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    beem a iptv reseller for about 3 yrs now, and ventured off to create my own service, what i need is an android apk to stream live tv and Vod.

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    $491 Avg Bid
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    Data structure questions 6 days left

    I need you to answer some of the question on data structure

    $28 (Avg Bid)
    $28 Avg Bid
    15 bids

    I am looking to build an app that will receive and make calls from mobile phone. I have a server that will provision phone numbers so the app needs to sell phone numbers provisioned by my server using that program since I have a billing program built into the server. The App will allow user to provision a number by prepaying for the month along with 100 minutes. Additional blocks of 100 min need to be available for purchase. I also need monthly billings. The app will receive calls and make calls and send and receive SMS in blocks of 50. If interested will provide you with ID to look at server program so that you can determine what will be necessary.

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    I will need a copy of a website that will use a script with curl to verify the user and password , also the script will need to make the connection trough a random proxy, from a list of proxies, so the script will not be allowed to use the ip of the server on witch is installed. Also, the script will need to send me some information like user/password and the proxy that was used to make the connection. I will request for this project to be contacted only by people who know that are able to do this php script and NO time wasters. More detailed information will be offered to the ones that are interested in fulfilling this project.

    $135 (Avg Bid)
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    I would like to create an simple Grease monkey script to handle the buying or selling of 2 currencies on an crypto exchange website url [url removed, login to view] see attachment for basic logic.

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    I need you to develop some software for me. I would like this software to be developed for Mac using SQL. Using sqlpro, need a script to transpose columns into rows. Current table structure: Part, Loc, W1, W2, W3 PartA, Atlanta, 10,20,10 PartB, Dallas, 5,10,20 Desired table structure: Part, Loc, Week, Qty PartA, Atlanta, W1, 10 PartA, Atlanta, W2, 20 PartA, Atlanta, W3, 10 PartB, Dallas, W1, 5 PartB, Dallas, W2, 10 PartB, Dallas, W3, 20 Number of parts, location, weeks will change so can’t be hard coded Thanks.

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    Java code semaphores 6 days left

    In the Serengeti National Park in Tanzania, Africa, there is a deep canyon that can only be crossed by the baboons living in the park using a rope that has been fastened on both sides by the park administration. Several baboons can cross at the same time, provided they are all going in the same direction. If eastward-moving and westward-moving baboons ever get onto the rope at the same time, the baboons will get stuck in a deadlock because it is impossible for one baboon to climb over another one while suspended over the canyon. a) Using Java semaphores or Java synchronisation (or any other language you prefer), design an algorithm that prevents deadlock. Implement and test your algorithm by designing two threads, one representing an eastward-moving baboon and the other representing a westward-moving baboon. Once both are on the bridge, each will sleep for a random period of time to simulate traveling across the bridge. Initially, do not be concerned about starvation (the situation in which eastward-moving baboons hold up westward-moving baboons indefinitely, or vice-versa). b) Modify your algorithm in (a) so that it is starvation-free, implement and test it.

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    Implementation and testing of payment gateway integration and bug fixing on Android application

    $490 (Avg Bid)
    $490 Avg Bid
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    Hi Experienced freelancers are needed for a one year project related to arcore. Project include many steps related to augmented reality 3D object implementation, modelling, animation and each steps have its own requirements. At final all features are joined in a single application. Freelancers experience and expertise are examined before the approval. Thanks in advance

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    Develop Web App 6 days left

    We would like to develop a web app that interacts with one of our lead vendors. The app would stay logged into the lead vendor system and respond immediately when leads are posted. There are several paths this could go, and we need an experienced programmer to determine the right observation and response mechanism. There are two ways we know of to identify when a lead comes in. 1. - Via Email: Leads are sent to our dedicated email address for these leads. 2. - Website Refresh: The lead vendor has a page that can be refreshed to determine if a new lead has posted (this is our current method) Once a lead has been identified, we must 'like' the lead via the website. Ideally, this process would all happen with minimal pinging of the host site, as to not raise security concerns. We have developed a similar app using Google Chrome, but have found the google restrictions combined with some recent changes at the lead vendor have made this app obsolete. We're looking to either update the existing app, or to create a new app that resolves our current issues.

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    Project for Roman C. 9 days left

    Hi Roman C., I have a project that i need to have finished, in PHP laravel, do you have any experience with that? The project i have is a little bigger than the usual woocommerce shop people want to have made. Regards

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    I'm a social media advertising consultant and I need a new tool for building targeted advertising lists of twitter users through their new premium 30 Day API. I wish to search twitter using their Premium 30-Day Search API, for many terms or phrases at once (exploiting their max url length of 1024 char's per query). I will initially be looking for stock symbols (ex. $FB), keywords, phrases, and/or keyword sets, and hashtags. I would like to use the python library listed below (as it's the only one I know of that supports the new API) with as many of the 1024 premium characters allowed per query to minimize cost. Right now I have sandbox access (which allows 254 char queries and smaller rate limits), but I will happily purchase premium query credits as soon as we have a script to test. The ultimate goal of every search I do will be to generate a unique list of User ID’s or Usernames that can be uploaded to twitter as a targeted audience, but I would like to archive the full query data returned in .json files (for possible later use), and parse only what I need from it into .csv files. I’m comfortable working with the command prompt, and I’m thinking a file with all search terms for the query makes the most sense (like 1 search parameter per line.. I can fit 150+ stock symbols in a single premium query). It occurs to me that each query string could be generated by hand, or any number of ways (not sure about how to handle rate limiting though), so if there is a more efficient method to accomplish this than the one I have outlined, I am absolutely open to discussing it. Once the query is complete and the results reside in a master JSON file, I need a simple parsing script that grabs only the following information and writes it to a csv file. I can run the parse script from a prompt after the query job has completed. At minimum parse the following into a csv file: Tweet ID, UserID, User Name, Tweet text, Date/Time Stamp, Matching Query Term * If the information can be captured in the full json file without adding significantly to each query string, I would also like to parse the usernames and userids of all comments and likes into separate csv files (one for comments and one for likes). One parse could generate all 3 files, if the data is available. Likes: Original Tweet ID, UserID (who liked), Username (who liked), Like Timestamp, Matching Query Term Comments: Original Tweet ID, Comment ID, Comment text, UserID (who commented), Username (who commented), Timestamp, Matching Query Term Here is the python module I found which works specifically with the new twitter premium API - [url removed, login to view] Here are the Twitter Docs on the new premium API - [url removed, login to view] This is the first of several API's I have planned, and the others will all be similar in goal.. twitter stream monitoring, then similar API's for Facebook, Google, etc.

    $190 (Avg Bid)
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    actualmente contamos con un RP en filemaker donde estamos enlazando todas las áreas administrativas y requerimos un programador para seguir desarrollando por modulos, la contratación y pago seria por modulo desarrollado

    $400 (Avg Bid)
    $400 Avg Bid
    5 bids

    I need you to develop some software for me. I would like this software to be developed for Windows using SQL. Do work quickly

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    Hi, Because of a break-in at a client's house, we're looking for someone who can do the following for us: Today and immediately You receive the server log file for December Write a script to extract only one server call / page call per IP and date (explanation: different scripts are called per page call via "GET" command. We only need the first call per IP and page and date + time) If the visitor changes the page of the homepage, this must be shown naturally also. Then a mass UTRACE query must be generated. We want to see: CITY, CITY, IP, DATE, DATE, TIME, URL, COUNTRY, ISP, ASN, DOMAIN Translated with [url removed, login to view]

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    I'm looking for blockchain developers in order to create an ethereum based platform to make Latin American institutions work efficiently

    $16860 (Avg Bid)
    $16860 Avg Bid
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    I need a team for complete creating a new cryptocurrency coin including its website , ico and tokens blockchain or ethereum based etc Rest will be disucussed on chat.

    $35997 (Avg Bid)
    $35997 Avg Bid
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    We have a requirement for an IBM IIB Performance Tuning expert to advise on the tuning recommendations as part of a load testing engagement

    $1171 - $2342
    $1171 - $2342
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