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    Article on Oracle SQL Tuning 6 days left

    Write an article with the following: 1) Tune complex SQL ( 5 table joins at least). Million rows at least. 2) Show Explain plan - Screen Shots 3) Show table columns, PK/FK 4) Explain the "Explain Plan" - every line 5) Show how "explain plan" shows the sql issues 6) Show revised and efficient SQL 7) Show explain plan with processing time - before tuning and after tuning 8) Either through screen shot or otherwise show how SQL is processed by the database - align with explain plan. You can get this through tuning tools. In your bid, please tell your experience and your strategy for this article. If you have real world experience, thats fine too. Just let me know and we will decide.

    $40 (Avg Bid)
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    Instagram Mining 6 days left

    I need a system that will allow me to recursively comb through instagram users and their followers. Only 1 level deep MainUser -> Follower. Information is gathered on each follower and stored in a database.

    $21 / hr (Avg Bid)
    $21 / hr Avg Bid
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    Normalization Activity 6 days left

    Just need help creating a normalization table for a activity Important Note: The format for the following activity: Customer(CustomerID, Name, Address, City, Phone) Salesperson(EmployeeID, Name, Commission, Datehired) SaleOrder(OrderID, OrderDate, CustomerID, EmployeeID) OrderItem(OrderID, ItemID, Quantity, SalePrice) Item(ItemID, Description, ListPrice) Primary Keys are bold and underlined Foreign Keys are italicized (This is my recommendation . . . you will not see this in the text) Use this discussion area to share ideas and thoughts on the Normalization practice problem. Remember, your participation in this discussion is mandatory and part of your overall grade. I will provide some direction but I need to see participation from each and every one.

    $28 (Avg Bid)
    $28 Avg Bid
    8 bids

    A minimal design of the app has already been created. We need an experienced software developer to create an iOS application that will gather data to be compared and stored.

    $1112 (Avg Bid)
    $1112 Avg Bid
    11 bids
    POS system item database 6 days left

    Basically i need to create a database for many items I am selling. So I am opening a shop and the shop has a huge amount of items. How do i get the items into the system quickly any one have an idea. or can create the database for me.

    $128 (Avg Bid)
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    $375 Avg Bid
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    I need to design a comprehensive database that will have the following features and will intergrate within the website for member login and sign up to include payment processing with digital contracts. See below for a full list of what I have come up with. I’d love for it to be done in using a system like Caspio or something similar that is easy to manage and run analytics on the data. Information and functions that need to be accomplished -their membership information -First and Last name -Address -Cell Phone # -Email -Email Alert subscriptions -their profile picture -allow them to see different things within the website based on user access level -Admin -Can see everything on the website and in the database -Can edit everything in the database and on the website -Manager -Can see all content on the website -Can see almost all content in the database except user private information such as credit card numbers, userpaswords, -Can see and do everything users below can see and do -Can suspend user account access for roles below manager level -Manage user roles below manager -CANNOT promote user to the same level as oneself -Escalate Support tickets to Admin Level -Support Tech -Can see support tickets -Answer Support tickets -Close Support tickets -Query Database -Merge Records -Escalate support tickets to Manager level -Manage Membership Status on member accounts -Office Staff -Query Database -Suspend a Member account -More permissions later to be determined -Active Member -Can see all available discounts and services to members -Can query vendor database by type of service aka vehicle maintenance, legal services, health, dental, vision, telecommunications, restaurants, also the query should be able to be filtered by their GEO location or address -InActive Member -Can see all vendors that are signed up with the The company but is unable to see the discounts provided to our members -Payment Hold -Can see all vendors that are signed up with the Company but is unable to see the discounts provided to our members but at the top of every page is a thick red banner that reads ACCOUNT ON HOLD FOR FAILED PAYMENT Also the database needs to have a lookup page for vendors to be able to authenticate a members active status by typing in the membership ID and then the vendor code and clicking verify We would also want this database to be able to house all vendors and a description of their services all in a table of course so that one column can show the normal price that vendor charges and then the next column can show either a set dollar amount for the services the vendor provides or a discount percentage. The discount or set dollar amount for services the vendor provides would need to be hidden from public view unless the person viewing is signed in with a member login and also has a member status of active. I would also like the database to be able to securely store the members payment method and have an auto billing method set up for membership renewal. I would also like this database to be mobile friendly so we can link it into a mobile app to be developed later What is the best solution for all of what I just described

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    $739 Avg Bid
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    What I need is an attendance tracking project for a seniors' center. This is for a charity, so the budget is limited. I started building it in MS Access, but my skills are limited. If you have suggestion for another platform it is totally welcome. Also, I was hoping this could be accessed on different PCs as roles for attendance recording and reports analysis are done by separate personnel. First we will need client information database and input form to hold name, and contact address and such. Clients have set schedule (e.g. Mo,We,Fr, or Tu,Fr etc.). We do daily attendance so, for example, on Oct 18, the attendance sheet(form) will have list of all the Wednesday clients and have the sheet ready. By default the clients will "attend" so the check box for this attendance will be "On". Similarly, the following needs to be tracked: -morning ride to the center (yes/no) -afternoon ride home (yes/no) -take out meal amount (#) -general notes (on why not attend or why they left early etc) The most important part now are all the reports. • Daily, date range, monthly, quarterly, annually attendance report • attendance records of each clients • Take out meal records • All active clients list • Membership status (Active/not paid) • Clients contact • Case manager look up • Guardians/care givers • Default day of week schedule o Able to rearrange o Nutrition restriction list by day

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    Construct a Access Database 5 days left

    We have data sets that we want to place into a access database so that it works and we can utilise it as a working model prior to having it coded into a online system. Turn around time is 1 to 2 days

    $102 (Avg Bid)
    $102 Avg Bid
    32 bids

    Hi Folks, I wanna find someone with good frontend and backend software and mobile app experience to develop an organized application to find specific values depending on certain parameters. On top of that, chat, personal and public feed, and online profile would also be features I wanted to have. It will basically an online social media for students. I have everything organized in a spreadsheet that could be the starting point for the data. I would like to have 4 different types of logins. - Athletes This one would have to import certain fields, image, youtube link video, questions, pdf documents, scan, send documents and etc. They would be able to search for schools in the USA; They would be able to answer quizzes and tests coming from professors - Professors They would be there to help students with Math and English problems. They could post quizzes and tests to athletes. - Sports Coaches They would be there to find the athletes according to their needs - Super Admin Owners to see stats, reports, data, revenue stream, organize profiles. We would like to work on both Website, Iphone and Android.

    $1160 (Avg Bid)
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    Experienced blockchain node developer required. Bitcore API, Bitpay API, CoPay, Coinbase. Previous Dapps or blockchain development or custom payment solution expert. Skills preferred: [url removed, login to view], Angular, MongoDB

    $2305 (Avg Bid)
    $2305 Avg Bid
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    Oracle data modeler 5 days left

    OMDB databse implementation project. I'll share the rest details.

    $106 (Avg Bid)
    $106 Avg Bid
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    Advance data management 5 days left

    A 1000 node cluster with a replication factor of 5 such that most facts are replicated on just 5 of the nodes. For example the fact that a new node has joined the cluster, or a global clock synchronization event that must be shared across all servers in the cluster.

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    You need to convert the entity relationship design into relational tables in the Oracle database environment. Add at least 10 rows of meaningful data into each table. Develop 8 SQL statements to produce meaningful query results from the data in the database to support business operations. Queries conditions: - Must use aggregate functions - Must use ORDER BY - Must use GROUP BY - Must use more than tables - WHERE clause using LIKE, IN, or BETWEEN - Must use logical operators (AND, OR, NOT) - Must use INSERT, DELETE, or UPDATE Database implementation: Create tables, insert data, and create queries (new) Tables must be in the 3NF. i. Include data dictionary tables that list table name, attribute names, attribute description, data type, required, and foreign key referenced table. ii. Include screenshots to show the data in the tables from SQL Developer. iii. For each query, describe a business purpose of the query and include a screenshot that shows the query and its result. iv. Attach SQL script files with the full report submission.

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    30 bids

    The project is essentially the conversion of an existing multi-user access database, with some further development, into a cross-platform distributable application. It does not matter whether it's built as a web app or a native app, provided that it is secure, supports multiple users (with password access), and can be deployed over a network. The underlying schema for the database already exists (in MySQL). There are 15 tables, and ~88 junction tables. I expect there will be ~45 forms (of which 10% are read-only) - the functionality of many is largely the same, and the existing database demonstrates that functionality. To the extent it can be adapted for this use, all existing functions have been written in VBA (and the queries are in SQL, though the naming conventions have changed and so they cannot be directly copied). At a high level, the application serves as a means of storing documents (mainly PDF and email files) and concepts, and linking those files / concepts to one another (broadly similar to a many-to-many database that you could use for a library - linking titles, authors, subject matter, fiction/non-fiction, call numbers, similar books etc.). Reports of the relationships can be generated (e.g, the user can generate a report which shows all documents related to a given issue), and documents can be arranged and batch-exported and indexed. Ideally files loaded into the database will be accessible through explorer / finder in an intuitive file structure that mirrors the document type, such that someone not wanting to use the app can still access the files. UI design is incredibly straightforward and can be modelled on existing DB, and all icon graphics will be provided. Later builds will allow remote access on mobile devices

    $586 (Avg Bid)
    $586 Avg Bid
    29 bids
    Colour Database 4 days left

    Hi, My name is Nichole Clarke and I work as a Laboratory Manger for a large winery in New South Wales. We are looking to move from a manual data recording system for field and laboratory testing to an automated platform which would be able to link with several other systems currently used to manage workflow. An overview of what is currently being used to what would be expected is provided below and in the attachments Vintage Sampling Officer (VSO) Program + Maturity Data Management System VSO program: * a database system designed to accept import from EZY Wine that provides base data on blocks * limited to use of updated data from EZY - i.e. program has no memory, so cannot exclude blocks sampled on that day or blocks for which data is not in or updated in EZY. This is currently overcome by manually checking and excluding * Manipulate data through a series of queries and filters to determine blocks to be sampled * Create run sheets of blocks to be sampled & number samples per block per subregion * Create associated sticker labels with ID barcode to go on bags of sampled grapes * VSO take printed run sheets and barcode labels into field * VSO record location of samples, who, date, time and comments on run sheets &/or stickers * Use iPad for navigation and block identification using GPS overlay on Google maps * Use iPad to take georeferenced photos where need to report anomaly (e.g. disease) to Grower Liaison Officer (GLO) * VSO deliver samples to lab that require colour and / or laccase testing * Colours lab process samples and record data on the go on the colour worksheets - refer to Lab flowchart * VSO process Baume only samples and record results on run sheets * Grower Services Admin receive run sheets from VSO + worksheets from Lab and enters the results into the colour spreadsheet for calculation, then final numbers into Ezy. * Number of hours spent on data input for maturity results requires addition of 1 casual vintage employee and regular weekend work to have data updated in Ezy for use in creating sampling and intake plans Upgrade of VSO program + addition of maturity data management into a live system means: * VSO run sheets move from paper to iPad for direct input of field data * Continuous update of blocks sampled and bags collected so lab can see incoming work load and VSO GLO can monitor what blocks have been sampled / not sampled * Relevant block data from VSO program flows into maturity data management system awaiting analysis results * For VSO processed samples, Baume’s to be entered into iPads - block averages calculated within system and results exported for uptake by Ezy. This removes one set of data input and one source of human error. * For lab processed samples, data is entered into system, predominantly direct ex equipment. System runs an update at a set interval (e.g. every 30 minutes), calculates average for blocks with all samples complete and results exported for uptake by Ezy. This removes a major set of data input and source of human error * Increased speed of data throughput means more up-to-date information available, and able to remove the need to highlight "final samples" for processing first - a time consuming step removed from the lab. * Maturity data - the results or just having confirmation they have been collected and are in process, feed into both the VSO program for sampling planning and the Intake Schedule for winery intake planning. * Use of info from Intake Schedule to identify blocks for sampling due to harvest (this is currently done manually and is very time consuming)

    $7853 - $31410
    Sealed NDA
    $7853 - $31410
    7 bids

    I am looking into building a CRM database that has both back-end and front-end capabilities. Back-end: allowing for leads to be captured, and then assigned to agents, where agents can then follow-up with the leads, add notes, etc. Front-end: a website where we can create landing pages, where potential clients can browse, sign up (creating a lead on the back-end), etc. Ideally, I would like for this system to be for online browsers as well as a mobile application (iPhone and Android). Essentially this would be created to most effectively capture leads, follow-up with leads, and archive past clients. Easy to use interface for at least 15 accounts/users (all with different access abilities: admin, editor, agent, etc).

    $17935 (Avg Bid)
    $17935 Avg Bid
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    Please read the entire project before sending anything and please do not send ready-made replies or auto-replies, they will all be ignored. Need an app that can scan a logo with the camera of the mobile (iPhone & Android) and run a video associated with the logo, all loaded onto a database. The trick is to have the video run on the size of the object that is scanned so when the person holding the card or brochure or product, the camera shows the person holding the item and the background of what the camera sees and the video runs in the compounds of the business card, several apps do this under augmented reality but all we need is the database interphase and the app to run it. More details will be given to those that qualify.

    $425 (Avg Bid)
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    SQL Problems 4 days left

    On this project we will be working together, live and simultaneously. The time and date for this assignment is 09.00 am, Friday 20th of Oct. 2017 (GMT +1). The project will be initiated by you receiving a series of tasks that will have to be solved within a given time-frame, usually no longer than 10 minutes each. It's very important that you don't lack any knowledge with respect to complex SQL statements. You will have to know how to write clean code, as well as optimizing it. Expect the total duration of this project to be approx. about two and a half hour.

    $31 (Avg Bid)
    $31 Avg Bid
    23 bids

    I require an an e-commerce website that accepts bitcoin payments. the e-commerce site also requires a bitcoin wallet and an escrow system

    $2425 (Avg Bid)
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    21 bids

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