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    I have own Wordpress blog but there is some issue in that so I need to fix the issue and edit more functionalities. I need SEO after all issues done. More details provided to select the candidate looking forward your response

    $2 - $8 / hr
    $2 - $8 / hr
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    i have created a login page for my project so i need the unit testing code for it

    $10 - $30
    $10 - $30
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    3d modeling 6 days left

    I need a 3D model of something.

    $421 (Avg Bid)
    $421 Avg Bid
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    I need you to write a report for something. 1500 words with in 4 days time

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    $118 Avg Bid
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    Hi, We are an Australian weighbridge company seeking a mechanical/structural engineering consultant situated in Tianjin, China or nearby.

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    $32 / hr Avg Bid
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    Counter Implementation for landing page

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    I need a React web developer to build the front-end of the publishing website. The backend will be in place, I need someone to work with the front-end. A sketch design will be provided. The developer is expected to actualize the design using CSS. There will be a bit of animation involved too. Basic features include: 1. Authentication 2. Creating drafts and Publishing articles 3. Responses to articles 4. Messaging 5. Notifications 6. Top articles/ featured articles etc. 7. Category based view Important: I will be actively participating in the development process. I will be setting up the containers and the Redux store. I want you to develop the presentational components. Continuous integration is expected. Quote me the price and the time you need to finish this. New freelancers are welcome to bid here if you can convince me that you have the mantle to handle the job.

    $497 (Avg Bid)
    $497 Avg Bid
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    PPC, SEO, and SMO - please provide a proposal for initial optimisation and monthly recurring fees No copy, paste as I read proposals.

    $4 / hr (Avg Bid)
    $4 / hr Avg Bid
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    i have a project. if you are mathematician, please bid.

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    Design A Logo 6 days left

    Need a simple logo designed. Please post some examples of previous work.

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    $70 Avg Bid
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    We are looking for a front end developer who is familiar with HTML, CSS and Angular. We have about 20 pages that are 80% completed already. We need to finish the remaining 20% of the HTML for these pages and use Angular 2 for integration. All pages will have to include the responsive view for mobile & tablet (we will provide all mockups for reference). You should be able to deliver based on the mockups we provide and work with what we already have. We are looking for the best quality and attention to detail!!! The html/css is pretty much done. We will provide what we have done already and you can convert to latest angular for all pages including the responsive... The back end we will handle so you just need to make sure they are functional and tested and integrate with the web apis that we will provide. ____________________________________________________________________________ Read more Instructions below: - There are two components in this project. Admin and Frontend. - We will provide the two links to components. One is in angular 1 that needs to convert to latest angular and the other one is in angular 4. The HTML for all pages along with responsive view must be completed!!! - Also we want to consider for PWA (progressive web app) - Most of the HTML work has been done already so about 20% left to complete plus the responsive. - Note: We are using bootstrap but it has inline styles that’s breaking responsive view. It will be better to use latest bootstrap and also latest angular without effort for justifying old bootstrap and angular version for responsive support. ____________________________________________________________________________ The budget will be fixed and we are looking for someone who is professional and will deliver the work without excuses!!!

    $384 (Avg Bid)
    $384 Avg Bid
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    Create Logo 6 days left

    Look for a professional designer to create a logo

    $28 (Avg Bid)
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    I need you to develop some software for me. I would like this software to be developed for Linux . I want to start a small dedicated proxy project, I am using [url removed, login to view] as my host and subnets for my proxies, I want to set them up to use user:pass as authentication.

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    I currently have a booking page for potential customers to select how big their home is, and how much it would cost to clean their home. [url removed, login to view] The summary of prices on the right hand side is updated when the user makes a selection change. This is done via jQuery and not PHP. The form itself is created using Contact Form 7 plugin. I would like new functionality of letting the user put in a coupon code, and the prices on the right hand side are updated automatically.

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    $110 Avg Bid
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    Trophy icon DESIGN CLEAN BUSINESS CARDS 6 days left

    Use the attached files to make two business card designs. Good luck!

    $15 (Avg Bid)
    $15 Avg Bid
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    Trophy icon Clip Art needed 6 days left

    Pile of shit with a cherry on top

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    $10 Avg Bid
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    I have a small document that need to be translated from Spanish to [url removed, login to view] 150 words. Details will be provided to selected [url removed, login to view] Native please Thanks

    $12 (Avg Bid)
    $12 Avg Bid
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    Wen’s Project 以下是我希望这个ios app能达到的要求: 1. 当用户打开这个app后第一个界面为:在界面的最上方需要有一行字Welcome to Relax,这行字不需要有任何功能只需要出现就好。然后程序会要求用户去输入用户名(User name),输入密码(Password),输入完毕后,点击Login去登陆。如果用户没有账号,那么在这个界面还要有个按钮来让用户创建账号(Create Account )。这个界面需要有背景,让它尽可能看起来美观一些。大概就是这样,如果有什么更多的简单的功能你也可以帮我加上去。 2. 如果用户没有账户,那么在他点击了Create Account之后会进入另一个注册界面。在这个注册界面中左上角的箭头是回到上一页,也就是登陆界面。 然后有一行字Create your relax Account来告诉用户这里是注册界面。然后是用户名的输入(Username),输入用户名的要求为只能输入字母(大小写都可以)和数字,也可以是全部为字母,也可以全部为数字,但是最少要6个字符,最多不能超过8个。接下来是输入密码(Password), 输入密码的要求为只能输入数字,最少4个,最多不超过8个。 接下来是确认密码(Confirm password),确认密码的要求和密码是一样的只能输入数字,最少4个,最多不超过8个。 全部输入完毕后点击 Register Now!来注册。这时如果之前用户在输入Username或者Password时有任何错误,在点击了Register Now之后,红色的提示字体就会在框体下面显示出来(红字部分),而且必须要用户完全符合了注册的要求后,才能注册,否则就一直不能注册。黑色字体是需要显示的,红色字体在用户输入错误之后在显示。同样这个界面也需要背景,使它看起来美观。 3. 当用户完成注册以后他们会进入下面这个界面,同样的如果用户直接在第一个界面登陆,他们也会进入这个界面。左上角为登出按钮(Log out),如果用户点击了Log out,那么他会直接回到最开始的登陆界面,被重新要求输入用户名和密码。右上角为用户名,必须与用户登陆的用户名一致。如果用户更换账号,那么用户名也会随之变化。左边依次为今天的天气(Today's Weather)、寻找你感兴趣的事(Search for something you’re interested in)、树洞(Tree Hole)和 User Feedback(用户反馈)。这四个按钮都需要能连接到特定的界面,我会放在接下来说明。然后这个页面的右边,就是我想对用户说的话,按照这个写进去就可以了,尽可能做的美观一些。 Welcome to Relax! We hope you can have amazing experience with us. In this app, you can check today’s weather. And you can use the search function to find something you like. And you can also use the tree hole to talk about things that you usually don’t want others to know. Finally, we hope you can give us some feedback to help us to get better. 4. 当用户点击了 Today’s weather以后,他们会来到下面这个界面。我希望右边能做成像下面我拼接的这张图的这种样子(请忽略我的拼图技术。。。)总的来说就是要有国家(国家填Singapore就好了),然后要有日期,星期几,几点钟,天气是怎么样的,温度,最好能做出像这张图里的这种感觉。我会把清晰的图片放在下面。 。 5. 当用户点击了Search for something you’re interested in 之后他们会来到这个界面。在右边Enter here 里面输入想要看的东西, 然后用点击 Search Now! 开始搜索。这个搜索功能只需要能识别food(美食),sports(体育),scenery(风景)和 electronic product(电子产品)就好,其它的不需要识别。当用户搜索food的时候,下面出现四张关于food的图片,用户搜索sports的时候,下面出现四张sports的图片。搜索scenery和electronic product的时候同理。大概就是这个样子。搜索之前和搜索之后如下图所示。 6. 当用户点击了Tree Hole以后他们会来到这个界面。 上面的方框里的话 Hey, I'm tree hole. You can tell me anything and don't worry I will keep your secrets. 可以直接显示出来。然后用户需要在Enter here里面去输入他们自己想说的事情,这里用户可以输入任何东西,但是最多只能100个单词。然后按enter输入。无论用户输入什么, 字母也好,数字也好,一大段英文也好,只要用户输入了,我们就给用户反馈。反馈在另外一张图,反馈的内容为 [url removed, login to view] experience takes out by the essence of pain. [url removed, login to view] is always morning somewhere in the world. [url removed, login to view] life, there is no forever pain, not in vain. 7. 当用户点击User Feedback以后,他们会来到这个界面。在这个界面,用户会在方框里面输入他们的feedback(反馈),这个的要求和之前一样,输入什么都可以,数字或者英文,或者一段话,但最多不能超过100个单词,之后点击enter来确定输入。只要用户输入了,程序都会在最下面的方框用以下的话来回答用户, Thank you for your feedback, we hope you can have a nice day! 以上就是这个程序所有的要求,谢谢你从头看到这里,辛苦了。

    $452 (Avg Bid)
    $452 Avg Bid
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    Develop different abstract illustrations of a newborn baby. This may include sketches or continuous line art

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    Necesito un sitio web nuevo. Necesito que diseñen y creen mi tienda en línea. Sitio similar a benjaminmooreespaña, sherwinwilliamscentroamerica [url removed, login to view] tener área de tienda ecommerce area de rse - responsabilidad social empresarial Debe ser responsive para uso movil

    $447 (Avg Bid)
    $447 Avg Bid
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