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    I need freelancers who can train students on Embedded Systems, Arduino, Iot etc

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    Arduino developer 6 days left

    We require a arduino developer to assist with the development of an energy monitoring application for home electricity boards

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    Our team have received a significant sum of innovation grant and working on a project related to controlling android phone system externally. Specifically, one part of our project relates to building external hardware to control display brightness of an android phone while a subject playing game (or using any other application). We are looking for any freelancer that can pitch us a feasible idea to achieve this objective and hire to immediately start this project. 1. Pitch us an idea/system that the above objective can be achieve 2. Depending on the task, our funding only allows us to hire between USD80-200 per hour. Pitch us your idea and your talent now!

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    Background Dementia is a global disease that usually affects the brain function of the elderly aged over 65. Alzheimer’s is a type of dementia that causes the elderly to lose their memory, change their behaviour and impairs their ability to perform daily activities (in later stages). In Australia, an estimated 165000 elderly suffer from dementia ([url removed, login to view]). This project seeks to develope smart tracking technology for use inside the home of the elderly to allow them to live more comfortably, and to assist those who may be on the onset of suffering from dementia. Smart tracking could refer to tracking elderly movements in the house, or tracking activities for the elderly (calendar or personal assistant) or tracking objects in the house. Project Brief and Requirements Thecsmart tracking service is part of an embedded system in the smart home concept that Porter David is looking to develop. Your group will need to prepare and submit a final engineering report. The report will consist of the three main sections, the third section on Smart Tracking consisting of the following. i)A review of dementia, the incidence of the disease, the cost to the healthcare system and the 3 potential opportunities to deploy smart tracking technology. (This should be in the literature review section –see report format next page) ii)A description of your proposed smart tracking system, how it functions and how it would make it easier for the elderly to age in place. This is your requirements analysis. iii)A low-level block diagram of your system indicating the major components of the smart tracking system. Include a discussion describing each component. You are required to specify the details of the electronics you plan to use e.g., sensor and actuator details. iv)A system flow chart indicating in detail how the system would [url removed, login to view] flow chart should be accompanied by a section describing how the system functions. v)A prototype implementation, using Arduino as the embedded platform. The code developed according to iv) is required to be included. This means you should explain how the different flow chart stages are translated into code. Remember to include comments in your code. Steps iii), iv) and v) are your conceptual design

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    I am looking for someone who is versed in communication systems to assist me with RF related tasks. This task consists of 5 RF related questions which needs to answered with proof of work, followed by a small RF communication project of any kind as long is withing RF communication field. For the RF communication project, I need a synopsis pertaining to the the project, delivers by this weekend but no later than 10/24, the project will be needed on 10/24. See attached and respond with fair quote. Project ID: 15441058

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    This will provide you a distance using ultrasonic sensor with arduino.

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    I'm working on a project related to OBD2. I basically have to extract 4 consequent data of RPM and Speed, and light the led if a fixed parameter is met. This involves some work of circular/ring buffer, where I'm stuck. I need to get this done on urgent basis. Will share files after a chat. Thanks!

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    Programme_test_ 6 days left

    application windows forms for communicate with arduino Ethernet shield via wifi using sockets for send Joystick values from PC to arduino

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    [url removed, login to view] This is the github directory and i want to install the driver app and everything as described in this .. i got to make self driving rc car . This include making one with ML and all steps to install

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    My project is titled as Rescue and protection for coalminers using Arduino and wireless technology. The main objective to take up this project is to save lives of miners by detecting abnormal environmental conditions underground and take necessary steps to save their lives. In my project, I have used three different kind of sensors which are as follows; [url removed, login to view] and Humidity sensor [url removed, login to view] sensor [url removed, login to view] sensor. These three sensors senses temperature,humidity,inert gases and earthquakes beneath the [url removed, login to view],these sensors crosses the threshold level a buzzer at control room will be ON indicating that miners are in danger underground. This process is done wirelessly using zigbee technology so that data will be sent accurately within very less time.

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    my project for use electrical db board,pump station,industrial alarm system and secure places. that places got breakdown,overlord or eny situation changing send to text sms for meany maintain or management people more then 20 (ex; pump station water level high pump fail) like that

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    Hey guys, I started using STM32 motor workbench and FOC SDK v4.3, and the code is a bit more complex than what I'm used to. For that reason, I need someone experienced in STM32 FOC library, to create some functions that are easier to use for a part time coder. Project description as follows The target of this project is to design a template using STM32 FOC SDK v4.3. This template shall have the following requirements: - it shall cover the STMF103x and STMF303x compatibility - add debug support - enhance the existing libraries with user friendly functions for a) read the motor RPM, motor current, fault code, power supply voltage b) set motor RPM, maximum drive PWM, maximum current c) clear fault code d) set a motor drive cutoff e) create additional GPIO init, digital I/O set/read, ADC read, DAC write - the function shall have a minimum amount of documentation - the preferred IDE is KEIL, but Eclipse/OpenSTM32 is accepted Be advised that I might be slow in responding to queries because I'm travelling at the moment.

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    Power Generation Simulation using LabVIEW. Power generation stations will often consist of a number of individual generators where each generates a proportion of the overall station’s output. Need two separate applications. Application 1 and Application 2.

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    Programmabe Electronic load 4 days left

    A simple mosfet based programmable electronic load. 5 V max and 20 A max. Should be programmable using arduino with best possible resolution.

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    I’m looking at a heart rate and respiration rate monitor with connection to a smartphone (bluetooth?) in one unit. I know there are pulse oximeter units that can be placed on the finger to get heart rate, but to my knowledge you can’t get respiration rate at the finger with one of those. I have been thinking of a small unit attached to a necklace that would rest mid sternal level on the chest. It would be able to use small microphones to detect heart rate and respiration, then transmit that information to a phone.

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    Searching one to hire, with years of experience in Artificial Intelligens, and Neural Network. You must be very familier with mathematics, Raspberry Pi, Arduino, Spark, and with backend programming (I'd like to see a CS degree, or Machine learning) Post a bid, the bid that you post, will be seen as your hourly salery.

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    Hello, i need to make a virtual button for running arduino continous servo Device i use : 1. continuous servo rotation 2. arduino uno 3. board 4. windows pc i need to make virtual button from vb6 that makes run a specific continous servo. so i need you to help me program the vb and arduino

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    I am looking for small aurdino based measuring unit [url removed, login to view] could be very simple with just the connections between components namely,kitchen digital weighing scale and aurdino with output readings on [url removed, login to view] I am trying this forum first time and frequently require such [url removed, login to view] looking for something quick.

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    Score board 3 days left

    Instant score board with keypad and 7 segment

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