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    Shell script 6 days left

    Need help with shell scripting

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    Webscrapper 1 day left

    Looking for someone to do websraper tool for me, Further details will be provide via Chat. i will provide the URl , the program should get all the required data, Thanks.

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    Dokan Plugin + Woocommerce Need someone to make a plugin that; 1) Will work with Woocommerce & Dokan plugin in a way that facilitates ease of use for the vendors (aka sellers) on my website. With a button in the vendor/seller dashboard for utilization of this function. 2) All vendors will be able to print shipping labels for their products and only their products, either individually or all at once (that need to be printed.) 3) postage will be calculated via API with postage companies, paid, and that amount deducted from the respective vendor's balance - & obviously use their address as the "ship from " address 4) Should have an option for a return label to reverse the address and choose weight. Some ideas include perhaps modifying an already existing plugin that already connects to [url removed, login to view] So that it is suited for my multi-vendor marketplace.

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    php checker takes entries from txt file and try it with php site

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    We need the following resources: Senior Ruby on Rails Engineer (1) Senior Perl Engineer (2) Senior PHP/Moodle Engineers (2) DevOps engineer with AWS experience (1) Any agency /company /individual may apply. Detail will be shared in chat Box

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    Link 2 apps together Ended

    To link an email send out of customer survey system written in PHP to an online booking/diary system written in Perl.

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    im looking for some one who can make movie and bring my script alive. and we can discuss production cost when i send the script

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    Hello we search for a consultancy for creating custom REST APIs and also custom modules. Ideally we want to have some cleanups in tickets like with Amazon or any other shop e-mails. The E-mails shall be automatically be merged by the order number into one existing (oldest) ticket. Preferably we would like to use Java, alternatively (second choice) perl. Here some first insights of how it could be possible: [url removed, login to view] Also we search for consultancy of using advanced features of OTRS. So you are a developer and you have many years (at least 4 years) experience of real handson usage on OTRS? Great file us a proposal. How do we work? we have a private gitlab repository, which we will use for data and issue exchange. You are not able to use the private repository? Simple: do not apply! Budgets and rates Place your offer independently of our offer. We do not disclose our budget nor do we disclose our rates which we are willing to pay. We talk about the time you need and the payment you get for this time and knowledge. So share us the costs you will have in your proposal and we will respond if the offer is reasonable. (We have developers aboard with more than 20y of development experience, so we are able to see reasonable offers...)

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    We need a script to download SQL files from the following link: [url removed, login to view] Once downloaded, un-rar them, extract ISBN-10 and ISBN-13 and store the information in txt files. The script will run on a dedicated server rather than on a local computer. Each rar is around 2 GB.

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    Write a script to probe the an SNMP agent and find the rate of change for several counters between successive probes/ samples. The rate calculated for each counter/OID should be displayed on the console, one line for each calculated rate, the output format will be described in detail in 'output format'. Futhermore, as the only requirement on the OIDs is that they are of the type COUNTER, this means that there are both 32 and 64 bit versions of counters. Your solution should handle both counter types, and in the case that a counter wraps (ie goes from a high number to a low number), your solution should address/rectify (if its possible). The solution needs also to handle that an SNMP agent restarts (i.e. the sysUpTime OID becomes less than it was before, ie. it starts counting from zero), and timeouts, i.e. the device does not respond to your request in time. It will be tested that your solution maintains the requested sampling frequency (i.e. the requests from your solution should be sent so that the sampling frequency is maintained, irrespectively if the device has responded or not). The script will be invoked as follows: prober <Agent IP:port:community> <sample frequency> <samples> <OID1> <OID2> …….. <OIDn> where, IP, port and community are agent details, OIDn are the OIDs to be probed (they are absolute, cf. IF-MIB::ifInOctets.2 for interface 2, or [1]) Sample frequency (Fs) is the sampling frequency expressed in Hz, you should handle between 10 and 0.1 Hz. Samples (N) is the number of successful samples the solution should do before terminating, hence the value should be greater or equal to 2. If the value is -1 that means run forever (until CTRL-C is pressed, or the app is terminated in someway). Following are the files to be submitted: Note: The file has to be submitted with ".txt" extension so that plagiarism control will work. [url removed, login to view] Script that probes the agent, may be written in any language (perl, python,etc.), make use of the SHEBANG to handle what language interpreter that execute the script. If you use a complied language, make sure that the compiler outputs the correct filename on the executable. What ever language you choose to implement the solution in, make sure that you use a proper API for the SNMP communication, i.e. using system commands is not the way to do it. The aim is to train API interaction. Output format The output from the script _MUST_ be as follows: Sample time | OID1 | OID2 | .... | OIDn Sample time: Timestamp of the last sample, in UNIX time (seconds). OID*: Rate of OID* between the last two successful samples As an example: 1504083911 | 2124 | 819 | 0 | 281761 1504083912 | 2471 | 819 | 110 | 450782 1504083913 | 1904 | 819 | 2000 | 325448 --Technical Testing--: Your solution will be tested against a simulated/real SNMP agent, where the behavior is known. A test script will be launch your solution and validate the results against the known results. The script will check: - that the solution generates the correct number of samples, as requested, at the requested sample frequency. - that the solution sends the snmp request at the required sampling frequency, will be tested by packet tracing. - that the SNMP request contain all the requested OIDs, by packet tracing - that the solution handles non-responsive SNMP agents, ie. timeouts. Ie the inter sample time presented in console would be n/Fs where Fs is sample frequency and n=1,2,3,... - that the solution handles that the SNMP agent restarts/reboots - that the output from the solution matches the configuration of the agent - that the solution handles counters that wrap around, both 32 and 64 bit counters. Use SysUpTime[2] as to detect device reboots and to obtain the device time when calculating rates. [1] [url removed, login to view] [2] [url removed, login to view]

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    Build a perl script that, given a csv file, takes the id, checks that this id is present in an xml file (online), if the id is present, the script, extrapolates the availability and other values and puts these in a new csv file. The XML file is available online and has already been implemented to authenticate and download this file

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    I would like to collect some statistics about land and housing values over time and require a suitable online data source to collect these statistics over time. I hope that a suitably skilled individual is willing to write a script for this purpose. Please see attached files for more details and please get in touch if you have any specific questions. 1. You will write a web scraper in a suitable scripting language of your choice (eg. Python, bash, perl or similar) to scrape listings from l-e b-o-n-c-o-i-n-d-o-t-f-r and save them in a suitable CSV file. 2. You will provide the source code and list package dependencies of the script 3. You will provide a sample (as specified by the employer) csv file as proof that the script works.

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    I am trying to calculate the scaled surface area of a spherical flame in cylindrical tube. I have the code for planar plane surface area if you wanna look at it: file=fopen("[url removed, login to view]", "a"); fprintf(file, "%.15len", dat->Time*dat->Flame_velocity/(dat->Radius_of_tube*dat->Flame_thick)); printf("Front length: %.15len", dat->FrontLength); printf("Front velocity: %.15lenn", dat->FrontLength/dat->Y_grid[dat->NJ-1][0]*dat->Flame_velocity); fprintf(file, "%.15len", dat->FrontLength/(dat->Radius_of_tube*dat->Flame_thick)); fclose(file);

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    installing roundcube Ended

    we want to install roundcube and it is giving an error Fatal error: Class 'PEAR' not found in /share/MD0_DATA/Web/roundcubemail-git/program/lib/Roundcube/[url removed, login to view] on line 101 and we try to install needed parts [/share/MD0_DATA/Web/roundcubemail-git] # ipkg install php-pear Installing php-pear (5.6.33-2) on /opt/. Downloading [url removed, login to view] Installing php (5.6.33-2) on /opt/. Downloading [url removed, login to view] Configuring php. Configuring php-pear. //opt/lib/ipkg/info/[url removed, login to view]: line 12: 28811 Segmentation fault /opt/bin/php $PHP_FLAGS $PEAR_BOOT_DIR/[url removed, login to view] $PEAR_FLAGS mv: unable to rename `/opt/etc/[url removed, login to view]': No such file or directory [/share/MD0_DATA/Web/roundcubemail-git] #

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    I need the Install EPP Server and implement the Whmcs Domain Register module expert freelancer for my current project. Details will be shared with winning bidder. Please bid if you have the experience.

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    I need the Install EPP Server and implement the Whmcs Domain Register module expert freelancer for my current project. Details will be shared with winning bidder. Please bid if you have the experience.

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    I need the Install EPP Server and implement the Whmcs Domain Register module expert freelancer for my current project. Details will be shared with winning bidder. Please bid if you have the experience.

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    We are an association of a small community of hostels and tourism habitations. We are interested in providing to all our associates a channel manager service. We do not know what are the requirements for this project or if it is even feasible. Your expertise would be greatly appreciated.

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    Install client application that interacts with our Shared Registration System (SRS) using the EPP protocol. EPP Server and Configure [url removed, login to view] Create and configure the whmcs domain registrar module More info: [url removed, login to view]

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    Perl script - Python Ended

    all info is on the .pdf

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