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Project/Contest Description Bids/Entries Skills Started Ends Price (USD)
road way lighting designing of a road lightuing simple dialux oirer 3dmax skills required with s previous experience 18 Animation, 3D Modelling, Lighting Mar 26, 2017 Today6d 3h $32
Illustrate Something + Lighting design + Lighting solution 15 Graphic Design, Photoshop Design, Lighting Mar 22, 2017 Mar 22, 20172d 19h $5098
Create an Animation of a model on AUTODESK MAYA 2016 add lighting to current model, animate the the model landing and then flying into the sky, model must appear big when landing and go back to small size when flying into the sky. the model is already done, the model is a hot air balloon. i would also like small balls (polygons) jumping into air balloon when the air balloon lands. lighting can be somesort of sunset creating a slight shadow. the work is pretty simple.. animation requirments: • Have a frame rate of 24 fps • Be 480 frames long (on your time slider) • Only use POLYGON primitives for the models. Do NOT use subdivs ornurbs. • Use keyframing for the majority of the animation with the choice of incorporating set driven keys for a smallsection 5. Animate one or more models in your scene using keyframes (set driven key animation is optional). 6. Apply suitable lighting to the scene. 7. Render your animation and convert the rendered images into an .avifile. 8. Apply sounds, opening credits and end titles to your animation using Windows Movie Maker or other suitable software. 30 Animation, Maya, 3D Animation, Lighting Mar 20, 2017 Mar 20, 20175h 46m $307
LED street lighting Hi, First of all please only people who has a lot of experience with LEDs. I am trying to put together a LED street light prototype and I need help with the circuit so the whole thing does last as long as possible, does not blow up in the long term because of some electrical moshumushu magical thing and is very power efficient (every % of the power consumption matters!). 1) I need to know how to wire up high power LEDs in multiple strings where each of them can be dimmed by PWM signal from the micro controller. What I understood so far is that this will require "constant voltage" power supply which can be a bit tricky with LEDs. For example I need to wire up 12 LEDs ([url removed, login to view]) into 2 to 4 strings, each dimmed with PWM and I am interested in how to do it in the most power efficient and safe way to do it so the LEDs don't suffer in the long term. 2) Secondly I would like to know how do I wire up for example 20 high power LEDs (the same ones) in the most power efficient and safe long term functioning way where all 20 LEDs can be controlled by a single PWM signal. 7 Electronics, Microcontroller, Electrical Engineering, Lighting Jan 12, 2017 Jan 12, 2017Ended $78
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