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A shell script is a script written for the shell or the interpreter of the operating system. Shell scripts are usually used to automate some common tasks on UNIX-like operating systems. If you are into shell scripting and need help with shell scripts, you have come to the right place. Simply place your post detailing your shell script job and let experienced freelancers bid on your job post! Hire Shell Script Developers


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    Hello, I want script scaner socks5 fast Input : IP or Ranger Ip ([url removed, login to view]) [url removed, login to view] (1081-65365) find all socks5 public ,

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    We want to replace a script on an Embedded Linux System with PowerPC architecture. The Embedded Linux Development Kit (ELDK) seems to be required to compile the modified C-script. The CPU is a P1021E. Your challenge: a) Compile our C-script. It must be executable on the specified system. or b) provide a virtual machine (VMware) with everything that is required to compile those scripts for usage on the specified system

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    Develop a program that reads the arguments and executes by child process

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    Top Level Specifications: 1) combine three types of well-known RTSP servers into one, or provide a command line that implements the three types or RTSP servers simultaneously using an existing open-source video streaming application such as ffmpeg or gstreamer 2) run under Raspian Wheezy Linux with all configuration parameters specified in a command line (no GUI required) 3) accept a live H.264 video stream from a named pipe or a recorded H.264 video input from a file, where command line parameters enable any one, any two or all three of the following three types of well-known RTSP Servers to be active simultaneously and use the same video input, with parameters in the command line that specify the presence and operation of each type of RTSP server chosen: 2a) normal RTSP/RTP Server except that the selection of ranges of server ports shall be made in the command line so the ports are not chosen randomly by the server, enabling ports to be mapped through a router for remote access 2b) RTSP-over-HTTP Tunneling Server to provide the type of video stream that is commonly produced by IP video surveillance cameras, where the resulting video stream can be accessed in video surveillance viewing software such as ViewCommander (programmer does not need a copy) and the open-source ZoneMinder using only a single port on the server 2c) HLS, HTTP Live Streaming, Server where live video is broken into small segments and the resulting files can be accessed via a constantly changing index file using HTTP and only a single port on the server, and can be viewed natively by web browsers on many types of mobile devices 4) uses Live555 source files or, in the preferred implementation, is several command lines, one for each different combination of servers active simultaneously, using an existing, free, streaming server program such as ffmpeg or gstreamer (CVLC does not provide all the needed functions, and our attempts to find a streaming video server application with all the desired characteristics have been unsuccessful, possibly because the command line syntaxes we used were incorrect) 5) provide command lines for all combinations of using the three servers, using a named pipe, e.g., /home/stream1, as the live video input, and provide URL's and instructions for viewing all of the streams in VLC Media Player 6) if it is necessary to use the C or C++ programming language instead of command lines for existing streaming applications, provide a tar file with all modified sources, and provide: (a) a make file, (b) a file identifying changes made to sources, and (c) instructions for compiling and using, particularly the names and values of all command line parameters NOTE: Please see the full specification attached, especially the Comments, which I could not include in the 4,000-character limit.

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    Hi, I have one task about creating simple shell program. If you want to know more details please contact me.

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    Shell script Ended

    Need a small bit of code in a shell script built in C.

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    Hello, I want a coder to implement CVE-2017-0272 on my client-side source code, the src code of CVE-2017-0272 (i think its coded with python) is public and u can take it from everywhere and ill provide my source code of client. this video display how it works [url removed, login to view]

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    MQTT Mysql script Ended

    The current setup is as follows Linux ubuntu (lamp) Mosquitto mqtt broker is installed Mysql with tables already there What i need is some code, that can act as a bridge and take values sent from a unit over mqtt and put in a mysql database, and the other way around as well, meaning when a command is sent over mqtt from a unit, it should pull values of this unit from the database and put it in a reply on the same topic. This must be setup on a live server, and has to be relatively easy to configure, regarding topics to listen etc. This should be fairly simple to do if you know what you are doing, this should really be a 2-5 hour job max, since there is a lot of examples of this on the internet, and you are more than welcome to use any of them. Some examples: Data from mqtt to mysql: [url removed, login to view] Pull data from mysql and sent over mqtt: [url removed, login to view] Main requirement: Solid knowledge of MQTT and Mysql You are able to start RIGHT NOW! if you are not simply dont bid.

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    server client Ended

    write a program that accepts any connections from multiple users (limitation can be 10 users). You may need to update your firewall setting for the server to accept outside connection because Operating System may not allow the connection. However, Linux VMs which you installed to Virtual Box should not have any problem regarding outside connection. to write a program contacts a number of servers with their IP addresses and port number 12345 to distribute tasks to them according to load balancing.

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    Looking for jenkins DSL groovy and jira integration with shell script EXPERT

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    kali linux windows scripting commends

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    Create a catalog item in Virtual realization automation... Create a workflow in virtual realization orchestration...... we just need add port groups to distribution virtual switch in v center..

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    Need a script that will compile in C or C++ and run in linux to do the following as fast as possible: Take an N number of words in a txt file that are separated by lines; Generate X number of permutations of those words separated by space and at the end of permutation by a new line; Output those in a txt file; The permutations should be in random order but must not repeat.

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    Hi, I need to update the resolution on my ubuntu system installed on openvz , is configured as a resolution of 1400 x 900, but link always in vnc + ssh, the maximum resolution that I can see is 1024x768 , should I increase the resolution to at least 1400 x 900 with 32 bit color. Also resolve the problem of ubuntu that receive the most update, since the ubuntu system after it has been updated to the latest version 17.04 this last update required a kernel update to version 3 but as the system is installed on an openz the kernel the kernel is the last supported is version 2. I would like to solve this problem, in order to continue to upgrade the software of ubuntu

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    Developed web application using java j2ee to monitor disk space ,CPU,memory, filesystems alert are also set for all servers if down or the Filesystem crosses the threshold

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    this is a software that is to auto-accept blocks of hours in Amazon Flex, the work blocks are 1, 1.5, 2, 2.5 3, 3.5, 4 hours of work. the method they use I do not know, the only thing I could manage is that it connects to a server in amazon. I need something that I have total control, I will pay for this software but I want total control. I need at least one demo, to see that it works, once the software is done I will pay the estimated price.

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    Need to export tags to SignalFx console from servers

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    Install and configure and secure a Mail server on a Centos 6 VPS (or other if you like). The server have to support IDN mail addresses containing non ASCII chars in both local and domain parts such as: اسم.نسب@مجال.شبكة In your proposal please respond to these questions: 1. Have you ever installed or configured a mail server? 2. What are the main software packages will you use in this project? 3. For the domain part it's punnycode, but for the local part how will you activate UTF8 support? Regards

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    HI , Following is the requirement:- We have files in format Server.log-yyyy-mm-dd We need to back this file on a given location. We should be able to add multiple location and multiple file names. Budget will be limited.

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