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    To create an an application for Arabic grammar ontology for the Recognition of meaningful linguistic units that can be reused in Arabic TALN applications. For Morphological analysis of Arabic text, we will use the software Al khalil For Sequential association rules we will use the SPMF Framework For Automatic ontology creation we will use the JENA API Or by using RdbToOnto

    $47 (Avg Bid)
    $47 Avg Bid
    2 bids

    I am looking for full json dump of all words on urban dictionary upto nov 15 2017. The output should be in nd-json format. The output should be from the api given below passing the word id. [url removed, login to view]{word_id} Include all word ids after 9043586 (approx posted after may 2015)

    $81 (Avg Bid)
    $81 Avg Bid
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    Autobot needs building 5 days left

    Amazon link for games on nintendo switch Bot Spec: We need to record the prices of each item that is listed on ebay of all the items from the amazon link above, first on ebay we can filter and record just the 'buy it now' listings and then filter for just bid listings, for the 'buy it now' listings we need to record each price of each listing, if two sellers have the same price we just add information on the point on graph that tells us two sellers, the bot should also every hour monitor for any price changes to each listing it has recorded and then update the price on the graph as price change on same day, for bidding items we just need to put what the final bid price for when each listing has ended. For the buy it now we need to how many items have sold at each price per day. The bot should check for and update statistics every hour. Each day we need a total of the amount of products sold at each price point and then a total amount of sales for the product at the end of each day. So if 3 sellers were selling Mario for £20 and they all sold 1 each for the whole day that would be a total of £30 for the day as they had the price point so we could do 3 sold at £10 on graph as information on that point. And then at the end of each day you total all the prices as a grand total of sales for the mario game. To be able to record the statistics and price changes acccuratly i think we need to record the username of each seller so we can keep track of how they change prices for the same product.

    $2015 (Avg Bid)
    $2015 Avg Bid
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    Extract Data from 2 websites 5 days left

    I want you to provide me code to extract data of orders placed on naptol n homeshop18. File should have this info name, order no, item name, amount, address, phone number etc. Note: only bid if u can do this at the mentioned budget. You will also have to povide me sample first so tat i can make sure that i can give you project.

    $24 (Avg Bid)
    $24 Avg Bid
    18 bids

    I need this particular file for my word press website price quotation for a motor repair , so please provide me a database of the same. Not a single car should be missed .

    $22 (Avg Bid)
    $22 Avg Bid
    14 bids

    Hi Farha F., I noticed your profile and would like to offer you my project. We can discuss any details over chat.

    $268 (Avg Bid)
    $268 Avg Bid
    6 bids

    I installed APATAR (JAVA Open Source ETL). I have several errors. The application does not work well. Functions are not displayed. Preview results either. etc. In attachment an extract of the messages logs + some screenshot. For more Information about APATAR please visit : [url removed, login to view]

    $45 (Avg Bid)
    $45 Avg Bid
    4 bids

    I supply you a catalog a Pdf you extract text and picture from thhe pdf catalog and insert into a magento product About 200 Reference to start. Example

    $182 / hr (Avg Bid)
    $182 / hr Avg Bid
    54 bids

    I need to someone to help me create a dynamic data structure query in MySQL, with an output from parent to child, as the following: Level | ParentID | ChiledID

    $5 / hr (Avg Bid)
    $5 / hr Avg Bid
    20 bids

    I want someone to add people from a competitor’s facebook group to my facebook group so i can target them.

    $21 (Avg Bid)
    $21 Avg Bid
    24 bids

    No time for long refresh learning on DataMiner Create one for me to use

    $29 (Avg Bid)
    $29 Avg Bid
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    Online training on Informatica PowerCenter, Data Quality and Data Transformation (DT)

    $2307 - $3845
    $2307 - $3845
    0 bids

    We are looking for some data collection via a third party API ([url removed, login to view]). This API uses 1 legged OAuth1 as their login protocol. They already have a library ([url removed, login to view]) you can use for Java data collection. There are 5 queries that need completed. We are willing to give a $75 dollar bonus if this can be completed by Sunday, November 19, 2017 @ 6:00 AM EST. I will give the API key and secret to the bidding winner as well as the 5 queries. To note, you can only submit 6 per second, and you can only get 10 results per call. So the subsequent API calls need a second parameter called offset. We want the final results in CSV files (1 per query) that we can import to a MS SQL Server database. You must use your own hosting for this project.

    $87 (Avg Bid)
    $87 Avg Bid
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    By taking this job you as a firm/programmer agree to be done within the agreed upon deadline. If the work is not done by this date we 100% will cancel this job. Be 100% sure when you say a date. The job: Create a backend system that automaticlly gives users a URL that podcasters can use as a pre-fix in their RSS-feed to be able to meassure statistics and analytics. The listener request pretty much bounces to us before they get sent to the place where their podcast is. To be clear, google analytics DOES NOT WORK FOR THIS. as they don't count rss-feeds correct when it's podcasts. The analytics will include 1: amount of listeners( has to be 100% accurate with [url removed, login to view] and not count wrong. We will test the service on several podcasts before verifying.) 2: Geolocation of listeners. 3: Graphs for the statistics. 4: Automated to take out average of listeners of last 3 episodes(counting 30 days after published, 3 last episodes that are 30 days old. So for example 1 episode has 100, next has 120, next has 110, the average is 330/3=110). 5: What service the listeners are using,both what sites/apps and also if it's a iphone, laptop and so on. After accepting the deal there is no more negotiations. If this is tried, same rules apply as above. Understand the job and don't take it without asking questions before so we 100% know you understand. We will only work with users who have 95%+ finish rate and 4,5 stars+. No need contacting us otherwise. You need to test the service before giving it to us to confirm and test. When we test it, we expect 100% done work that you tried serveral times with different podcasts to be 100% sure it's correct. If we test and it's not correct, we will bill you for the programmer we will ask here in sweden for those hours it takes for him to test everything.

    $59 - $1724
    $59 - $1724
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    Email addresses Ended

    Hi i am a real estate agent looking to improve my database. I need to get email adreeses for residents of the following suburbs in the great Hobart area Tasmania: Acton Park, Sorell, West Hobart, North Hobart, Mount Nelson, Lenah Valley, Mount Stuart.

    $462 (Avg Bid)
    $462 Avg Bid
    8 bids

    I need you to develop some software for me. I would like this software to be developed for Windows . I am looking for an agency which can migrate data from .csv file into an b2b ecommerce system. You should have implemented multiple b2b ecommerce sites. Do not bid if you haven't built b2b business like sulekha or Amazon or justdial

    $216 (Avg Bid)
    $216 Avg Bid
    2 bids

    Hi there, I am looking for a highly skilled, super motivated individual who will organise and effectively migrate/ transfer my business basecamp, to google drive, doing this within 5-10 working days, in the exact same folder structure as my current basecamp folder.

    $174 (Avg Bid)
    $174 Avg Bid
    18 bids

    I need you to fill in document with data from a shared Evernote Notebook. You will Look through a Shared Evernote Notebook that will be filled with 100+ Individual Notes Separating a grouping of pictures to a particular Clothing Inventory Item. You will review the pictures and fill out as much information about the product that you can. These description categories for Clothing Items will include: Brand Name Size Color Fabric Material RN # Style #: This Information can be typed into each Evernote Inventory Note enclosing each picture already.

    $23 (Avg Bid)
    $23 Avg Bid
    91 bids

    The attached word document is ESSENTIAL to understanding this project as it contains very important images. I will ask if you have read the attached brief before I will accept your bid. This is a short description of the project. Please read the attached document for the whole story. We need a SOLR search engine built from old, multi-page PDFs. All of the indexed documents will be PDFs and many will need to go through OCR first. We will probably use something like Foxit to do the image to text conversion. We know the output will be messy, but text will only be used in indexing process. When user does a search, s/he will access the PDF directly. Note: All of our work is in Java. This will be running on a large Linux server. This project is not that simple though. Let’s take a look at this example > [url removed, login to view] We will want to index this 30 page document. But it contains more than one form (unique section). State Oil & Gas sites will often put an entire wellbore’s files in a single PDF. 20 years of paperwork can be sitting in a single PDF. If we index as-is and return results with a 30 to 100-page PDF attached, the user will never be able to find the single mention of their search string after opening the very long PDF file. For this reason, we need to break the 30+ page PDF into individual pages, OCR each, and index each page separately. When doing a search, user is actually searching individual pages. We tell the user we found the queried text on page 19 of the PDF. S/he clicks to get the full 30 pages, but knows to go to page 19. We may even load the PDF in a frame and keep a header at the top that reminds user to look on page 19. And there may be multiple mentions of the search query in a single PDF file. A lot of it will be nasty looking. Documentation goes back 50+ years to typewriters. If this all seems pretty impossible, you would be right. In fact, we believe the OCR will be so incomplete in places, we cannot even show a snippet (10-20 words) of text on the search results page, because it will be nonsensical. But this is ok. If we can OCR 70% of the data from these PDFs, that’s 70% we didn’t have yesterday. And no one will ever see the OCR text to complain how incomplete it is… Why are we going to all this effort? We plan on using SOLR to build a metadata engine around these documents. We are less interested in the content of each page and more interested in the page type, that a particular wellbore even has a C-144 form. We'd like to get as much data as we can but realize we won't be able to get it all. The end user will probably do very little “free text” searching of SOLR. Instead, we will process 10,000 of our own search phrases (tokenization and algorithms), e.g. “Tank Closure” or “C-144” and build a table of all the document types that are inside PDFs for each wellbore. We may tell a user that wellbore [Removed by [url removed, login to view] Admin - please see Section 13 of our Terms and Conditions] Now, it starts to make sense why we are breaking apart all the PDFs for OCR and indexing. We may store page 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 in a database row for wellbore [Removed by [url removed, login to view] Admin - please see Section 13 of our Terms and Conditions] We cannot stress this enough. The user never sees the OCR text or the broken apart PDFs. Will be way too confusing. Instead, we will direct the user to open the original PDFs and go to page 6 or page 1 or page 27 and read further about a tank disclosure for this particular wellbore. Expect 10-15 million PDFs. If this work is good, we have many more follow on projects from this that we will LOVE for you to work on. OK! That should be enough to communicate the main purpose of this project. Please read the attached document which has more detailed information about the entire project.

    $2285 (Avg Bid)
    $2285 Avg Bid
    9 bids

    I need to download 1000 pages. I need this asap. needs to be done manually. just click link enter code and save html page only reply if you can start right away budget 10$

    $5 / hr (Avg Bid)
    $5 / hr Avg Bid
    111 bids

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