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    Read carefully before bidding or your bid will be ignored. Looking for someone who has experience with React Native and working with Heroku. Currently have a website that gathers requests for free information through a form. It currently only sends scheduled emails to the user as a thanks and to us with the form information. Looking to have a backend that shows the form entries in real time with the added benefit of being able to manage those entries with custom email mailouts and notifications. Ideally, Material UI will be used for this. Message me for more details on the actual form and function. Budget is $600 CAD. 2-3 week deadline.

    $487 (Avg Bid)
    $487 Avg Bid
    7 bids

    Practicing Musician will make music education affordable and accessible for every single person. Our tech person does not have the time to implement the last few features necessary for our soft launch on May 1st. Here is an overview of the work to be done. 1. Copy our entire beta-site and point the production staging URL at it. 2. Push new listener app code to beta and production staging from our software developers repo 3. Wait until I integrate new exercises to production and then make a copy and point our production URL at it. 4. Implement Stripe payment processing. I have more details specs written out that will be delivered upon the signing of an agreement. We also have other features that we would like developed, we just need to make sure that the 4 listed above are in place before May 1st. If the 4 tasks listed above are completed in time and we are happy with the work, there is a chance for other work to come your way.

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    I am looking for a freelance seasoned ruby on rails developer who can help me implement all the meta tags, help me get a revamped [url removed, login to view] file, improve headings, add alt text to images and improve website speed. I'm looking to improve the website on the following lines: 1. Meta Tags (There are plenty of meta tags on the website such as title, description and og) - We need to change them at scale without manually filling up the content. In effect what I mean is - For example: There is a category of "doctors" in "United States" so in all these pages, certain portion of the text in metadata will be the same i.e a static text and only the name i.e "particular name of the doctor" will be changed. Let's say you're on Dr Dheeraj Thukral's page. Here the metadata will be Title - Doctor Dheeraj Thukral - Cardiologist in Springfield, IL Description - Learn more about Dr Dheeraj Thukral, his educational background, clinic timings, patient reviews, certifications, hospitals and more at [url removed, login to view] In this case {Dheeraj Thukral} is the dynamic variable and the rest of the string is static. 2. URL Optimization - We have to change the URL's of all the pages and provide them with a neat structure. For eg. Apollo Hospital Delhi's page will be tagged as - [url removed, login to view] 3. Structured Schema Snippet - We would also be required to place some microdata on the website. Here's a sample syntax - { "@context" : "[url removed, login to view]", "@type" : "Product", "name" : "Contify", "description" : "Real-time Market Intelligence on Competitors, Customers, Prospects, and Industries from News, Corporate websites, Blogs, Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube", "brand" : { "@type" : "Brand", "name" : "The curated Market Intelligence platform", "logo" : "[url removed, login to view]" }, "aggregateRating" : { "@type" : "AggregateRating", "ratingValue" : "5", "bestRating" : "5", "worstRating" : "5", "ratingCount" : "1" }, "review" : { "@type" : "Review", "author" : { "@type" : "Person", "name" : "Chutima Sakdiarpa" }, "datePublished" : "2016-05-27", "reviewBody" : "With its personalization capabilities, Contify can do a lot more than you can imagine. The updates and triggers are very clean and of a very high quality; there is rarely any junk that I’ve seen during my 2-years of experience" } } 4. Site Speed Optimization - We would also need to shift the site to a CDN network such as Cloudflare. The library files from CDN server will have to migrated. Eg. Pages from India would need to shift to an Indian sever and pages from US would need to be shifted on a US server. 5. Sitemap - We need to arrange all the website entries on the site to a clear [url removed, login to view] file Example - [url removed, login to view] I can share the read access to your account should you need to understand more about the project. We're looking for a person who can undertake this project urgently.

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    I need a heroku front end for a conclued application. I have some models to serve as the standard. The back end part is complete.

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    Sezzle added to webpage as payment method I need a payment method for customers they can pay in monthly installments I already have people quoting about 120 aud so please dont quote me something silly i have looked into it

    $105 (Avg Bid)
    $105 Avg Bid
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    Im looking for a django expert that can quickly solve my problems . please don't waste time if you don't know django. type banana so i know you have read this. i need someone to work with on team viewer that can show me how the application can be fixed.

    $192 (Avg Bid)
    $192 Avg Bid
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    Projekt bezieht sich auf folgende Punkte. Ein Script muss auf Fehler geprüft werden die folgendes betreffen. Anbindung an Blocktrail muss geprüft werden da eine Einzahlung nicht ankommt und die Affiliate links werden nicht erfolgreich gezählt. Dann muss das Script erfolgreich aufgesetzt werden mit meinen Zugangsdaten von heroku und GitHub. Es kann eine Projekt Beteiligung 50/50 oder eine Bezahlung nach Erledigung durch Freelancer [url removed, login to view] Unklarheiten bitte nach Möglichkeit deutsch sprechend.

    $223 (Avg Bid)
    $223 Avg Bid
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    PROVIDED YOU CAN PERFECTLY GET THIS SOFTWARE DONE AS REQUESTED AND ON TIME, YOU MAY INCREASE OR DECREASE YOUR BID. Project name : "DAILY ACTIVITIES MANAGER" Project scope Features 1. User can request for new task by filling different forms(8 different forms with different layout) and assign it to admins to approve or reject withing a day 2. Authorized users can approve or reject task raised by users 3. Queue notification for Request / Approval Requester get notification via email stating "You have successfully request for task A ...." Approval list get notification as we want it, i.e it can be one after the other or all approval get notification at once 4. Approval priviledges Admin can assign new task to be approve or reject by any user Admin can deactivate, activate, delete, assign new role for all users Each task may require different level approval . Example, Admin may specify that if admin-1 doesn't approve or reject, admin-2 shouldn't have permission to approve or reject ... 5. Edit task authorization and authentication Task can only bed edit by the raiser or assignee Task raised after 24 hours, shouldn't be edited 7. Search Keywork Result Today All tasks raised on that day Approve today All tasks approved on that day Reject today All tasks reject on that day Approve in location All tasks approve in location Approve by user All tasks approve by user Approve today in location All tasks approve today in location Raiser email All tasks raised by a particular user NEW All task with status NEW WAITING APPROVED REJECTED ______________________________________________________ 8. Ongoing tasks dashboard / full details 9. Staff / Admin dashboard for tasks statistic 10. Tasks tables with sorting All staffs data All Raised permits [url removed, login to view] profile with stats 12. PDF generator for all approved tasks 13. Beats and Point notification for all users to show when a tasks is assign , reject, approve, raised according to each user role Duration : 30 days maximum Required tools : …………………………………………………………………………………………………………. Tools | Where to be used ……………………………………. |………………………………………………………………….. 1. Java / Java EE | Backend / Frontend –------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 2. MongoDB / mlab | Datastorage –----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 3. Wildfly server | Local deployment –----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 4. Maven | Build tool –----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- [url removed, login to view] / Github | Version control system / | Dev and prod deployment –------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ [url removed, login to view] | Demo / Production –------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ [url removed, login to view] | Development / Production server –------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ [url removed, login to view] 5, JS AND CSS | Front-end …………………………………………………………………………………………………………… 9. Quartz Scheduler 2.1.x

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    Looking for developer who has experiences in integrating WebRTC and building one on one online learning tools. We will provide the brief of look and style. The features we want are the following: Video call (Tokbox API - [url removed, login to view]) Chat (Tokbox API - [url removed, login to view]) Collaboration in code and text editor White board Files Sharing

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    $1324 Avg Bid
    31 bids

    I need a responsive website. I already have a design for it, I just need it to be built. CRM - ERP point of sale restaurant

    $138 (Avg Bid)
    $138 Avg Bid
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    Hi ! I'm te CTO of a website startup! We hired a couple programmers to build a MVP on RoR. Now there are lot of issues with business rules over the front-end and lack of systemic integrations such as session management or multi-tenancy. We need a developer to dig in the code and tell us a roadmap in order to fix or improve the application in order to scale it. We need this background: * Software Architecture * Heroku knowledge * RoR knowledge and session management * JavaScript/Front end Thanks! We estimate the job about 4-5 hours review, and we are planning to hire for the development or leading the team later.

    $33 / hr (Avg Bid)
    $33 / hr Avg Bid
    27 bids

    We are a seed stage startup in the marketing-tech sphere looking to a build pitch worthy prototype. We have already built a bare bones prototype using the same software stack as stated in the title which could be useful for the developer. We will share more details once contact is established so that we can see how to move forward with this project.

    $163 (Avg Bid)
    $163 Avg Bid
    10 bids

    I have a developed website application on Heroku and in immediate need of a developer to migrate the postgres database on Heroku. For future, I would then need ongoing support and updates as well as changes to the website.

    $22 (Avg Bid)
    $22 Avg Bid
    2 bids

    I need an AWS expert who can guide me in my choice of webhosting, and answer my questions (in real ENGLISH) regarding the AWS options like beanstalk, lightsail and competing options like Heroku and Cloudways. You should be able to answer my questions, and also explain WHY something is advisable and something is not. This is not for beginners, please do not waste my time. No bids from indiapakistan, my time is valuable. Depending on which platform you advise, I would want you to help in in setting up my cloudhosting, this would require connecting to my computer using teamviewer or similar software , and working on my computer, and simultaneously teaching me how exactly to do this on my own. I have around 20 websites, which vary from sites that serve as backends of database intensive android apps to sites that are educational in nature and require ftp uploads of large numbers of mp3 and mp4 files, sites that use php mysql, sites that use node and sites that use wordpress.. I want to host all of these in a cloud based hosting solution which would keep monthly hosting costs below $100 (including database and all else). I need a solution that won't require me to hire a dedicated server admin, and will not require me to constantly monkey with the server settings.. And whatever your recommendations may be, I would like you to also explain 'why' and 'how'... Your bid should cover the cost of helping me decide which hosting solution would be best, the actual setting up of this solution, and teaching me in the process how to do it properly and independently, while understanding the process. Budget $150 NO BROKEN ENGLISH PLEASE

    $164 (Avg Bid)
    $164 Avg Bid
    4 bids

    I need an AWS expert who can guide me in my choice of webhosting, and answer my questions (in real ENGLISH) regarding the AWS options like beanstalk, lightsail and competing options like Heroku and Cloudways. You should be able to answer my questions. This is not for beginners, please do not waste my time. No bids from indiapakistan, my time is valuable. Budget $30 NO BROKEN ENGLISH PLEASE

    $30 (Avg Bid)
    $30 Avg Bid
    1 bids


    $142 (Avg Bid)
    $142 Avg Bid
    5 bids

    I need some changes to an existing website. Herokuapp!! Musy have experience I need a few extra lines added and removed from my suit deisgner and some measurments changes

    $92 (Avg Bid)
    $92 Avg Bid
    15 bids

    Our SaaS product is a progress tracking solution for construction companies. It is a real time web application built with Elixir on Erlang VM using the Phoenix framework for back end with a PostgreSQL database. The front end is React.js and Redux. There's also a SemanticUI CSS and JS library for UI/UX. It's hosted on Heroku and uses some AWS for storage. If you are adept with the Elixir and Phoenix framework, along wth React + Redux, this is the perfect project for you to work on medium to long term as we have lots of big ambitions. If you're not familiar with the stack, please don't speculatively apply as it's very different to what you may already be comfortable coding. For reference: Phoenix Framework: [url removed, login to view]

    $22 / hr (Avg Bid)
    $22 / hr Avg Bid
    11 bids

    We are hiring a developer experienced in skills- • React & Webpack • heroku • Java Script • CSS • HTML 5 • User experience, Mobile/Responsive, UX/UI, Graphic Design. • Bootstrap • GraphQL API • Nodejs React and heroku will be main part of the job. Website we need wil have development and functionalities similar to [url removed, login to view] Pevious developer has already completed 75-80% of work, you need to complete the rest requirements. Provide me with your portfolio link of React work.

    $519 (Avg Bid)
    $519 Avg Bid
    6 bids

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