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Electronics is the branch of science and technology that makes use of the motion of electrons for accomplishing some tasks like information handling or device control. If your business is about electronics engineering and electronic circuits, then you will not have much time to focus on engineering aspect of your business. You can easily outsource electronics engineering to capable and willing freelancers as a matter of routine. Post a job today to find your electronics talented freelancer! Hire Electronics Engineers on Freelancer
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Must Be Good At Using DesignSpark 7.1 for Modifying My PCB Antenna CAD Drawing I need a CAD drawer experienced in using Design Spark 7.1 to make changes to my PCB Antenna CAD drawing and produce Gerber files for the manufacturer. I need the work done in 8 days. You will need to sign my NDA and Copyright agreement. 10 Engineering, Electronics, CAD/CAM, Electrical Engineering, AutoCAD Jan 16, 2017 Jan 16, 20175d 13h $140
Help me wire a Hoist Remote control -- 2 Hello, I have a hoist (simple manual operation of up and down)and bought a wireless remote control for it (up, down, start, stop) and need help to have it installed. So far i managed to have the "start" and "stop" of the remote working - but the "up" and "down" doe snto work and the hoist start making a loud noise. I have some diagrams and wiring ph... 1 Electronics, Electrical Engineering, Electricians Jan 16, 2017 Jan 16, 20175d 5h $25
Write an iPhone application We need to develop a simple app for iOS/Android to interact with a Bluetooth(BLE) external device. The smartphone will connect/pair with the BLE device and will exchange data with it. The data to be exchanged is: 2 variables from smartphone to device and 2 variables from device to smartphone. The app is required to have a nice-look interface. The source code of the app will be fully delivered to... 37 Electronics, Mobile Phone, iPhone, Android, Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) Jan 16, 2017 Jan 16, 20175d 5h $322
Electronic sensor device - for rivers and water. This product are supposed to have following functions: 1. Measurement of flow under water, how fast the water moves. 2. Water level, measure the hight from the bottom to the top of the water. 3. GSM or Sigfox - To transfer the data wirelessly to a server. - The module are above water. 4. Battery - The requirement are more than 6 months of lifespan. - The number of measurements should be ... 31 Electronics, Manufacturing, Mechanical Engineering, Mechatronics, Product Design Jan 16, 2017 Jan 16, 20175d 4h $1032
OPC connection between PLCSIM and Matlab(OPC client) Need to create a connection between PLCSIM and Matlab 4 Data Entry, Electronics, Microcontroller, PLC & SCADA Jan 16, 2017 Jan 16, 20175d 4h $31
Design a Digital Force Guage I need to design a Digital Force guage, which will take reading from Load cell and will display Max-Min reading. This should be a battery operated device. for more details please send a message to me. I need complete circuit design along with program. 15 C Programming, Electronics, Microcontroller, PCB Layout, Circuit Design Jan 16, 2017 Jan 16, 20175d 3h $250
Emulation of keyboard on raspbian raspberry pi3 I have connected keyborad to raspberry and need to forward/emulate keybord on other usb (as out) port which is conected to PC I conect PC to usb port of raspberry pi and need to raspberry work as keyboard. See a diagram in attachment. 12 Electronics, Software Architecture, Raspberry Pi Jan 16, 2017 Jan 16, 20175d 2h $341
electronics I am an experienced electronics firmware/hardware engineer with more than 8 years experience in the semiconductor industry. I am looking for a part-time job. 2 Electronics, Manufacturing, Robotics, Game Consoles, Programming Jan 16, 2017 Jan 16, 20175d $323
ADF4351 with arduino Dear all , as the project name , I want to interface the arduino with adf4351 , the code is already on internet , what i need to communicate with arduino with adf4351 over UART , to set output frequency and channel spacing and output divider , and i will see it , i will upload the code for arduino which is on internet already but it control over lcd not uart ... regards 8 C Programming, Electronics, Arduino, Communications, Electricians Jan 16, 2017 Jan 16, 20174d 22h $93
china 20 Electronics, Product Sourcing, Manufacturing, Market Research, Alibaba Jan 16, 2017 Jan 16, 20174d 21h $482
Get Constant Clock Output from Arduino Two things I need: I need my arduino using my code to have a CONSTANT CLOCK OUTPUT and been able to Select the frequency : 10hz, 20hz, 100hz, etc....because right now I get a variable clock output with a max. frequency of 10hz. My arduino measures RPM from interrupt, and then do a few calculations, and finally sends it to serial port. I MUST keep this function. I can't share my cod... 21 C Programming, Electronics, Software Architecture, Electrical Engineering, Arduino Jan 15, 2017 Jan 15, 20174d 18h $36
Electronics I need a freelancer to help me with Electronics. My budget is around ₹600 - ₹1,500 INR and I need this to be done within 3 days. 6 Electronics Jan 15, 2017 Jan 15, 20174d 11h $19
duplexer for RF transceiver I need duplexer for RF transceiver. If you know chip number of duplexer 12 Electronics, Electronic Forms, Electrical Engineering, Telecommunications Engineering, Electricians Jan 15, 2017 Jan 15, 20174d 9h $148
CCSC code for PIC comunication with SIM868. i need a library for: Send message, receive message, comunicate with mySQL database I need a library in CCSC for PIC, i need some fucntion in order to comunicate with SIMCOM GSM and GPS. - SendSMS -ReceiveSMS -SendDataonline to a online database (mySQL) -Download data from the online database -GetHour -BatteryStatus option -voice call 11 Electronics Jan 15, 2017 Jan 15, 20174d 7h $1048
CCSC software for PIC18F27K40 for make a FFT from 0Hz to 1Khz of a digital Microphones writeWORKING library code in CCSC for PIC. I need a fast furrier trasform for a sound (not in real time, also post). I have a microphones and ADC to convert it. 5 Electronics Jan 15, 2017 Jan 15, 20174d 6h $171
Motion sensor digital counter Looking to design a simple digital counter, that can count movements through motion detection. I should have a clock mode and a counting mode. Counting mode should have few options to count (that I will explain once I assigned this project). Besides that, just to give you an idea I have uploaded some digital counters' pictures. 0 Electronics, Software Architecture Jan 15, 2017 Jan 15, 2017Ended -
Project for ilaiyaraja87 Hi ilaiyaraja87, I noticed your profile and would like to offer you my project. We can discuss any details over chat. 1 Electronics, CAD/CAM, Electrical Engineering, PCB Layout, , Circuit Design Jan 15, 2017 Jan 15, 20177d 5h $170
Manufacture a Product for me Project For AlexeyShok 5 C Programming, Electronics, Testing / QA, Manufacturing, PCB Layout Jan 15, 2017 Jan 15, 20174d 4h $754
ESP8266 to roomba interface We are seeking a wifi connection to the roomba via the ROI interface. Your job is to supply a prototype that uses an 8266 to enable the roomba to be controlled by a web browser. REQUIREMENTS 1. You will need your own roomba 2. You will need your own esp8266 3. You will need your own serial interface cable. You will not need an arduino for this, but an arduino inspired link shown an LDO and c... 18 C Programming, Electronics, Electrical Engineering, Robotics Jan 15, 2017 Jan 15, 20174d 4h $818
Design a PCB board for sim868 Pads schematics and layout with: -sim868 -two ufl antenna conector for GPS and GSM -pinout: VCC (lipo battery),TX,RX,RESET,MIC,GND -ready to market hardware - anti esd architecture Optional CCSC library for HTTP comunication 9 Electronics, PCB Layout Jan 15, 2017 Jan 15, 20174d 3h $192
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