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DataTables is a powerful, multipurpose tool that provides innovative interaction controls to any HTML table. DataTables is a plug-in that is build upon progressive enhancement for the JQuery Javascript library.

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    Perusahaan kami ingin membangun sebuah sistem Informasi (dapat berupa database) berbasis web yang dapat dijalankan pada pc lokal maupun diakses publik melalui internet.

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    If you are skilled in the manipulation and making sense of big amounts of government data, and also passionate about the protection and nurturing of Indigenous populations, then Australia's Bureau of Statistics and its Population Census data is a playground you will enjoy in this contest. My company has big plans surrounding the use of data to better inform both our strategic direction and also the cases it presents to potential clients surrounding Indigenous focused initiatives. Depending on what this contest uncovers, it could also lead to the development of eProducts created by the data. I can only imagine the range and depth of useful information which a specialists in this sort of data analysis and presentation could achieve....which is why I'm starting with a contest, to get a sense of what is possible. From what this contest uncovers, I will then be able to design and post an awesome project for the Freelancer community to participate in. Our work is all about enhancing the Australian economy and the economic & social health of its communities through the development and injection of more Indigenous economics, via Indigenous owned and operated enterprise. The Australian government collects a lot of data via a national census every 5 years and much of the data from the 2016 census is now publicly available. The data we are looking to have worked is largely demographics (of the Indigenous population and as compared with the non-indigenous population). Indigenous Australians are generally described as "Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander" people. Topics we want included but certainly not limited to are: - Numbers - Age brackets - Gender - Education - Employment / unemployment - Housing - Welfare dependancy - Locations (macro to micro eg State, Local Government Area, Postcode) - etc etc Location / geographic analysis is very important as most of our clients include government and industries in particular locations, and the end beneficiaries are Indigenous Australians in particular locations. I enjoy big data tables (eg Excel) which can be filtered, sorted, subtotalled, tabled etc to find a particular ad hoc figure, but for marketing and presentation purposes, nothing beats adding to the this mix the visual outputs such as a wide range of graphs, heat maps etc etc. the place where all data relating to this contest sits is [url removed, login to view] the ABS in recent times has shifted towards Data Packs which hold huge amounts of raw data which need clever excel / data analysis type folk to make any sense of them. The location that appears to hold the most recent Data Packs in relation to Indigenous demographics is here: [url removed, login to view] even has a friendly video introducing the new system. It would probably still be worth you searching around from the home page or via google searches to get a feel of the ABS on this topic and where data is held, but I think that link may be the motherload. So, what should you submit if if you are interested in this contest? Submissions should include a scope detailing how you would approach the overall project, how it would be broken down into component and outputs, how it could be packaged and productised, examples of previous work that is relevant, sample examples of the information required out of the ABS, how/if anything could all be javascripted for future generation (bearing in mind the Bureau of Statistics data for each Census is separate), and anything else that you think could be relevant. Ideas will leap into your mind long before I could ever conceive them. And feel free to step outside the description above and look for additional types and sources of data to wrap into the project...that could be the point of difference that wins you the project! Australia is a country full of data in relation to population and economics. Good luck!

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    convert question marks to emojies my databas is showing question marks insted off emojies

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    I have 6 users within the same location but on separate tablets. They will have a basic Excel grid of up to 60 rows, with 4 columns of data per judge - into which they need to enter any notes that are applicable as well as allocate a score per line of data if applicable. Not every row will have a score or a note. I want to have the ability for them to complete their judging task, complete with notes and numbers, then have the ability to submit their notes per page at a time by clicking on a submit button. They judge over 3 days and across 16 categories. Each Judge will only submit 1 page (the same page as they will all judge the same things at the same time) at a time as it is completed. I want only 1 page per judge (x 6 judges) to be submitted at a time. The data they enter is then received my my master PC, and grabs the data per page (according to what they were judging, i.e. their page id needs to match my master page ID) that they have entered and puts their judging data into the correct field, together with their notes and scores (ie, it matches their name, and drops their unique data into their unique user id field). The rows of data need to expand to allow input from all 6 judges and ideally grab their ID initials so that comments can be attributed per judge. All of this must be transferred by WIFI instantly once they hit submit, so that my master can auto tally all 6 sets of results as they come through. A backup option using another transfer method must also exist in case WIFI or software glitches occur. Notes - this needs to be able to be expanded to add additional tablets/users as required. Constant auto backup feature must be added to software on tablets - this data cannot be lost - critical. Speed of transfer once submit is hit must be instantaneous. Data from user Tablets bust match to unique user columns in master Excel Macro, then cross reference to corresponding rows, as well as extracting user comments per row and stamping comments with user initials of some form of identifier.

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    It's java application that convert json api data into tables

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    hiring professional and experienced web developer for long term project you must have strong knowledge in following : - LAMP knowledge - codeigniter - php - node.js - javascript - websockets - jquery - mysql if you have doubts about your skills in any of the above listed technologies, do not bid.

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    This software is mainly for professional photographers. Software needs to have these following features: 1) Login with API. 2) Create Clients with API. 3) Create Albums with API. 4) Compress photos and upload them to API. 5) Clients of the photographer will select photos to print. Software needs to short all selected photos from original photos. All APIs needed will be provided by us. Please don't forget to send your previous work with the proposal.

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    Hallo ich suche jemanden der mir Adressen von Neukunden bzw. Telefonnummern aus bestimmten Postleitzahlen generieren kann.

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    I need volume data for different construction machinery in Australia from 2013-2023

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    I want to learn crystal reporting and need 4 hour learning session. Person need to have good experience with database and SQL. This will be online training using remote session.

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    We have a science project that has outgrown its experimental setup and needs a new data architecture to enable further scaling. The task is to design one! CURRENT SETUP WHICH NEEDS TO BE UPGRADED WITH A BETTER DATA ARCHITECTURE We simply download the datasets from the structured data sources - in the native format that they are provided there (XML or .csv, for instance) - and store them locally. Datafiles are then processed by R scripts, whereby one R script can be calling several locally stored datafiles, then processing them and storing the outputs locally again. Different datasets can relate to one another with one or more common keys (identical variables). Datasets range from several hundred to several hundred thousand observations. SPECIFICATION As you see, existing setup is rather primitive, and so it is to be replaced with a new data architecture. You are rather unconstrained in coming up with an optimal solution. However, you will not only need to make a proposal, but also justify your design to us (non-experts in the best practices for database management). The task covers everything from - the server choice: what local hardware or cloud service is appropriate for minimising the cost, yet still attaining full functionality?, to - the type of the database able to efficiently handle datasets that will typically reach up to several GB in size, at most, to - database update strategy that will allow to efficiently update our new database with new datafiles, where the source providers regularly - for instance, monthly - provide a new dump file containing an updated dataset. Likewise there should be an easy way to make an update from the source that provides an API, to - ensuring and enabling full compatibility with and full optimisation for R programming language as a tool of choice to work with the data. It is important that the new data architecture is future-proof: scalable and enabling multi-year projects that rely on the collected data. BIDDING & CONTRACT The job is in both articulating your proposed data architecture and in assisting with migration from the current setup. Initially we request that you provide your: - estimated fixed bid for the entire budget - how many hours will it take you to complete most of the work - your availability in hours per day. The contractor will be selected based on the entire project bid. We understand that the specification will be further collaboratively refined during the project execution. Therefore please calculate your budget in such a way that it would cover most of the task described above (80%). Where we would like to have major extensions/additions, we will create a separate follow-up milestone with a separate budget. Consequently this first project can possibly lead to an open-ended engagement on a milestone-based or hourly-rate retainer basis. We are therefore looking for a person who would be interested in/available for an extended collaboration. In our experience with freelance contracting, we typically receive more qualified bids than we can award. Therefore, please have understanding that only shortlisted applicants will be contacted for the round two of additional questions & answers. Thank you!

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    Hi, I need a unlimited data recovery software. If you can help me please bid on this project. Kind regards Hassan

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    We invite bids to rework and improve a graphic into a format that can be better published in a book (black and white) and ideally is visually more appealing. The underlying data is a large list of indicators (positive/presence or negative/absence) of 112 categories that are grouped into 8 domains (amount of indicators per domain differs). This Taxonomy has been tested for 20 sources (Author 1-20). This structure of the information (author, domain, categories) are to be legible in the final graphic - the rest is up to your skills and creativity. Please submit a visual reference or a good description of your proposal. We remain at your disposal for any further inquiries. Attached the current format of the graphical representation.

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    VERY SIMPLE I need to build an datascraper script from JSF to build an spreadsheet with big data from internet with different selections. I need to do it several and more times. so i need a SCRIPT! [url removed, login to view]

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    FedEx/UPS TRACKING 1. App logs in to [url removed, login to view] or [url removed, login to view] 2. Shipments are queried to evaluate which shipments were delivered pursuant to the service selected. For example, if FedEx First Overnight was chosen, then the query is to see if the delivery occurred within the timeframe parameters of the service which is 8 AM the next day. 3. A variance (meaning those shipments that were delivered outside the time they were scheduled for) is generated. The report should include: a. The tracking numbers. b. The dates of shipping c. The type of shipping services selected d. The date and time of deliveries. e. The report should be a csv or xls format. 4. EXAMPLE of software experience a. User opens software app b. Login in occurs (the username and password should be protected) c. Time period of query is selected (ie: January 1 – 15, 2018) d. Software downloads from FedEx the information and compares the selected services to the actual delivery times. e. A variance report is generated and is stored. f. The report is emailed to the email associated within the software and is also stored for future reference/use.

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    Mail bug on Magento Ended

    Looking for Magento bug fixer to fixe an issue on mails in magento, the clients don't receive the orders emails anymore, (Cron already set).

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    Hi, I want a simple and basic site and app, which will be "proof of work" for futere advanced website and app. Just to take the Survey JS example with some improvements. General lines: User: 1. login include user/pass or survey code. 2. join a group and see what surveys/exams available for this user 3. take a survey/exam 3. see results and statistics. 4. ability so getseereply private-messagae or public-messages Admin panel: 1. login to dash board, as Admin, Group Supervisor, or Content editor (different privilages). 2. add/remove/change survey or exam 3. add/remove/change users and groups 4. send/recive messgaes (private and public) 5. see statistics for every user or group 6. see statistics for every question main database tables: user details group details users to group questions list survey type (survey, exam etc.) questions to survey type. messages messages to user statistics sql queries. Guide lines suggested (you can suggests other ways) all interactions with user will be with surveyjs display data with datatables. JSON is the preferd method between front-end and back-end. NODE.JS for back end ReactJS for app. Linkes: [url removed, login to view] - librery site [url removed, login to view] - examples for node.js and react [url removed, login to view]

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    Looking for a jquery Datatables expert to create a datatable with custom styling (CSS) and AJAX / JSON load. PLEASE ONLY CONTACT ME IF YOU HAVE ALREADY WORKED DATATABLES

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    Require australian database for my solar panel company marketing

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    So my wordpress website uses wpDataTables plugin and I have a table that has a column for Disk Space. These vary from 25 GB to 20 TB. However, I cannot get them to sort correctly. I found these two plugins for DataTables (not wpDataTables but just DataTables). DataTables - Detect abbreviated file size data (8MB, 4KB, 3B, etc) [url removed, login to view] DataTables - Sort abbreviated file sizes correctly (8MB, 4KB, etc) [url removed, login to view] But after reading the wpDataTables documentation, I cannot figure out where to insert this javascript. wpDataTables - Javascript hooks for customizing the table layout [url removed, login to view] I've even tried their simple addOnDrawCallback( function callback() ); from that wpDataTables link there but even that doesn't work. So I guess my real question isn't about those specific plugins, but where in wpDataTables (or WordPress) to use ANY of these DataTables functions.

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