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CUDA (Compute Unified Device Architecture) refers to a parallel programming model by NVIDIA. The platform is implemented by graphics processing units by the same company. CUDA enables users to gain access to virtual instruction sets and parallel computation elements memory. You can practice your skills in this field as you earn money on
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AWS / Azure / Google Cloud / Softlayer / Nimbix - Testing We require someone to test and benchmark 5 cloud computing platforms. ------- ------- ------- ------- ------- We want the the following tested; Azure - NV12 & NC12 AWS - [url removed, login to view] & [url removed, login to view] Google - K80 with 8vCPU Softlayer - K80 w/ Dual Intel Xeon E5-2620 v4 Nimbix - NP8G1 & NG5 ------- ------- ------- ------- ------- The report will have the following benchmarks conducted on all VM's; Windows & Linux - Octane Render - [url removed, login to view] Linux - STH Benchmark - [url removed, login to view] Windows & Linux - Luxmark - [url removed, login to view] Windows + Linux - 8K Playback test Resolve - [url removed, login to view] 8K file - [url removed, login to view] Windows + Linux - [url removed, login to view] - CPU + OpenCL ------- ------- ------- ------- ------- The report will record the following; Per Hour Price Result from each benchmark Full system specs - CPU / Ram / GPU / HDD ------- ------- ------- ------- ------- Thanks 9 Cloud Computing, Azure, CUDA, Amazon Web Services, VMware Mar 22, 2017 Mar 22, 20174d 10h $441
CUDA Program Optimization techniques (Research Writing ) CUDA program optimization techniques. which are best for the (Iteration CUDA program) 13 C Programming, Algorithm, Research Writing, CUDA Mar 21, 2017 Mar 21, 20173d 16h $305
CUDA NSight Debugger Setup I am using VS2012 C++/CLI with OpenCV 3.1, CUDA 7.5, NSight 5.2 on a Win10 64 bit machine with a GTX 760 NVidia card. All of this works fine when compiling from within VS2012. Further, I can use the VS debugger to set breakpoints, etc. within the C++ code. In this configuration, I know that at various times CUDA code is running including my own custom kernel. However, you cannot set breakpoints (at least that are recognized) in the CUDA code. Now that my CUDA code is getting more complex, I want to use the CUDA debugger to be able to set breakpoints in the CUDA code. When I invoke NSight from within VS, all of the non-CUDA code runs fine. However, as soon as I perform an operation that would invoke CUDA code I just get a "stopped working" message that really does not give me much info as to what the problem might be. Thus, your task is just to help me get the NSight debugger working. 6 CUDA, C++ Programming Mar 19, 2017 Mar 19, 20171d 21h $150
CUDA Program Optimization Techniques secientific text required on CUDA Program Optimization and commonly used techniques. How to optimize a CUDA program and which technique is more efficient to implement for fast processing. 14 Scientific Research, Algorithm, Research Writing, CUDA, Programming Mar 17, 2017 Mar 17, 2017Ended $216
CUDA - GPU - Algorithm The project must be able to generate bitcoin private keys using GPU Processing randomly. Once the the private key is generated, the gpu must also extract the public bitcoin address from the private key and compare to a static string. If there is no match, the cycle must continue in the GPU until a match is found for the provided address. If there's a match the application must stop and show the private key/public key that match the provided public address. All the processing power (generation, transforms and comparison) must be in the GPU. The application must be compiled in a windows binary. The application must be a console application. The code must be provided (pushed to a GIT repository) during the development process, so i can visualize the daily progress and test. 0 C Programming, GPGPU, CUDA, Bitcoin Mar 17, 2017 Mar 17, 20172d 16h -
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