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Design a Banner I just want to shared my authentic designs through Adobe Photoshop. 13 Graphic Design, Banner Design Today22h 46m $328
I need some Graphic Design Please design a 4-page print-ready brochure in InDesign in 48 hours. All the elements you need are included, but the 4-page brochure must be in the same style as the attached Magento brochure. Remove orange and replace with new blue colour scheme. Check out [url removed, login to view] to view their preferred colours. Our branding guidelines are also included. Please use new flat icons for pages two and three, and a new image for back page. Thank you and good luck. 0 Brochure Design, Graphic Design Today22h 26m $140
Wordpress Expert Conflict Troubleshooting - Theme, Plugins, Shortcode Functions, Sever Load I am working with a non-profit organization website. They have a WP install that is currently live, I'm aware of the following issues currently; Shortcodes do not work for all plugins, yet need all plugins working. If too much work to resolve current conflict, recommendation of best integration option. Theme has issue with Internet Explorer display that needs to be sorted out. Two banner related plugins do not work properly for shortcode display that need to be tweaked. I would like to get a custom widget made that takes data from event plugin and allows scrolling display of events as widget for sidebar. Dropping saved Also need to confirm responsive display for desktop browser, tablet and smartphone layouts. The WP install could be further tweaked to better (lower) it's server demand for CPU & Memory load. I need someone who is at an EXPERT level in working with Wordpress and related Themes / Plugins to troubleshoot Conflicts and make adjustments to remedy issue, assuring that future WP/plugin upgrades will not 'undo' what is put in place to remedy conflict resolution issues. Contractor needs to speak & write fluently in English, and to be able to communicate regarding contract issues via email predominately with occasional skype / voice calls on an 'as needed' basis. You are welcome to request site URL to be worked on. Good work on these initial resolutions will likely lead to ongoing work with the site and future issues, upgrades, etc on an as-needed basis. I will stress again, I want someone who is 100% confident in their Wordpress and related plugin/theme troubleshooting / coding. We don't need the site going down, we don't need someone screwing with code to cause crashes or causing unusual server load spikes causing problems with host. Someone that doesn't waste time on the clock, hours paid for need fast, competent, measurable results. Site is currently on a shared server hosting, and eventually will migrate to a dedicated server host in the months ahead, for now, site needs to function with all plugins - properly, with lowest server load factors possible, where it is hosted now. In exchange for good affordability of hourly rate, site would also promote contractor as project contributor, and promote them for related website deployment design work as well with link back to your own business website. 16 PHP, Javascript, Website Design, WordPress, HTML Today22h 17m -
android and ios app These application requirements, How much it will cost and how long it will be possible to complete it 1- Registration/Login (Email. Facebook, Google+) 2- Ask for Blood. 3- Save Donor Data. 4- Register a date for Donation. 5- Donation History. 6- Alarm for Donation. 7- List nearest donation centers.( GPS ) 8- Search for Donor. 9- page for medical information 10- chat function ( It is advisable) 11- control panel 11 iPhone, Android Today20h 17m $308
[Game Server] C++ Fixing Shop system and other small bugs. ** PLEASE READ AND VIEW PHOTOS BEFORE BIDDING ** I have a project that I need to be looked at because I cannot find the bugs. It is for a game server shop system. the author of the code does not respond. but the files are mine now. It is a shop system and I don't believe it is client sided but that it's server sided now. Problem: When player opens other player shop, it shows no items. no description of item, or shop title. the owner of the shop can see his own items and description. please see the images provided. Image 1 "[url removed, login to view]", showing Owner of shop with their items and description and prices. Image 2 "[url removed, login to view]", showing other players viewing the owner's shop and it renders no item, no description or title. I believe it is a small fix, but I cannot figure it out. 7 C Programming, .NET, C++ Programming Today19h 48m $197
Do some 3D Modelling of a transparent dome I would like a 3D model done of the attached CAD/PDF. Basically, it is a transparent bubble dome on timber decking beside a concrete shed The view should show it on the [url removed, login to view] image. You can see this matches the CAD plan with the trees on the left, fence behind and shed to the right Dome images can be downloaded from [url removed, login to view]+dome&espv=2&source=lnms&tbm=isch&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwjtyrSMtLvTAhUkLcAKHeGIBQ4Q_AUICSgC&biw=1500&bih=871 I would like for the contest response to be a 3D render of one view, but the winner should produce a second further away view ( I will provide another image) The winner should also do a 3D floor plan like the attached example 1 3D Animation, 3D Modelling, 3D Rendering, Photoshop Today19h 40m $511
Do some data entry Cualquier trabajo relacionado con la transcripción o análisis de datos. 23 Data Entry, Excel, Word, Copy Typing Today18h 16m $121
Logo Design I need a freelancer to help me with Logo Design , my budget is around ₹ 600 - 1500 INR and I need this project to be done within 3 days 27 PHP, Website Design, Graphic Design, HTML, Web Hosting Today18h 16m $80
Artificial intelligence Polyominoes puzzle is one of the most famous single player games that can be played in so many forms. One of these forms consists of an n × m board that should be covered by some of a given collection of tiles in some certain order. [url removed, login to view] <a href="[url removed, login to view]"><img src="[url removed, login to view]" alt="CS340_Project_Spring_2017_2" border="0"></a> This project aims to build an efficient solver to solve a simpler version of Polyomino, where each one of its tiles contain some numbers that matches the main board position numbers. The player should find the best collection of tiles that covers all the board (if possible) without any overlapping. Problem Description The input: Given a set X and a collection S of subsets of X. The goal… Find a sub-collection S* of S that satisfies the two conditions: * The intersection of any two distinct subsets in S* is empty (no overlapping) . * The union of the subsets in S* is X. For example : Let set X = {1, 2, 3, 4, 5}, and S ={A, B, C, D, E} be a collection of subsets: * A={1, 5} * B={1, 3, 4} * C={3, 4} * D={2, 4} * E={3} The sub-collection S* = {A, D, E} is exact covering solution for X. Requirements 1. Incremental Formulation Give an incremental formulation for the exact cover problem, providing a precise definition of the following components: * Initial state. * Successor function. * Goal test. * Solution cost. 2. Optimization Problem Formulation Formulate the problem as an optimization problem, providing a precise definition of the following components: * Solution representation, i.e. how a candidate solution (sequence) is represented. * The objective function. Given a candidate solution following the representation you suggested, the objective function should return a numerical value to measure the quality of the solution. 3. Illustration Use the previous example to illustrate the components of questions 1 & 2. 4. Analysis Analyze the size of the state (i.e. search) space in terms of N where N is the number of subsets. 5. Neighborhood Function Based on the solution representation given in question 2, suggest at least one (or may be multiple) effective neighborhood function of a local search algorithm. Remember that a neighborhood function maps a candidate solution S to a set of other solutions by applying small (i.e. local) changes to S. 6. Genetic Algorithms Based on the solution representation given in question 2, suggest effective crossover and mutation operators of a Genetic Algorithm. 13 Java, Matlab and Mathematica, Algorithm, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence Today17h 46m $162
Build a Website NEED BY TUESDAY NIGHT Recreation of a restaurant website. [url removed, login to view] (current website) 6-7 pages including the home page -need css and bootstrap -I'll provide all pictures and design frames -I included examples of design frames in this post 73 PHP, Website Design, Graphic Design, HTML Today16h 46m $175
data entry having data to process and to copy and typing 8 Data Processing, Data Entry, Copy Typing Today16h 35m $27
Push sales - by Generating Traffic. Fast and Efficient Pinning, posting, etc... Hello we need additional help pushing online sales of our excellent line of products. 3 years strong, we need a loyal and reliable person to join our team and work 25-60 hours / week at $2-3 / hour. The work becomes simple, repetitious and ongoing. Some creativity is important as well to help us continue to grow by discovering new methods to reach new people. Our product is a simple loading tool that solves the problem of our aging veterans and the increasing number of people who are interested in protecting themselves with carrying a hand gun (conceal carry) and during safety practice at controlled gun ranges. The tool helps press the bullets into the magazine of a hand gun for reloading. Loading is extremely difficult and sometimes impossible for some people who do not have adequate hand strength. Our tool is also popular for women who seek protection for themselves and family, we make them in red, pink, and purple colors to support their preferences. Our product is 100% legal to sell online, direct, and even through customs for international sale. The problem however is with gun control laws that restrict the sale of guns online (which is a good thing) These restrictions however disrupt and effect our business unfortunately. For example, online filters see the terms "gun" and "gun magazine" and automatically block and restrict us too. It makes it extremely difficult to use many marketing tools and sales channels to promote our excellent product that people clearly love. We have to be creative to reach our clients and promote manually, but NO SPAMMING, our reputation is important. Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube comment participation, and Instagram work best to reach people, but all posting has to be manually. We know we can see much greater return and growth with the right online marketer. I look forward to reviewing your proposal on how you can help us and reviewing your relevant work and job history. Clear communication skills are very import to us as you participate with clients as well as our team through online chat. Thank you! Shawn - Prez. 8 Internet Marketing, Sales, Marketing, Advertising, Email Marketing Today15h 37m $4
CORDOVA / PHONEGAP expert need for bug fix with FILE plugin code I need an expert who has experience with cordova media capture and file plugins to bug fix some code. no agencies please. Ongoing work for the right person. 13 Javascript, iPhone, Android, PhoneGap Today15h 34m $10
Write some Software - 23/04/2017 10:23 EDT We want to create a 'converter tool' for our website where a user can input a specific parameter in Decimal or HEX format and be able to see the relevant output. It should be written as a javascript / html code that is ready to be copy/pasted onto our website. A similar tool can be found below, though we are looking to make a simpler version: [url removed, login to view]~savior/[url removed, login to view] ___________________________________________________ TOOL STRUCTURE The tool should consist of a small text input field and next to this a radio-button with two options (DEC and HEX, with HEX as default). Below these input fields should be the output in bolded text with the following outputs: Binary: [this should return the binary version of the inputted ID] Parameter Group Number (PGN) - DEC: [this returns the PGN from the binary number in Decimal - cf explanation below)] Parameter Group Number (PGN) - HEX: [same as above, but returns the PGN in HEX format] Parameter Group Number (PGN) - Binary: [same as above, but returns the PGN in Binary format] Source Address - DEC: [This returns the last 8 bits converted to DEC] ___________________________________________________ PGN CALCULATION METHOD The input should always return a 29 bits string - if this is not the case, the tool should produce an error message in the output area stating "ID is [X] bits, not 29 bits - please check your input" where X is the number of bits returned. If a 29 bit string is input, the PGN equals the bits from bit #4 to and including bit #21, i.e. 18 bits in total. These 18 bits should then be returned as HEX, DEC and Binary format in the output as described above. ___________________________________________________ OTHER INFO The code should be set up so that we can confirm that a fully functioning version is ready for live implementation on the website. Once this has been completed, we will release the final milestone. We hope to find a good author for this code as we have a number of similar small projects we would like to get done asap. 12 Javascript, HTML Today14h 16m $181
Sell something for me This project is all about a beauty soap. It is made up of a papaya extract and Calamansi or lemon. With this ingredients, it will help brightens skin complexion and fades skin spots. Papaya is full of alpha hydroxy acids and enzymes like papain that break down dead skin cells when used topically. While Calamansi or lemon This increases collagen production in the body and usually used as beauty tonic. 0 Internet Marketing, Sales, Social Networking, Marketing, Advertising Today13h 47m -
Background remove hair masking 12 images remove background from these images [url removed, login to view] apply if you can show me a sample now I will pay 8$ for this project 46 Photoshop, Photo Editing Today13h 44m $19
Tor user identification using BRO-IDS The project is about identification of TOR browser user using the tool called BRO-IDS in which analysis of normal TLS connection and TOR TLS connection is to be done. The anomalies is to be used to block the TOR connection. 2 Linux, Computer Security, Network Administration Today13h 31m $150
Research Writing- Ethics 1200 words maximum Read the following mini case and the imaginary student response to that case. Write an evaluation of the response, answering the question: How effectively does the response apply act utilitarianism to the mini case? You will need to identify items that are missing from the application of act utilitarianism as well as items that should not have been included and provide reasons for the items that you have identified. Mini case Stephen is having trouble deciding what to do. He runs a grazing operation on the family farm with help from a day labourer, Ralph, who works on average three days a week for him. When Stephen doesn’t need Ralph on the farm, he works for some other farmers in the district. Sometimes the other farmers have no work to give Ralph and thus he is without payment for those days. Ralph has always enjoyed this flexibility; he has never wanted to be tied down as a permanent employee. Stephen has in the past received government grants to fence off waters, put in tree lines and subdivide paddocks to improve the quality of water running into the river and the sustainability of the pasture. Undertaking this work has resulted in ½ of the farm now surviving droughts more effectively and producing more grass with fewer weeds. Stephen would like to continue this over the rest of the farm to improve sustainability and productivity, but due to government cutbacks, the funding is no longer available. Stephen does not want to get further into debt to fund the development as he had to take a significant loan to buy the farm from his father. He can afford to purchase the material for the development if he does not have to pay Ralph. Stephen’s father, who is retired and living on the farm, is happy to help build the fences for no pay. Stephen is worried about Ralph, a man in his fifties who has worked on and off the farm for over 20 years but who would not get any work on Stephen’s farm for at least six months. Required Use act utilitarianism to develop an answer for Stephen. Ensure that you cover all the essential aspects of this act utilitarianism. Mini Case Imaginary Student Response The stakeholders in this case are: · Stephen · Ralph The positive outcomes for Stephen if he goes ahead with the development are that he will have a farm that will better cope with drought. The negatives are that he will worry about Ralph. The positive outcomes for Ralph are that he will have the opportunity to work for different farmers. The negatives are that he will not have as consistent a pay packet. Stephen is obviously concerned to act with moral worth. If he decides to undertake the development, he is acting with moral worth because it will improve the ecological sustainability of the land. If he decides to keep Ralph on as an employee, he is acting with moral worth as he is trying to prioritise Ralph’s well-being. Another aspect to consider is whether justice is being done. Ralph did not want to be a permanent employee; he wanted the flexibility to work when and where he wanted, as a result, it is fair for Stephen to not employ Ralph. Required Use your knowledge of the various ethical theories studied in this subject to evaluate the imaginary student response above. Remember that the imaginary student should have only answered the question by applying act utilitarianism, they should not have used any other ethical theory in their response. Make sure that you clearly identify aspects of other ethical theories that have been used in the imaginary student response in error. Rationale This task is designed to help you achieve the following learning outcomes: should be able to: outline ethical theories in western moral philosophy and apply them in inter and intra cultural organisational contexts; critically reflect on the effects of climate change, ecology and the environment in a global business context 32 Research Writing Today13h 17m $38
Do some Excel work I have some work, in an Excel spreadsheet. 17 Data Processing, Data Entry, Excel, Microsoft Access, Word Today12h 35m $993
Pemasaran Media Sosial Proyek pemasaran lewat sosial media 1 Twitter, Facebook Marketing, Google Plus, Pinterest, Social Media Marketing Today11h 46m $416
Do some Excel Work 35 Data Processing, Data Entry, Excel Today11h 17m $20
Mobile application developpers I am looking for a few mobile app developers to help in some of our mobile app projects as per client request. We may need the app in all 3 major mobile platforms (Android, iOS and Windows), so you must be experienced in at least two of those platforms and if possible can provide mobile apps in more than 3. You must have at least 5 years full-time experience working on mobile apps and can provide a portfolio and samples of your apps. A Skype account for availability queries and general communication is absolutely necessary. Upon submitting to you the app details you must be able to provide a free prototype. While bidding please provide also your prices for the above. 0 Accounting, Finance, Intuit QuickBooks, Payroll Today11h 17m -
Search the Web for Something 13 Data Entry, Web Search, Big Data Today10h 16m $15
OFFLINE MS WORD TYPING Project Description: This is easy offline data entry work. I have 250 pages i want someone to rewrite them, i will Provide you .JPEG (Image Files), Which You have to Convert In MS-word File by typing only if you use any software you will not be paid. Skills required: 1- have knowledge in micro soft word. 2- reliable and skillful worker 3- typing speed at least 30 - 50 WPM 12 Data Processing, Data Entry, Excel Today9h 46m $19
Get Data Entry Done I need you to fill in a spreadsheet with data. 57 Data Entry, Excel Today9h 46m $113
Design a Logo I am looking for a freelancer to help me with my project. The skills required are Graphic Design, Logo Design, PHP and Website Design. I am happy to pay a fixed priced and my budget is $250 - $750 USD. I have not provided a detailed description and have not uploaded any files. 46 PHP, Website Design, Graphic Design, Logo Design Today9h 16m $192
Get Data Entry Done I need you to fill in a spreadsheet with data. 37 Data Entry, Excel Today7h 6m $18
Do some data entry Typing any articles 41 Data Entry, Excel, Web Scraping, Web Search, Copy Typing Today6h 50m $404
Develop a mobile -- 2 I am looking for a freelancer to help me with my project. The skills required are App Developer, Mobile Phone, PHP and Software Development. I am happy to pay a fixed priced and my budget is $250 - $750 USD. I have not provided a detailed description and have not uploaded any files. 26 PHP, Graphic Design, Mobile Phone, Software Development, App Developer Today6h 31m $544
Write an Android application Hi Guys, I am using Youtube watch me project. I was completed 70% of work in this project. I was successful streaming alive video from mobile to Youtube server. Now I had the issues in audio [url removed, login to view] please fixed the audio issue. 23 Mobile Phone, Android Today6h 21m $466
Design some Fashion 1 Fashion Design, Fashion Modeling Today6h 16m $17
Do some Excel Work excel data entry 25 Excel Today5h 47m $745
Do some data entry Ms office, Accounts Excel, power point corel draw photo shops 18 Data Processing, Data Entry, Excel, Copy Typing Today5h 47m $23
Social Media Marketing share the latest news &information about the particulare post 3 Twitter, Facebook Marketing, Google Plus, Pinterest, Social Media Marketing Today5h 46m $88
Chinese companies' information Hi, I am a local Education consultant looking for Chinese partners. This project is about getting quality information. I am looking for a native Chinese to do a market research on International student placement agencies/agent in China. I need active agents' who are already sending students overseas for studies details. I need 15-25 companies for a start (if the project is well done, will give more such jobs after this) I am targeting companies who send students to Sg International Schools, Private schools for Diploma/Degree (with and without internships) and Universities. I need you to to research and call them up (I will provide an excel file). Compile them in an excel spread sheet (in English) and with supported brochures if they have. Are you interested? I need the winner to start to call them and research immediately and finish in 2-3 days max, by this coming week. Looking for a committed freelancer to do good and efficient work. Thank you. 9 Research, Excel, ASP Today4h 10m $161
memperbaiki kerusakan pada laptop dan android bisa memperbaiki komputer ataupun laptop 0 Technical Support, Computer Help Today3h 46m -
Simple data fetching and building forms for editing with to-pdf generation in RubyOnRails Please check requirements! Simple application in steps: 1. Fetching data from MSSQL 2. Generating inline ajax editable forms for fetched rows with custom validation. 3. Saving forms to local Postgres DB. 4. Generating PDF's from HTML templates filled with data fetched from Postgres (multidownload - each row - one PDF) 5. Managing status of each row(new, edited, generated) Preferred using cloud ide like cloud9 10 Ruby on Rails, HTML5, PostgreSQL, Git, LESS/Sass/SCSS Today3h 26m $6
digital image processing digital image processing by matlab 27 PHP, Matlab and Mathematica, Social Networking, WordPress, Software Architecture Today1h 46m $428
Product Image Template 600x600 PSD I would like a template for my product images. I currently use screenshots for most of my products, and although it works for now, I would like something professional to use from here on out. I have attached 2 images of my work and need yours to be 10x better. Final images must be PSD format with all layers editable in 600x600px size You can visit [url removed, login to view] or [url removed, login to view] to view the rest of my products, and you can use any images or videos to take screenshots and use in your final image for me. Thank You! Hector 52 Graphic Design, Illustrator, Photoshop TodayEnding $150
Window clings and T shirts I have two picture ideas with sayings that I would like illustrated and a nice font for the words. These will be placed on a T shirt as well as used as clings to put in a car window. The first one is two hands releasing a dove that says "Let Go and Let God!" The words should be very decorative and eye appealing with God bigger and fancier, but very readable. The 2nd illustration should say "God's Grace" brought me this far. God's Grace should be larger , and more fancy than the brought me this far, but very eye appealing, with a dove over the God's Grace part or some image that is Christian and attractive. No files to submit, let me see your creativity. 17 Graphic Design Apr 21, 201723h 45m $40
Design a Logo I am looking for a creative logo that I can put on t-shirts, merch, websites etc. The name of my company is Sold Out Coaching. Brand colors are red and black I work with coaches on sales and marketing 173 Graphic Design, Logo Design Apr 21, 201722h 50m $65
Design some Business Cards A business card for a professional realtor. We would like the design to incorporate a logo of a bird with an olive branch in its beak. Attached is a picture of an example we would like to replicate, but with a full olive branch in its mouth. the logo should include the rope that the bird is standing on. 148 Business Cards, Graphic Design, Logo Design, Photoshop Apr 21, 201721h 40m $50
Logo Design Looking for a clean logo to be designed for a new technology site. The site address will be [url removed, login to view] EDIT: The site is not up yet, still working on hosting platform. The site will mainly be a personal technology blog covering tech news, operating systems, software and networking. 86 Graphic Design, Logo Design, Photoshop Apr 21, 201720h 15m $20
Landing Page Design Contest Hi, I need a landing page for later code in a responsive website, it will be 1 page only, in portuguese, later I will translate and also do in english when code the site. I need open files for all creation, after job aproved. Attached there is a Logo, and a Word document with content, and some explanation it is very important the FONT option, so it stay beautifull and nice to read for the user, let me know any questions 11 Graphic Design, Website Design Apr 21, 201720h 14m $171
Digital Bus Illustration I am working on a pilot project for the use of a Digital Bus for Education. I need a designer to create about 6 to 8 images of the bus layout (inside and outside). For the contest purpose you can submit only one image if you want and create the remaining images afterwards if the project is awarded to you. Please review the attached zipped folder for additional information. Please feel free to contact me if you need additional info or clarifications. 1 Advertisement Design, Banner Design, Graphic Design, Illustration, Poster Design Apr 21, 201719h 51m $25
Design a Logo - SlinkyDuck web site logo I need a logo designed for a new web site header bar. It needs to have a "duck" visual content and the web site name and strap line. The Logo should be colour based in red for images and text. Example of general idea in attached JPG 44 Graphic Design, Logo Design Apr 21, 201718h 40m $26
Remake logo, make it more "real looking" Need remake of logo. Make it better design, and also in PNG. The logo is currently a little too "cartoo- ish". I want it to be more "real looking". Especially the ravens/birds and skull. In addition to the PNG, 16 Graphic Design, Logo Design Apr 21, 201715h 53m $10
3D DNA helix wrapping a sphere I need you to create a sort of relief on the object provided in the attachment . The concept is also there (the sketch& vis). It should be prepared for 3D printing. The relief is a DNA helix wrapping the egg (like a spiral) . The relief should be noticeable. You don't have to recreate the sketch - it's only a basic concept. The final shape, number of whorls is up to you . I just need it to look great:) The sooner it's ready the chances are greater - I need to make a printing test on Sunday the latest. 11 3D Animation, 3D Modelling, 3D Rendering Apr 21, 201715h 25m $100
Design a FB Cover as Template for me Hi all, I need someone to create a professional, clean and simple facebook cover. The FB Cover will be used to connect childminders and nannies. As such, it should have a statement "Childminders & Nannies in New York". The FB Cover should not be too colorful and have a nice, clean appearance. Please come up with your own ideas :) DO NOT BREAK ANY COPYRIGHTS. I will use the same cover for different cities, but each time I myself want to change the statement and city name in it. So I need some kind of TEMPLATE, which allows me to change the city name. Please use a format which I can edit with Freeware software or Powerpoint. Also, I will need source file and full copyrights of the banner. I will award the project GUARANTEED. 94 Banner Design, Graphic Design, Logo Design Apr 21, 201715h 11m $10
Design a Logo for food company Hi, we would like a logo designed for "The Yummy Food Co." looking for soft pallette colors, will let you use your creativity to inspire us. 158 Graphic Design, Logo Design Apr 21, 201713h 51m $115
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