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    Describe the influences of insolation, latitude and longitude on the distribution of ecosystems on Earth. Include in your answer: a. the vertical structure of the atmosphere, its protective functions, and its relationship to altitudinal distribution of life b. the influence of latitude on insolation and climate in California and the changes of insolation through the seasons c. the nature of seasonal temperature and rainfall across the United States and the reasons for the differences seen on the west and east coasts and the mid-continental plains states d. a description of the Intertropical Convergence Zone (ITCZ) and the cycles between El Niño and La Niña events Question 02: Metapopulations (35 points) Describe and define the nature of metapopulations. Include in your answer: a. metapopulations of Grizzly Bear (Ursus arctos) and the California Tiger Salamander (Ambystoma californiense). b. a description of the core and corridor concept and its applicability to Grizzly Bear and California Tiger Salamander populations c. the importance of reproductive isolation to the dynamics of metapopulation success or failure and evolution. Question 03: Long, Dry Summers; Short, Mild Winters (30 points) Describe the characteristics of chaparral plants that adapt them to long, dry summers and short, mild winters. Include in your answer: a. the worldwide distribution of chaparral habitats and describe global features that allow them to occur where they do b. the influence of fire on the chaparral and adaptations of organisms to a "fire ecology" c. the specific adaptations of the leaves of Bigpod Ceanothus (Ceanothus megacarpus) for water conservation

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    Geology Expert Needed 5 days left

    We have a Geology project that we need completed. Its a simple project would take less than 1 hour to complete. If you can complete with ease, then we have much more work for you if you would like. Contact for more detail

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    I need someone with a prior experience in editing manuscripts to be submitted in International research journals.

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    write an essay 5 days left

    Literature review

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    Accounting, law, tax assignments

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    Gene coding 3 days left

    For lab, you are completing an exercise over DNA replication and protein synthesis. For this exercise, you will be using paper cut-outs to go through the steps of each process. The cut-outs can be printed from the attached file in the assignment. There is also an additional powerpoint in the lab this week. Replication and protein synthesis can be tricky to understand, especially in this type of learning environment. The powerpoint is some additional, more visual, material to look at as you are going through the lab. I have also found a couple of YouTube videos I am linking here. DNA Replication Protein Synthesis These videos are both by the Amoeba Sisters. They have other videos about the structure of DNA and the differences between DNA and RNA, so feel free to look at some of those too. They have pretty much simplified the processes down to the level we are looking at. Most of the videos on this topic go into much more detail, so stick with the Amoeba Sisters if you are looking for more videos

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    Its about sequences alignment.

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    Small task on pathophysiology Will share details with interesting bidders.. Required in 2 days Amount 60 usd

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    Dissertation 1 day left


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    Literature review of the given organization

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    Write a 6 to 8 page double spaced essay on the topic Software Engineering as a Profession using Internet resources. Be sure you cite the URL resources properly as I described in our first lecture. Essays will be checked for similarity with others in this class and with previous classes. Essays having more than 60% [url removed, login to view] similarity numbers will be graded zero. You must turn in your own work.

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    my project rent to cloud like Google Drive

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    design experiments to prove food concept

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    I need help in anatomy and physiology, looking for expert anatomy tutor

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    Please read the attachment. Thanks

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    View Nova’s “Vaccines-Calling the Shots” You will be watching a 50 minutes video then you will be answering some questions about the video.

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    Write a Boolean function and construct a logic diagram of a circuit which use of basic logic gates

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    We are looking for teachers in Bangalore City who are interested in generating additional revenue. We provide a platform in our studio for teachers to develop the video courses. The video courses are they listed on our website for sales. We are looking for teachers who are interested to create these video packages. Area of Interest -------------------------- CBSC class 8-12, IIT JEE, NEET, Commerce, CS/CA/CMA and IBPS/PO/ SSC-CGL. Our website gets 5 lakh hits every month and this is a great opportunity for you to earn handsome revenue from sales of courses on the monthly basis.

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