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Design a business Logo Design a Logo for a company named Poole Marketing Systems. The main colors should be Red, White and Blue and I want a marketing theme of some sort and place a small US Flag somewhere in the design. I need this as soon as possible!! 1 Graphic Design, Logo Design Today23h 39m $20
PHP, Website Design, Graphic Design, HTML5, HTML Today23h 34m
Create some graphics for my promo video I am creating a shortened, sizzle reel version of this video [url removed, login to view] I would like some effects that show some testimonial clips and also some effects that tell where the band has traveled. The effects should be in the style of the testimonial clips shown in :33 of this video. [url removed, login to view] See how some of the words incorporate the imagery of our logo into the font, etc. Here is our website where you can see our logo [url removed, login to view] Here are the testimonials I'd like to have made "There will be a Mutiny if you don't bring them back" Douglas Gerard, Rotary Club (Emphasis the word Mutiny in the logo font, similar to the other video) "You guys are fantastic. Absolutely terrific!" Bill Marriott Jr - Marriott Hotels (Emphasis the word Fantastic in the logo font, similar to the other video) "This band is Incredible" Al Jardine - The Beach Boys (Emphasis the word Incredible in the logo font, similar to the other video) "Our distributors absolutely LOVED your band!" - Suzette Caplin - Doterra International - (Emphasis the word Loved in the logo font, similar to the other video) "The best party in the last 8 years!!!" Jill Moffat - Barrick Gold - (Emphasis the word Best in the logo font, similar to the other video) Also, I'd like a graphic that shows where the band has performed and who the band has performed for. This video (at the beginning) of a different band shows an example of what I'm referring to; however, I'd like the fonts and graphics to be more centered around our them, logo and style. [url removed, login to view] - A short clip that shows that we have Performed for: Microsoft, BP Oil, Canon, Mass Mutual, Kentucky Derby, and more Please use logos of each company. also, this: "Toured the globe, including, Italy, Monaco, Hawaii, France, The Caribbean, Istanbul, Canada, all over the USA and more!!" Thanks! 0 3D Animation, After Effects, Animation Today23h 16m $150
Fill in a Spreadsheet with Data 42 Data Entry, Excel Today22h 17m $379
I would like to hire a Salesman I am looking for dynamic, experienced and motivated individuals to add to my sales team. I recently started a consulting firm that helps women-owned businesses launch with strategic goals and revenue-generating practices to keep them vibrant and profitable. The consulting firm specifically offers three products: mastermind bootcamp, electronic course, and one-on-one coaching. This position would be commission based only. Sales representatives would receive 20% of the price of any product sold 0 Sales Today21h 47m -
Write some Software Snack & Beverage Vending Machine Description Its Self Service Machine to Sell Packaged Snacks, Beverages. This will design exclusively for Madin polytechnic college. It has been divided into three main modules, such that Transaction, Admin management and reports. Product /Project : Snack & Beverage Vending Machine. Environment : C#.NET, Windows Application. Database : SQL Server 2008 (with store procedure). Roles & Responsibilities Understanding of the Business, Developing documents Preparation of Develop and design Plan. Complete designing and coding session Preparing the Developing data Random testing and Re-testing 5 PHP, Software Architecture Today21h 17m $484
Hire a Python Developer I am looking for a freelancer to help me with my project. The skill required is Python. I am happy to pay a fixed priced and my budget is $50 - $200 USD. I have not provided a detailed description and have not uploaded any files. 27 Perl, Java, Python, Software Development Today21h $109
Design a Logo Hi! I need a logo for company named BioAlg. It means BIOinformatical, or BIOlogical ALGorithms. Its field of activity is programming and creating of digital tools for encoding of biological information, for example DNA. So, the main motives can be DNA strand with some computer themes, like algorithm schemes, digits, and microchips. Look forward to get a nice collaboration! J 90 Graphic Design, Logo Design, Photoshop, Photoshop Design, Website Design Today20h 31m $100
Write some Articles 46 Blog, Articles Today19h 47m $315
Analyze some Data 3 Excel, Word, Copy Typing Today19h 46m $277
Design a Logo for my milk company Please give me an offer for a logo 33 PHP, Website Design, Graphic Design, Logo Design, HTML Today19h 14m $390
Submit some Articles data entry 0 Article Submission Today18h 16m -
need a foreigner to practice English just wanna develop the oral English 14 PHP, Website Design, Graphic Design, Engineering, HTML Today16h 17m $27 bots for and I need someone that can make a great [url removed, login to view] bot. For [url removed, login to view] [url removed, login to view] but i want them to be good. like that file but way better 4 Java, Javascript, HTML Today14h 2m $27
Remplissez un tableur avec des données 18 Data Entry, Excel Today13h 47m $334
Graphic Design, Logo Design, Photoshop Today13h 36m
Logo for a job search site needed Need a logo for my US website [url removed, login to view] Show your creativity and imagination, make something memorable. Please note that logo is for a US website, not Canadian, as I have been receiving submissions with the Canadian map. 472 Graphic Design, Logo Design Today13h 33m $100
research proposal Best Practices of HR to Gain Employee Commitment in Context of IBM in IT Service Industry 14 Research Writing Today13h 31m $856
Fill in a Spreadsheet with Data 52 Data Processing, Data Entry, Excel, Powerpoint, Word Today12h 47m $316
Write an Android application Sales Force Automation,Time and Attendance 23 Mobile Phone, Android Today12h 46m $949
Design a Logo Hello good People, I need two logo's First one is for the company named [url removed, login to view] . Please see the link. please do not use the color of the website. We do the re-design. The second one it is for this same webpage but is the safety issue. Please refer to the words "Safety first" If you need any additional question please contact me. A few updates - 1. "Safety first" - it is about the work. health and safety, Workplace Safety & Health . Our primary idea is to reduce health risks, injuries, and illnesses while promoting their profitability through sound health and safety management practices. 2. Super Resurfacing logo - please see our website [url removed, login to view] 3. Guys, please note, that the award is for two logos. It's mean one of you have to submit 2 logos. - please fallow this rule. Cheers Mario 153 Graphic Design, Logo Design Today11h 59m $148
interface app to Amazon Mechanical Turk Need to create a simple application, and make it available as an AMT (Amazon Mechanical Turk) HIT. The overall objective is to take a very long list of tweets, and get them hand-labeled by AMT workers. The list of tweets would be broken into sets of 10,000, i.e. a HIT requires the user to process at 10,000 tweets. App first shows user a screen with Instructions. The user clicks "Next" and goes to main screen. Main screen shows user 10,000 tweets in a scroll. For each tweet, user has option to check a box if the tweet meets the criteria given in the Instructions. That's it. 1 Programming Today11h 23m $155
Analyze some Data data entry 6 Data Processing, Data Entry, Copy Typing Today11h 16m $257
PayPal Account checker I need a replica of this program: [url removed, login to view] -no need input captcha -check login, have bank, card (last4digits), name, phone number, address, paypal credit, balance, status -multithread -export good accounts watch video thats what i need this is online demo: [url removed, login to view] I believe .NET knowledge is needed 26 PHP, Website Design, Graphic Design, HTML Today10h 17m $1321
I need some Graphic Design تصميم صورة للتهنئة بقدوم رمضان ،، اظهار شعار المطعم مع عبارة "مبارك عليكم الشهر + رمضان كريم" وشكرا ملاحظة : يجب أن يكون الشعار له صلة قوية ومرتبط بالتهنئة بحيث أن يكون التصميم مكمل للشعار .... 72 Graphic Design Today9h 52m $10
Copywriting, Technical Writing, Ghostwriting, Articles, Content Writing Today9h 33m
Assistant with NETELLER finances transfer i need Hello i'm looking to hire some one who can send me 100$ in NETELLER or SKRILL i'm ready to pay 170$ for this job...Also im ready to pay in advance.... But i need some one with balance in his account because its urgent matter 21 .NET, ASP, Flyer Design, Java, Javascript Today9h 10m $170
Find an Accountant 15 Accounting Today8h 16m $376
File conversion/expansion Add On Windows We're trying to interface 2 programmes. Station Playlist Creator (Source) vMix Video (Output). Usable Demos for both programmes are available online Creator produces M3U formats but vMix only recogniizes the file name component of the data & no other info sent from Creator. eg Triggers, Break notes etc. We're trying to acheive any/all or some of the following:- 1/- In the vMix Playlist option to see all files from List input, currently only showing "list" then first titlie. this would make it easier to manage our other inputs. 2/- Titling from MP4 Metadata to video output. 3/- Time syncing eg Hourly, You will need more detail on that! Any suggestions on other software that might achieve our goal would be appreciated & Rewarded. Semms I can't upload Large MP4 files but good luck! 13 Windows Desktop, User Interface / IA, Software Architecture, Software Testing, Microsoft Today8h 13m $2005
Get Traffic to my Website 26 Internet Marketing, SEO, Link Building Today5h 17m $51656
Create a timer app for Iphone/android JOB Create a custom interval timer app to work on apple and android devices for our gym. Basic graphic design of the interface is done we need you to to the back end work. What must the timer have: 1. Adjustable count down timer (work) 2. Adjustable count down timer (rest) 3. Adjustable count round timer 4. Adjustable count set timer More work available if this goes well ***THIS JOB IS URGENT AND NEEDS TO BE LIVE IN 5 DAYS*** DO NOT BID IF YOU CAN NOT COMPLETE IN TIME FRAME ABOVE 49 iPhone, Android, iPad Today5h 14m $512
Design a Flyer Hi I need an ebay store listing template. So i can save it and use it over and over for each new listing i make. It should have a header which i have enclosed my image for, a footer and in the body a place for item description, a place for shipping information and a place for returns information. It must also be MOBILE FRIENDLY! I need this written in normal HTML so i can make any needed adjustments. and it cannot have active content as ebay is getting rid of that. the footer should be an image, that says in a nice way © 2017 A TON of Stuff · [url removed, login to view] (design good) The header image is enlosed. Please make something easy to add to and nice. 30 eBay, Templates Today5h 11m $30
Design a fully SEO optimized WordPress website I need a WP photo booth rental, i started the home page, not good. already, need a pro to make it awesome fully optimized to pass google insight, 4 days 100 bucks [url removed, login to view] 2 Graphic Design, User Interface / IA, WordPress May 26, 201722h 56m $100
I need some Graphic Design I need a design created like the image of the ripped skin with the flag showing underneath it. Instead of it being vertical, I need it horizontal like the tattoo of the ripped skin with the batman chest showing though. Also, I like the pattern of the "skin tears" of the batman tattoo. I need the image to be able to be printed on a baseball jersey. I would like this file to have editable smart objects and displacement maps so that I can easily change the flag out to another flag at will and still have the appearance of depth (from the displacement maps). Let me know if there are any questions. 25 Graphic Design, Illustrator, Photoshop, T-Shirts May 26, 201722h 19m $25
Dragon logo I need a logo made with a dragon and a trinity knot. I'm attaching two images of dragons and one of a trinity knot as reference. 1. The logo should be in a very flat 1D style with not too much detail. Enough for embroidering on a shirt pocket or printing on a business card. 2. It should be a dragon at full profile and should include the head, body, tail and one wing. No legs. 3. The trinity knot should be shown inside the tail loop and should be free floating, not touching the dragon at all. Referencing the attached images.... The dragon should be balanced head to toe like the one is in the dragon1 image. But the line work style should be more like the tribal dragon of image dragon2, but with less detail. The trinity knot should be the same as the one attached except the lines should be filled in solid black. 34 Logo Design May 26, 201722h 12m $30
Design a Logo I am looking for a logo for a subsurface utility mapping engineering company. The logo should say "UMSI Utility Mapping Services, Inc" in whatever format you feel looks the best. The look should be professional, clean, modern, and if possible, incorporate something that identifies it as a "subsurface mapping" company. An idea is to do some variation of the old logo (attached) with the "U" and the "I" connecting "underground". This is just an idea, don't let this stop you from other ideas! To know more about the company visit it at: [url removed, login to view] I plan to use the winning designer for more logo designs! 85 Graphic Design, Logo Design May 26, 201721h 12m $50
I would like to hire a Graphic Designer I would like a designer to create an image of the architecture of the platform we are building. See hand drawn draft attached and an example of what this "architecture" could look like 2 Illustration May 26, 201720h 14m $50
Design a Logo I need a logo for my client's website= "Hirefreelancerz" I need the best logo! Please check the link of the website so you can have an idea of the colors of the website: [url removed, login to view] 54 Graphic Design, Logo Design May 26, 201719h 23m $20
One Page Overview for Art Advisory Business We want to create a one-page digital overview for an Art Advisory Business -- ideally we could modify the text/images on document in the future. We have Images and Text Boxes which we would like to include in the summary. The final document should be a one page PDF, but we would like to be edit the content of source document. I have attached a word document which includes images (you do not need to include all images) and placeholders for text boxes 6 Brochure Design, Graphic Design May 26, 201718h 42m $100
Design a Logo My client runs a travel agency and she is looking for a Sophisticated and Pretty logo with a Vacation / Pretty and Refreshing look. She want's something Classy, eye - catching and professional. She likes sophisticated clean and sexy fonts. She likes the colors - Gold/Pink/Blue . Company Name - Staggs Exclusive Travels Tagline - Making your Travel Experience Exclusive! 21 Graphic Design, Logo Design May 26, 201718h 37m $20
Draw a simple plan and model it in 3D I need the attached drawing to be drawn technically as a professional plan. This plan needs to be then modelled in 3D which should then be walked through. I should be able to view the video on my computer. This needs to be done by Saturday [url removed, login to view] (7pm GMT) at the latest. The plan I have attached has some furniture placed in it just for demonstartion purposes. Please replace this with better furniture. Plan it whatever way you like. The roof should be pitched roof with slates. 1 3D Animation, 3D Modelling, 3D Rendering, Building Architecture May 26, 201718h 18m $111
T-shirt design I need a design for a tshirt. It should have: Team McDuffie #OurWard5 The map that is attached to this email (in jpg and powerpoint) [url removed, login to view] The design should go on a white tshirt or a red tshirt. Team McDuffie should be the most prominent part of the shirt. The map does not necessarily have to have all of the lines on it. It should include the section within the dark boundary line and the neighborhood names. Please do not hesitate to contact me with any questions. 21 Graphic Design May 26, 201717h 55m $50
African Men's Couture Website Logo wanted Urgently A little about us... We are a new start up Mens fashion design company. We sell Mens couture in African print. Suits, combos and shirts with real quality African print in a very West Africa meets Western Europe way. Its sharp, stylish, and a little quirky. We believe strongly in African heritage and the intermingling of cultures in London and other cities like Paris. We sell to the UK and France. We are an e-commerce website What we want... A logo that best represents our brand (plus a smaller one to sit by tabs and url bars.) Attached is a sketch of where our minds are going along with two example prints and a picture of some of our designs... if you win, you will not only help start our journey, but also become our main source for vision consultation for our website. If you do take part in this contest I want to see our vision behind your logo. (feel free to use and animals and prints) 22 Graphic Design, Logo Design May 26, 201717h 54m $12
Design some Business Cards Design a two sided catchy but professional looking business card with an accent of Chicago designed into the card. Front: Name/title, telephone number, title of company, type of business, email address and logo. Back: logo, QR code, website address, facebook group 59 Business Cards, Graphic Design May 26, 201717h 19m $40
Loving Your Entire Self I am putting on a workshop about loving yourself completely. The workshop would be broken up into the following 3 session: Health and Wellness (fitness and Nutrition) , Self Identity (Creating a vision board) and Self Acceptance. The workshop will be for kids 7-10 year of age, the workshop will be held Saturday, July 7, 2017 from 8 am to 2 pm at Anytime FItness, 5941 Bullard Ave, Suite #1, New Orleans, LA 70128. I would like it to be fun and color and theme around Loving Your Entire Self! 19 Flyer Design, Graphic Design May 26, 201716h 46m $25
New Logo for my website Hello Dears the name is EasyECredit i want to make a new Professional logo this is the Link of my website : [url removed, login to view] conditions: - Logo must designed by Photoshop. - Logo must compatible with the background color: #0077A0. - and i need other color to be compatible with the White background color. if the same design can be compatible with the both , i have no problem . 84 Graphic Design, Logo Design, Website Design May 26, 201716h 39m $15
I need some Graphic Design I need a 5 or 6 page document designed. I will write the content. But i need the layout designed. I will be used to present my business to VPs, COO and's CEO's. needs to be very professional and engaging. Please send samples of your work. I need it to be completed by Monday or Tuesday (May 30th). 5 Graphic Design, Powerpoint, Presentations May 26, 201714h 54m $50
Logo for the society of mad men I am looking for a logo for a private membership club that I have started. It's called the "Secret society of mad men." It is a private club that is designed to help Men find women online. This is a rather quick contest but we are going to be selling memberships to pathetic man that I have no idea how to become of interest to a woman. This is kind of a joke but not really. We write copy for people that have online dating profiles and we have techniques to teach them how to meet the woman of your dreams The logo can be text and/or graphic 91 Graphic Design, Logo Design May 26, 201714h 49m $200
Design a logo for an audio company I would like to have a logo designed for an audio company: - I will need the final files of the logo (including fonts) i.e. .ai, .png and/or .psd - The logo will be white a blue - For an app (so modern) but for audio - Based on the images attached 138 Graphic Design, Logo Design, Photoshop May 26, 201712h 54m $26
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