Ideally, GPGPU stands for General Purpose Graphics Processing Units. It is widely being used in a wide range of computation jobs. This is certainly a leading profession and thankfully, experts can start working online, courtesy of

GPGPU is used to handle a wide variety of computation jobs for computer graphics. It is also extensively used for most applications that were traditionally performed by the CPU. GPGPU is becoming an important aspect in different business strategies, particularly accessing and programming and although not widely embraced as of yet, it is deemed to be a force to reckon with in the future.

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    Hi, I have an example of rendering a number of spheres using raytracing (Qt nad QOpenGL). I want to edit the code to render the spheres as a Metaball (connected ball) with smooth surfaces. See the images: The first image represents the spheres. They seem connected but in fact, their surface is disconnected surface. The second images (step 2 and 3) shows a metaball. What exactly I want is that making all the balls appear connected like step 2 in the second image. Here you can find an example of the metaball. [url removed, login to view]

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    Hi. I am a relatively experienced Swift programmer who has incorporated some Metal into my project for scientific computing. Given the lack of documentation on Metal I would like a more experienced programmer to ask questions and write small pieces of code. This can be done on an hourly basis and should not require more than 1-2 hours of work occasionally.

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    Optimize a gpu miner Ended

    I'm looking at optimizing a current gpu miner looking for a good opencl contractor that understands algorithms especially crypto. AES etc..

    $250 - $750
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    $250 - $750
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    CCTV Camera firmware Ended

    We want to build an improved version of a CCTV firmware for our security cameras, this is so it is compatible with GPU processing (CUDA) and so we can SDK / API other machine vision analytics and other meta data and Audio data software. The software needs to be constructed and updated on a regular basis, we will put in a cloud container so that different parties can access it for making improvements. Some aspects will be for free download and some will be paid as per use (metered data). Here are the current examples [url removed, login to view] and [url removed, login to view] that are available to view via download.

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    Hello, I'm interested in splitting the wideband signal into short channels, but I'm getting into a performance problem using PolyPhase Channelizer, which is part of GnuRadio for this purpose. I know that such operations (multiplication, working with vectors and floating-point numbers) fit well on gpgpu and fpga, which means that one single device can potentially cope with this task (as evidenced, for example, by this document [url removed, login to view] and other). In any case, it is more preferable to use gpu because of the availability of them "at hand", at least from my side at the moment. As an option, we think to work with OpenCL. FPGA can be a good option for the final product due to less than gpu power consumption. We work with radar systems, in this project the band is from 80 to 160 MHz with channels in 800 kHz at 4 GHz (100-200 channels). Also, I know about the existence of objectively too expensive Novator NC-10, and gr-theano / gr-clenabled projects, excellent gras, showing the ability to use gpu in signal processing. I'm interested in similar projects, and the development of a custom solution for my needs. Ideally, i need a well-configurable channelizer, with the ability to set all possible properties: channel width, transition width, number of kernels, amount of data per core, and so on, since it should be universal. Since the channels are always with the same width, it is intended to use the FFT / DFT Polyphase and / or their variations, at your discretion. The result of the work is accepted in the form of a C ++ library providing approximately such an API: /** * Channelizer arguments * @typedef channelizer_args {Object} * @property sample_rate - Sample-rate of wideband signal * @property channel_width - Width of channels * @property channel_map - List of channels to produce. Example: [4,7,8,12] * @property channel_map_size - Size of channel_map. * @property kernels_count - Kernels count for current channelizer * @property block_size - Count of samples per worker * @property device_id - Identifer of device which is used for (index of gpu device) */ struct channelizer_args { float sample_rate = 80e6; float channel_width = 800e3; int * channel_map; int channel_map_size; int kernels_count = 4095; int block_size = 32760; int device_id = 0; }; /** * @class Channelizer */ class ChannelizerImpl { public: /** * @constructor * @param args - Arguments * @return Created channelizer instance */ ChannelizerImpl(channelizer_args args){} /** * Pass data to process into channelizer. * Its blocking function. Frees up the process when it completes the data transfer to the video card. * @param buf - Input samples buffer with wideband signal. * I re-re-use the buffers that I pass here, bear in mind. * @param size - Его размер. */ virtual void pass( float * buf, int size ) = 0; /** * Got the result from channelizer. * In what form and how - as you prefer. As exeample, output samples can be interleaved or etc.. * I assume to get an array of buffers. * I remind you that the output does not need all channels, but only those that are specified in channel_map. */ virtual ? receive(?) = 0; }; Apparently, it is supposed to create several instances of the channelizer on different devices with different parameters. It would be great to get your opinion on the possible details of the development, methods (FFT/DFT or Digital Down Converter), thoughts on the overall implementation. Note: We are working with Linux. Thanks for reading, I hope for cooperation, Andrew.

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    Have a couple question regarding PGP technology and possible project if you know how to do it.

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    I am trying to learn how to utilize PGP.

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