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Unix is a computer operating system developed at Bell Labs. It is used widely in the computer industry all over the world. There are various flavors of UNIX namely Solaris, HP-Unix, AIX, Linux, etc. from several concerns and companies. If you are looking to obtain some Unix help for your project then you can take the help of freelancers who have expertise in Unix. Start by posting your Unix job today!
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Bash Scripting Quickstart for NOC-PS and Linux Tech L1-3 --NEW we uses NOC-PS module for HostBIll we need to add new Linux and Windows OS to their profiles and make them work automaticaly when lounched to complet the OS install. Also cPanel Plesk and other hostingpanles will need to auto install when choosed. We're looking also for Linux Sistems tech with L1-3 knowledge 19 Perl, Linux, MySQL, UNIX, Plesk Jun 22, 2017 Jun 22, 20175d 5h $972
PHP, Linux, C++ Programming, UNIX Jun 22, 2017 Jun 22, 20175d 3h
Configuring Cpanel/WHM for bulk emailing Our servers are being blacklisted and we need someone who can help 11 Linux, UNIX Jun 22, 2017 Jun 22, 20174d 22h $38
Hire a Bash Programmer This project requires be done within 50 minutes and have knowledge at Bash Programming in Linux! This project will start [url removed, login to view] = Lithuanian time = 9:30 There will be given 2 tasks. I have few examples: 1. With keyboard you input numbers which contains X two arrays. Ones are Even numbers (array A) and Odd Numbers (array B) running this script you need to input number amount Y and given numbers. In result program should output what are Odd and what are Even numbers which were input. 2. Input numbers will be put in Array X (elements(aka numbers) are input by yourself with keyboard) and it forms new Array Y which values detects: When index value is odd number, then new array value equals to Initial array number multiplie fron index I. When index value is even number, then new array value is equal to Initial array number and value of index value. For example: If index is Odd number Outputs Array X and new array Y. And similar tasks will be required to be done. Tasks should take less than 30 minutes. Tasks examples are similar tasks which will be given. 8 Perl, UNIX, Software Development, Powershell Jun 22, 2017 Jun 22, 20174d 18h $190
Building a Mobile App I want a mobile app that connects job seekers to posted jobs. I also want employers to be able to post their job openings on the app. 47 PHP, Website Design, HTML, UNIX, LESS/Sass/SCSS Jun 21, 2017 Jun 21, 20174d 13h $511
SOFTWARE DEVELOPMENT FOR RASPBIAN (RASPBERRY) We need a capable individual or a team that can create from scratch a software that can be installed in raspbian pixel. The software will included by an alarm, clock, meeting schedules, a connection with Jarvis (from raspbian) and a facebook link for Jarvis facebook account. The design needed is ready. 19 Java, Linux, UNIX, Raspberry Pi Jun 21, 2017 Jun 21, 20174d 12h $545
Looking for PL SQL Developer with Bash Scripting experience Looking for pl sql developer with Bash Script Experience for more details message me 5 UNIX Jun 21, 2017 Jun 21, 20174d 8h $207
Web Based Management Software STEP1 Price List Build Web Application Based with multi user ( Logged ) with different privilege access The application must have different Categories: “ Videosurveillance” “ Allarms “ “ GPS Management “ “ Presence Control” “ISP Solutions “ “ IP Solutions “ “ Multimedia “ Any Category / page must have a different product with these Tables: [url removed, login to view] | Descriptions | Price | ( and possible to add pdf description file downloadable with button similar at search project ) We need a Search bar to search Items by art name / descriptions / price We need Users Manager like this: Manager Users must do Read/Write ( can add product and see product ) Limit User must do Read Only ( can only see product ) NOTE: this is only first step, the final project must have: warehouse module/page and customers service manager for monthly payment 34 PHP, Software Architecture, MySQL, UNIX Jun 21, 2017 Jun 21, 20174d 2h $371
Ethereum mining pool turn-key PLEASE DO NOT APPLY IF YOU ARE FRON INDIA, PAKISTAN OR CHINA! Hello, I want a Ethereum mining pool, made from scratch or based on open source but highly secured. I want the person to have experience with cryptocurrency, unix environment, VPS. Thank you! Also, PLEASE do not come with prices that will make you a rich man and me a fool. I know the value, don't try to trick me! 3 Linux, Cryptography, UNIX Jun 21, 2017 Jun 21, 20173d 21h $67173
Multi-Thread SMTP Scanner v4 Linux/Unix based Extremely fast (over 7000 threads), limited only by the server performance. Recognizes all SMTP reply codes Checks for RDP port Domain detection & tlds hash table Seven auth methods Need a Multi-Thread IP SMTP Scanner v4 Linux/Unix based Extremely fast (over 7000 threads), limited only by the server performance. Recognizes all SMTP reply codes Checks for RDP port Domain detection & tlds hash table Seven auth methods User validation with autodetect dns method Feature to skip no auth SMTPs Random FROM generator Process name spoofing Scans a list of IPs Multi-threads per IP Custom port Customizable tokens for passwords Domain validation 7 Linux, Software Architecture, DNS, UNIX Jun 20, 2017 Jun 20, 20173d 12h $210
operating system design This is an operating system activities where one need to draw a time diagram showing when each of the five processes executes and calculate the average waiting time for each scheduling and Show that SJF Scheduling will minimize the average waiting time 13 C Programming, C++ Programming, UNIX Jun 20, 2017 Jun 20, 20173d 9h $50
Using AWS. Want to fix the unusually high regional data transfer issue. I am looking for Amazon AWS expert who can help us identify the root cause of huge internal data transfer. Recently my AWS billing was generated and it had a huge bandwidth usage shown in it. Under Bandwidth: My regional data transfer is very high. The field item under billing is shown below. $[url removed, login to view] per GB - regional data transfer - in/out/between EC2 AZs or using elastic IPs or ELB Total in the last 20 days of this month 13 TB internal data has been transferred internally. I am not sure why it is so high and where the data transfer is happening exactly. I want an AWS expert who has prior experience in troubleshooting the internal high data transfer issue in the AWS instance. Only APPLY if you have knowledge of AWS Architecture. 23 Linux, Amazon Web Services, UNIX, Windows Server, Web Services Jun 20, 2017 Jun 20, 20173d 5h $129
Postfix Dovecot Mail Server not receiving mails from hotmail gmail, etc - open to bidding I configured a Postfix server on Ubuntu [url removed, login to view] and I can send mails to Hotmail, Gmail, etc. But I am receiving relay error when sending back from Hotmail, Gmail to my server. After hours trying to fix this error, I guess I need an expert. 28 System Admin, Linux, Apache, UNIX, Web Hosting Jun 20, 2017 Jun 20, 20173d $34
shell scripts unix i need 5 shell script programs and i have documents with instructions please check 19 UNIX Jun 20, 2017 Jun 20, 20172d 19h $28
fedex & ups tracking n trace command line utility to work as follows: # get_trace <carrier> <tracking #> <Login> <Password> to return tracking info into tracking#.txt and signature into tracking#.jpg 18 PHP, Perl, Linux, UNIX, Ubuntu Jun 19, 2017 Jun 19, 20172d 16h $197
Want to open word document in read-only format for preview purpose on my website -- 2 In my website, I need two buttons named "Preview" and "approve" with below functionality on clicking them. 1. Preview: When a user wants to preview the word document file before proceeding further, he will click this button. On clicking this, the word document file should be opened but must be read-only. The user should not be able to copy-paste or do anything with the doc. Example file attached Website was built in PHP. Code must be provided for the above requirement 15 PHP, Java, JavaFX, HTML, UNIX Jun 19, 2017 Jun 19, 20172d 6h $110
Write some Software write a simple c program to design a Skype overlay architecture mentioned on page:177 of this book [url removed, login to view] i already have some code written but got stuck 4 C Programming, UNIX Jun 18, 2017 Jun 18, 20171d 10h $23
Sleeping TA problem - open to bidding Output should be like the one in the PDF file. Problem is the sleeping ta problem. A university computer science department has a teaching assistant (TA) that holds office hours where they provide help to undergraduate students with their programming assignments. The TA's office is rather small, and only has room for one desk with a chair and a computer. There are three chairs outside the office where students may sit and wait if the TA is currently helping another student. If there are no available chairs in the waiting area, the student shows up at a later time. When the TA has finished helping a student, she goes outside to the waiting area to see if there are waiting students. If so, she takes the next student and begins to help them. If there are no waiting students, she returns to her chair in he office and takes a nap. If a student shows up and sees the TA sleeping, they sit in her chair and wake her up. Using POSIX mutex locks and sempahores, design a solution to the sleeping TA problem. A simple solution can use one mutex lock and two semaphores: - the mutex lock for controlling access to the chairs. (This of course can be simplified by keeping track of the number of waiting students which roughly resembles the number of students sitting in chairs.) - a semaphore for signalling the sleeping TA that a student has shown up. - a semaphore for signalling a waiting student that the TA can now help them. Students and the TA Using Pthreads, begin by creating N students where each student runs as a separate thread. In addition, the TA will also run as a separate thread. Student threads will alternate between programming for a period of time, and then seeking help from the TA. If the TA is available, they will obtain help or will sit in a hallway while waiting their turn with the TA. If there are no chairs available, the student will resume programming on their own, and seek help at a later time. If a student arrives and notices the TA is sleeping, they must notify the TA using the appropriate semaphore. If the TA is helping a student, upon finishing they must check if there are waiting students in the hallway. If so, they must help them as well. They will notify a waiting student by using the appropriate semaphore. If there are no waiting students, the TA can take a nap. 14 C Programming, Linux, Shell Script, C++ Programming, UNIX Jun 18, 2017 Jun 18, 20171d 4h $59
zcash mining - dual mining HELP I am looking for someone to guide me how to do dual mining of zCash and some other currency - on Windows with nVidia [url removed, login to view] 5 Software Architecture, Software Testing, Cryptography, UNIX, Helpdesk Jun 18, 2017 Jun 18, 20171d 4h $156
Write some Software Implement a Portable File System (PFS) with Linked Allocation Method, which can perform “Allocate a file”, and “Move files from the Windows file system into your file.” You should have your own directory structure, allocation table, etc. inside your file. Move files back out of your file to the Windows file system or Linux/Unix file system 18 C Programming, UNIX Jun 18, 2017 Jun 18, 201718h 52m $163
Skill Required - Build software Fresher are welcome. Please bid if you have experience only. Details will be discuss later on 73 C Programming, Java, .NET, C# Programming, UNIX Jan 11, 2017 Jan 11, 20174d 18h $149
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