts occurred in the parsing table - Run incorrect input with syntax errors. Show how the tool present the error information 10 C Programming, Java, Visual Basic, C# Programming, C++ Programming Apr 28, 2017 Apr 28, 20174d 21h $210
A plugin developing with C#. Hello If you can develop a plugin with C#, please bid. I have to get attached image effect with C# and .net. Please check attached image. Best Regards Lee. 25 C# Programming, ASP.NET Apr 28, 2017 Apr 28, 20174d 20h $199
Need C# developers in thane for fulltime -- 6 we are hiring people for fulltime work in thane 9 ASP, .NET, Android, C# Programming, Microsoft SQL Server Apr 28, 2017 Apr 28, 20174d 16h $149
Customization of LineageOS + Integration in-house developed Mobile Programs We are looking for a developer with knowledge in C++ (may be also QT) - and Android developments. This project has a timespand of ± one month. However, we have many more jobs. So if you are looking for a continues monthly job, we can discuss this! We have in-house developed mobile programs, which need to be integrated within a custom version of Cyanogen/LineageOS. Thereby certain features and functions within the LineageOS version need to be removed / disabled. For the selected mobile device there is a LineageOS version available, we need you to customize it as required - and including in-house developed mobile programs. The in-house developed mobile programs are connected to drivers within the mobile device, Android operating system, and kernel fo mobile device. And need to be integrated (and customized) within this custom LineageOS version. More information will be shared with you. 8 Mobile Phone, C# Programming, C++ Programming, Oculus Mobile SDK, Android Wear SDK Apr 28, 2017 Apr 28, 20174d 15h $4568
Web developer full time Require interested developer for 1 or 2 month full time from surat location. Skills [url removed, login to view] Mvc C# Sql server Jquery Html css Bootstrap Php 31 C# Programming, jQuery / Prototype, MVC, ASP.NET, Microsoft SQL Server Apr 28, 2017 Apr 28, 20174d 14h $211
Need to build a windows application with c# .net I need to build a windows application which makes fake mail box of emails. It must be done by c#, i think. More details should be provided via chat. Thank you for your interest. I will hire the only person who can carry on this job to success. 75 .NET, C# Programming, Sencha / YahooUI, Google Chrome, Network Administration Apr 27, 2017 Apr 27, 20174d 13h $1231
I would like to either convert my ex4 EA to an mq4 file or create a new EA that does the same thing as the ex4. I have an ex4 EA (Expert Advisor for Metatrader 4) that I would like to either convert to mq4 source code or create a new EA that does the same as the ex4 EA. Thank you. 11 C Programming, Java, C# Programming, Metatrader, C++ Programming Apr 27, 2017 Apr 27, 20174d 12h $173
CRM Project I need to re-create a CRM data base 33 C# Programming Apr 27, 2017 Apr 27, 20174d 10h $675
Seeking ASP Net Developer for full time work We are a US company seeking an [url removed, login to view] developer full time work for enhancing adding features to existing apps and creating fresh web app. We anticipate at least two months of work. Quote a weekly rate in your bid. The apps use back-end database. Good English communications needed. Agile development with daily updates via Messenger or Skype. (Verbal may be required) Good modern UI sens required. Show samples of your work. Start immediately. LOOKING FOR INDIVIDUAL DEVELOPER ON WEEKLY (OR MONTHLY) BASIS -- NOT COMPANY -- NOT INTERESTED IN MANAGEMENT QUOTE WEEKLY RATE IN YOR BID 63 Visual Basic, SQL, C# Programming, ASP.NET Apr 27, 2017 Apr 27, 20174d 9h $271
c# gecko webbrowser Expert Person Need. I am want someone expert person. Who expert in c# gecko Webbrowser control area. Actually I am want to write some software which perfect with gecko webbrowser. I am want click in the below code then going in my work for next area so when I am try then it's not success for clicked below code. You just give me solution using geckofx browser to how I am click below code. <a href="/egg/total/aBoTZwA0np28LM8nldaffklabJg--~A&showDisavow=true" class="inline-error-message">Remove another account</a> If you expert in gecko webbrowser area then it's really simple work for you. 9 .NET, C# Programming Apr 27, 2017 Apr 27, 20174d 8h $110
partime senior C# asp developer for US Firm We are looking for a talented and highly-skilled .net developer to join our project Need C# developers who has knowledge and experience in [url removed, login to view] 93 C# Programming, Software Architecture, ASP.NET Apr 27, 2017 Apr 27, 20174d 7h $554
Dressing web site We need that dressing web site (selling)based on C# , using MVC and .NET. It won't need to sell something just show us the dress,clothes, tshirt etc. Selling part is just for showing I mean we just want to desinging. --------------------------------------------------- C# tabanında MVC ve .Net kullanılarak bir giyim ticaret sitesi kurmak istiyoruz fakat ödeme yapılmayacak sadece dizayn olarak gözükmesi yeterli. 21 Website Design, Graphic Design, C# Programming, HTML, MVC Apr 27, 2017 Apr 27, 20174d 6h $194
MSBI and BO Must be expert in Business Objects, data modeling, dashboards, MSBI and ETL tools like SSIS, BODS. Detail information would be discussed. Must be in USA 22 Visual Basic, C# Programming, Microsoft SQL Server, Data Warehousing, Business Intelligence Apr 27, 2017 Apr 27, 20174d 6h $626
Create a tfs extension : User Story Mapping Create a tfs extension : User story Mapping check please the images [url removed, login to view] 5 .NET, C# Programming, Visualization Apr 27, 2017 Apr 27, 20174d 6h $104
Project for Humpt Hi Humpt, if PHP belongs to your skills as well, please get in contact with me. I have 2 immediate openings and a lot more in the pipeline. [Removed for encouraging offsite communication which is against our Terms and Conditions.] 6 .NET, C# Programming, Software Architecture, C++ Programming, , Software Development Apr 27, 2017 Apr 27, 20177d 1h $13
XUnit.performance.api example for .NET Framework 4.6.2 Hi, i just need a simple example of running [url removed, login to view] in a .NET Framework 4.6.2 project. here the link for the api [url removed, login to view] 4 .NET, C# Programming Apr 27, 2017 Apr 27, 20174d 1h $21
Custom Delayed Playback Device I want a device with a Video Input & Video Output Which Can Be Placed Between My Set-Top Box & TV, Device should auto record video & auto playback with predefined delay like 2-5 minutes late on my TV. After playback it can delete old data so that no long buffer needed, maybe it's called Chase Play Mode. Please Bid if you can deliver project withing a week & Write NoAuto in your bid so that we'll know you read details and it's not spam. 4 Java, Linux, C# Programming, Video Broadcasting, Raspberry Pi Apr 27, 2017 Apr 27, 20174d $473
classified ads website - open to bidding Hi, I am designing a website in [url removed, login to view] webform, C# and database sql. It's a free ads website. I did almost everything and i want you to do the followings: 1- [url removed, login to view]: Create full Home Page, and add button of home at the Master page. use the same style i have. All linked to be arranged accordingly. Home page can be used by visitor, users & admin. [url removed, login to view]: Re-arrange the page as per the database. Enlarge the photos at details Page. Owner and contact details and date automatically taken from data base/MyUser database. [url removed, login to view]: Logo at top to be shifted to the left with a padding of 10px. [url removed, login to view]: Arrange the list of user to be like the style of page [url removed, login to view] with adding page number. Active the button edit. [url removed, login to view]: Add category to be re-arranged the style of page [url removed, login to view] with adding page number 6- [url removed, login to view] & [url removed, login to view]: Arrange the style of price and to be as Dollar $ style. All ads to be clearly shown either before making the search. Activate the sort command & shifting between pages. 7- [url removed, login to view] & The [url removed, login to view] & [url removed, login to view]: Show a confirmation message for each command whenever we delete, or edit or add at the three pages. [url removed, login to view] & The [url removed, login to view] & [url removed, login to view]: Add AdminHome page at top to all admin pages. All of the above required to be ready within max two days ([url removed, login to view]) without any extend duration, if possible let me know. You are kindly requested to provide me your best offer accordingly. For your easy reference, you can go to the website: [url removed, login to view] UserName:test@[url removed, login to view] Password:12345 Best Regards Shady.Q 16 Visual Basic, .NET, Windows Desktop, C# Programming, Software Architecture Apr 27, 2017 Apr 27, 20174d $223
Flyer software development - open to bidding I work for an education company and we currently have about 50 flyers created from InDesign. A lot of the information on all flyers are the same (who we are, our locations etc), so our struggle is that if there is an error in this, we need to open 50 InDesign files and manually make the same change for every flyer. This process takes hours. So we are after the creation of flyer software, where we can have specific fields for each heading of the flyer, so if there is a typo in one section, we can make the change to that one field in the software, and it will automatically make that change to all relevant flyers. Preferably the ability to select which flyers you would like to make those changes to would be great. Additionally, we would prefer to be able to just press a download button, it automatically populate the information needed for that specific flyer and downloads the flyer. Not sure if you would need much more information from me for you to provide us a rough quote on how much this would take to produce or how long it would take. Currently we do not have a set budget, so this is flexible and can be discussed further, as I understand this would be a big job. 25 PHP, C Programming, C# Programming, Software Architecture, C++ Programming Apr 27, 2017 Apr 27, 20174d $528
Write some Software you need to create an application using wpf where we can link two lists. please check the attachment. it will be appreciated if you already have done this kind of work before. some important points. 1. we will have simple string list like *list1 = new String[] { "One", "Two", "Three", "Four", "Five", "Six", "Seven", "Eight", "Nine" }; *list2 = new String[] { "1", "2", "3", "4", "5", "6", "7", "8", "9" }; 2. it will be loaded on UI as per attached picture. 3. once the list is loaded we can match one by one. 4. we can delete the line. 5. relink the line. 6. add a new line. 7. when we resize the window it should be resizable. 8. some other basic points will be discussed in chat. please check if you can do this. also, previous experience on the same kind of work will be appreciated. 20 .NET, C# Programming, Software Architecture, WPF Apr 27, 2017 Apr 27, 20174d $113
Fix Hebrew text with "" slashes -- 2 Hi I have two sentences: "מסגרת ב"ע" and "ב"ע" Hebrew is in right to left order. USE ONLY STRINGS AND NOT richTextBox I need to remove "" slashes that the word will be "ב"ע" in .net 2015. You can write your own function or use any VS library not third party. Thanks 16 .NET, C# Programming Apr 27, 2017 Apr 27, 20173d 22h $28
Production Flow The Project containe 4 smaller applications: Main Clock Slave Clock Administraton Program UrgensItems. I have made a prototype of the program and i want to have a developer to make it more enterprise, because of my minor knowledge to .net and SQL. and the need to refine the UI to be more nice looking. i have to be developed in C#, so i can maintain and add new functions to it. 64 .NET, SQL, C# Programming, WPF, Microsoft SQL Server Apr 27, 2017 Apr 27, 20173d 20h $6938
Making Game I need Unity Programmer, That is All Thing. 50 C# Programming, Unity 3D Apr 27, 2017 Apr 27, 20173d 20h $322
C Programming, Java, C# Programming, Software Architecture, C++ Programming Apr 27, 2017 Apr 27, 20171d 18h
Model Data Validation message not showing. I have code like this @[url removed, login to view](i => [url removed, login to view], new { @class = "required form-control input-sm required" }) @[url removed, login to view](m => [url removed, login to view], null, new { @class = "text-danger" }) Due to some reasons it does not show required error message 21 .NET, C# Programming, ASP.NET Apr 27, 2017 Apr 27, 20173d 18h $15
WPF Slider I have a list of object with [url removed, login to view] datetimes. I have to create a slider with player (Play/Stop/Pause) that for each elements in the list should do something. And slider should work between min date and max date. 13 C# Programming, Software Architecture, WPF Apr 27, 2017 Apr 27, 20173d 17h $38
Add WYSYWIG Editor for existing ASP.NET Web Project. I want to have WYSYWIG Editor in my simple CMS Project. Project is created in [url removed, login to view] with SQL so i want to add TinyMCE or CKEditor for it. I have a small budget, but i think - it is simple work for good developer ;) 21 Javascript, C# Programming, jQuery / Prototype, ASP.NET Apr 27, 2017 Apr 27, 20173d 17h $20
Unity looting and skills system needed for real cash economy Windows game. I need an expert Unity developer to assist with developing an RCE game. MMOSCIFI persistent world. I need the skills system and looting system created. UI also needed for the looting system so various aspects can be changed by non-programmer. For more info, drop me a line... 34 Windows Desktop, C# Programming, Software Architecture, MySQL, Unity 3D Apr 27, 2017 Apr 27, 20173d 16h $2869
MPI Processing **Goal ** The goal of this Project is to introduce MPI and distributed synchronization concepts. First, implement a distributed algorithm by using your own synchronization method. Second, implement the same distributed algorithm using the MPI synchronization calls. Third, run timing tests on each and compare the results. **General Information** · Read this project carefully, in its entirety, before you start coding · You may use any machine where you have access to MPI. · Use the reference pointers below to find concrete technical information (e.g., MPI tutorials and examples). **-Make sure that Program meets all requirements** ## Deliverables 1) Complete and fully-functional working program(s) in executable form as well as complete source code of all work done. 2) Installation package that will install the software (in ready-to-run condition) on the platform(s) specified in this bid request. 3) Exclusive and complete copyrights to all work purchased. (No GPL, 3rd party components, etc. unless all copyright ramifications are explained AND AGREED TO by the buyer on the site). ## Platform Windows ME, 98. 5 C# Programming Apr 27, 2017 Apr 27, 20173d 14h $28
Hiring Lua Scripters Hello, My name is Vince, I'm the founder of a gaming company. We are looking for coders in order to complete our development team. The current project consists in modding a very famous video game. In order to be accepted, you will need to meet those requirements: - Speak fluent English - Be located in Europe or North America - Have at least 2 years experience in Lua language - Have at least 2 years experience in scripting/coding - Be passionate by video games - Be available at full time You will be part of a development team, which implies communication and organization skills. I will provide you as much information as I can in order to get you started quickly. You will have to show motivation and dedication, as well as respect deadlines. You always wanted to work on a video game in a structured organization? You master scripting language like Lua, C#, and have notions in JavaScript, HTML and CSS? You want to join a team and run an exciting project? This job is for you! If you meet the researched profile, more information will be providing to you. 16 Javascript, C# Programming, Lua Apr 26, 2017 Apr 26, 20173d 12h $17
Write some Software We have an application that is created in C# which currently scrapes web sites. We would like to make some modifications to the existing program so it can successfully scrape those sites which were modified. We would also like to make new additions to the program for new websites to be scraped. Details are in attached file. 45 C Programming, C# Programming Apr 26, 2017 Apr 26, 20173d 11h $509
Game Coding (Related to PUBG) I am looking for some one to build a bypass for the anticheat battleye. I got every thing done just need a bypass. Contact me if your able to do this 6 C# Programming, C++ Programming, Programming Apr 26, 2017 Apr 26, 20173d 9h $209
Attach & Detach Database from MS Sql Express 2012 Server i need a code that can attach a database to an SQL Express 2012 database and that can drop all connections to a database and detach it using c# code. 44 .NET, C# Programming, Microsoft SQL Server Apr 26, 2017 Apr 26, 20173d 5h $128
Implement OAuth and Google authentication on existing .NET website Hello freelancers, I have an existing .NET/C#/MVC app with just several methods that I'd like to secure to only valid internal users. There will not be a database of users that the app is looking at. Instead, I want anyone with a valid account on GSuite in our domain to be able to access these methods. Basically, if validated GMail account ends in @[url removed, login to view], you can call that method. I need to keep this as simple as possible, no serious architectural changes, only an attribute like [RequireGoogleAuthentication] for any method I choose to secure. When someone tries to hit a secured URL, it will direct them to the Google login page, request validation and then redirect them back to the method they were trying to access. If the user has already logged in during this session, it will reuse whatever cookie or session variable is there. I have the Google+ API keys, I just haven't been able to spend the time to write the code. I will share our codebase using GitHub for the successful bidder. Please only submit a bid if you have read and understood my request! Thank you, S 28 .NET, C# Programming, OAuth Apr 26, 2017 Apr 26, 20173d 4h $201
Program Regex or Another Solution That Can Identify Any Street Address Worldwide Hi, I need a regex or another solution that can identify/extract any street address worldwide(from a text or html) and identify the country it is located in. If you are doing this with software, I would like it to be made in [url removed, login to view] and for it to be able to work through a directory of .TXT, .HTML, or .CSV files and save the output as a CSV or TXT file. Thank you for bidding 10 C# Programming, VB.NET, Regular Expressions Apr 26, 2017 Apr 26, 20173d 3h $175
Develop SAP Business One Solution I would like someone familiar with SAP business one and SAP solutions to help out in building an insurance ERP solution on SAP business one. The proposed solution should be an end-to-end solution to cover everything related to insurance including portals for remote access to agents and brokers. the solution shall include the following elements: Customer relationship management Policy management/ development Agents and insurance brokers network management Claims management financial management reinsurance management All specifications for the software will be provided by us Similar work experience is essential, including SAP business one and developing solutions for SAP business one The budget is negotiable and flexible. we can agree on it. i may even be looking to have people over here in Jordan working on this on a secondment basis. 30 C Programming, C# Programming, SAP Apr 26, 2017 Apr 26, 20173d 3h $21
Build a Website I need a new web application to deliver videos to our client base. More details will be provided to the selected freelancer. 84 Javascript, Website Design, C# Programming, MySQL, HTML Apr 26, 2017 Apr 26, 20173d 3h $586
Marketplace Integration Engine Description: We have a database of products that we would like to list and sell at multiple online marketplaces. What we need is to have a single API to manage our listings and any orders we may get through these marketplaces. This system will need to integrate fully with many different marketplaces through their respective APIs as well as be capable of adding more marketplace’s APIs in the future. Technical Details: We need this service to run as an IIS based [url removed, login to view] C# web API that we would host on-site. The API must use JSON for its calls and Microsoft SQL Server for its database. We need to be able to send varying attributes about each product to this API and have it stage the information for offloading to each marketplace to be sent on a configurable schedule (per marketplace). The API must be capable of allowing us to map our data (in the form of attributes) to the different fields required by each individual marketplace whilst also allowing us to override any data on a per marketplace basis. The system needs to keep track of product quantity at each marketplace to prevent overselling (quantity on order vs quantity on hand). This system must also allow us to retrieve, acknowledge, cancel and refund orders from each marketplace. These orders must be exposed via the API to be imported into our system. We would need a way to mark these orders imported as well so that we do not import them again. When an order ships on our end, we need to upload the tracking information to the respective marketplace. Any errors returned from a marketplace must be exposed via API. All reporting (financial statements, etc) from any marketplaces must also be exposed via API. The full cycle of listing a product to retrieving orders to uploading tracking must be fully integrated with each marketplace. Marketplaces should be separate modules that can be enabled or disabled at any time. It should also be possible to add more marketplace modules in the future (by our own programmers.) Initially we would require that Walmart, Sears, and Newegg be fully integrated upon launch. The code must be commented and documented well. What We Provide: We have accounts with Walmart, Sears and Newegg from which we can provide the API keys. We have a few very knowledgeable programmers on staff, however we do not have the time to build it ourselves. We can however provide answers to any questions that may arise during the process. 48 .NET, C# Programming, IIS, ASP.NET, Microsoft SQL Server Apr 26, 2017 Apr 26, 20173d 3h $8831
Create Macro Recorder PoC using C#/WPF This is a proof-of-concept project to create a macro recorder for Windows using C#/WPF. The recorder will record mouselicks and keystrokes, and store them in a JSON file. During replay, it will replay (simulate) the clicks and keystrokes. We know that apps like this already exists. This project is a test project (and starting point) for a bigger project. For the same reason, the UI needs to be done in WPF according to our mockup. Before bidding: Please see the attachment and read the detailed specs at [url removed, login to view] This is a great project for someone familiar with WPF and Windows. If the project is successful, then related, very interesting follow-up projects are likely. 23 C# Programming, WPF Apr 26, 2017 Apr 26, 20173d 2h $369
C# Programming, CRM, Azure, Dynamics, Microsoft SQL Server Apr 26, 2017 Apr 26, 20173d 2h
Urgent updation of code needed Please check the attachment [url removed, login to view] I also want to test and send output as per the sample attached 5 C Programming, Java, C# Programming, Software Architecture, C++ Programming Apr 26, 2017 Apr 26, 20173d 2h $34
Need an expert in Azure Service Fabric and Identity Server I have an identity server 4 instance on Azure service fabric: [url removed, login to view] And a portal (website) [url removed, login to view] This works locally but i cannot get it to work in Azure in a live cluster. Errors is down to CryptographicException: The key {70b9fc00-9db9-4dd1-ab65-33abeb9de7a4} was not found in the key ring. The main issue is I just don't know enough about Identity Server, DataProtection class and Azure service fabric to get it fixed. 23 .NET, C# Programming, Software Architecture, Azure, Website Management Apr 26, 2017 Apr 26, 20173d 2h $39
I need to extract some data from the attached file. Hi freelancers! I need to extract some information from the attached file. ([url removed, login to view]) The sample data can be found on the first page of the document. Page #: Example data: 13086 Excavation Date: Example data: 20 July 2001 Collector First Name: Example data: L Collector Middle Initial: Example data: V Collector Last Name: Example data: Michaelsen Field No.: Example data: RLP 2036 Soil: Example data: C Deposit No: Example data: 91 Grid No: Example data: H-6 Field ID: Example data: Cobble Each of the data must be stored in a column of a [url removed, login to view] datatable . Each data block conforms one row. I should be able to loop over every datarow in the datatable and be able to extract each of the data in each column x row. You can verify how the data should be sorted by looking at the attached excel file. You can use the rich control built into visual studio to read and scroll the *.RTF file. The file is a small sample taken from the original file that has 50mb and 415 pages, and this document is part of a large document that has 50,000 pages. The software should be able to read and process this file. Skills: C#, Windows Desktop, (Windows Form), [url removed, login to view] Thanks 41 Windows Desktop, C# Programming, Software Architecture, Microsoft SQL Server Apr 26, 2017 Apr 26, 20173d 1h $151
Convert Linux CLI to C# .NET Web Application We wish to replicate a solution found here: [url removed, login to view] That uses Linux and some supporting libraries, to parse out a text in no more than 1,500 character groupings and compresses them to reduce whitespace in the same manner as the link above. Packets of characters are sent to AWS Polly to convert to speech. Packets are throttled. Once returned, individual results, as MP3 files, are joined together to form one single file. Solution for above is found here: [url removed, login to view] We need it to be converted to a .NET web application in C# 35 PHP, .NET, C# Programming, Amazon Web Services, node.js Apr 26, 2017 Apr 26, 20173d 1h $750
ASP.NET Expert 05 I need an expert .net developer as a assistant. Must knowledge on JQuery Timer. Start work right now. Please don't bid any company or team. This position only for individual. 21 C# Programming, jQuery / Prototype, ASP.NET, Microsoft SQL Server, LINQ Apr 26, 2017 Apr 26, 20172d 23h $10
Write some Software problems with hosting my website 6 C# Programming, ASP.NET Apr 26, 2017 Apr 26, 20172d 23h $36
Write some Software Hello Freelancers. I would like to hire a software developer who has good ability on C#. More details on Chat. Enjoy to bid. 57 C# Programming, Software Architecture, MySQL Apr 26, 2017 Apr 26, 20172d 22h $553
C# Ticketing 27 C# Programming, VB.NET Apr 26, 2017 Apr 26, 20172d 22h $165
Database integration for my c# windows application in visual studio Database Creation/Integration. I have a c# windows application that detects and recognizes faces using EMGUCV and using Microsoft speech library to communicate with the user. I want to add a database to that application which will have a timetable in it. so when a user is recognized by the application it will check for his timetable and tell that person his timetable for the day using speech. I already have speech and face recognition work completed by myself. your task will be to integrate the database into it. 21 Windows Desktop, SQL, C# Programming, MySQL, Database Development Apr 26, 2017 Apr 26, 20172d 20h $29
Twitter data analysis with r and visual studio i have code in r which can extract data from user clean data and perform sentiment analysis.. work to do: make a form in visual studio which can get user's query .. and show graphs on form and other information like number of followers and followings .. and top tweet of the day etc. .. with the help of rdotNet.. frontend: visual studio, c# backend rdotNet I already have all the code completed in rdotNet just need somebody to build a frontend form for me. 7 Windows Desktop, C# Programming, R Programming Language Apr 26, 2017 Apr 26, 20172d 20h $55
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