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A shell script is a script written for the shell or the interpreter of the operating system. Shell scripts are usually used to automate some common tasks on UNIX-like operating systems. If you are into shell scripting and need help with shell scripts, you have come to the right place. Simply place your post detailing your shell script job and let experienced freelancers bid on your job post! Hire Shell Script Developers


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    Write a script 6 days left

    My project has 2 phases: 1) Code 2) Explain 1) I need a Windows PowerShell script developed that does two things: 1: Working with CSV files, it takes the filename and "date modified" meta-data from the windows system for each respective file and appends them as two additional columns in each given file (so each csv now contains a column with it's own file name and it's own date modified value which spans the length of rows in the CSV). CSV structure is row 1 = column headers; subsequent rows are comma separated data. 2: Upon completion of the first task, the script will then take all CSV in the folder and combine them into a single CSV file which contains a SINGLE column header. Column header IS consistent format between all CSV files so only the first row needs to be the column header, the rest is the data from every CSV in the folder dumped into the file. The final intent is to import this whole file into a database table so I can do comparative audit work. 2) explain. Once it has been demonstrated this script works, I need the script explained to me so I am able to re-purpose it for future tasks. I am an SQL developer and can understand and follow logic and script flow, I am just not familiar with PS syntax and it will take me hours to bring myself up to speed, hence the job posting.

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    Hello, we wish to receive a CENTOS (LINUX) application that will work properly with a Thermal Printer. Logic of the interaction, when we need to print something, we are calling your program or script and calling with some arguments, as an example: 1- ./your_program_or_script /some/folder/to/print/[url removed, login to view]* * we want to be able to center text, and or make it bold, italic or underlined, and at least 5 fonts included (most popular fonts)(you tell us how to mark text so your program will recognize it's style) 2- ./your_program_or_script /some/folder/to/print/[url removed, login to view]** **- we want to be able to generate and place qr codes INTO the text (you tell us how we call qr printing) 3- ./your_program_or_script /some/folder/to/print/[url removed, login to view]*** ***- we want to be able to print an image separate or within the text 3- ./your_program_or_script /some/folder/to/print/barcode**** ****- we want to be able to generate and place bar codes INTO the text (you tell us how we call barcode printing) Printer model is: 7402-K592 Looks like NCR kiosk thermal printer. p.s. hope this helps: [url removed, login to view] You may write your code using any code language, it should work on x86/64 CENTOS or similar. You may ask us to install some requirements like libraries or similar soft. You may have access to our printer using teamviewer/ssh or similar, should be agreed before.

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    C | C++ | Java | Shell Script 6 days left

    It is a C | C++ | Java | Shell Script project. I will give the details later.

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    Hello, I am looking for someone to create a simple Monero script where I'm able to do enter root on a dedicated server. Then paste in the script and it would go step-by-step installing each dependency and other requirements needed. To start mining quick. This step-by-step guide would be fine [url removed, login to view] the script should allow me to enter in my wallet address and mining pool. I'd prefer not to pay more than $50.

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    Simple shell script that can filter output data and store data in mysql database. I have a program that prints output data line's. I want to filter the data and cut it in two variables. To store in columns. Data output looks like this [16 digits length] space [some text (no max length)] Table 1 name is topic (16 digits length) Table 2 name is payload (some text)

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    Unix Web Content 3 days left

    I need help with Unix web content.

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    Very simple.... I need someone to intall ffmpeg on a debian wheezy server I have. It should be the most current version of ffmpeg available for wheezy. Needs to be FFmpeg 1.0 or above with libx264, libavfilter and AAC codec (libfaac, libfdk_aac or native ffmpeg aac codec) at a minimum.

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    Add hash of the file to metadata - The current script I have uploads file to was iterating through folders and sub folders

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    VirtualBox and PHPVirtualBox 2 days left

    I am looking for someone to install multiple virtual boxes on a linux server. I would like each to have a unique IP address. I will provide the server and it can be headless or with a control panel. I prefer headless but am open to your advice. I would like the virtual boxes to be running a mixture of os's but ideal heavy on windows. I need each to be password protectedonly on the log in screen and not on the RDP. I have several clients that live part of the year in foreign countries and will pay monthly for access to a dedicated IP US desktop. I wll pay all the costs of IP addresses and for the server, Please make sure you understand that your bid is for your labor only.

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    I need to run Proof of Work for a Crypto Currency for a few weeks. So temporary but profitable. Any Pool fees go to the Freelancer who has the successful bid. You will control the fees. I can also cash the coins in for you. Requires a good VPS or server that is located close to the USA or decent latency. I will need to know where you plan to locate it. Linux 16.04 is the most stable from what I read. Whatever it takes to get it working. This is the Mining Pool Software: [url removed, login to view] Might need ForeverJS for [url removed, login to view] to keep scripts running. The Crypto Coin is Kore and they will be posting a new wallet with the SHA256d Algo. So I need to connect workers to stratum on this server. The wallet will be released this weekend and has to be working before they start Proof of Work to get in on the easiest blocks and fastest rewards. [url removed, login to view] their current wallet is PoS and will not work on proof of work, might work on testnet though. So we can test on any other wallet that runs SHA256d. Part of your payment is the Fees and it is like a bonus since I hope to get a very good payout.

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    Hi I need help in doing an SSO script that will allow users to login from a specific website domain and his login credentials get authenticated & get into a system. I have the SSO documentations which will be given.

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    I am developing a software for medical applications. The software has a Qt GUI and can be run as an application in MacOSX. The verification test protocol of the software is defined in an XML file, see attached. Write a tool (e.g. a command line tool) for Mac OSX that - opens the XML file - opens the software for medical applications - performs a test sequence for each <verification_testitem> in the XML file (here: test_no 0, then test_no 1), where the test sequence for test_no i is: - add a <test_report> entry to the verification_testitem in the XML file - load [url removed, login to view] from the current directory (not provided) - look for position of search image in the GUI === identify whether the search image matches the current screen of the GUI at any position === if there is a match, set <searchimage_found> to YES, else NO === if there is a match, store the coordinates of the first encountered search image position in the XML file as <searchimage_position> === else, exit with error message - generate a click on the position of the search image - load [url removed, login to view] from the current directory (not provided) - look for position of result image in the GUI === identify whether the result image matches the current screen of the GUI at any position === if there is a match, set <resultimage_found> to YES, elso NO === if there is a match, store the coordinates of the first encountered result image position in the XML file as <resultimage_position> - close the XML file Please demonstrate proper operation with a typical Mac application, e.g. Preview or Finder or Pages.

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    Hello my dear. I need a shell script or pythons script that will send output to web service. Idea is following. Script will run a program, collect output of it and send output on web service. There is no need to save output to files and save files, the information need to be send in the moment program gets it.

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    The script task is to looking for all INF files in a catalog structure and copy a text file to all catalogs that contains an INF file. If the text file all ready is there shell it be overwritten. To test unpack the file [url removed, login to view], and run the script all catalogs that contains an INF file shell now also contain a text file named EliteBook 8xx G3 Win10.txt. This file shall be copied for a catalog c:temp

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    Precisamos de uma revisão das configurações atuais feita por um outro profissional. Planejamento de backups e criar política de segurança.

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    Hi, I have a script for an apk that I want to modify and improve on. The script is based on Linux operating system and it is used via Proxy server. If you are an expert in Linux and Android development, this project is for you. Please type, "I can help you" while bidding so I know that you have read my project description. Thanks!

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    I need a simple tool/script that tests my list of credit cards to check if its valid with balance meaning an active card. Not making a transaction just testing if active. The tool/script will record successful data this must be automated and handle large number of requests

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    Hi, Looking for an expert to build a full Bitcoin Hyip investment site with 2017 GC Script. *The project will include the following: 1) A unique and professional Responsive templet design for GoldCoders HYIP Script - The design must be inspired by the site's domain: [url removed, login to view] 2) The site will include the following pages: Home , About Us , Investments , Member Area, Admin Area, Faq , News , Affiliate Program , Support , Privacy Policy , Terms & Conditions (Between 10-12 pages Total) 3) An example of a Bitcoin Hyip site for design inspiration: [url removed, login to view] 4) Logo Design + 7 Different sizes Banners (728X90 , 300X250 , 970X90 , 468X60 , 300X600 , 320X100 , 125X125) 5) 1 Email Templet 6) Complete SEO writing of the content pages of the site: Home , About Us , Investments , Faq , News , Affiliate Program , Support , Privacy Policy , Terms & Conditions , Member Area 7) Full installation of the GC Script and templet on the server. 8) 3 Revision

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    Linux kernel driver that allow splitting IO between 2 block devices. IO will be written to one device and everything will be copied to the second one on the kernel [url removed, login to view] case the second device is not available a bit map will be maintained to allow copy of the changed blocks once the second device is back online

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    Hi, I actually need a Powershell expert, who can make great things based in WIndows like Hyper-V / Active Directory / etc. Good error handling; Mail functionality; Creating small GUI's/Grid's with Powershell Logging functionality;

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