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Electrical engineering is a branch of engineering that involves the study of electricity, electromagnetism and electronics. An electrical engineer knows how to deal with a host of electrical appliances and devices. To ensure that your electrical device is compliant with the set standards, you need to hire a professional electrical engineer. For this, all you have to do is hire a professional electrical engineer. Once you have an experienced electrical engineer onboard you can hope to add a fillip to your business. Hire Electrical Engineering Engineers on Freelancer
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Power system analysis: Solved those problems You need to answer all the question In 2 hours. You can search on google or provide the link for solution also. Anything you got to solve those accurately. But in maximum of 5 hours. Every question 2 AUD. so 5*10. =10 $ 2 Electrical Engineering May 24, 2016 Today6d 23h $75
PLC Project Siemens TIA Portal Version 13 Report -- 2 I have attached all materials for electrical project by using Siemens TIA Portal Version 13, any guide or idea for it then you could write report on it. Project 1 was manual, Project 2 is Auto mode and its in another report Project 1 is attached I need report on project 2 on it. Plagiarism free and perfect work. I have attached PLC PROGRAM ON SEIMENS BUT ITS ON MANUAL WAS PROJECT-1 SO ... 4 Microcontroller, PLC & SCADA, Electrical Engineering, Academic Writing, Telecommunications Engineering May 24, 2016 Today6d 20h $33
robotic platform This project require someone to build an minimum arduino robot platform that can interact with android or iOS app. 8 Arduino, Electrical Engineering, Engineering May 24, 2016 Today6d 18h $165
DC/DC Converter Design and Control Design with Analysis Analysis and Report of Converter Schematic with Professional Report I need to design a voltage controller and current and converter in PSim for a dc-dc fully isolated converter and a simple boost converter where the controller parameters are checked , analyzed , tuned and chosen. Matlab, Matlab toolboxes and or simulink should be used for this process. There should be closed loop voltage... 7 Electrical Engineering, Electronic Forms, Electronics, Matlab & Mathematica May 24, 2016 Today6d 16h $248
Constant Envelop OFDM (CE-OFDM) project -- 2 Hello, I am looking for someone who is in the field of wireless communication, specially in OFDM SYSTEMS area. The project is about Constant envelop OFDM systems (CE-OFDM) by using frequency modulation and digital pass-Loked Loops (DPLL) instead of PM (Phase Modulation). If you are not OFDM guy, please do not interrupt me. I need analytical model and simulation, then compare them together. The CE... 6 Wireless, Matlab & Mathematica, Algorithm, Electrical Engineering, C++ Programming May 23, 2016 Today6d 12h $146
Replace Flora BLE on our current prototype with another BT device that can support 115200 baud Current Scenario: Please review the simplified block diagram. The Flora BLE is connected to the Flora MCU. The Flora BLE transmits at the rate of 9600 baud but even at this baud rate it drops a lot of values. On the receiving side we have an nrf51 dongle that captured the data via COM port in to a file. Our windows application reads this file and processes the data further Ideally we want to ... 15 Engineering, Electronics, Electrical Engineering, PCB Layout, Communications May 23, 2016 Today6d 10h $1112
eletrical circuit design Hi, Need circuit calcs completing for a small commercial new build that we will be wiring. 23 Electrical Engineering May 23, 2016 Today6d 6h $200
Build me a Schumann (Ultra Low Frequency) Resonator I need a Schumann (7.83 HZ) Frequency generator, like this model by Acoustic Revive (http://www.amazon.com/Acoustic-Revive-RR-777-Frequency-Generator/dp/B008HAQT2S/ref=cm_cr_arp_d_product_top?ie=UTF8) - or this model (http://www.amazon.com/Gen-El-P388-Schumann-Signal-Generator/dp/B00E5IKP6C/ref=pd_sim_sbs_121_2?ie=UTF8&dpID=41JGpln5vNL&dpSrc=sims&preST=_AC_UL160_SR160%2C160_&refRID... 4 Electronics, Electrical Engineering May 23, 2016 Today6d 5h $157
Video Transmission 5.8GHz 32 Channels adjustable transmitter with LED screen 5.8GHz 32 Channels 25/50/100/200/400/500/600/800mw adjustable transmitter Changing mw / band / channel through switch control Industry standard connections Current products do not actually produce the power specified when tested. This must be resolved. Deliver: Small, efficient layout Ready to manufacture files, with readily available component specs. 25% Deposit 25%... 2 Engineering, Electronics, Microcontroller, Electrical Engineering, PCB Layout May 23, 2016 Today6d 5h $788
Solar PV integration effect on the grid - Matlab program Write Matlab code or simulink which study the effect of hocking solar to the Grid + writing original report include result and study 16 Matlab & Mathematica, Electrical Engineering May 23, 2016 Today6d 4h $199
Seeking an Electrical Engineer with Electronic Circuitry Design Experience for Medical Devices We are looking for an Electrical Engineer to do our circuitry design and PCB layout for a medical that we have developed. Experience is a must. Experience with EE work in medical is preferred. USA based is preferred or Fluent English with responsive communication. 14 Medical, Electrical Engineering, PCB Layout, Circuit Design May 23, 2016 Today6d 3h $36
Design a DSP - PID Controller - (as reference design and analog PID controller will be used) - Need to discuss the project before acceptance... This project is a Electrical-software design type project. You must know feedback control systems to do it. Experience programming DSP's is a must in C language. Digitla Electronics design is also a must to do this project and understanding of interface of ADC, DAC and DSP's. I have a servo amplifier which drives a servo motor, I need... 14 C Programming, Electrical Engineering, Digital Design May 23, 2016 Today6d 2h $552
Electrical Engineering - Induction Motor (Transient Model) QUICK work Quick and easy work, will take 10 minutes of your time if you are in this field of expertise. Your work will be checked against solution before milestone is released. Show step by step workings and define your variables. Check the attached question document. $10 USD flat rate. 7 Electrical Engineering May 23, 2016 May 23, 20165d 21h $35
matlab based probability analysis problem matlab based probability analysis problem. 34 Engineering, Matlab & Mathematica, Statistics, Electrical Engineering May 23, 2016 May 23, 20165d 18h $40
need DSP code done need dsp code and error removal. 4 Electrical Engineering May 23, 2016 May 23, 20165d 15h $24
Rephrase task -- Urgent Hi Freelancers. I need good freelancer and honest one. I need you to rephrase some docs like 4 docs and in each doc rephrase task is to rewrite first page of all 4 docs. these are related to electrical engineering reports. only first page is to be rephrased in each report. Its like 2000 words to be rephrase. Thanks I am waiting for your bids. time is short. Happy bidding 33 Electronics, Technical Writing, Electrical Engineering, Academic Writing, Article Rewriting May 22, 2016 May 22, 20165d 6h $5
Tutor for telecommunications assignment (chat program). I need a tutor for my telecommunications assignment. The assignment is about developing a simple version of a chat program (Chat registration, chat messaging and file transfer) I will give more details in private message. The subject is part of an engineering degree. The assignment includes a lot of programming as well. I need someone to explain to me what/how exactly the assignment needs to b... 14 C Programming, Education & Tutoring, Electrical Engineering, Telecommunications Engineering, English (US) May 22, 2016 May 22, 20164d 18h $9
PCB Schematic Design Design a PCB Schematic. 57 Electrical Engineering, Electronics, Engineering, PCB Layout May 22, 2016 May 22, 20164d 16h $469
Using DDR3 RAM on Zynq with Vivado + VHDL Simple Vivado project demonstrating the use of AXI DMA. The project must include a Vivado workflow with custom editable VHDL code that will use an AXI master to read/write directly to DDR ram from PL. In addition the PS must be able to read what is written from PL using the same shared DDR RAM. 7 Electrical Engineering, Embedded Software, FPGA, Microcontroller, Verilog / VHDL May 22, 2016 May 22, 20164d 16h $13
We buy your inventions/projects hardware or software. Could Be anything worth investing in Hi freelancers, We buy your existing inventions/ideas that you have already created. It could relate to anything, from hardware to software, new product design, new concept, etc. I have a team of investors that are willing to buy your projects. Please pm me with what you have to offer and ill pm you if we have interest. Thank you 25 Engineering, Electronics, Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Product Design May 22, 2016 May 22, 20164d 15h $526
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