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Project/Contest Description Bids/Entries Skills Ends Price (USD)
Design a casual game app logo Contest includes two things: 1. Logo for game "Tricky Shot" 2. App icon for app store [url removed, login to view] [url removed, login to view] 0 Graphic Design, Logo Design, Photoshop Today23h 49m $150
Create Ads for Me We need someone who can create images for Facebook Ads. Please have some experience with this procedure. This will be a longterm job if you are a fit, we'll start with 2 hrs a day then increase the hrs if we like your work. 17 Graphic Design, Banner Design, Photoshop, Facebook Marketing, Photoshop Design Today23h 47m $8
unlock 3 PDF's and turn it into a file that is editable unlock 3 PDF's and turn it into a file that is editable. If they are unable to be unlocked I will need them copied. Please let me know the best option. I have a link below for an example. [url removed, login to view] 33 PDF Today22h 49m $89
Sell something for me We have developed new hand made, organic, gluten free, dairy free and GMO free products and are ready to hit the Victorian market. Our products are already sold and positioned in the south east cost of Sydney. We have some existing small accounts in Melbourne but our objective is to use the full potential of our portfolio of products and hit the market hard. We need a motivated person up for this challange and we are happy to share our success with high commissions and add an extra car and phone allowance if targets are hit. Below are some photos of our retail packaging for 2 of the products however we have a ful portfolio to cover cafes, health shops, super markets, rosters, etc... The head office takes care of all marketing activities and our right person will only have to sell and make money! We will also provide a week training in Sydney to the right person. 1 Sales, Buyer Sourcing Today22h 24m $13509
Design an App Mockup We have the key wire frames ready for an iOS app and need someone to help us with the design for an investor meeting next week. We want to be able to show 5-8 pages of the mockup with a nice design. If we like your work, it is very likely that we will ask to continue working with you in the future. In terms of designs we like, here is one example: [url removed, login to view] Please fill out responses to our 2 questions when applying: 1. What have you done in the past that is most similar to the [url removed, login to view] app in terms of design? If you have not done anything similar, please send us an URL to 1-2 designs you have done which you are proud of 2. What is your availability to work with us over the coming 5-7 days? Thanks! 32 Graphic Design, User Interface / IA Today21h 14m $588
Do some Excel Work haiiii 4 Data Processing, Data Entry, Excel, Word, Copy Typing Today21h 9m $252
3D Design, 3D Modelling, 3D Rendering, Concept Design, Graphic Design Today21h 2m
Build an Online Store I need to build a website and a logo that will help me pre-sale a product that is being built so that I can gauge consumer interest in the product and accumulate funding. The product is called "Gravita" which is a term used to refer to a pregnant woman. It is an ovulation monitor that tracks a woman's hormones: LH-Lutenizing Hormone, Progesterone, Estrogen as well as her Basal Body temperature in order to monitor on an app or website and pinpoint the optimal time to conceive a child as well as the HCG-Human Chorionic Gonadotropin hormone which indicates the woman is pregnant. I want to offer two versions of the product: one that is a small patch that is applied to the skin and one that is a ring. Both of these measure hormone levels through blood and can barely be felt. It will also help monitor any vitamin or mineral deficiencies the women may have during the pregnancy. There also will be an online community for support and socialization built for women who are before, during and after pregnancy. I want it to be a fully functional site however when they click to purchase the product, I want it to direct them to a page that says coming soon along with the ability to pre-order the product. I need to be able to monitor foot traffic (how many people visit the site and how many people click purchase even if they don't pre-order) I want to start with the landing page that will direct them to the pre-order page and if it looks good I will have the online community built as well. The product will cost $89 19 Website Design, Shopping Carts, eCommerce, HTML Today20h 32m $378
3D Design, Graphic Design, Illustrator, Logo Design, Photoshop Design Today20h 17m
3D Design, Graphic Design, Logo Design, Photoshop, Photoshop Design Today20h 14m
Graphic Design, Mobile Phone, iPhone, Software Testing, App Developer Today20h 8m
Jashniya - Theres Only One in the World... I would like my name: Jashniya in cursive writing like the picture and a pretty graphic design image. with a tag line that says: Theres Only One in the World.... I have included pictures. Please look at the pictures, I would like a sun ray behind the name of Jashniya, JUST like in the picture. i would like it to be an uplifting colors and look magical and fantasy like. Soft Colors, lavendar, and soft blue to be included. I like colors, use colors please. Elegant colors and images. ID LIKE THE GRAPHIC DESIGN PICTURE TO LOOK IDENTICAL TO THE PICTURE ATTACHED. Id like the sunrays to look like the one in the picture. 55 Graphic Design Today19h 54m $20
type data into form from pics We have pictures of legal documents taken at local courthouse. We need to retrieve data from those pics and type into excel spreadsheet 143 Data Entry, Copy Typing Today19h 37m $9
Build a Website transportation 31 PHP, Website Design, Graphic Design, HTML Today19h 17m $136
Build a Website 32 PHP, Website Design, Graphic Design, MySQL, HTML Today19h 8m $341
Gambling0000 Hi there!My name is Aldine Chapman and I’m the foun9der of Chapman Empire Media llc..I’m looking for a virtual assistant who can help me during the week for an average of 1–2 hours per day, ideally long-term. MUST speak [url removed, login to view]’ll be doing a variety of tasks, including: 1. Creating lists of and contacting top bloggers in our industry 2. Helping build websites for gambling blog, adsense, SEO, affiliate coding 3. Placing website content to go out on Twitter / Facebook (I can teach you) 4. Building an blog with gambling content , eCommerce website with a shopping cart system, payment gateway, merchant account and secure sockets layer (SSL) encryption we can safely receive credit card numbers from customers, 4. Doing a variety of other tasks (must be comfortable trying new tasks often)If you are a good fit, there is room to grow in the position.I’m looking for someone detail-oriented, reliable and positive. Please let me know: 1. Your hourly rate 2. What hours you’re available (please convert this to the EST time-zone) 3. Why you are VA — What do you enjoy most about it?Big thanks! Chapman tier 1 ,15 high quality buffer sites creation each property with 3 articles x 15 sites relevant images and videoswith unique credentials social media sharing of all tier 1 link on facebook google and twitter etc. tier 2 1000 contextual links on ggod pr websites 100% unique and releNT CONTENT tier 1 links EACH SUBMISSION UNDER UNIQUE USERNAME tier 3 10000 blog comment to push tier 2 contextual links tier 4 link indexing of all tiers with premium indexing service 18 PHP, Website Design, Graphic Design, WordPress, HTML Today19h -
I need some Graphic Design I'm looking for an image to put on the cover of my book. The book is about getting married, so i'd like for it to be wedding related. I was thinking of a green leafy monogram with "I Do" incorporated in it. It could also be a cake with the monogram/ "I Do" incorporated. The image should be 6.5” x 4.0” (width and height) and have an image resolution of at least 300 DPI. 49 Graphic Design Today18h 39m $35
Write some Software I have a prototype website built on WordPress with the Shopify plugin...I need assistance with a couple of items. I need someone with significant Shopify experience to assist 20 PHP, Shopify Today17h 56m $186
Sell something for me Underwear 2 Sales Today17h 8m $371
automatic fall detection using multi sensor system in this project i am using vibration and two PIR sensor. viration sensor fixed to ground and a pir sensor for upper motion and lower motion . by using these two fall has to be detected. 7 Coding, Programming Today16h 53m $580
Search Engine Optimization - I am looking for a freelancer to help me with my website. The skills required are Internet Marketing, Leads, PHP and SEO. We want our website to organically reach the top of Google searches for many key words such as "Dragon Ball Z Apparel" 48 Internet Marketing, SEO, Link Building, Leads Today16h 53m $296
Build an HTML Template from PSD Files I am in the process of building a web app. The foundation of the design specs have been built using PSD files. I have 10 initial PSD based layouts that we're using to guide the initial design transition to HTML. If this goes well, there will be additional work for the selected vendor to include other pages, etc. This is a straight HTML/CSS, etc. design. No PHP, Node, or Rails required. We have that part covered. My timeline on this piece is 2 weeks. I want as near a match to the PSD guides as possible. 95 Website Design, Graphic Design, HTML Today16h 50m $430
Fill in a Spreadsheet with Data Data Entry with all information and auto updated data 41 Data Entry, Excel Today16h 39m $380
The best Flyer Contest I want a flyer done for a networking event The name of the event is K^2 Promotions presents "The Ultimate B.O.B Event": Promoting and Empowering Black Entrepreneurship Date: June 18, 2017 Where: National Guard Armory 924 Ritchie Street Clarksdale, Mississippi Vendor information available Call 662-351-8032 or 662-902-6029 28 Flyer Design, Graphic Design, Logo Design, Photo Editing, Photoshop Today16h 26m $10
Articles Today16h 6m
I Need Music Expert. I Need Karaoke Of A Song. I Need Karaoke Of This Song. [url removed, login to view] Thanks 8 Video Services Today15h 57m $175
Covert a Italian PDF file to word We have and PDF file in Italian that needs to be converted to word and keep the words intact. You can’t just copy and paste. We need someone that speaks Italian that con control that the words are intact and with correct sentence. The pdf is 26 pages. we need this in max 3 days 49 PDF, Word Today15h 44m $98
Do some Excel Work 33 Data Processing, Data Entry, Excel Today15h 40m $106
Build PACS system Build PACS system using DCM4che toolkit. Feature: - Archiving & Retrieving Dicom Image - PACS viewer with basic tool for radiologist - Database for managing image/study 3 Java, MySQL, Web Services Today15h 8m $152
matrimonail Need matrimonial website with online payment and strong admin dashboard 19 PHP, Website Design, Graphic Design, HTML Today14h 1m $504
Illustrate a Mexican pool party! I want to order T-shirts / tank tops for a reunion I’m going to in Mexico over Easter (soon!)… and I need an image for the front of the shirt asap. For the image on the shirts, I would like a funny cartoon of the group of us at a Mexican pool party. It would be 1 illustration, but a scene depicting the group at a pool party in Mexico - 8 adults + 3 babies + 4 people hiding in the bushes. Adults are all in early 30s, babies are under the age of 1. All are having fun, partying, wearing summer beach clothes, sunglasses, etc. I can give images of what these people roughly look like - hair colour, beard etc. but basically I just want stereotypes / caricatures of them (making fun of us) :) French couple - woman has shoulder length straight dark hair and is tall and slim. Man has thick, curly-ish, light hair, very tall, very thin but muscular. He can be rock climbing or hanging off the diving board and holding small Australian and Belgium flags. She can hold a glass of wine and a small French flag. Baby boy can be wearing a baret and holding a baguette. Mexican couple - woman has long wavy dark hair and is medium height and slim. Man has thick, dark hair, tall, moustache, medium build, dark-rim glasses. They are the hosts of the pool party and can be centre of the scene. Both Holding margaritas and Mexican flags (or have the Mexican flags more prominent somewhere else in the scene). She can have a chef hat on and be holding cooking utensil in the other hand. He can wear a poncho, sombrero, and be holding a bottle of tequila with a tray of shots poured. Baby girl can be wearing a sombrero. They have a white french bulldog. American woman & Irish man- woman has long straight light blondish hair and is medium height and slim. Man has hipster hair cut (short on sides and long on top), reddish hair, medium height, thick beard, heavier build. She is an artist, can hold a paint brush, a beer, and an American flag. He can be jumping in the pool (or doing something silly) and holding a Guinness beer, Irish flag and state of California flag, dressed as a leprechaun perhaps or a very bright flowery shirt. Baby girl can be wearing sunglasses and an Irish hat. American/Canadian woman & South African man - Man has light, short hair, medium height, medium build. She has shoulder-length brown, very curly hair, is tall and slim, is pregnant, can hold a squash racquet and holding small Canadian and American flags. He can be wearing a speedo and hold tongs and a small South African flag, and be cooking meat on a BBQ, holding a rugby ball in the other hand. Hiding in the bushes, spying on the party - a Chinese couple (she has long black hair) and Italian couple hiding in the bushes (stylish well-dressed couple, she has long wavy dark hair, he has thick dark hair, wears dark-rimmed glasses, he can wear a graduation cap and holding a large pepper shaker as if he is going to grind it) Other things people can be wearing - colourful, flowery shirts, lei garland necklace, flag waving with "LBS 2015" on it (you can google the logo for London Business School), babies can wear shirts/bibs that say "LBS 2045" THANK YOU! 16 Illustration Today13h 59m $62
Make a vector replica from picture I want you to make an 100% replica in vector of my picture. The shape should be 100% identical with correct angels and proportion to my picture. The final result should be delivered in .ai 131 Illustrator, Vectorization Today13h 45m $40
Convert Delphi code into / c# We have a small delphi project of around 398k (approx , source file size) and a compiled exe size is of 5 MB (approx) This software read / edit libraries. We want to convert that code into c# or [url removed, login to view] GUI is not important - we are interested in functionality of that software i.e. read/write of library - add/edit/delete/copy functionality of a particular library - For this part our suggested fair bid price is USD 100 If you want to convert complete software then we don't want to go beyond USD 250. Screenshots of software and source code are attached 5 Delphi, C# Programming, VB.NET Today13h 38m $22
mobiuscheck i want an autocheckout app or website that when directed to the URL it automatically puts the shoes into your cart and checks them out for you 2 C Programming, Software Architecture, Mac OS, Google Chrome Today12h 54m $285
Email Client I want create email client application. It should be web application. From where user can check, send email. 17 PHP, Website Design, Graphic Design, HTML Today12h 30m $136
design a name card design good 8 C Programming Today11h 38m $29
Help with customer support 12 Customer Support, Virtual Assistant Today11h 38m $15
PDF to Excel I need 3/5 energetic,hard worker freelancer.I need 20000 entry from PDF file to Excel/[url removed, login to view] budget is 10-33SGD per 1000rows [url removed, login to view] budget So if you are interest to do [url removed, login to view] Bid on this [url removed, login to view] is a ongoing project. 58 Data Entry, Excel Today11h 23m $17
Design a logo for AIG Design a logo for AIG. Let the logo have a corporate and professional feel and look of multinational financial institution 1381 Graphic Design, Logo Design Today11h 4m $100
Python, C# Programming, C++ Programming, Google Earth, Software Development Today9h 44m
Do some Excel Work 59 Data Processing, Data Entry, Excel, Word, Copy Typing Today9h 8m $377
Graphic Design Today9h 6m
I would like to hire a Presentation Specialist I need to present the company from client to contractor for township infrastructure, water reticulation, all the phases in between. 5 Customer Support, Virtual Assistant Today8h 40m $276
Do some Excel Work Working with stock inventory and resolve problems as they arise.  Maintain accuracy of POS database.  • Efficiently create complex documents and/or reports using spreadsheet software. • Efficiently enter data via 10-key by touch. • Update received stock in the inventory. • Adding, editing, grouping products per relevance. • Interact professionally and effectively through verbal and written communication Must have Advance Excel skills with the ability to work with Macros and multiple spread sheets at a time. Basic math proficiency and a working knowledge of computer fundamentals are also required.  18 Data Processing, Data Entry, Excel Today8h 40m $384
Business plan for research and development department (R&D) The business unit called (Future foresight and decision making support center). I want a business plan to start an RnD department within our business unit. As you can see at the structure of the business, I want to replace the (decision making support system department with RnD structure that also attached (you can propose a different structure if you have a better one). But before you start the business plan, Do mini plan of the whole center that fits the new requirements. The business plan should not be more than 20 pages in total. 49 Technical Writing, Research Writing, Article Rewriting, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence Today8h 35m $242
Write some Software Need .Net SoundPro plugin to stream 8 channels to Nuance and transfer/stream Nuance output to multiple destinations, laptop, cloud drive and TMW 17 .NET, Software Architecture, Embedded Software, C++ Programming Today8h 13m -
Looking for quality White hat SEO/SMO Here is what I am looking/expecting from you: Research: This is obviously the most important thing before anything. Proper keyword research for the website and finding out the terms people are using to teach for the service it is providing. (I will provide you with key words as well) Basically, you will assess the website and provide an action plan. On-Site SEO: The website already has a pretty good SEO content and the meta tags are all in place. But it is always important to make sure all these things are set up well for SEO: - High quality unique content on all the website pages. - Use of schema structured data markup for rich snippets in SERPs - Create a proper site map - Proper use of images and videos 
- Proper internal linking of website pages
 - Re-writing Meta tags, Descriptions, ALT tags • Improving page load time
 Blog Posts & Content Marketing: Content marking is second important technique in SEO these days. Google always give weight to content so still giving preference to the sites that are getting links from within the content of relevant blogs/sites. It is only possible when we write high quality content so others would like to share on their blogs. So make sure to upload daily blog posts that are relevant to the website’s services. Social Media Marketing: -I have already created a Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube, Pinterest and G+ accounts. Everyday it is important to upload Instagram posts and link them to twitter and Facebook to be also uploaded there. Also when publishing the daily blogs, share them on twitter, Facebook, and G+ pages. Image Marketing: Google is showing variety of results in search pages when someone searches in Google. It includes Images and videos as well so this is another unavoidable strategy. We have to create some high quality images regularly (like 2 times a week) and use them as marketing tactic by sharing them on social media, image sharing sites like Picasa, Pinterest, own blog, Photobucket, etc… Infographics Marketing: Infographics are playing a major role in spreading the word, plus getting more exposure and SEO benefits from different sources. It is absolutely worthy to spend time on research and designing a stunning infographic to entertain the audience and improve your search engine visibility. Video Marketing: I will provide you with some videos, and you will create some simple videos to upload on the Youtube channel. Make sure the videos are high quality and shareable to give us backlinks from variety of sites. Guest Blogging: Find and make a list of blogs in the same industry which accept guest blogging or any news blog site. It doesn’t only give us high quality backlink from relevant site but also send a much targeted traffic. Other Resources: - Index all pages of the website on search engines because it was recently updated. - Improve Alexa Ranking consistently. I would need a weekly report including everything that was done through out the week. Then the last week of the month will have the weekly report and a monthly report. You will get paid on a weekly basis, at the beginning of each week you will be paid for the week ahead. If you dont provide me a report at the end of the week or if the report is not accurate as the actual work you have done, we will terminate the work and you will stop providing your service. The information I have provided here is a basic outline and my input, of course you will add more techniques to help with the SEO/SMO of the website, you can also suggest a different approach if you believe it will have a better outcome. If you are able to do this, respond with the phrase “chicken tender” to make sure you have read the entire requirements. I would also like to see what is included in your weekly reports and your monthly reports based on the information I have provided here. 51 Internet Marketing, SEO, Link Building, Marketing, Social Media Marketing Today8h 12m -
Renting space in Bahrain mall Looking for person to walk through Bahrain Mall and ask some of the merchants a few questions regarding renting a space at the mall. I am a manager of a Palestinian investment company and want to get some fast information for a client. 9 Report Writing Today7h 58m $107
Write some Software We are using US Marketplace product feed in our website. Now we have AWS API and we can add product to Amazon cart but we want to make an order to amazon automatically i.e whenever a user place order to our website then product will also place at Amazon account associated with that. we also have an amazon business account with Purchasing Officer and Procurement Manager and they have procurement and punch out process, how to get and use API access to place an order at Amazon ? we need to integrate request from our website source code to AWS market place or amazon business account to finally place an order at amazon automatically ? 13 PHP, Software Architecture, Amazon Web Services Today7h 41m $138
logo desain membuat desain logo 27 Logo Design Today7h 9m $69
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