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Climate science is a branch of study that draws from the facets of ecology, environmental engineering and geography. It is a fascinating branch of study that studies how climates and climate change can play a role affecting sea levels and the geography of low-lying areas in the world. If you need help with research or documentation work relating to climate sciences, then you can hire freelancer help for the same. Start by posting your job today! Hire Climate Scientists


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    geologist, electrical engineers, video editors, hydrologist assemble here please I have the slight feeling this solar eclipse might bring with it a bit of water displacemt, i wish i was wrong, prove me wrong by doing the things below: create an animation of the 31 january 2018 lunar eclipse effect on the water knowing that it would act like a magnet on the water as it will cross during its dark moments. i believe it may have a pull effect on the water and drag it up and away from its resting place. where would that water go ? and also later on for added monetary bonus you could make an animations this one and the last one that happened in 1866, knowing that the conditions of the were also different. it last passed on it dark side only partially and the moon was not as close as now and the surface where the shadow was casted then, was on ground level. maybe it would cause a slight water uptick ? let us not depend on nasa and group ourselvs with interdisplipinary information do not lie. btc : GTsRz8jsqNmMyB4JrayVdoEoUSN1QsqJ5m eth : 0xDb5b565d00DF7D7D020f07342e52Da0e92429A82

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    I need someone who is able to build a pollution mask which means being able to figure out a way to filter out harmful pollutants.

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    We require an agriculture expert who can provide us with a list of crops (medicinal herbs, aromatic plants etc) which we can grow in our farms and which can provide us maximum yield

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    Hi valaokhotnikova, I noticed your profile and would like to discuss HVAC projects. We build dust collectors and install the ducting. I need an quick and inexpensive way to do our duct layouts, Let me know if you want to discus further.

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    I am requiring someone to write a report on a topic involving environmental management, the report is to be 3000 words +/- 10%, the subject of the report is flexible as long as it meets certain criteria. Below i have outlined some of the things to be taken into consideration with the report What is the problem (i.e. interaction between habitat and users)? What specific issues can I identify (e.g. invasive species, water quality)? Who are affected by the problem (stakeholders)? Who are (or appear to be) seeking solutions to the problem (governance)? What environmental values are in play (drivers of stakeholder behaviour)? What is the ecological context (biophysical environment)? What is the socio-economic context (lifestyle and livelihood)? What are the current management responses (instruments) in place? How are they being implemented (governance framework)? Who is responsible for its implementation (governance framework)? What management methods (‘working with nature?’) are being used? Has the implementation been effective (‘doing the right thing?’)? What indicators have been or can be used to measure effectiveness? What are the current and potential sources of management failure? Was there a case of either policy or implementation failure? What lessons can I learn from any similar case examples elsewhere? Can some of these lessons be applied to my management problem? How can I improve the current management (‘leverage points’)? How will I make the management more integrative and adaptive (‘systemic thinking’)? What will my proposed management cycle look like? What are the consequences of not following up my management prescriptions with effective communication and stakeholder engagement strategies? What will be the communication and stakeholder engagement strategy for my management prescriptions? Who will be my management partners? How would I raise support and funding (including in-kind contributions)?

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    Well,, I need to get something's done as fast as possible

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    I will like to have someone do something important for me?

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