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C# is a well-known programming language from Microsoft Corporation, built within the .NET initiative. There are many commercial projects these days that are built with the C# programming environment. Your business might be developed using C#, in which case it would do well to hire expert freelancer's help for coding in C#. An expertC# freelance programmer can help your business quite skillfully and cost effectively.
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    Please read everything before responding. • Need to add touch gesture support using Oxyplot API for Xamarin Forms. This solution must be available for [url removed, login to view] for iOS, Android AND UWP but NOT Native. Must demo the solution with sample data that’s randomly generated at least 1-3 second interval. Here is oxyplot website. -> [url removed, login to view] & oxyplot github -> [url removed, login to view] The user in the sample application should be able to touch on a point plotted on the trend and your app should show the value at the touched spot.   You have to provide  training to us for at least 4 hours to explain the coding topology-structure made in the project & also help encapsulate it into our code project successfully. The budget is flexible. Complete source code with detailed documentation for this project, need to be submitted on daily basis. The code & all deliverable will become our property. Please specify your team's hours (in GMT) when they will be readily available via phone etc. We expect a week time of delivery from you after the award or specify the time. Provide us with rough milestones (if any) tied to payments. no upfront. Delays will cause problems for our project. DO NOT PROVIDE ANY IRRELEVANT INFO IN YOUR RESPONSE. Provide enough relevant info in your response so we do not have to ask any questions. Only serious contenders need to apply & we shall assume you have understood & accept all conditions, unless specified otherwise.

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    Seeking to develop a windows print driver that should show up in print dialog box as one of the options for printing such as pdf and be able to print out data in a specific format.

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    Hello I want to hire a DB design, Backend programming expert. Need professional, seniors only. At least you already developed product for over 3000 concurrent users. We already have a product for service to online mobile users. It is working well for 100 concurrent users, but it is often make some problem when concurrent users are over 200. If you have such product source code, I can buy from you. Or if you like teach us, it is OK. Thank you Best regards

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    I'm looking for a developer that has experience with WPF MVVM. I've broken down the development of this application into small steps (this being one of them), and I'm looking for a long-ish term partner to work with on it. I'm pretty familiar with C#, but am a little weak on WPF and MVVM design patterns (which is why I'm reaching out). Here's a brief description of my issue: I have 100+ objects (shapes). And there are different properties that describe each shape (ie width and thickness for rectangle; or radius for circle). I have all of the shapes in a tree view. When I click on the shape from the tree I'd like for my application to create input controls for the properties. From there, the user can define the inputs; and then hit a button to create (or perform some action on) the object. Here's some visuals to go along with what I'm kinda after:

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    I require C# code to access the ebay API and download all listings for my customer in XML or JSON format. I want clean readable & testable code that follows SOLID principles. It doesn't have to be overly complex. I don't have time to investigate myself and would like some basic pointers on what ebay documentation to read especially in regard to authentication. Requirements - Download 7000+ listings with all supporting details. - No need for continuous downloads. This is a straight up dump to disk. - Any suitable output format is fine (XML or JSON) would be nice - Documented code for quick an easy modification if required Thanks Christian

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    Auto Betting Script (Bet365) 6 days left

    I'm looking for a skilled individual to program a bot/script that will work on Bet365. This script will be able to receive bets tips and replicate them on Bet365 following certain criteria's. There should be MINIMAL latency between receiving the TIP and placing the BET. The stake will be determined by the balance on the account using a simple formula. Past experience is a plus with scripting bots. Once this project is completed, i need to replicate it on 5 other betting sites.

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    I want to fix bugs in Visual Studio Desktop application. I will provide the current files of the software and you need to fix it and add simple update.

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    Hire a Mobile App Developer 5 days left

    We inherited a mobile app that need some updates, namely facebook API updates and some plugin updates. More work to follow if completed job is done to satisfaction.

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    we need a Wow Classic server Like [url removed, login to view] with a core like this : [url removed, login to view] Plz contakt me if you know the work dont bit if you never set up a privat server

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    I need a sample application that does Insert, Update, Delete, Search operations using SQL Compact and Visual C# 2010 Express & Visual Web Developer 2010 Express. I need the database to be accessible locally as well as on network. I cannot refer to SqlCe in my code, dont know why. Lets resolve the issue and give me the demo code.

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    Our team is looking for a programmer experienced in creating turn-based, tile based games. The programmer must also have experience in creating simple multiplayer interaction and matchmaking. This project can be best described as a 3d advance wars. There is only one level to create and 11 unit types. No AI is required as we will completely focus on PVP. Applicants should have a strong portfolio showing tile based games and multiplayer games. The turnaround time will be a month and a half. We can purchase turn-based frameworks if it will help speed up development.

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    I am hiring developers to implement new algorithms for the [url removed, login to view] Framework ([url removed, login to view]). This offer is for someone to implement the Fast K-Means algorithm (also known as mini-batch k-means) discussed in [url removed, login to view], [url removed, login to view], [url removed, login to view] and, most importantly, [url removed, login to view]~dsculley/papers/[url removed, login to view] . The [url removed, login to view] Framework is written entirely in C#. The outcome of the work would need to be licensed under the MIT License. Any implementation would need to observe at least 4 key aspects: 1. It would need to be substantially faster than the current K-Means implementation in [url removed, login to view]; 1. It would need to follow the mini-batch k-means approach described in [url removed, login to view], [url removed, login to view], [url removed, login to view] and, most importantly, [url removed, login to view]~dsculley/papers/[url removed, login to view] . 1. It would need to respect [url removed, login to view]'s clustering interfaces; 1. It would require as well unit tests showing that the algorithm respects items 1, 2, and 3 above. The implementations can be delivered as a pull-request to the project's issue tracker at [url removed, login to view] You can also update issue [url removed, login to view] with any questions you might have about the implementation. Also note that, after this work is complete, there are many other similar works that you might be able to apply for.

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    I am hiring developers to write documentation examples for the [url removed, login to view] Framework ([url removed, login to view]). This first offer is for someone to solve 5 open issues with the "doc request" tag in the project's issue tracker for a fixed price. Afterwards, we can discuss an hourly rate for gradually fixing all other issues. In the previous few months, the [url removed, login to view] Framework has experienced a really large or documentation request issues in its issue tracker at [url removed, login to view] The goal of this project is to help solve most or all of those issues. The project host a Wiki page detailing how documentation examples can be contributed into the framework. Please make sure that you have read [url removed, login to view] before you place your bid. Developers/freelancers who would like to bid into this project are expected to close at least 5 documentation issues currently open in the [url removed, login to view] issue tracker ( [url removed, login to view]✓&q=is%3Aissue%20is%3Aopen%20label%3A"doc%20request"%20-label%3A"pending-release"%20 ). All information necessary to close any of those issues are given in the [url removed, login to view] page linked above, so please read this page with care before you place your bid. The goal of this project is to hire developers/testers/freelancers who would like to work under a hourly rate closing issues in the project's issue tracker. While of course the initial 5 issues proposed in this project description will be granted to the most suitable developer who places a reasonable bid to this project, the real intent of this task is to find interested developers who would be willing to work on this project in the long term.

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    I am hiring developers to add support for MFCC features in the [url removed, login to view] Framework ([url removed, login to view]). [url removed, login to view] is a framework for machine learning, signal processing, statistics, and other tasks related to scientific computing in .NET. That's a complete project, comprised of at least: 1) Writing (or leverage from another source with a compatible license) an implementation for MFCCs. This implementation should be able to take an [url removed, login to view] as an input and transform it to a double[] vector where each element of this double vector comes from the MFCC computation; 2) Integrating the implementation into the [url removed, login to view] Framework; 3) Providing unit tests that pass; 4) Writing an example using those MFCCs to perform sound classification using any of the standard machine learning methods already present in the framework (i.e. SVMs). The examples do not have to use real data or tackle any specific problem, just show how they could be used with a machine learning method. More details about this will be given below. The example should be able to read a collection of .wav files (e.g. [url removed, login to view], or your own collection of sounds) and perform classification using any machine learning method such as SVMs. 5) Providing those implementations and unit tests as a pull-request to the project's issue tracker ( [url removed, login to view] ). All bidders can also list their questions in Issue 441 ( [url removed, login to view] ) which is aimed to track development of this issue. Note 1: The proposed project should not require any large changes in the framework outside of the [url removed, login to view] namespace. Once a method for computing MFCCs is implemented, the framework should already be able to provide all the rest of the machinery for building a machine learning method using those MFCCs. Examples on how to create a machine learning method for classification are shown, for example, in the bottom page of [url removed, login to view] Note 2: The employer can help with any of the steps described above, with special emphasis to item 4. Note 3: A bonus of 10% over the bid value will be granted for blogging about the implementation or the use of the implementation fo training machine learning algorithms. This should be an easy addition after the last step specified above (writing an example) is also completed. Note 4: The implementation should be made available under the MIT or BSD licenses. This means that it is perfectly OK to re-use existing open-source implementations for MFCCs as long as they are also available under the MIT or BSD licenses. Good examples of existing implementations that you would be free to port (and copy & paste as you'd like) are [url removed, login to view] and [url removed, login to view]://[url removed, login to view] . Before bidding, please make sure that you are able to clone the [url removed, login to view] Framework project repository and build the project. The description of this project might be updated depending on questions asked by bidders. Please also keep track of the issue at [url removed, login to view] for additional clarifications.

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    A Multiplayer Racing game 5 days left

    We want a multiplayer game build in unity 3d for ios and android. We will launch on android first so It's okay if first build is ready for android, we can wait for android. We're open to ideas and the game we have in mind right now which we want to build from is "Racing Fever". As mentioned above, we're open to ideas, so any new/modified features will be welcomed, Also budget us flexible. Say "bing" in the start of message so I know that you have read the description. More details will be provided on contact. Thanks Waqar

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    I need a software to scan the barcode of a usa driver license and get all the information from it, save it to a database and then auto fill some PDF forms.

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    Windows 5 days left

    I need you to develop some software for me. I would like this software to be developed for Windows using .NET. I need a c# front end Microsoft Access backend, and some logic to parse data and then I need to auto fill PDF forms. I have part of the software written.

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    Trophy icon ownCloud sync client - code review 18 days left

    This project is to eventually build a modified version of the ownCloud desktop client. The contest relates to some preliminary research required to understand the client software. The participants of this competition will be invited to code the modifications as a separate project. Project source: [url removed, login to view] The changes must work with both Mac and all versions of Windows. 1. Make it sync one way only - from client to server. But remove the server to client sync. i) The server will set each file size to 0 bytes -so that no data is stored on the server. ii) Therefore the files should not sync back to the client. iii) Therefore, the client software needs to remove the GUI to select which server-folders are synced. Competition Part 1: Advise the source code changes you make to achieve the above. The next thing I wish to understand is the protocol of the sync. I want to avoid using the ownCloud server software. So I need to know how to setup a default Linux install to be compatible. E.g. Advise that it is webDav with local linux authentication? Or something else? Explain which TCPIP port it uses and which protocol: SSH, SFTP. Does it always use https proxy? How does it complain if the SSL cert is not signed properly? Competition Part 2: Explain which file in the source code is doing the synchronisation and what outputserver response it is expecting. Competition Part 3: Explain which file in the source code is doing the HTTPs proxy and how its checking the server certificate to be correct. Competition Part 4: Which source files need to be modified to add additional tabs to the GUI? And sub-tabs to the 'Activity' section. The first person whom can provide adaquate analysis of the above questions will win the competition.

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    Need to develop a java application which will work on windows + mac os. Software will connect to a device via SSH, and control it through a series of commands. Only bids starting with "I CAN DEVELOP JAVA" , will be responded to

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    23 bids

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