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An illustration refers to visualization as in a painting, photograph or other art work. Illustrations aim to elucidate information conveyed in text format (such as a newspaper article, poem or story). The visual representation provided by illustrations greatly aid understanding and comprehension by the reader. You can hire artists, painters and photographers for illustrating your concept article or write-up. Professional illustrators sometimes work as freelancers and you can find them right here. Simply post a job today to find them!
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Illustrate Something Hello designers, This contest is a Phase 1 to a bigger-size project. I am looking for someone to come up with a truly unique, fun, and happy animal creatures. These animals need to appear in a children book, each animal will be the "hero" of a different book/story. Please select at least 5 animals from the list below and share a few designs for each animal in different positions Animals to choose from: - hippo, bear, dog, cat, rabbit, horse, zebra, giraffe, tiger, lion, elephant, duck, frog, sheep, monkey, horse -animal positions: standing, sitting, jumping, reading, pointing, showting, smiling, sad Look: Colors must be vibrant and happy (use any colors for each animal as you see fit but vibrancy is key!) Feel: Each animal must be seem friendly, confident, smiley, approachable, almost as a human (because he will talk in the story) Target: the animals design should be suitable for kids aged 2-10 years Result: each animal should look like a real character ( I am not looking for artistic sketches/or drawings but for more fully designed/vector design - like Disney characters etc) Please send your design proposals per the above + reference to other similar design work you have created. Thank you & please get creative! :) PS-based on the winner of this round and the selection of the desired animal characters, we will move to Phase 2 to fully create the book design (more money to be made) 10 Graphic Design, Illustration May 16, 2017 May 16, 201719h 16m $10
I would like to hire an Artist I am an author with a story that's 90% complete. I need an animator to make a start on bringing my writing to life. I have an older version of 'Running by Faith' at [url removed, login to view] Ideally, this job would suit a passionate Christian Thanks Alex 32 Illustrator, Arts & Crafts, Illustration, Book Artist May 16, 2017 May 16, 201716h 46m $184
2 seconds of b&w animation I need an animator for 30 seconds of black and white, hand-drawn style video. This contest will help me choose the animator for the job. The contest is simple: animate the videos A.1 and B.2 described in the requirements document. Do not waste your time on the rest. When you submit your entry, tell me how much will you charge me for the rest of the videos. Notes - Black and White animation - Every drawing and animation has to be done by you from scratch. Using a photograph or rigid pictures for the video is not acceptable. - The expected product shows a "hand made" animation. The videos can be computer-made, but they have to give the impression of a hand-made animation. - Read the "instructions" section of the requirements document before jumping into work. - The A.1 video can have at least as 3 frames, but the video must last at least 5 seconds. - Again, my purpose is to find someone for 30 seconds of animation. 10 Animation, Caricature & Cartoons, Illustration May 16, 2017 May 16, 201716h 31m $50
Design the UI for a mobile game about stick figure people We're developing a mobile game for release on iOS about stick figure people living in a jar. The style for game is supposed to be simplistic line art and stick figures. The popular webcomic Xkcd ([url removed, login to view]) has a similar aesthetic. We have a basic wireframe of some of the key screens in the game, all of which are essentially based on one single screen (the jar). We're looking for someone who can create a polished look and feel to support the various UI elements shown in the wireframes. Requirements: • Final screens should be delivered in Photoshop format, 750 pixels wide by 1334 pixels tall, with 326 pixels per inch (ppi) • Should cover the UI elements shown in the attached PDF document • Should include game logo for splash screen 8 Graphic Design, Illustration, Photoshop, User Interface Design May 16, 2017 May 16, 201716h 21m $120
Create 32 simple football kit textures *** LOWEST PRICE BID PLEASE UNDER £50 *** I have a 3d character that is being used in Unity 3D. This character needs a new texture to represent each team's kit (32 in the game). The kits need to be simple, with vibrant colours that match each team's 2017 kits. Please see image attached so you can see the kit layout. Teams are as follows (No name on back of shirt, just number listed); Real Madrid 7 Barcelona 10 Athletico Madrid 7 Villareal 8 Sevilla 10 Valencia 21 Manchester United 7 Manchester City 21 Arsenal 7 Tottenham 23 Chelsea 11 Liverpool 10 Everton 8 AC Milan 22 Inter Milan 9 Napoli 10 Juventus 21 Roma 10 Sporting Lisbon 17 Benfica 10 Porto 10 Paris St German 11 Lyon 7 Brazil 10 Italy 21 Spain 6 Argentina 10 England 7 France 12 Portugal 7 Germany 8 Netherlands 11 44 Graphic Design, Photoshop, Illustration, Photoshop Design, Unity 3D May 16, 2017 May 16, 201713h 17m $146
Design Kukoledo Kukoledo is a cardboard assembly set of a wall clock with motives from the mayor cities of the world and various individual motives such as wedding, birthday, Christmas … 4 postcards will supply punched out pieces to be assembled to an 11 cm / 11 cm sized und 5 cm deep 3-dimensional model. Background: 11 / 11 cm. Base: 11 / 5 cm. House in center: 5,5 / 5,5 / 3,5 and a 45° saddle roof. We will need the illustrations of up to 100 motives dissolved into detailed illustrations on 4 postcards 11 / 16 cm ready for production. The product is for customers at the age of 8 – 80. The style should be colorful, young, modern, crazy, with individual character. We need 2 example – motives (please feel free to show various styles) that don’t have to be completely worked out but give an idea of the individual character. The first motive should be the classical Black Forest clock. The second would be the motive of Hamburg. Feel free to use existing own illustrations. We will need at least 10 Illustrations every 2 month after assignment. We will buy all publication rights. The production of at least 100 motives are designated and to be guaranteed. This is a start-up project. The idea is very strong, but an outstanding illustration is an essential part of the concept. Therefore we will pay a small fee for the preliminary illustration and after decision we will negotiate a fee for every final motive and / or a success fee for volume of sales. 7 Caricature & Cartoons, Graphic Design, Illustration May 16, 2017 May 16, 201712h 48m $112
I would like to hire an Artist On 20 Illustrator, Arts & Crafts, Illustration, Book Artist May 16, 2017 May 16, 201712h 38m $69240
I need an illustration of a friendly alien space scientist with notepad and pencil I am looking for a freelancer to help me with my project. The skills required are Caricature & Cartoons, Graphic Design, Illustration and Illustrator. I am happy to pay a fixed priced and my budget is $50-$60 USD. I am looking for a sketch of a friendly-looking alien creature who is a space scientist on a different planet. He is standing upright, facing forward, possibly wearing a lab-coat and holding notepad/pencil, ready to take notes. What he looks like exactly is up to you, but should not distract from creating an impression of a friendly and highly intelligent being, obviously from a different planet. 89 Illustrator, Illustration, Caricature & Cartoons May 16, 2017 May 16, 201711h 19m $86
2D or 3D cartoon animation for web We're looking for an animation company to create a 10 second animation piece that involves a young street music performer playing an instrument (flute), people gathering to watch him play. From there, the kid transitions into a music studio recording, and ultimately becomes a big music star! We want the animation to be 2D or 3D animation, something with light humor and great illustration. This will be an intro video on a website, so it has to be HTML5 compatible. The idea here is to show someone going from nothing to something big! ENGLISH SPEAKING IS A MUST. 78 Animation, Illustration, HTML5, 3D Animation May 16, 2017 May 16, 20179h 50m $1472
Animated illustration for a short video We are developing a three-minute corporate video that will be comprised mostly or entirely of animated illustration. The illustration style will be painterly or hand-drawn, with a warm, human tone. Your deliverable must be in the correct format and size for our video production team to work with. If you can also perform the video production, please state that in your cover letter. Please provide a link to your resume and applicable portfolio samples. Samples of whiteboard animations/illustration are not applicable, so please do not include them. 70 Animation, Illustration, Video Production May 16, 2017 May 16, 20179h 37m $989
Textures for paper terrain My project is very similar to Neon Lotus Scenery Pack that you can find in this link: [url removed, login to view] I am looking for an artist that designs the textures that will be printed in the paper structures. Currently there will be a 4'x4' board and 10 different paper structures with around 5 faces to design for each element. The style should be similar to the Necromunda tabletop game. Textures should be very detailed with some actual 'sci-fi building' atmosphere. 30 Graphic Design, Photoshop, Illustrator, Illustration May 16, 2017 May 16, 20179h 10m $1229
Hire an Illustrator I need to design a book having some vector illustration images on it. total 30 pages 64 Photoshop, Illustrator, Illustration, Caricature & Cartoons, Book Artist May 16, 2017 May 16, 20179h 9m $187
Insect art for boardgame I would like some artwork for a boardgame I am designing, themed on insects. The players use counters to play the game, on which are depicted various insects, such as beetles, ants, centipedes, etc. I am willing to consider a wide variety of styles - it could be stylised, or almost photo-real, it could be like old-style scientific drawings, or cartoon. Mono-chrome or colour is fine. The person who submits the artwork that I find most appealing, wins the prize. Note that the game is being aimed at families, so this will influence my decision - but that does not mean that cartoon will automatically win - children often like new things! Further guidance - I am looking for an image of a single insect (of your choice), viewed ideally from above. 28 Graphic Design, Illustration May 16, 2017 May 16, 20177h 36m $130
I would like to hire an Illustrator I need some graphic design. Children's book series : 5 characters: forester pig, candy factory owner raccoon, twin boys (inventor prodigies), and precocious tomboy with braids, hiking boots, yellow ribbons, a two freckles--one on each cheek. Book cover illustration, with a dupe for the first page; no other illustrations will be used in the book. 111 Graphic Design, Logo Design, Illustrator, Illustration May 16, 2017 May 16, 20177h 10m $184
Create an Animation Create a 15-second animated advertisement for a luggage and bag brand from Canada for display on an LED billboard. 85 Adobe Flash, Animation, Illustration, After Effects, Caricature & Cartoons May 16, 2017 May 16, 20177d 7h $863
Resume Change I have a CV that I need to make it creative. attaching some examples that i saw online that caught my eye 50 Graphic Design, Illustration, Caricature & Cartoons May 16, 2017 May 16, 20175h 13m $975
Kids Coloring book i need 20 pages of Kiddies colouring books, ready for print 56 Illustration May 16, 2017 May 16, 20173h 34m $95
Photo editing I need some help in editing some photographs. Fashion style. 4 Photography, Illustration, Photo Editing, 3D Modelling May 16, 2017 May 16, 20172h 51m $50
Dropbox style illustration Hello, I would like to have a Dropbox style illustration for my website. Style similar to this: [url removed, login to view] I already have a rough sketch of what I would like the illustration to be. Looking forward to the bids! 71 Illustration May 16, 2017 May 16, 20171h 59m $100
I would like to hire an Artist I need a 3D model of something. 11 Illustrator, Arts & Crafts, Illustration, Book Artist May 16, 2017 May 16, 20171h 29m $142
Project for katyakolesnikova -- 3 Hi katyakolesnikova, I noticed your profile and would like to offer you my project. We can discuss any details over chat. 8 Graphic Design, Video Services, Animation, Illustration, After Effects, May 16, 2017 May 16, 20173d 1h $259
Illustrate Something Banner design company product introducing, books design, advertisement 40 Graphic Design, Banner Design, Logo Design, Photoshop, Illustration May 16, 2017 May 16, 20171h 23m $121
Need designer with drawing pad skills -- NO INDIANS Need designer with drawing pad skills 26 Illustration May 16, 2017 May 16, 2017Ending $39
Resume Change I have a CV that I need to make it creative. attaching some examples that i saw online that caught my eye 65 Graphic Design, Illustration, Caricature & Cartoons May 16, 2017 May 16, 2017Ending $25
Need designer with drawing pad skills Need designer with drawing pad skills 24 Illustration May 16, 2017 May 16, 2017Ending $31
I would like to hire an Illustrator Need Illustrations for Story books. Looking to get 5 picture books Illustrated. Sample files will be provided and book texts will be provided. You will need to be consistent with the art style provided in the samples. You will send us a rough sketch of the art for each page for approval. After feedback you will proceed to finalise the art to the final product. We will need source files (FLA or AI). 62 Illustrator, Illustration, Caricature & Cartoons, Book Artist, Storyboard May 16, 2017 May 16, 2017Ended $3028
Illustrate a custom story book Hi, I am looking for someone to design me a custom illustration story book for a gift. This is a one off project. Something like: [url removed, login to view] Thank you 111 Illustration, Caricature & Cartoons, Brochure Design, Creative Writing, Creative Design May 16, 2017 May 16, 2017Ended $346
Graphic Design, Illustration May 15, 2017 May 15, 201716d 9h
Graphic Design, Illustration May 15, 2017 May 15, 201716d 4h
Design a New Weapon for Wonder Woman Wonder Woman is known for her exceptional fighting skills and super powers. Although she was born a demigoddess with unbelievable strength, she is still armed with weapons and equipment to defeat the enemies. Before the new Wonder Woman film conquers the big screen, we’d like to know if you would have the chance to bestow the Amazon princess another weapon, what would it be and why? WHAT WE WANT YOU TO DO Submit a concept art of a weapon that you want Wonder Woman to have. THE RULES 1. Your entry must be NEW and ORIGINAL. Do not re-create weapons and equipment that Wonder Woman already owns. Meaning, you should not draw anything that belongs to this list: [url removed, login to view] 2. Tell us the name of your weapon and what it can be used for. 3. Submissions must be in .JPG format and file size of 1920x1080px 4. You can submit as many entries as you wish but you can only win once. PRIZES There will be one (1) main winner who will receive US$300 and two (2) runners-up who will win US$100 each. Submit your entry and get the chance to have your work featured in Freelancer email campaigns, landing pages, Showcase page, and in some online publications. 123 Concept Art, Illustration May 15, 2017 May 15, 20176d 10h $300
Design a Logo for our Holiday Lets Our website (still being built); [url removed, login to view] Recently renovated and opening soon to the public, Homestead Stables Holiday Lets are based in rural Wiltshire. The holiday lets provide comfortable accommodation in beautiful countryside with views over the Salisbury plains. Our rooms will be named after local landmarks and we're proud to provide accommodation to allow people to access some of the sites and nature surrounding us (some of the locations locally - [url removed, login to view] ) What we require is a logo that is modern and bold without excluding anyone, as our accommodation is open to all and could potentially house people of any age and with any interests. Please include the text 'Homestead Stables Holiday Lets - Wiltshire' Key themes and ideas - Wiltshire, countryside, rural, tourist sites Look forward to seeing your ideas! 27 Graphic Design, Illustration, Logo Design May 14, 2017 May 14, 20175d 9h $25
Illustrate Something for escort website Hello, I need icons to go with the services for my escort website in order to make it more interesting visually and also to help escorts that don't speak the language. Please make cute and funny icon illustrations for all the services listed below. May the best illustrator win :) Size of each icon should be max 3 cm square. Feel free to use color, or black and white, or grey, don't know what I want yet so I'll look at your creations. PROJECT WILL BE OPEN ALL 30 DAYS ! 69 Cunnilingus Blowjob with condom Blowjob Anal Cum on body Lesbo show French Kiss GFE Erotic Massage Table Massage Tantric Massage Prostate Massage Sex toys Striptease Traveling Restaurant Outdoor sex BDSM (hard) BDSM (soft) Mistress Strap on Fetishism Men +2 Golden Shower Role play Submission (soft) Submission (hard) 6 Graphic Design, Icon Design, Illustration, Illustrator, Logo Design May 13, 2017 May 13, 201719d 22h $133
Illustrate a Skull - Angry and Badass Hello, we are a German based Shirt Label and still looking for Long Term partnership with talented Designers. In this Contest we are looking for a Skull Design. - Hand Drawing Pencil Style with Details. - Skull with Head, Torso and Arms - mostly strong and aggressive - 1 Color Attached i show a Example of the Drawing-Style we are looking for. 32 Caricature & Cartoons, Graphic Design, Illustration May 12, 2017 May 12, 201719d 6h $168
Character Design and Illustration I need a 2D character created from a photo of a real person. I need each image converted into a vector so I can animate them, please. I have had an update form the client and he is wanting a design like the vector image I am attaching but looking like him. This is the style I need the final image to be in. JUST THE MAN, NOT THE CIRCLE. This is the style 23 Caricature & Cartoons, Graphic Design, Illustration May 11, 2017 May 11, 20172d $141
Illustrate Something I need 4 illustrations to show 4 different types of investment for my financial website. 1) loan 2) crowdfunding 3) shares (stock) 4) Fund (investment fund) I need for each topic 1 in text illustration (about 15 cm large and 10 cm long) showing the process of how each type of investment works (stocks will give dividend and grow, loans will be paid back monthly until reaching zero, fund will be purchased at price x and grow from there, crowdfunding is lots of little people funding something vs reward) and I also need for each topic a tab the size of what I've uploaded to show you. so to sum up for each investment type 1) tab 2) visual descriptions of how it works. and to sum up how it works: Loan: show the loan being paid back going from 1000$ to zero on a cutsey chart. Showing the principal and interest in different colors. Shares: Show the share growing in value & paying dividend Crowdfunding: Show the crowd funding the project and getting rewards in exchange (iconic format) Fund: Show the fund shares being purchased and growing by 5% per annum for many years... PS. If you want more info read the description of each investment type that's uploaded here under "4 mini articles". Thanks. 12 Graphic Design, Illustration, Logo Design, Website Design May 11, 2017 May 11, 20177d 23h $110
Illustrations for handbags We are a lady’s leather goods startup company and have a small store and produce in small quantities -no more than 5 per design and colour-.. We are looking for illustrations -not pictures- for our handbags we can print on synthetic or leather with a UV printer. We need **original** illustrations. We will then adapt those illustrations to our models. We may use them partially or fully. We require files on CDR file or PDF fully modifiable - vector mode. Themes: We would like patterns of flowers, geometrical patterns, precolumbian seals, fruits, animals. Feel free. Our company’s ADN is Made in Latinamerica since we use expressions of our cultures, our flowers or animals and very colorful. We are looking for several designs so we will buy for sure as many as we like. We will be constantly opening contests and buying so the contest will be open for long even if we continue selecting selecting winners. To post here, only a jpg with both the illustration alone and mounted on the handbag with the following link [url removed, login to view] Remember: First come first served. We can pick more than one of your designs! 21 Illustration May 10, 2017 May 10, 201717d 21h $10
Create a Mean or Bad Ass Character Hand Drawing We are a German based Shirt Label. We are looking für a Long Term Partnership, we already done more than 115 Designs based on a Partnership with talented Freelancers. -In this Contest we are looking for a "mean" and "angry" Creature. -This "Creature" needs to be done with Torso, Arms and Head. -1-2 Colors (White on black Background) -Handdrawn I wont Limit your creativity so i dont gave that much Informations what Kind of Character we are looking for. So far be free and create whats in your Mind, if your Skill match our Needs we will buy your Result and work together. For Example i attach a Image of the Style we are looking for, not the Character itself just the Graphic Style. Our Target Group is mostly Male, between 25-40 Years, and mostly a more "heavy Group" like Biker or Tattoo Guys. 41 Caricature & Cartoons, Graphic Design, Illustration May 7, 2017 May 7, 201714d 6h $196
Concept and Character Design The Contest is to Design a concept that will be made into a Kids TV show. The requirements are: Main Character design 2-3 . 1 pose in 3 colors, Turnaround and wardrobe/props Support character design 3-5 . 1 pose per character Background 2-3 Show Title and poster REAL PRIZE: Winners will be hired for different tasks on the show in the Art & Design : project duration 3 -6 months Date of announcement: June 29 Date of Project Start July 5th 12 Caricature & Cartoons, Graphic Design, Illustration, Illustrator, Photoshop May 6, 2017 May 6, 201713d 8h $100
freelancer to do white board and 2d animation for my clients Im looking for freelancer to do white board and 2d animation for my clients we will do 2 videos weekly or more depend on your performance. 60-90 sec promoting my clients business . some spanish videos (freelancers with spanish speaking have higher chance ) i provide script ,voice over freelancer with over %85 rating. lawton business or pro qualification has higher priority. free lancers who worked with powtoon business or pro have higher chance) you need to show me sample on reply. fixed or hourly rate . GIVE ME BEST RATE I NEED TO MAKE MONEY TOO . you can start right away (i have 6 script ready today) Project Type: Ongoing project Other Skills: 2D Animation Animation Spanish Whiteboard Animation You will be asked to answer the following questions when submitting a proposal: 1-show me what you did. 2-i need 1-3 days turn around. Do you have suggestions to make this project run successfully? Have you taken any Upwork tests and done well on them that you think are relevant to this job? What challenging part of this job are you most experienced in? 3 3D Animation, Animation, Caricature & Cartoons, Illustration Apr 30, 2017 Apr 30, 20177d 12h $25
Illustrate Trophy's Design 5 Trophies. ****** Please see previous project for previous design idea’s: [url removed, login to view] ***** Please download the Project brief in PDF format attached. Any questions please let me know. *UPDATE* I added the brief in .rtf and .doc file format for those that don't have Adobe Reader. 11 Illustration, Illustrator Apr 29, 2017 Apr 29, 20176d 2h $500
CARTOON CHARACTER #Modify #Easy! #Nice4Portfolio Dear freelancers, the contest is to modify an illustration to different expressions (1) File 1 is the base character, only modification is a slimmer face. For other styles, the more it look alike to me, the better. Note I am quite racial (afro-american) for actual pictures of me, please visit: [url removed, login to view] (2) Expressions are in File 2. For initial entries, 3 expressions minimum are required. I will guarantee the award as soon as an entry hit a 5 stars. Deliverable is the 9 expressions in File 2. Good luck! YACO PD/ File1 base design is property of Paola Castaneda. We would loved to have hired her for this project but she is not replying to our messages for the past 3 weeks. File2 was taken from [url removed, login to view] 27 Animation, Book Artist, Caricature & Cartoons, Graphic Design, Illustration Apr 24, 2017 Apr 24, 20171d 22h $30
PowerPoint Presentation Redesign and copywriting n rewrite -- 2 PowerPoint Presentation Redesign and copywriting n rewrite PowerPoint Presentation Redesign and copywriting n rewrite for 300 pages slide ( no copyright issue and i own the rights ) create awesome, professional and branded PowerPoint Presentation create all graphics and redesign in PowerPoint as editable and custom Design . So you can edit it as needed without other any other software. redesign and improve existing boring / very rough PowerPoint presentation. Turn it into professional looking and people take serious notice. and attention and attraction Will send existing PPT when choose you for this redesign work Turn PowerPoint presentation to look pro, Create editable graphics, table, chart etc, Update font, color, style to fit complete branding, Adjust alignment, sizing, positioning etc, Add logo, adjust theme, bullet point, Focus key point, title, point of subject, Update old version into latest version, Modify your old presentations any types of graph/data chart into PowerPoint as needed . It may be fully editable or as JPG, PNG. psd etc format. There are too many types of chart can create and design if needed... Bar chart, Line chart, Radar chart, Doughnut chart, Combined chart, Area chart, X Y scatter chart, Bubble chart, Surface chart, Pie chart and ....etc Non-disclosure agreement (NDA) is need For all If you can do it then bid $50 7 Graphic Design, Copywriting, Powerpoint, Illustration, Presentations Apr 16, 2017 Apr 16, 2017Ended $79
Illustrate a Christmas Advent Calendar We want to create a collection of traditional Advent Calendars, for both children and adults. We require: • Hand-drawn or hand-painted Christmassy illustrations 300x400mm at min 300dpi, to be submitted in .jpg format in RGB and CMYK • Each main picture to be accompanied by 24 simpler small illustrations (approx 30x30mm) to go behind the doors. • The main image needs to be detailed and in full colour. We welcome ideas for 3D designs as well as flat. • We particularly like designs where the mini window illustrations are continuations of the main picture e.g. Georgian House where the windows open to show what’s going on inside, ditto Christmas church, winter countryside scenes with animals, nesting birds etc • We’re aiming to produce an up-market product. We are looking for conservative, classic, English-style or German-style illustration, accurate representation of birds/animals (must be recognisable British native species) and nothing too cute or cartoony. • We may award any number of runner up prizes at max £250. An idea of the kind of thing we are looking for can be found here: [url removed, login to view] Themes for the main image could include (but not limited to): • Traditional nativity scenes and other parts of the Christmas story e.g. Three Kings, Shepherds, Bethlehem • The Twelve Days of Christmas • Quintessentially English or Scottish countryside scenes - snowy winter landscapes, villages, old houses, churches, castles, farms with farm animals, winter woodland scenes with pheasants, forest animals etc • Winter garden birds • Christmas Georgian house • Father Christmas in his workshop, sleigh, or on rooftop, going down chimney etc • Christmas elves • Reindeer • Christmas trees, decorations, baubles • Christmas stockings & presents • Seasonal foliage (holly, ivy, fir, berries etc), Christmas wreaths & garlands • Christmas pets, in snow, by fireplace etc • Christmas carols/music/ballet scenes • Victoriana, Ye Olde nostalgic scenes, traditional German scenes, Christmas markets etc • Alpine chalets, skiing, sledging, Skandi themes • Christmassy transport - trains, buses, hot air balloons, We Saw Three Ships etc Mini images should be chosen with consideration to the main picture (i.e. mainly religious for religious designs and mainly secular for secular designs). They should not simply be lifted from the main picture. Here are some ideas: • Christian symbols e.g. Christmas star, cherubs, angels, heralds, bible, dove of peace, vicar, crown, shepherd’s crook, babe in crib, gold, frankincense, myrhh, stained glass, candles • Nativity animals: donkey, camel, oxen, sheep • Musical instruments: harp, bells, cornet, bugle, lute, carol book • Christmas tree, christmas foliage: holly, ivy, fir, fir cones, berries, poinsettia • Christmas food: mince pies, chocolates, plum pudding, pretzels, candy canes, sweets, brussel sprouts, turkey, gingerbread, apples, Christingle orange, nuts • Christmas decorations: baubles, bows, hearts, stockings, balloons, wreath/garland, Christmas cards, paper hats, crackers, nutcrackers, paperchains • Wrapped presents (max two variations) • Toys e.g. rocking horse, toy train, sailing boat, doll, drum, teddy, tennis racket, bicycle • British birds & forest animals e.g. robins, owls, foxes, badgers, deer, squirrels, otters • Cute dogs or cats with a Christmassy detail such as red scarf e.g. Scottie, Sausage dog, St Bernard, tabby cat • Snowmen, sledges, ice skates, snowflakes, icicles, bobble hat & mittens, Santa’s hat • Characters from Twelve Days of Christmas • Christmas geese 15 Illustration Apr 13, 2017 Apr 13, 20172d 8h $454
“Art work for Lamp” “Art work for lamp” size 100 mm x 118 mm” to be printed on backlight folie . A light source inside the box will light up the artworks. Each box has 4 sides and will show 4 different motives in the same theme. 4 children motives, ex cartoon inspired. 4 animals 4 flowers 4 Picasso inspired 4 etc. Each 4 artworks we choose gives the designer,photografer, painter 400 sek with a possibility to make 48 motives (12 themes) for around [url removed, login to view] SEK. 49 Illustration, Print Apr 12, 2017 Apr 12, 20174d 4h $572
experienced Illustration required - for long term project I Need a person who has hands on experience in illustration.I have long term project. The Winning bidder has to gone through with first sample project that will be paid . Please bid if you have experience . I don't want to see all the proposals. For sample project we have the fix budget. 48 Illustrator, Illustration Feb 18, 2017 Feb 18, 20174d 21h -
Illustrator Expert required Hi I need the .AI file for the image. I am getting an error. Please find attached. 53 Graphic Design, Illustrator, Illustration Feb 16, 2017 Feb 16, 2017Ended -
Ilustrar algo Hello I look for a cartoonist to do 20 characters in 5 views and 6 expressions, I look for the cartoonist to know how to make anime, furry, and mythological creatures. I look for the person to understand the Spanish. As I am independent my maximum budget is 100 euros hola busco dibujante para hacer 20 personajes en 5 vistas y 6 expresiones, busco que el dibujante sepa hacer personajes anime, furry, y criaturas mitológicas. busco que la persona sepa entender el español. como soy independiente mi presupuesto maximo es de 100 euros 29 Graphic Design, Photoshop, Illustrator, Illustration, Photoshop Design Jan 17, 2017 Jan 17, 2017Ended $297
Design and illiustrate 25 2D monster sprites for an online RPG. I need a lot of art for an online RPG. This bid is for an initial 25 images that follow a similar art style and with a similar quality to the attached images. You must design and illustrate the monsters yourself so some creativity is necessary. If I am happy with the work, the winning bidder will receive all future work for this game if they want it. It is a long term project which will need several hundred monster images, as well as several thousand smaller images of equipment (weapons, armor, potions, etc) and several other categories of images, so please make sure you are able to do all types of game art. An interest in gaming would be advantageous. Please show examples of any similar work you have done prevviously. If you have none, then perhaps drawing a monster or two would help in deciding on an artist. I have a relatively low budget whilst the game is in development, so bear that in mind when placing a bid. I simply cannot hire an artist who expects to receive $20 per image, for example. I will need several hundred images before the release of the game and my budget doesn't allow it. I have a lot of images already so the art style preferably would follow the style of the images already designed. Thanks. 52 Game Design, Illustration Jan 10, 2017 Jan 10, 2017Ended $224
Create a Logo Animation I need a logo opener animation created for a real estate company. It needs to be high quality and modern, 2D flat animation only, using after effects. Basically I want an animation where the 'ideas map' in the sketch image below (a vector file is provided) is animated out on to the screen. I will provide you with background video, no audio is necessary. The final output must be 4K 25fps. Any questions let me know! 78 Video Services, Animation, Illustration, After Effects, 3D Animation Jan 5, 2017 Jan 5, 2017Ended $100
Video Game Concept Art We are looking for artists for developing Concept Art from a video game that is in process (MMORPG Cross platform game). The idea is to create the concept art of environments, interior designs, creatures, objects and props, with futuristic and sci fi style. We need creative artists with great ability for digital illustration and painting, in addition to fulfilling every requirement that is requested. Also for this project we will need to check artists portfolios for each task. We are going to hire multiple artists. Art Pieces amount: 8 Environments (4 cities, 2 landscapes, 2 battle stadium) 3 variations of the same room (upgrade) 8 divine creatures 2 normal creatures 37 Arts & Crafts, Illustration, Concept Design, Caricature & Cartoons Dec 14, 2016 Dec 14, 2016Ended $1104
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